***Update 2 – 2015-06-20 – 13:30 CEST***

It´s already known that Ellen Pao lost her gender discrimination lawsuit against Kleiner Perkins, and that KPCB has been cleared from all charges as well. However, I had no idea that Ellen Pao now has to pay $276K in legal fees to KPCB, nor did I know that Pao actually asked John Doerr (CEO Kleiner Perkins) for $2.7 million to just walk away from the discrimination lawsuit against her (Pao asked Kleiner Perkins to not appeal the decision, Kleiner Perkins refused to do that however).

ellen pao kpcb lawsuit

It seems like Elle Pao will have to pay $276,000 in legal fees to KPCB.

That´s a whole lot of money, and It´s rather strange that Ellen Pao has made such a request even though she lost her lawsuit against Kleiner Perkins. All of this became publicly known after Bloomberg Business video “The Lessons Learned From the Ellen Pao vs. KPCB Lawsuit“. I should also point out that John Doerr (CEO Kleiner Perkins) stated that he had done everything he could to settle things between him and Ellen Pao outside court, but it simply couldn´t be done.

Even the judge who handled the case with “Pao v. Kleiner Perkins”, thinks that both sides should move on. In short, that Ellen Pao should pay the $276K in legal fees to KPCB, and drop her $2.7 million claim. So it remains to be seen how all of this will play out in the end, the so-called “”Pao effect” has already Struck Silicon Valley hard though.

As the complaints of gender discrimination cases has increased since the Ellen Pao lawsuit against Kleiner Perkins started.

“John Doerr, general partner of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Mar Hershenson, managing partner at Pejman Mar Ventures, and Barbara Hoey, a partner at Kelley Drye & Warren, discuss Ellen Pao’s claims of gender discrimination at KPCB. They speak with Bloomberg’s Emily Chang on “Bloomberg West.” – Bloomberg Business

Bloomberg Business


***Update 1 – 2015-06-14 – 22:09 CEST***

Whales are NOT people Reddit

Since I uploaded my “Has freedom of speech died on Reddit and Twitter?” video two days ago, quite a lot has happened on Reddit.  For starter Reddit has banned the “r/whalewatching” subreddit (the subreddit seems to be back online now though?). Why? Because obviously they thought that the subreddit was making fun of overweight people. Or In short, that “r/whalewatching” was a clone of “r/fatpeoplehate”. There´s just one “little” problem, the “r/whalewatching” subreddit had existed for over two years before Reddit banned It.

Could Reddit be planning on suing voat.co?

Anyhow, onto the main course with Reddit´s speculated plans on suing voat.co. I want to be very clear about one thing before I proceed. So far, all of this Is nothing more than a rumor. With that said, let´s continue.  As you all know by now (If you´re a Reddit user) Reddit has already banned 5 subreddits so far (including  “r/fatpeoplehate”, with more to  follow for sure), well, voat.co has several subs on Reddit (such as v/nottheonion, /v/fail, and /v/wtf for example), and that´s something which Reddit and Ellen Pao don´t enjoy all that much.

Funny enough, former Reddit CEO Yishan Wong once stated “We will not ban questionable subreddits,” and “You choose what to post. You choose what to read. You choose what kind of subreddit to create.”

Well, that was then, now Is now. As Ellen Pao (the current CEO of Reddit) Is on the war path with many of Reddit´s users. So I´m not all that surprised to hear that Reddit “might have plans to sue Voat for copyright infringement and defamation. This became known to me after that I read a post by cityworldnews on the matter earlier today.

As cityworldnews received an anonymous mail from a claimed Reddit employee, whom claimed that Reddit Is bleeding both money and users. So Reddit wants to take a swing at voat.co and other clone sites. As Reddit claims that the clone sites has stolen their functionality and layout. At least that´s what the Email says. However, I can not prove the Emails authenticity (at least not at this time).

So you are free to speculate If It´s legit or not. One thing Is for sure though, “If” the Email Is Indeed authenticity, then the owners of voat.co (and other “Reddit like” pages) might have to face Reddit In court.


To Whom It May Concern:

I’m sorry I can’t give you my real name as I cannot afford to lose my job at the moment, but I’ve been a Reddit employee for five years and have been disgusted by how Reddit has become more and more corporate. I can tell you that they are very threatened by Voat and potentially other “clones” punching holes in their website. They have investor pressure to stop the loss of users, even though the loss is small right now.

