In Frostworks monster girl-themed 18+ erotic visual novel “Quest Failed – Chapter 1you take on the role as Matthew, a world-renowned adventurer (or rather he would like to become one).

After all, despite barely reading the first chapter of How to be an adventurer and skipping most of the classes, how hard can it be?

quest failed chapter 1 the job board

Well, everyone has to start somewhere I suppose.

Well, Matthew soon finds out that it’s very hard to become an adventurer (and a successful one at it),  but not for the reasons he thinks it is.

quest failed chapter 1 jilly the sexy slime girl

Jilly (she’s a very attractive and charming slime girl) has a good reason for being so… proactive.

You see,  here’s the thing. Matthew has never really set foot outside his home town (which Matthew barely has enough courage to leave), and after enduring that frightening experience.

Well, watthew does what every adventurer avoids when out in the open (and in broad daylight): He takes a nap.

quest failed chapter 1 jilly the sexy slime girl a very angry look

Here’s a free protip from me to you, it pays not to get Jilly angry. In other words, be sure to keep her happy at all times!

Having chosen an adventure to slay a slime, Matthew is rather perturbed when he is awoken by the aforementioned monster. Furthermore, Matthew’s lack of adventuring knowledge also comes to the fore when he soon realizes that you can’t kill a slime using a sword.

quest failed chapter 1 tari is falling asleep again

Tari (she’s a very sexy but sleepy mummy girl) does fall asleep at the most inappropriate moments.

The slime girl (who calls herself “Jilly”) soon becomes tired of his game, and decides to both calm him and exact revenge by… taking advantage of him, although not without a good reason (as explained later on in his (mis)adventures).

quest failed chapter 1 a very lewd lady

Matthew sire brings back old memories for this one *cough cough*

However, even though Matthew ‘s first mission failed, that didn’t deter Matthew from being the adventurer he wants to be. ”

And why is that?” So you might wonder, because the very next day Matthew sets forth on what he hopes will be an even easier mission – to find treasure.

quest failed two sexy monster babes

If you’re into sexy monster girls, then you will get a whole lot of that in “Quest failed” :3

With Jilly tagging along, Matthew sets out to find treasure. However, after activating some traps in a tomb, he finds himself at the mercy of a sleepy female mummy (she’s called “Nefertari”)…

And that’s just the half of it, because the said female mummy (Nefertari) is needing to be kept warm. That’s also how Matthew ended up being the perfect candidate for the task at hand.

So before Matthew knew it, he was all wrapped up tight in the arms of Nefertari (the female mummy), who then decides to have her way with him.

quest failed the sexy slime babe wants some lovin

Quest Failed’s lewd content is on point, and it’s also uncensored.

Right from the outset, Matthew is presented as quite flawed, although very likable. At the end of various sections, you learn more about Matthews rather hard upbringing and his regrets.

The visual novel aspect of the game mixes comedy and drama with pathos very well. I would also like to point out that as the game’s story continues, you soon find out that the world which Matthew lives in is not as happy and sound as you may think when the story starts.

quest failed sexy ruby and her sexy slime girl friend

The story that’s told in the first chapter of “Quest Failed” is a very nice and long one (the story is a mix of drama and comedy).

For example. The monster girls that Matthew meets throughout the game (and with whom he eventually realizes are not enemies) are just as flawed as he is.

Allow me to explain. Jilly (the slime girl) appears to be somewhat lonely, as her race is continually being killed off by humans – and all she really wants is company, although it’s also possible that she is also harbouring a grudge

quest failed a really sexy slime babe

Every single character that you meet in the game is well developed in all aspects.

The mummy (nicknamed Tari) is a bit of a narcoleptic and will fall asleep at the drop of a hat, which does not help Matthews adventuring.

I mean, sure, whilst the story does start to get a bit dark during the second quest (Jilly does have the option of killing Tari), it’s when the you meet the third girl (she has no name) who things start changing.

quest failed a really sexy mummy babe

I find the visuals and art design to be very well-done throughout the whole game.

You see, this small and mysterious girl kills whole villages to allow her to control the undead, and, realising that you Matthew looks like someone from her past, she decides to rekindle old memories…And thus she takes advantage of him.

quest failed chapter 1

One of the very few negative things that I can say about “Quest Failed” so far is the fact that the series is episodic.

So, yeah, Chapter 1 of “Quest Failed” sure does offer a nice story, and it will keep you interested right to the very end as well. Truth be told though, “Quest Failed” is generally a kinetic kind of visual novel.

I mean, yes, there are the occasional choices to be found here and there in the game. However, those choices are few and far between and don’t really affect the story.

Nevertheless, chapter 1 of “Quest Failed” is still a very good monster girl-themed 18+ erotic visual novel. So if you like monster girls, lewd content and visual novels, then this is the game for you.


+ Very nice (and long) story with comedy and drama
+ Graphics are nice, although the sex scenes are static
+ Characters you meet are well-developed in all aspects
+ Reasonably priced
+ The monster babes are very attractive
+ The lewd content is on point

– It’s episodic…

Gameplay: 3/5
Graphics: 3/5
Sound and music: 4/5
Controls: 3/5
Replay value: 3/5
Story: 4/5

tgg grade 4 out of 5

Verdict: 4/5
Chapter 1 of the 18+ erotic visual novel Quest Failed offers a very entertaining and dark comedy/drama experience, and in this game, there are monster girls that will take advantage of the protagonist whenever they can. Simply put, this game is a must play for fans of monster girls, lewd content and visual novels.

Quest Failed – Chapter 1
Developer: Frostworks
Format: PC Download
Genre: Erotic visual novel
Resolution: Default resolution
Release date: 2016-10-25
Difficulty: User-defined
Spent time: + 2 hours
Average grade internationally: N/A
PEGI age rating: +
Price: 10.54 Euros for Episode 1 via

Robin Ek – Editor

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