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    Here are five things that all Gamers know of in 2021

    20 July 2021 , by Guest Author

    After you play games for a while, some truths become pretty universal, and everyone who joins the fold earns it sooner or later. If you just started gaming, you may not understand these just yet. But knowing them now can help prepare you for what’s coming. On the other hand, if you’re an OG gamer, then you know exactly what... Read more

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    These are the top five animated TV-series to watch in 2021

    19 July 2021 , by Guest Author

    The entertainment world has seen many twists and turns in the past two decades. With the ever-growing Internet technology, people worldwide have easy access to the virtual world which led to many changes. People started visiting casino sites Ireland that have incredible welcome offers instead of going to brick-and-mortar gambling venues. Moreover, ... Read more

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    A beginner’s guide to fantasy sports – From zero to hero!

    8 July 2021 , by Guest Author

    According to the most recent research from the Fantasy Sports and Gaming Association, fantasy sports are rock ‘n’ roll, as they say. The average age of players is around 37.7, and 81% of players are male, the other 19% being female of course. Football was the most popular fantasy sport, followed by baseball. The reasons people play are many. Some..... Read more

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    Math is poker, and poker is Math – It’s all in the numbers!

    30 June 2021 , by Guest Author

    Maths and Poker are fundamentally linked. The great poker players use maths to help guide their decision making process. They use statistics to identify how strong their hand is, and probability to work out if their opponents hand is stronger than theirs. It is not a perfect science, as poker also bringing in additional elements such as bluffing an... Read more

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