There´s probarly going to be a lot of hating on me now “Why isn´t she on this list!”, “You call this a list?” and so on. But before you start to hate me, keep in mind. This is MY list over black female video game characters that i love. So you are free to make your own list in the comment section.

But i still hope that most of you guys (and girls) will like my list, as i´m rather proud of it (and it took quite a while to make as well).

So let´s get the party going shall we? 😉

Jade – Beyond Good and Evil

jade beyond good and evil

Jade is not afraid to search for the truth. Not even when her life is on the line.

Michel Ancel and Ubisoft created a really good action/adventure game called “Beyond Good & Evil” back in 2003 (PS2, Xbox, GC and PC). And the protagonist of the game was (is) the photo-journalist “Jade” (she really loves the color green, doesn´t she?). Who´s searching for evidence that she can use to expose the governmental corruption.

Which Jade does with both style and class. She´s the kind of female protagonist that makes you smile when you hear her name.

Fortune (Aka “Lady Luck) – Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty

fortune metal gear solid

Fortune (AKA “Lady Luck”) was a leading member of the Navy SEALs anti-terrorist unit Dead Cell. In MGS 2: Sons of Liberty.

Don´t get fooled by the name Fortune or “Lady Luck” (real name Helena Dolph Jackson). Because Fortune has had anything but “luck” and good “fortune”. As her whole life has been full of pain and darkness. And one of those events was the death of her father Scott Dolph, and the destruction of the anti-terrorist group “Dead Cell” (the ” Tanker Incident”).

That left Fortune hungry for revenge. And she wanted to take out her revenge on Solid Snake and the Patriots. And do to the fact that she could make both missiles and bullets veer away from her (she also used a rail gun). Fortune was (and still is) 100% bad ass!

Rochelle Aka “Ro” – Left 4 Dead 2

rochelle left 4 dead 2

Rochelle knows how to deal with the infected, and she looks damn fine while doing so.

I still remember the first time i saw Rochelle in “Left 4 Dead 2”. It was that picture of her wearing a Depeche Mode (it´s a British electronic band) t-shirt. As i thought for myself “Not only does she have a really good taste in music, and kick a lot of ass. She´s really cute too”.

And to make things even better, Rochelle is voiced by the beautiful and talented miss Rochelle Aytes, and Rochelle´s facial features are based on the gorgeous American actress Shanola Hampton

Sheva Alomar – Resident Evil 5

sheva alomar resident evil 5

A picture of Sheva Alomar from “Resident Evil 5”.

Even though i´m not a huge fan of Resident Evil 5. I have always liked Sheva Alomar (a native African, and operative of the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance. BSAA for short). Because there hasn´t been that many black female characters in the Resident Evil series. So it was a positive surprise when Sheva became Chris Redfield´s partner in RE5.

And Sheva received a lot of postive response from the Resident Evil fans. But sadly enough, she haven´t returned to the RE series since RE5. And that´s a damn shame imo. As she´s a strong and interesting character.

Alyx Vance – Half Life

alyx vance half life 2

Alyx Vance was just as important as Gordon Freeman was in HL2. As she gave you both hope and strenght.

Alyx Vance will always be nr 1 in my Gamer heart. I have had a geek crush on her ever since Half-Life 2 got released back in 2004. Why? Because Alyx has it all. She´s smart, funny, cute, brave and caring. Oh, did i mention that she´s a mechanic, hacker and a Prominent Resistance member? So for god sake Gaben, make HL3 happened so that we can finally get to see Alyx again! 

Aveline de Grandpre – Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation and Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag

assassins creed 3 aveline de grandpre

Aveline de Grandpre was Assassins Creed´s very first female protagonist.

Not only was Aveline de Grandpre the very first female protagonist in the Assassin’s Creed series. But she´s also a African-French Assassin, a really good one too. But the first time that i heard about Aveline de Grandpre, i thought that Ubisoft would make her into one of those “I need help, come and save me” kind of characters.

But thankfully enough, i was wrong. As Grandpre is the right opposite to that. And i love her for it.

Purna Jackson – Dead Island and Dead Island: Riptide

dead island purna

Purna takes care of the living dead like it ain´t no big deal.

Purna is like the hardcore version of “Rochelle from “Left 4 Dead 2”. Because she has rage problems and she´s also a personal bodyguard-for-hire. Not only that, Purna can handle pretty much every firearm and melee weapon there is in “Dead Island” and “Riptide”. And she doesn´t even know what the word “fear” means, as she´s way to busy killing off the walking dead.

