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    Here are some casino games that you have to play just for the fun of it

    12 October 2021 , by Guest Author

    Are you a fan of casino-based video games? Millions of people across the globe participate in online casino gaming daily. There are many reasons why people are drawn to this video game genre. Whether it be for entertainment, to earn extra cash, enhance memory, or develop key math skills, casino games have a lot to offer. One of the primary... Read more

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    Dota 2 IT10 and the rise of Esports

    5 October 2021 , by Guest Author

    From its humble origins as a mod for the popular game warcraft 3 to the behemoth of the MOBA genre Dota reshaped the history of ESports and online gaming. Now just days away from the biggest MOBA tournament ever it is interesting to check what is all that hype about, how it came to be, who is competing in it... Read more

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    These are some of the very best new video and PC games in 2021 so far

    26 September 2021 , by Guest Author

    If your interaction with gaming has evolved and reached new heights over the past 18 months, you are not the only one. In the wake of the pandemic, we have become a country of gamers hooked to our sofas and screens. Gaming became a source of entertainment for many people when we could no longer explore new cities or visit... Read more

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