When it comes to gaming headphones, it’s hard not to recommend Turtle Beach, there’s a huge variety of headphones on offer and there’s always something for everyone. I’ve personally owned a few pairs, like the Stealth 800X and XO3 headsets, each delivering solid performance.

This is no different for the Stealth 300 headset, a wired simplified gaming headset for PlayStation 4 with a few nifty features making for a solid mid-price pair of headphones.

turtle beach stealth 300 ps4 gaming headset

The stealth 300 PS4 gaming headset is very comfortable to use and offers great sound and a truly good microphone.

Retailing at £69.99, the Stealth 300s are a solid pair of headphones with a sturdy build, in the box you have the headset and charging cable. Because unlike other wired headsets, you have the option for audio pre-sets, there are four modes on offer, signature sound, Bass Boost, Bass+Treble Boost and Treble Boost. These modes offer some option to customize your hearing experience.

Even so, I just stuck with Bass boost. Why? Because I wanted to hear those booming bullets as I fire round after round in the new PSVR title “Firewarll Zero Hour”! And that’s something that brings me to my next point. Yes, you can actually where these headphones over a PSVR Headset. They are incredibly comfy too, fatigue didn’t set in after five or six hours, and the headphones remained charged throughout.

firewall zero hour ps4

“Firewall Zero Hour” is one of the games that works like a charm with Stealth 300 Gaming headset.

The headsets sound quality is very good, and in a game of “Firewall Zero Hour”. As it felt as if bullets were whizzing pass my head, obviously this goes hand in hand with the games sound design. Nevertheless, it was a good way of showing off the headsets capabilities.

Warframe was another game, I tested the headset on delivering a solid experience all round. One of my favorite features of the Stealth 300’s is the drop-down mic. As it’s fantastic, simply moving it up mutes the mic and dropping it back down unmutes it

turtle beach stealth 300 ps4 gaming headset a closer look

The Stealth 300 Gaming headset is also available in green if you’re a Xbox One user.

So it’s a really handy feature for sure, because you don’t need to mess around looking for a button. There are also two wheels on the left side to adjust the volume of chat and game audio, and below that there’s two buttons, one to change the audio pre-sets and the power on button.

The microphone is also very good, and good thing that! Because some microphones that I’ve used in the past have made my voice too distorted or quiet. However, that’s not the case with the Stealth 300 headset. As my voice comes through crisp and clear.

As a matter of fact, you could even use it for Youtube Videos. I mean, sure, while of course it’s not as good as a studio microphone, it still gets the job done. The game that showcased this best was “Firewall: Zero Hour“.

turtle beach stealth 300 ps4 gaming headset the microphone

The Stealth 300 microphone is brilliant, easy to use and voice clarity is very good

Communication in that game is key, as you don’t want to sound like you’re deep throating your microphone…Thankfully enough for me though, my team mates could hear me without any issue, and the sound is phenomenal. I nearly jumped out my skin after the first firefight. Especially the sound of shots that whizz past your head, the dials on the side of the headset also make life a lot easier to control game volume rather than opening up menus in-game.

There is probably just one negative that I can think of when it comes to the Turtle Beach Stealth 300 Gaming headset, because unlike other wire headphones. The Stealth 300’s needs to be charged in-order for you to use it. So if the headset ends up being depleted, then you will get no audio at all.

So it’s worth keeping in mind before gaming sessions to pop them on charge for a short while. Luckily, the headset doesn’t need to be charged regularly. I’ve used them quite heavily in the past week, even falling asleep with them on, it’s not a huge issue, but just something to keep in mind.

turtle beach stealth 300 ps4 gaming headset comfortable and easy to use

The Stealth 300 headset is easy to control, and it’s truly comfortable as well. Furthermore, the headset really is a solid pair of headphones.

All in all, though, Turtle Beach has delivered yet another rock-solid Gaming headset for a reasonable price with the Stealth 300 headset. It’s comfortable, offers a solid sound experience and can even be used with PlayStation VR with some adjustments. So the Stealth 300 headset is most definitely worth picking up since you get a lot of value for your money (the Stealth 300 headset is currently priced at £69,99).

+ Comfortable
+ Great sound
+ Handy Mic design
+ A uncomplicated and solid headset

– Must be charged for audio

Comfort: 5/5

tgg grade 4.5 out of 5

Verdict: 4.5/5
For £69.99 the Stealth 300s gets the job done, as they’re comfy, deliver great sound and the microphone is certainly a winner.  However, just make sure it’s charged and your good to go! Happy gaming.

Title: Turtle Beach Stealth 300
Maker: Turtle Beach
Connection: USB
Release date: 2018-07-30
Average grade internationally: 4.5/5 stars via Amazon.co.uk
Price: 69,99 pounds + shipment via Amazon.co.uk

The product was provided by Turtle Beach.

Robin Ek – Editor

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Sharn Daniels
The Gaming Ground
Twitter: @SharnOfTheDEAD

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