As I (Jack Davis, TGG) just happen to be a huge fan of the Warhammer universe. I decided to put together a list over the best (in my opinion) DLC’s for “Total War: Warhammer”. Well, done and said =) Because down below you will find my top six list! So, please enjoy 😉

1 – Realm of the Wood Elves

total war warhammer real of the wood elves dlc

Durthu, one of the strongest Legendary Lords.

This DLC includes the addition of the Wood Elves faction and unlocks the forests of Athel Loren, a portion of the map that was blocked in the Grand Campaign. The Wood Elves faction is very unique when compared to the other existing factions since they’re the first elven faction to come to Total War: Warhammer and have a truly unique playstyle. Their roster is squishy, but their units are fast and hit like a truck. There are a few tanky units in the form of Treemen, a very powerful unit that reminds of the Ents crushing orcs in Isengard in The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.

This DLC also includes the mini-campaign “Season of Revelation”. However, mini-campaigns don’t bring anything new to the table and just seem like a poor man’s version of the Grand Campaign. The strength of Total War: Warhammer comes of the giant sandbox and replayability that is the Grand Campaign so I fail to see why anyone would want to give up the giant sandbox and move to a much smaller sandbox where you can only play as one faction.

Veredict: 4.5/5

2 – The King and the Warlord

total war warhammer the king and the warlord

Dwarf Rangers face off against Night Goblin Squig Hoppers.

This DLC adds new Legendary Lords for the Greenskins and Dwarfs, each with their own starting position and their own campaign objective and mechanics which are centered around capturing the Dwarven Hold of Karak Eight Peaks. On top of that, this DLC adds brand-new units for Greenskins and Dwarfs along with Regiments of Renown, a set of very powerful and costly units but with the limitation that you can only have one of each.

This DLC is one of the bests for many reasons. It adds new starting positions for these new Legendary Lords, leading to a different experience than if you played the regular Greenskin or Dwarf campaign. It also includes some very interesting mechanics, for instance: Skarsnik and his new Greenskins faction of Crooked Moon is centered around the use of Goblin units, so not only you start off in a different place on the map with different enemies. You’ll also be using different types of armies. These are the things that make this DLC have a pretty amazing replay value.

Veredict: 4.5/5

3 – The Grim and the Grave

total war warhammer the grim and the grave

Strigoi Ghoul King prepares to lunch on some Flagellants.

This DLC adds a new Legendary Lord for the Empire and other for the Vampire counts. Unfortunately, these don’t include their own faction, starting position or new campaign mechanics and objectives like the King and The Warlord. It does include a set of new units for the Empire and Vampire Counts as well as a set of Regiments of Renown for each faction.

It could be said that this is the lesser version of the King and The Warlord, as it does not offer as much but still gives a good excuse to go back and replay some of these campaigns to test the new units and Regiments of Renown. If you though that the initial rosters of these factions were somewhat lacking, this new DLC will be a welcome addition.

Veredict: 3.5/5

4 – Call of the Beastmen

total war warhammer call of the beastmen dlc

The powerful Minotaur. Hope they add the Doombull!

This DLC adds the Beastmen race to the game and a mini-campaign as well. Even so, the Beastmen was never the most popular race in Warhammer tabletop. Nevertheless, they added some appeal to their playstyle in Total War: Warhammer. As their tactic in combat is to attack the enemy straight on and break them with a mighty charge. And, to be honest, it’s quite satisfying to watch a unit of Minotaurs completely flatten empire swordsmen. Their playstyle in the campaign map is based on the same horde mechanic as Warriors of Chaos. However, it seems to be better implemented for Beastmen since they can also enter a hidden stance if they are surrounded or use Beastpaths to traverse quickly through difficult terrain, making them much better than Warriors of Chaos.

The mini-campaign seems to be more of the same thing you’d be doing in the Grand Campaign but on a smaller scale: stay hidden and attack Middenheim forces when you have the chance; build up an army to defeat Boris Toddbringer, the antagonist of this campaign. Mini-campaigns in my view don’t add much to the table, and you can only play as the Beastmen anyway. Some would have preferred that effort to be put on adding few more units to the Beastmen roster such a Doombulls or Ghorgons.

Veredict: 3.5/5

5 – Blood for the Blood God

total war warhammer blood for the blood god dlc

Chaos Giant makes a bloody mess.

This DLC simply adds blood to the game, and two mini-events in the campaign. It’s unfortunate that CA has to sell us blood in a war game separately but apparently this was done because of age rating issues. While the blood squirts are very exaggerated, I’d rather have a war game with blood than without it.

Veredict: 3/5

6 – Chaos Warriors Race Pack

total war warhammer chaos warriors race pack

Chaos Knight rides through artillery fire.

Certainly the most controversial of the DLC since it was offered as a pre-order bonus, a mistake that CA corrected by also grating this DLC to those that got the game during the first week, a reasonable middle ground. While I appreciate the fact that they want to encourage pre-orders, offering a whole faction as small DLC was a poor choice. It’s very noticeable that the Warriors of Chaos campaign is really underdeveloped when compared to all the other campaigns, even the Beastmen.

The roster of Chaos can be very appealing if you like invincible dudes in the heaviest possible armor accompanied by the scariest monsters you could find. However, the campaign mechanics were poorly implemented or not tested enough, since playing them in the campaign map can be incredibly frustrating. While any other campaign can be wrapped up in around hundred turns, you could be playing with Chaos for three hundred turns and still not have finished. There’s not great variety in what you do anyway so the whole thing ends up becoming a chore. Only get this if you really love Warriors of Chaos or really want to play as a bad guy. You’ll have good fun during the first hundred turns, but after that you’ll be begging the Ruinous Powers to end your torment.

Veredict: 3/5

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