***UPDATE – 2015-02-01***

When i watched “LeoPirate´s” video “Tropes vs Women Refund: An Open Letter to Feminist Frequency” last night, i just felt like i needed to do a “little” update on this article.

Because since i wrote this article about Anita Sarkeesian, a lot of things has happened. For starter, people who backed Anita´s Kickstarter campaign back in 2012, has started to rant about refunds.

Simply because they feel like they have been ripped off since the very start. For example,  Anita promised to hand out DVD´s to those who backed her (those who backed her Kickstarter campaign with +$250).

Well, those DVD´s havn´t even been made yet. But that´s just the half of it. Because now it´s proven that Anita and Jonathan McIntosh has stolen gameplay fotage from Youtube (which she has used for her “Tropes vs Women in Video Games” series)

they have also used pictures and graphical designs without permission from each artist.

So i think it´s quite obvious that there´s something really fishy about the whole thing with Anita and her old Kickstarter campaign.

The question remains however, will Anita (and Jonathan) face any kind of repercussions for their acts?

Anita Sarkeesian Debunked in Under a Minute

How Jon & Anita Steal Footage

Tropes vs Women in Video Games

Before i even start writing about Anita Sarkeesian. I want to point the following things out:

– This is NOT a personal vendetta against Anita, and this is not a smear piece (i´m just trying to state the facts, my opinions and thoughts)
– I believe in equal rights for women, and i believe in human rights
– I also believe in freedom of speech. And to have the freedom to criticize who, and whatever you want

With that said, let´s get down to business. After the ABC video “What It Feels Like to Be a Gamergate Target”, there has been quite a lot of rants all over the world (social media and Youtube). And rightfully so.

Because not only is the video very one-sided, it´s also full of false facts and lies. Like the fact that ABC don´t point out that you actually get punished in most of the games that they showcased in the video (Ubisofts “Watch-Dogs for example), IF you commit manslaughter of innocent civilians.

feminist frequency

Anita and Feminist Frequency has caused a lot of fuss since day 1.

ABC also got called out for deleting rational criticism comments on their Youtube video (the one that i mentioned earlier).

And that´s where Anita Sarkeesian steps into the picture. Because there´s a lot of talks about Anita being the “nr 1 con artist and trickster of the 21st century“.

And why is that? Well, it´s said that Anita has scammed people out of their money on Kickstarter. Because apparently Anita has already burned those $160,000.

Money which was said to cover 12 video productions (Tropes vs. Women in Video Games) over a time period of two years.

Anita has also repeatedly asked people for more money (via donations) for quite sometime now. Well, doesn´t all of this sound rather “fishy” to you? And one could also ask him/herself if Anita has broken any of Kickstarter´s policy rules?

And if that´s the case. Then there has been no repercussions against miss Sarkeesian for doing so. Because as far as i know, Anita´s Kickstarter page is still alive.

anita sarkeesian twitter rant

Ain´t that “Alpha Omega Sin” at the bottom right ?

Then we got the “harassment” and “misogyny” part. Anita finds misogyny in everything and nothing, simply because she WANT´S to find it (so that she can cash in on it).

As for all the “harassment” goes. There´s a big difference between criticizing someone, and actually threatening someone (or to harass someone). And that’s when things get rather tricky in the case with miss Sarkeesian.

Because it´s virtually impossible to critizie Antia, WITHOUT being labeled as a women hater, harasser and a heartless bastard that eat´s infants for breakfast.

And trust me on this, because many (both male and females) has criticized Anita in the past. People such as:
– Alpha Omega Sin
– Thunderf00t
– Sargon of Akkad
– Anonymous

Then we got comments such as this (most of them come from various Youtube videos about Anita Sarkeesian):

“Anita is a liar and a thief. She funded these videos through this kickstarter, and has failed to deliver what was promised, using stock footage and other people’s footage instead of using the massive amounts of money given to her to do the right thing. She really should expect us.”AnonymousRDy

“Some people in here are unable to see the hypocrisy behind anita’s videos. Just because she’s a woman, and we are disagreeing with her, it does not make us misogynists. Reasonable people tend to disagree from time to time. But I swear she reminds me of that guy in history who killed a ton of jews.

