***Update 5 – 2015-05-03 – 14:30 CEST***

I think it´s time to wrap up the whole “Bomb threat against #GGinDC” incident. So i´m going to exactly that. For starter, “A Villain in Glasses” (@RSG_VILLENA ) got accused for the bomb threat (as a part of a false flag operation). Well, as it all turns out his innocent. As it was the FBI that gave the D.C Metro Police the tip about the bomb threat (as pictured down below).

a villain in glasses

I still wonder who it was that made the bomb threat against #GGinDC though.

Milo Yiannopoulos also added the following on Twitter today:

“I don’t think @arthur_affect made bomb threats personally. Probably supporter. But to help police & FBI I have forwarded his emails, tweets.”

“It’s important for these hysterical social justice clowns to realise that their words inspire others to do awful things. @arthur_affect”

And a Youtube user called “Vernaculis” made a really good video (“The Chu Chu Train and Patterns of Escalation“) that summarized the recent events with #GGinDC, the Honey Badger incident at the Calgary Expo and the death threats against Protein world. He forgot about the death threats against American McGee though, but you could always watch my video on the subject.

But just like “Vernaculis” pointed out, there´s a pattern of behavior to be found here. As all of these cases had the same exact pattern of behavior. First they (SJW´s, feminists for most part) try to silence you up, and when that doesn´t work (when people stand up for themselves against the bullies) the threats happens.

Just like in the case with GGinDC, American McGee, Calgary Expo and Protein world. Do you hear that sound? That´s the sound of their (SJWs and feminists) narrative coming crashing down. In short, people have had enough of them and their bullying tactics and threats, so people have now started to push back.

So one might just wonder how all of this is going to end?


***Update 4 – 2015-05-03 – 20:29 CEST***

I don´t know if everyone has seen (or heard) about this information regarding the bomb threats against #GGinDC before. But i found out about it just now (thanks to Disqus user called “calbeck357”). And this is the actual threat via Twitter:

ggindc bomb threat

So there were more than ONE bomb to worry about. Nice…

However, as far as i know no bombs has been found at the “Local Sixteen” restaurant in Washington, D.C. Not that it really matters, as a bomb threat is still a bomb threat (even if there is no REAL bombs involved). Even so, angry #GamerGate supporters wants the police to bring in Arthur Chu to be investigated for terroristic threats.

So who knows how the #GGinDC story will end?

“Couple of interesting data points to make:

1) The bomb threat specifically said multiple bombs had been laid around the “area” the bar was in, and

2) That they would be detonated… if GamerGate was not made to LEAVE.

That was the sole demand, with a time limit of “one hour”.

So this wasn’t just some troll sending in a bomb threat for random lulz, it was also someone who understood and supported Chu’s position of driving GG out of the bar. No huge flowery rant or anything, either, just quite straightforward on this one point.” – calbeck357




***Update 3 – 2015-05-03 – 12:19 CEST***

It seems like the #GGinDC drama has just hit an all time high, as John Walker (Head of Rock Paper Shotgun) has been dragged into the drama. And why is that you might wonder? Because when a Twitter user under the name of Benjamin Lee, asked  John Walker if he would cover the “bomb threat against #GGinDC” story. As Rock Paper Shotgun has covered similar stories about Gamers and threats in the past.

Walker simply replied:
“No, i don´t belive we have covered such things before”

john walker rock paper shotgun ggindc

How can you even forget about ever publishing such an article?

And that comment set the internet on fire, as Benjamin Lee called Walker out on his mistake (lie?). Because Rock Paper Shotgun has indeed covered a similar story to #GGinDC in the past. And that was the “Games Critic Cancels Campus Talk After ‘Massacre’ Threat” article (it was posted on the 15th of October last year).

You could call me stupid now, but i hardly belive  that the head of Rock Paper Shotgun (John Walker) would forget such an article. And if that´s the case, then it means that Rock Paper Shotgun has a very clear political agenda behind their site. In the terms of what they do publish, and don´t publish. As it seems like it´s a question of WHO the victim/victims in question would be.

And that’s not exactly objective news reporting now is it? More like opinion minded journalism.


View post on imgur.com


***Update 2 – 23:46 CEST***

It seems like Arthur Chu is neck-deep in all the controversy that´s surrounding the #GamerGate meet-up in Washington, D.C. (which took place last night) at the moment. Because not only did he tweet the restaurant (Local Sixteen) to cancel the #GGinDC meet-up (Chu also called #GamerGate a hate group), Chu also sent a e-mail to “Local Sixteen” (as seen down below).

Where he complained about the presence of #GamerGate in Washington, D.C.. in particular the “Local Sixteen” restaurant.

arthur chu mail to local sixteen

This is the actual mail that Arthur Chu sent to the Washington, D.C. restaurant “Local Sixteen”.

And by the looks of Chu´s mail, he sure was 100% serious when he wrote it (he mean´t every single word of it). The question remains however, was it Arthur Chu or someone else that made the bomb threat against “Local Sixteen”? And who started the fire drill?

