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We take our ethics policies very seriously, and we will continue to improve and update our ethics policies as time goes by.

***TGG ethics policies v2.0 – Updated -2015-06-24***

As we (The Gaming Ground) have been around since May 2014. It´s just about time that we create our own range of ethics policies for our site. Because as we all know, the current state of the video game industry is not exactly the best. We will, however, do our very best to keep our site clean and fair, and our TGG ethics policy rules will of course be implemented on everyone in our staff, and throughout our site.

So as of today, ALL staff members and future co-workers will have to accept our ethics policies, learn them and follow them to the letter. If anyone breaks any of our ethics policy rules, there will be immediate consequences for the person in question (if there´s bulletproof evidence of this). As we would like to maintain good and fair journalistic practices and ethics.

***Policy on developer relations***
The Gaming Ground (TGG) does NOT accept any kind of paid compensation for doing reviews. Any requests of that kind will be turned down on the spot.If a developer contacts us about having a game, service or product reviewed, we would only require a copy of the game, product or the code for the service in order to do a fair review.

As for our articles and site authors, bribes and/or gifts of any kind (money, tickets or merchandise in exchange for a positive review, for example) are not allowed. If that were the case with any of our articles (or authors), then it would be a “conflict of interest”, and thus a violation against our policy on conflict of interest. Because we don´t allow that kind of behavior at TGG. So if you see any articles on our site that might be a subject to conflicts of interest. Then please contact us at info at thegg.net asap!

***Policy on reviewing assets and promotional materials***
Only approved members of the TGG staff are allowed to make review requests of any kind (software, hardware, movies and so on) in our name. And that includes everything from previews, reviews, publishing to different kinds of editorial content.

Software and hardware that are returnable will be returned to the original provider. As soon as the preview/review/video for the product is done and made. Otherwise, the product (products) will be used in a giveaway/contest for our readers/viewers. Items that are not returnable or redistributable will be retained with the reviewer.

And some examples of that would be a review code (Steam, Desura, GOG, the App Store, Google Play and so on) or if the items are drinkable or eatable (we can´t return items of that kind for obvious reasons). Alternatively, when someone from our staff has made a request for hardware, software, games or merchandise, simply because we want to put on a giveaway (or contest) of some kind on or homepage, then it´s perfectly fine to do so.

TGG will never use our company presence to request items (and will never) for our own personal gain or use. As for reviews, we will do our best to ensure that the reviewer is suitable for the game being reviewed.  For example, a person that hates FPS games will never be chosen to review an FPS game as it the reviewer would be unsuitable. In short, we will try to make our reviews as balanced ans fair and as possible (“honest” criticism).

***Policy on gifts, accommodations and travel***
There will be NO exceptions whatsoever, when it comes to accepting any kind of gifts (no matter the value) from any representative, associate or company that might have an interest in the content that The Gaming Ground produces. We don´t accept any travel or hotel accommodations either, should it be the case that an event requires accommodation and transportation, for anyone from on our team. We will provide it ourselves.

***Policy on conflicts of interest***

ALL of our staff members must disclose publicly certain conflicts of interest that may affect the objectivity of a review, preview or an article. And this applies to both personal and professional relationships, and this information must be disclosed to The Gaming Ground BEFORE writing any kind of content for our site.
Would that be the case, then it´s up to us (TGG) to determine whether or not the staff member should be allowed to continue to work with (for) us. However, If it´s a case of a minor conflict, the staff member “may” proceed to create content for The Gaming Ground, IF the person in question publicly discloses the relationship. Otherwise, the staff member will be stripped of his or her writing responsibilities immediately (, and another staff member will replace him/her).

And we will never (under any kind of circumstances) knowingly publish any content that might create a conflict of interest. If there has been any content that has been published that clashes with our conflicts of interest policy, the content will be removed, and the staff member will have to publicly disclose their conflict of interest on his or her created content.

In any case, the person in question will be reprimanded immediately, without any exception.

***Policy public appearances and industry participation***

We always try to encourage our TGG team to be (and stay) active in the video game industry (as it´s a really fast and ever-growing industry). No matter if it´s on Youtube, Twitch, at Comic Cons or at public appearances in person. As that´s a huge part of who we are. We like to stay active, relevant and be where the action is to be found.

This may also include other roles of public appearances industry participation as well, such as a being a judge at an expo, cosplaying or anything else of that nature. However, regardless the nature of the assignment. All of our staff members are required to hold a suitable amount of knowledge about video games (and the world around them), as it´s necessary to be able to create (and build) convincing opinions and views.

***Policy on advertising***
The Gaming Ground uses ad services by third-party companies (Google Ads, GOG.com, AOL etc.) which fits to our field of the profession (Gaming, hardware, software and movies). Ads that don´t fit into our field of interests (dating sites, alcohol, drugs, etc.) will be removed from our site, when it comes to first party ads of that nature. Ads of that kind will NOT be allowed to affect the content of our site.

***policy on privacy***
We (The Gaming Ground) have always taken our visitors privacy with earnest intent and seriousness. That´s also why we created a privacy policy for our homepage, so feel free to take a look at it.

***Policy on news gathering, opinion and authenticity confirmation***
The Gaming Ground does NOT accept any kind of yellow journalism behavior (we do not make up stories just to drive traffic to our homepage). And we always try to double-check facts, statements, pictures, videos and quotes before we publish any content on our site. And every new piece, article, review, preview (and so on), will be checked by an editor before it gets published on our site.

We will also try our very best to stay objective and neutral at all times. However, if we have made a mistake, then, please contact us about it ASAP! And we will always add a link the source (or sources) and credit the original source, if there is any source or anyone to credit. Nevertheless, if your feel like we haven’t credited you properly enough. Then feel free to contact us about it. And we will try to sort everything out, as for the opinions of our staff members and writing posts. Those opinions will ONLY reflect the views of the writer, and not us (The Gaming Ground) as a whole.

***Policy on third-party contests and giveaways***
It´s absolutely forbidden for ANY of our staff members to participate in any of our contests or giveaways, even if it´s third-party that´s hosting a giveaway or a contest. As such an action could lead to a conflict of interest. And that would be a violation against our Policy on Conflicts of interest.

If there has been such a case, all contest prizes will, then be disposed of immediately. And those who have been found guilty of breaking our Policy on third-party contests and giveaways, will be relieved of his or her duties on the spot. Which means that the person (s) in question will have to resign from The Gaming Ground.

/The TGG crew

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