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We won´t be able to survive and evolve without your help. so a big thank you in advance!

I´m quite sure that some of you might wonder what all this donation talk is all about. Well, the fact is this. We work quite a lot with The Gaming Ground (it´s a 24/7 job).

And that includes everything from writing articles, doing interviews, making videos, code/design, IT security to giveaways. And that takes time to do. And we have reached to a point where things have started to cost money as well. So we really need your help to survive and to advance to the next level.

How to support us?
– Unblock us from your Ad blocking software, as Google pays us badly enough as it already is…
– Visit and read our posts daily, and watch our Youtube and Twitch streams (or videos)
– You can buy stuff from us via our shop (Ebay, Tradera and our own shop)
– Donate to us via SubscribeStar, Paypal or Patreon:

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Another option is to support us via Patreon (thanks in advance to those who choose to do so!)

– Support us by buying games and products via Play-Asia (“THEGG” = 3 USD off on your order), Kinguin (“theggnet” = 3% discount code!), GOG.com and E-Win Racing =) (“THEGG” = 15% discount code!) You could also buy items from us via our Ebay shop
– Follow us and spread the word out about us via FacebookTwitter and G+:

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Help us, help you. It´s a win, win situation for everyone really. So what are you waiting for? Spread the word out about us 😉

Down below you will find a couple of TGG banners which you can use when you want to link back to us at thegg.net (If you want to do a banner swap with us.

Then we will just change banners without no fuzz). And If you want a banner to be in a specific size, then don’t hesitate to contact us!

We will then try to fix the right dimensions for you as soon as possible! For it is not always that the banner dimensions will correspond with what you want done on your own homepage. However, since we are a really nice bunch of people here at TGG.

And there is nothing that we can´t fix. So don´t worry about It! And If you want the banners to be in a different picture format.

Then we can fix that as well. So If you want something specific done (for example, a flash banner). Then just mail us the info, instructions and what you want to have done (please tell us where, and what the banner will be used for). So we are open for suggestions=)

Anyhow, you will find four different TGG banners further down the page (They are in png, pr jpg format). And you can use these banners as you like (within reasonable limits, of course).

tgg banner 200x150px 2016

200 x 150px.

tgg banner 250 x 150px 2016

250 x 150px.

tgg banner 300 x 150px 2016

300 x 150px.

tgg banner 400 x 150px 2016

400 x 150px.

We need donations to cover the following things:
– Future projects
– Writer costs (yes, we pay people to write articles)
– Travel and event costs (train, air and event tickets are not cheap In Sweden)
– Software licenses
– Printer paper and ink
– Web design, code and IT security

Monthly The Gaming Ground costs (as of 2023):
– Internet/ISP costs – $30/month
Mobile – $25/month
– Cloudflare – $30/month
– Other services – $10 per month
– SSL costs – $16/month ($200 per year)
– Freelance writer costs – differs between 50$-80$/month 

Total costs per month: ***$161 – $191***

Future The Gaming Ground investments:
– A new homepage (TGG v3.0) – 500-1,500 USD
– TGG gear designs (T-shirts, baseballcaps and hats) – 300-500 USD
– A new Gaming PC – 1,500 USD

The things that we have already paid for:
– A professional microphone, pop filter and a microphone arm Done!
– Better recording equipment (microphones, headsets and so on) Done!
New computers (so that we can play and create pretty much anything)Done!
– Green screen equipment – Done!
Video editing programs Done!
Office tables Done!
New office chairs Done!
A new HD webcam Done!
Elgato HD Done!
– A laptop PC (so that we can work wherever we are in the world) – Done!

TGG thank you

This page is dedicated to those who support TGG (The Gaming Ground) financially.

We are not asking you to donate millions of dollars to our site and cause. Nevertheless, we are thankful for whatever you might donate to our page. As every single cent really helps! And right now, we pay most of the things that I mentioned with our own money.

So, what’s the main purpose of The Gaming Ground then? Well, we exist simply to entertain you boys and girls (our readers and viewers). So, If you can. Then please donate whatever you feel like donating to our page. Because that way, we can keep on working with the things that we love the most (Gaming and video games). A big thanks in advance to everyone!

/The TGG crew

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