The legal team is currently planning to sue Voat for copyright, alleging they copied the layout and functionality of Reddit, plus corporate defamation as, they say, users have unfairly misprepresented Reddit on Voat and Voat has allowed those defamatory comments to remain on their site.

This is obviously a frivolous lawsuit, but anybody can sue anybody and Reddit knows they can legally overwhelm Voat and sink it fast.

I urge people to leave Reddit and start using Voat and support them in any way: give them money, write blogs urging people to switch, whatever you can think of to help. It’s going to take a big crowd to fight Reddit and hopefully make them revert back to their original mission statement — or, heck, bring them down even though I would lose my job.

Thanks for publishing, Anonymous”




The decade of fools. Fools that just happens to have a lot of power

Sometimes I’m honestly starting to wonder if this decade isn’t the most foolish one in the history of mankind. Since it seems like the more crazy and stupid you are, the more power and influence you get. I could talk (or write) about Swedish politics for hours and hours, but not this time. Instead i´m going to write about Ellen Pao (an American lawyer and the interim chief executive officer for Reddit). Since Pao is trending like crazy in social media right now, why? Because she has just launched the much controversial “Anti harassing rules” for Reddit (“Removing harassing subreddits“).

ellen pao the mao of reddit

There´s a lot of Mao parody pictures of Ellen Pao to be found on the net.

Censorship, or is it just a new set of tools to deal with haters and harassers?

So why is that such a bad thing? I mean, no-one likes to be harassed right? Well, for sure. Here´s the thing, however. The new harassing rules are somewhat foggy and unclear. In short, it´s hard to tell where the line goes for harassment and just joking (trolling) around, for example. To be honest, I would probably fail the new harassing rule on Reddit, if the same rule applied to, say Brutal Doom v20.

Since me and my brother call each other foul things all the time, but it´s just for jokes and laughs. So no harm meant or done. Nevertheless, I suspect that the new harassing rule might be abused on Reddit, since Ellen Pao has already banned five subreddits so far. That of course might but KotakuinAction in danger for sure. As many of it´s subreddits could be counted as harassment/harassing (yes, even facts, evidence and the truth could be counted as harassing).

So it´s no surprise to me at least that there was a huge backlash to Reddit´s announcement of their decision to remove harassing subreddits earlier today (just read the comments for yourselves). In fact, this is the actual announcement by Reddit themselves:

“Today we are announcing a change in community management on reddit. Our goal is to enable as many people as possible to have authentic conversations and share ideas and content on an open platform. We want as little involvement as possible in managing these interactions but will be involved when needed to protect privacy and free expression, and to prevent harassment.

It is not easy to balance these values, especially as the Internet evolves. We are learning and hopefully improving as we move forward. We want to be open about our involvement: We will ban subreddits that allow their communities to use the subreddit as a platform to harass individuals when moderators don’t take action. We’re banning behavior, not ideas.

Today we are removing five subreddits that break our reddit rules based on their harassment of individuals. If a subreddit has been banned for harassment, you will see that in the ban notice. The only banned subreddit with more than 5,000 subscribers is r/fatpeoplehate.

To report a subreddit for harassment, please email us at [email protected] or send a modmail.

We are continuing to add to our team to manage community issues, and we are making incremental changes over time. We want to make sure that the changes are working as intended and that we are incorporating your feedback when possible. Ultimately, we hope to have less involvement, but right now, we know we need to do better and to do more.

While we do not always agree with the content and views expressed on the site, we do protect the right of people to express their views and encourage actual conversations according to the rules of reddit.

Thanks for working with us. Please keep the feedback coming.”-  Jessica (/u/5days), Ellen (/u/ekjp), Alexis (/u/kn0thing) & the rest of team reddit

That´s probably why a lot of people are thinking about deleting their Reddit account and leaving their page for good at the moment, and rightfully so. Since it´s going to get harder to speak up your mind about things on Reddit, without risking to get caught by mods who claim you to be a harasser of sorts. Ain´t that a cleaver way to silence people? Moa would be proud for sure, ain´t I right Ellen Pao?

This of course also makes me wonder what Ellen Pao (and Reddit) will do next to the Reddit community? Perhaps it´s time for the Reddit users to find a new home elsewhere, since censorship light just moved into the world of Reddit…



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