***Update 3 – 2015-06-30 21:20 CEST***

A tale about Anita Sarkeesian and the money that went up in smoke

It seems like the rumors about the Sunset fiasco and Anita Sarkeesian was true, because apparently there was a business connection between Tale of Tales, Sunset (Tale of Tales game) and Anita Sarkeesian. As  Tale of Tales paid (bribed) Sarkeesian to do pr for Sunset, and that was something which she never did. This became known after a series of tweets from Tale of Tales Twitter account eight days ago (as seen in the picture down below), there´s more to it than “just” that though, because Tale of Tales claims that Sarkeesian owns them $40,000 (as I mentioned in the very first version of this post. I don´t know if Anita´s bribe money is included in those $40,000 though).

anita sarkeesian money talks

I would love to hear Anita Sarkeesian´s statement on this.

So by the looks of things, Anita was paid money to get the noise out about Tale of Tales game Sunset, but Anita never did that (according to Tale of Tales). If all of this is true, then I wonder why Tale of Tales doesn´t take this case to court? I mean, they must have signed some kind of contract with Sarkeesian? Oh well, now you know a bit more about the “Sunset fiasco”, so everything might actually not be Tale of Tales fault after all. Let´s just say that the Sunset story “might” have ended differently, IF Leigh Alexander and Anita Sarkeesian haven´t been a part of the project.      



***Update 2 – 2015-06-30 16:50 CEST***

I was just informed that the creators of Sunset (Tale of Tales) had tweeted out a really unpleasant and disturbing tweet about one week ago (I missed out on that one when I wrote this article four days ago). In fact, this is even worse than Leigh Alexander´s “Gamers” don´t have to be your audience. “Gamers” are over.” article at Gamasutra, because at least Leigh Alexander didn´t say, “Fu** Games, Fu** Gamers! Fu** the game industry! Die die die And rot in hell“. However, I don´t know how serious Auriea and Michael (Tale of Tales Twitter account) were when they wrote that. Maybe they just felt like they’re done with the games industry as a whole? (thus made fun of the situation?) Since their game Sunset didn´t get all the success which they had hoped for (there´s also an ongoing fiasco going down as well, scroll down for more information).

aurie and michael

Wow…just wow.

So even if the tweet was meant to be a joke. I still find it to be rather tasteless, in my opinion. Especially since you don´t really know if it was a joke or not. Not that it matters all that much now though, since Tale of Tales has shut down their studio just recently…However, I’m truly interested to find out WHY Anita Sarkeesian owes Auriea and Michael $40,000, and WHERE has all the money gone?



***Update 1 – 2015-06-27 10:13 CEST***

I just wanted to add a little correction to this article regarding Intel and their ad campaigns on Gamasutra. As I’ve been told that Intel pulled their ads from Gamasutra again this year (which they did silenty back in February).


The downfall of Leigh Alexander the great

It´s kind of hard to forget a person such as Leigh Alexander (she´s an American journalist, author and ex for the game site Gamasutra) . Since she´s been really busy with spiting out one crazy statement after another since August last year (the dawn of #GamerGate). Even so, Alexander is probably most well-known for her “Gamers” don´t have to be your audience. “Gamers” are over.” article at Gamasutra (which she published on the 28th of August last year). Which basically was an “Anti-Gamer” hit piece, the “Gamers are over” article is also said to have been the main reason behind why #GamerGate got created in the first place (that´s also why #GamerGate asked Intel to remove their ad campaigns on Gamasutra. Which Intel did, but the ads returned to Gamasutra at a later time).

Keep this in mind though, since August last year Leigh Alexander has made quite a few crazy statements via social media. So I got somewhat curious when I found out that Alexander worked as a consultant for Tale of Tales adventure game “Sunset”, as Alexander doesn´t seem to like Gamers (or the Gaming community) all that much.

“Tale of Tales is making a new first-person game called Sunset, and it’s one of the first projects I can announce I’m consulting on along with my colleague Ste Curran. You may have heard that last year we sowed the first seeds of Agency, our consultancy project, which we formally announced this year.”Leigh Alexander

leigh alexander

No wonder why she tried to hide all of this from the public eye…

The Sunset fiasco and Anita Sarkeesian´s unpaid bills

I´m not the kind of person that finds pleasure in other people’s misfortunes or failures, but I’m going to be 100% honest with you guys. I was not surprised to hear that Tale of Tales game Sunset flopped really hard (both when it comes to grades and sells), nor the fact that Tale of Tales actually had to shut down their studio because of this, and this is the reason why:

– Sunset was made especially with Anita Sarkeesian in mind
– Leigh Alexander was the consultant for the project
– No advertising in the whole world can save a mediocre game

sunset a game for anita sarkeesian

Let me get this straight. Sunset was especially made with Anita Sarkeesian in mind? Oh…

It´s just about to get even more messed up though, because apparently Anita Sarkeesian owes Auriea and Michael (the founders of the Tale of Tales studio) 40,000 dollars (as seen in the picture down below). I don´t know if that´s true or not, but then again why would Auriea and Michael tweet that to  Leigh Alexander if it´s not true? So I can just imagine that there must be a lot of  angry feelings between Leigh Alexander, Auriea and Michael and Anita Sarkeesian at the moment. As everyone is involved in the Sunset fiasco in one way or another. However, It´s Tale of Tales (and its former owners) that´s ended up with the short end of the stick, but by the looks of it. Alexander and Sarkeesian just pretend that nothing of this ever happened, nor that they were involved in Sunset in any kind of way.

auriea and michael

So, Anita Serkessian owes Auriea and michael 40,000 dollars?

auriea michael and anita serkessian

That sounds like a great idea! Or maybe not…

There is one good lesson to be learned from all of this though. Don´t ever make a game for a person that´s not even a “real” Gamer, don´t hire a consultant that despises Gamers and the Gaming community as a whole, and avoid making mediocre games. Then I promise you here and now, that you will do just fine for sure.

Qu Qu


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