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This may not be relevant to Sarkeesian´s recent lies in general. However, I just found it to be somewhat odd that Anita Sarkeesian went to E3 2015 just so that she could complain about everything and nothing? I mean, Anita seems to have been mentally tormented by what E3 15 had to offer. At least that´s the kind of vibes that I got from her tweets about E3 15 (as seen down below).

anita sarkeesian e3 2015 whine

Could someone please explain to me why Anita event visited E3 2015 at all? I mean, she seems to disslike everything about the event…

So why did Sarkeesian even go to E3 15 in the first place? As she obviously couldn´t stand most of the things that were presented to her on site?    

Best Mom Eva


It seems like Anita Sarkeesian has made a hat-trick of lies just recently. Since she has lied about both Tomb Raider, The Witcher 3 and the E3 2015 badges (as seen In the picture series down below). There Is more. However, I also found a really interesting post by TotalBiscuit regarding Anita Sarkeesian´s Tropes vs Women series, and the truth behind her costs for the series Vs what she cashed out in the end. I wonder if the IRS is on Anita´s tail yet?

anita sarkeesian lies about tomb raider

Not quite right Anita, please try again…

anita sarkeesian lies about the witcher 3

It´s kind of hard for Fantasy to be historically correct.

anita sarkeesian lies about e3 badges

Yes, It really was a seperate thing. However, Anita made it look (and sound) like It was attached to everyone´s E3 2015 badges.

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16 Comments ON " Anita Sarkeesian lies about Tomb Raider, The Witch... "
  • AeluronLightsong

    More lies and deceptions……Why am I not surprised.

    • It´s their nature, that´s simply what they do.

  • Uranus

    Lying is a strong accusation. Mind you, I agree with it. Let’s examine a few things. The E3 badge thing is a clear lie.

    The Lara Croft one is conditional. Either Anita is lying (which I define is knowingly spreading misinformation), or she doesn’t know about the previous Tomb Raiders. Accepting the claim that all critique against FemFreq is pure sexism, it follows that FemFreq’s gaming knowledge is unquestionable. Accepting Anita’s gaming knowledge as an axiom, it follows that she lied about the Lara Croft thing.

    The heels thing – well, heels were invented as an aid to riding. Earliest heels were worn by persians. Later they became much more common. Especially the height Ciri is wearing. Now, Geralt doesn’t wear heels and for both it is an aesthetic decision, but the point is this – people used to fight in boots exactly like Ciri’s.

    Again – she is either wrong or she is lying. We can rule out her being wrong, because that would make us a sexist, and all that we are left with is her lies. :/

    • ReLiC71

      I’ve also heard that Ciri’s clothing is magical (I can’t vouch for this. I have W3 but haven’t played it yet. I’ve not read the books, and I don’t remember it being mentioned in W2), so she could actually be barefoot or wearing boots for all we know.

      • AeluronLightsong

        That is just the most oddest of choices to use Magic and Arcane arts for. It’s titalting to be sure but daamn lol

        • ReLiC71

          Oh, I dunno. If I had the ability to walk around in really comfortable clothes all the time but always look like I was dressed up to the nines, I think I probably would.

        • dusk

          Isn’t it pretty traditional for users of magic (men and especially women) to be quite vain?

    • EdgyDude

      >Again – she is either wrong or she is lying. We can rule out her being wrong

      Fuck that noise, with how many times she’s been caught before this she lost the benefit of the doubt ages ago.

    • Mordakar .

      “The Lara Croft one is conditional.”

      No it damn well is not. Anita’s entire shtick is about how sexist video games are. If she doesn’t know enough about -the- premier female protagonist to know that she has had outfits that fully clothe her almost since inception, she doesn’t know what the fuck she’s talking about, which is at least as pathetic and as noteworthy as if she had outright lied about it. The only research her series needs is that she play the god damn games, and we know beyond any question she isn’t even doing that.

      We have tweet after tweet after tweet of her dishonesty, we have dozens of people dying to debate her that she won’t acknowledge except to block, and hundreds of hours of video that adequately pick her vacuous arguments apart. She deserves the benefit of no one’s doubt. That ship has sailed, struck an iceberg and now sits at the bottom of the Atlantic.

      As to this business about heels, for one, only an intellectual zero invokes realism as a serious argument in a fantasy setting. Second, I doubt she’s done anything but give the Witcher 3 a cursory glance, looking specifically for something to hate. Ciri, Yennefer and Triss represent precisely the strong female characters she’s looking for (for that matter, Keira, Phillippa and Ves aren’t damsels or fuck toys either), but because some knuckle-dragging NPC called Ciri a whore at some point, that games just a piece of sexist trash.

      Anita is a failure and a joke, and I hope she steps on a fucking lego.

      • Uranus

        I would love it if people stopped responding to sentences disregarding all context. I said she’s either ignorant about games or lied. Conditional – the condition is her gaming knowledge.

        • Mordakar .

          Right, which is central to her argument. Being ignorant in her gaming knowledge is exactly the problem.

          • Uranus

            Yes, she is. But pointing that out makes you a sexist and I am not one, so I’ll assume she knows everything about games and just lies to push her agenda. She either lies or I am a sexist and this is playing by the rules she set. I’m a gamer, I’ll play her game 😡

  • Laytonaster

    In other news, the sky is blue, the moon causes the tides, and potatoes grow in the ground.

    • That´s another way to look at it, yes 😛

  • Rosedragon

    She wants the booth babes out of jobs.. or she rather see booth men she can enjoys the muscles… well master chef is there for her idk why she complains 😛 .

    • Not only the booth babes, but cosplayers as well (so it seems). Or to be exact, anyone who just happens to be a female that looks really good…

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