Milo Yiannopoulos


***Update 1 – 17:24 CEST***

There´s a lot of finger pointing and blaming going down at the moment. And it seems like everything (the fire drill and the bomb threat) is getting nailed down on Arthur Chu. But at this time, there´s no evidence (as far as i know) to back up that claim. But even GamerGhazi (it´s a anti-GamerGate thread on Reddit) admitted that the bomb threat was an act of terrorism, and that the person (or persons) behind it should get punished for it.


No matter which side your own in this “GamerGate Vs Anti-GamerGate). It´s NEVER okay to use violence and threats to silence people up.

However, it´s never an good idea to blame someone for calling in a bomb threat without any solid evidence on it (which the Reddit user “lifestyled” also pointed out in the GamerGhazi thread). But if any of you who read this knows anything about the bombthreat against the GamerGate meet-up in DC. Then please inform the Washington, DC police about it asap!

“there are plenty of gaters claiming 1. Chu called in the bomb threat or 2. Chu’s poorly-worded tweet that contained the words “it’s ending tonight” were code for a bomb threat happening or 3. Chu’s actions of emailing the bar earlier today and talking about it on twitter led someone to call in the bomb threat. whoever called in a bomb threat is an ingrown hair on the gooch of humanity, whether they are a gater, a troll, or anyone who stands against GG.

But, of course, 8chan and KiA have already decided that it must be Chu or ghazi. in fact, they were already claiming that ghazi was going to do something long before the meetup even started. to the lurking gaters out there: if you’ve got the decency to just admit that the bomb threat is shitty without instantly pointing fingers, you’re a league above the average gater. if you are already assuming who did it, you better have some damned fine evidence to back up that claim.” – lifestyled, via Reddit GamerGhazi




So much for my plans for a calm and silent Saturday…Because i was just about to finish my video about American McGee and the psychopath that threaten to kill him, when i heard about Arthur Chu´s rants against the #GamerGate meet-up in Washington, DC (which took place at a restaurant called “Local Sixteen“, last night).

Arthur Chu didn´t start of with treating the #GamerGate meet-up though, no, he actually warned the DC restaurant “Local Sixteen” first. By telling them that #GamerGate is a hate group (as seen in the picture down below).

arthur chu local sixteen tweet

Arthur Chu asked the Washington, DC resturant “local sixteen”, if they knew that #GamerGate was a hate group.

But apparently , Arthur Chu didn’t get the kind of response which he had hoped for. Because when he tweeted “Local Sixteen” the link to Milo Yiannopoulos post about #GGinDC, they just ignored it (the GG meet-up in Washington, DC). And this is the actual post by Milo:

“If you live in or near Washington, DC, and you fancy coming to drinks with me and the inimitable Based Mom, AEI resident scholar Christina Hoff Sommers, you’re in luck! We’ll be hitting the town on the evening of Friday, May 1.

Friday, May 1 2015
9.30 p.m.

Local 16
1602 U Street NW
Washington, DC

Come and join us for a drink and a chat any time after 9.30 p.m. All are welcome.

It would be helpful for us to have an idea of numbers. To get a reminder nearer the time, and to get updates in case we grow so big we need to find another venue, pop an email address in the form below.

#GGinDC”, Milo Yiannopoulos, in his post “Washington, DC #GamerGate meet-up…featuring based mom”

I don´t know if it´s just me, but that doesn´t exactly sound like a KKK meet-up party to me. But Arthur Chu saw things a “little” bit differently. Because when Chu didn’t get his will through (having the #GamerGate meet-up to close down), he then started to rant aginst the #GamerGate meet-up in Washington, DC (at “Local Sixten”). By tweeting out stuff such as “It ends tonight“, and shortly after that tweet there was a bomb threat against the GG meet-up.

arthur chu it ends tonight

I think it´s safe to say that Arthur Chu has lost his bloody mind…

And that´s when the shit hit the fan big time. So there´s already a lot of Arthur Chu parody pictures, comics and such floating around on the internet as we speak. Hell, someone even sent a tweet to Destructive Creations (the developers of “Hatred“) that they should include Arthur Chu in their game.

arthur chu ggindc parody comic

This comic strip got tweeted out less than 1 hour ago.

The madness doesn´t end there though. As “someone” pulled a “fire drill” on #GGinDC. And Christina H. Sommers made a statement about this a couple of hours ago (+5 hours to be exact):

“You know it’s a good party when there are threats, bomb scares, fire alarms, evacuations & police. #GGinDC “ – Christina H. Sommers, via Twitter

So at this very moment, the police is trying to find the person that pulled the fire alarm, and the people who made the bomb threats against the #GamerGate meet-up. What can i say? It seems like the anti-GamerGate Vs GamerGate conflict has reached a whole nother level now. And i´m afraid that this conflict is going to end up in a big tragedy if something isn´t done about it, and fast!


Milo Yiannopoulos

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