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    The intersection of gaming and technology

    15 March 2023 , by Guest Author

    The number of people playing games professionally or just as a pass time keeps increasing yearly. This has led to the growth of the gaming industry with increased revenue and market share. To keep up with consumer needs, the games have been improving using the latest available technology. Let’s take a look at how gaming and technology have in... Read more

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    Top ICE Casino slots to try this year (2023 edition)

    1 March 2023 , by Guest Author

    Best Online Slots to Play in ICE Casino ICE Casino is an established online casino brand with a vast following worldwide. Well, it has established its credibility by delivering reliable services for the users, whether mobile users with different devices like Android or iOS or if they are comfortable with their desktop devices. ICE Casino has delive... Read more

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    PD Cams – When only the very best is good enough for you

    22 February 2023 , by Robin Ek

    I think it’s safe to say that there’s a HUGE jungle out there in terms of XXX cam sites, services, and whatnot in the current year (in this case, 2023). However, just like everything else in life, you try to find the very finest there is to find with everything, right? Well, on the subject of adult webcam services (you... Read more

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    How do you avoid common pitfalls and challenges in game testing? Let’s find out!

    21 February 2023 , by Guest Author

    Game testing is a software testing process for testing video games for quality control. The main goal of game testing companies is to identify and discover defects and bugs in a video game and improve the stability and performance. Game testing is a component of game development that helps to ensure the video game to be deployed is bug-free. Game..... Read more

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    Digital gold coins are revolutionizing the Internet?

    18 January 2023 , by Jonas Ek

    Generating extra revenue is a savvy business technique, no matter what industry you are in. Online games are undergoing a revolution, and according to the Gamble USA website, 2023 is the year that in-app purchasing will exceed any form of advertising currently seen in gaming groups. To understand how this trend has come about, we need to step back ... Read more

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