She’s THAT deluded. I’m ot saying she doesn’t have some points here and there, but she’s twisting a ton of stuff around with words, meanwhile stealing intellectual property of other youtubers.” – Josh cramer

“At this point in time, if a feminist is still defending Anita, they are not likely to listen to reason or the numerous exposure videos on her fraud or consider that nobody on earth has verified that video games cause violence.

It’s like taking a Creationist to a Dinosaur Museum or putting a Flat Earther in a Space Shuttle and launching it.No matter how obvious the facts are, they will deny it and even make a personal vendetta with you just for daring to disagree with them even a fraction of the time.” – Syncretic Views

And keep this in mind. If you´re a public person or a celbarity. Then you will get your fair share of haters, trolls and threats (Wether you like it or not). It´s the same thing for everyone (just ask Pewdiepie or Boogie2988  about that).

I´m also quite sure that things would be rather different of Anita would have been a man. Because right now it sounds like people are critizing her simply because she´s a woman (that´s nothing more than a lie).

So IF Anita would have been a male (instead of a female), then she wouldn´t have been able to pull the “misogyny card.

And If it haven´t been video games, then Anita would have targeted something else instead. Anita is also well-known for doing a lot of cherry picking in all of her videos.

All of which so that she can back up (prove) her statements. It´s all a part of her agenda, and an effective way to get the “right” narrative for her videos.

I´m going to very clear on thing though. I´m not trying to justify any kind of harassment or threats against Anita. Because that´s not alright, no matter the means.

However, i think that it´s perfectly fine to criticize Anita, and to disagree with her.

And have you never wondered WHY Anita Sarkeesian avoids conventions (comic or whatever) and live podcasts and streams like the plague? It´s simply because she wants to see the interview questions in advance.

So that Anita can can turn down the questions that she doesn´t like, and so that she has a lot of time to prepare answers for the questions which Anita has accepted to answer.

It´s as simple as that. And she will never admit it either. And that´s why i would love to see a live debate between Anita Sarkeesian and either Totalbiscuit, Sargon of Akkad or Thunderf00t.

But that´s never going to happen. Because Anita is way to smart for that, she know´s more than well what the outcome would be. And it would not benefit her future career.

There´s also one more thing that i would like to bring up about harassment and internet death threats. It seems like it´s in perfect (normal) order that men get´s death threats and hateful comments on internet.

That we should be able to handle it with no sweat. Like it´s no big deal. Because while Anita Sarkeesian has been able to boost her career by being a “damsel in distress” (quite ironic huh?), and getting a lot of media focus (tv and magazines).

Guys like Alpha Omega Sin, Boogie2988 and Thunderf00t get´s zero media coverage from their death threat cases. And speaking of Thunderf00t. A Anita Sarkeesian hardcore fan  has threaten to “Fu**” Thunderf00t up.

In fact, these are Thunderf00t´s on words on the incident:

“Anita Sarkeesian fan threatens to ‘F*CK ME UP’ if its the last thing he does.
JUST IMAGINE how hard Anita Sarkeesain would be milking it if she had such clear evidence of
physical threats.”Thunderf00t

I watched Thunderf00t´s video about the “crazy Anita Sarkeesian hardcore fan” earlier today.

And i can tell you this much, the guy seems to be crazy enough to actually attempt to kill Thunderf00t in real.

And there´s rumors going around that Anita (or someone from her crew) is paying people to shut her critics up (either by threats or doxxing). I don´t know if that´s true or not, and i can´t prove it.

But all of this sure makes me wonder. One thing is for sure though. 2015 will offer a lot more of contriversy and fuss in the foot steeps of miss Anita Sarkeesian.



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