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  • western developers and representatives attack gamergate again

    Western developers and representatives attack #GamerGate again

    10 February 2017, by Justin Easler

    Yeah, yeah, another attack on #GamerGate. Surprised? You know, every time I think I’m done talking about GG and done having to defend them, articles like this pop up that are just so insane in their composition that I just can’t avoid talking about it. I mean, I shouldn’t have to defend GG, really I shouldn’t. As all the information... Read more

    Category: Opinion editorial

  • a response to studybreaks trump and gamergate blog post

    A response to Study Breaks “Trump and GamerGate” post

    29 December 2016, by Justin Easler

    Hey, have you had enough of the words “Trump” and “GamerGate” being in the same article yet? Me too, but this one is an interesting case. Instead of it being your typical article by someone who claims to be a journalist of video games, this article, titled, “Trump and GamerGate,” is written by Mari Landgrebe, a Business student at Texas State...... Read more

    Category: Opinion editorial

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