D’arci Stern – Urban Chaos

d'arci stern urban chaos

D’arci Stern took the world of Gaming with storm back in 1999.

D’arci has been said to be one of THE best female protagonists in the history of video games. And i think it´s true. Because when she became the main female lead of the fighting/action/adventure game “Urban Chaos” back in 1999. D’arci Stern proved that you could put not only a female in the lead role in a fighting/action game. But that she could be black as well.

And i still think that D’arci is like the black version of Bungie´s “Oni”, but with way more attitude.

Vanessa Lewis – Virtua Fighter

vanessa lewis virtua fighter

Vanessa Lewis debuted in the orginial Virtua Fighter 4. And what a debute she had!

Vale Tudo  (previously also Muay Thai), v

Out of all the female fighters in the Virtua Fighter universe. I have always liked Vanessa Lewis the most. Because i love her fighting style ( Muay Thai and Vale Tudo, which she can switch back and forth between as she pleases. She went 100% Vale Tudo after VF4: Evo though), her attitude and cocky comments during (And after) fights.

Vanessa Lewis was born to be a fighting queen.

Clementine – The Walking Dead

clementine the walking dead

Clementine strugles to stay alive in Telltale Games “The Walking Dead”.

Clementine is one of those female characters that you really love from the very first moment you meet her. You want to protect her, you want to make sure that she stays safe, that she´s happy. Clementine is the daughter that i wish that i had in real life. Because she would make me a very proud father.

Daisy Fitzroy – Bioshock Infinite

daisy fitzroy bioshock infinite

Daisy Fitzroy is one of the very few black females in the Bioshock series. And she plays a very important role in “Bioshock Infinite”.

Daisy Fitzroy (voiced by Kimberly Brooks) is the charismatic and strong leader of the militant underground insurgency group Vox Populi (Voice tof the people) in “Bioshock: Infinite”. Fitzroy is basically the face (and voice) of the ongoing revolution in “Bioshock: Infinite”. So when she talks, you listen very carefully.

Sadly enough, her story ended way to soon in “Infinite”. Sure, she did show up in the DLC “Burial at Sea”. But Daisy Fitzroy (and her story) deserved much more room in the Bioshock universe imo.

Ororo Munroe Aka Storm – Everything from “Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3” to “LEGO Marvel Super Heroes”

storm x-men

Storm sure knows how to catch you attention. With thunder and lightning that is.

There´s a lot of different female super heroes in the Marvel universe, and quite a few of them are of black origin (Celia Windward, Mari Jiwe McCabe and Mercedes “Misty” Knight for example). But the queen of them all would be Storm (X-Men). And i have felt like that ever since i read the comic book Giant-Size X-Men #1 (released back in 1975, that was Storm´s first appearance) for the very first time.

Because to me, Storm was like a female version of the thunder-god Thor (Tor). But a much better looking Thor 😉

Tangier – Red Faction 2

tangier red faction 2

Tangier has an IQ of 139 and her technical expertise earned her spot at Sopot´s intelligence services.

Most of you probably don´t even remember the FPS game “Red Faction 2” It was released back in 2002 for PC, PS2, Xbox and Gamecube). But i still remember the game (i played the PS2 version back then). And that´s mainly because of Tangier. Why? Because she was an extraordinary assassin of the female kind.

As she could make herself invisible, she possessed psychic powers and she could turn off security systems in the blink of an eye. And to top it all, Tangier joined the Red Faction to fight against Sopot´s tyranny (her former employer). Her cool is of the charts!

Elena – Street Fighter

elena street fighter

Elena appeared in Street Fighter for the very first time in SFIII: New Generation.

And last but not least. You will find Elena from Street Fighter on my list (she´s probably one of the most underrated video game character ever). And i still remember all the fuss that went down when she showed up for the very first time in “Street Fighter III: New Generation”. Mainly because of her outfit (which some may find provoking and sexist).

But it seems like quite a few have missed out on the fact that Elena is of Kenyan decent (i admit that “some” of her animations is somewhat over the top though). The tribes people (females) actually do dress like Elena does. However, an alternative outfit doesn´t sound like a bad idea. Nethertheless, that never affected my liking of Elena.

I mean, what´s there NOT to like about her? She´s tall (183 cm), she has white hair and blue eyes and she´s a master of capoeira. All of this makes Elena rather special and unique. There´s simply not quite anyone like her out there. So i sure hope that Capcom will give her more room to work her magic in Street Fighter in the near future.

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