For the first time since our start as a video game news publication (we launched the TGG homepage back in May 2014), we at The Gaming Ground have been accepted to the amazing annual event known as E3. So I (Justin Shay “JayShay” Easler) am trying my very best to save up for the E3 2017 trip. However, here’s my problem: Given my current living condition, my jobs, and particular family-related problems, I cannot save up on my own, and given the small budget of our website, we cannot fund the trip on our own.

So that is the main reason behind why I decided to start a GoFundMe account in-order to make this trip possible. Sadly enough though, at this moment, we haven’t been able to raise all that much (roughly 65 USD). However, with the help of our lovely audience, we can make this happen (I will toss in some of my own money as well – Robin Ek). So we are looking at saving 2,600 USD for the trip. My family has personally contacted every connection we can to cut costs as much as possible, and this is the number we’ve come up with. This figure accounts for everything from the hotel, to food, to the travel, both to Los Angeles from my home in South Carolina and to the event from the hotel. Of course, we’d like to see a little bit of breathing room for any surprise costs, but at the moment, this figure accounts for the best-case scenario.

Even so, we know and respect that not everyone may be able to donate to our campaign, but we at least ask that the word spreads so that (should the campaign be funded) we can better serve our audience at this event. Of course, this is no pleasure trip for me personally. As the idea of being in a city larger than my home in Spartanburg is terrifying. Nevertheless, I want to do this trip with the hope that I can do as I’m expected to: Deliver unbiased news to the audience I love to serve.

e3 2017

We really hope that we will be able to send Jay to E3, and not just because we truly want to go there, but also because we’re never covered E3 on site before.

Now, if you individually don’t feel the need to help us make our trip or you’re unable to help us out, then that’s perfectly fine. As we don’t want to push people to help us out when they can’t or don’t want to. In either of those cases, just by simply spreading the word by sharing this article would be a huge help for us (TGG). I would also like to point out that in the case that we are unable to make the trip, we have two options. 1. We can either refund the money to our audience 2. Alternatively, we can move that money into a private account where we can use that money to make the next E3 or possibly another geek/nerd culture relevant event, such as Comic-Con or one of the PAX Events (you can leave a message on the campaign with your donation that states your preference). If we do get funded and are able to make it to E3, and we do not use all the money that we have funded by the end of the trip, the remaining amount will be put towards another event to help us out in the future.

A big thank you in advance to those who intend to help us on our road to E3 2017.

In any case, we’re very thankful and grateful for any support that we can get to from you guys to make this E3 trip happen for real. However, sadly enough I have some sady news to share wih you all. You see, even though the campaign has been around for quite some time now, we haven’t had much luck with support…So “if “we can’t make it by the deadline, then it’s not the end of the world, because we could just aim for E3 2018 instead. Anyways, thank you boys and girls so much for your help and support =) And we hope to keep on doing what we’ve always done for you guys in the future as well (no matter the out come of our “TGG’s road to E3 2017” campaign).

Donation pages:
Justin Shay Easler’s gofundme page
TGG’s Paypal page
TGG’s Patreon page

Robin Ek – Editor

tgg author avatar Jay Shay
Justin Easler
Senior editor
The Gaming Ground
Twitter: @masterjayshay

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4 Comments ON " Help The Gaming Ground get to E3 – The road ... "
  • MusouTensei

    When is the dead line?

    • In one month henceforth, but sadly enough, the support has been very weak. I honestly don’t know what to say…I mean, we give away stuff all the time, and publish tons of new content every day 24/7. So I think that it’s pretty weak that people can’t even donate 1 USD per month. In the matter of fact, I remember that one guy one a game for 60 USD via our homepage, he promised me that he would donate 1 USD.

      Guess what? He pulled out on his Patreon donation the day before the money were to be drawn from him. So we didn’t get one single cent from his donation…Simply put, what more do we have to do to earn that ONE USD per month per person?

      • MusouTensei

        I understand your frustration, on the other hand, even Nichegamer, who was once voted #1 gaming site by Disqus users, “only” receives a bit more than 300 bucks per month. Getting new patrons will now even be more difficult since the advertiser exodus on YT and all these youtubers having to rely on Patreon now. Thing is these people have a sort of celeb status, and consumers tend to rather give them money than to “faceless” gaming websites.

        Oh well, it’s not much but I have decided for you to be my very 1st patreon pledge, it’s only the minimum of $1 per month(well, I pay 1,13 because of my greedy gov that hates me anyway) but that’s all I can give in my current situation, which is why I’m very hesistant to support crowdfundings and such.

        What that dude did was really scummy though, I promise unless this 1 dollar is absolutely crucial for something important (highly doubtful really), I won’t do that.

        • Thanks for understanding =) Because we work really hard to push ourselves to our very limits. Oh? That I didn’t know, then again. I didn’t even know that there existed such a voting list either. Yes, and just look at Elguitar Tom, the guy is skilled as hell, and yet he gets very few to no donations via Patreon…

          Yes, and I far saw all of that almost three years ago (just search for “Youtube” or “Youtube money” on our Youtube page, and you will find at least three videos on the topic).

          This is also the reason why I haven’t felt motivated to make any new videos for almost a month, because we get ZERO money from Youtube. So what I’ve done is that I sorted out third party deals outside of Youtube (Kinguin, Play-Asia and GOG), so that we at least earn a couple of bucks per video.

          We also have to start to sell T-shirts and get donations from Paypal and Patreon. So, yeah, this is the new way to roll on Youtube now. Yes, he was, because he got a game for 60 USD, and we didn’t even get that 1 USD that he promised us.

          Thanks man =) And we ask for nothing less (1 USD per person is okay with us).

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