Yes, that’s right, it’s finally time for a brand-new lewd games interview! and this time I/we got a chance to sit down with JNT games (JNT are the developers behind the 18+ erotic Tamagotchi-like gamePocket Waifu”).

So I/we talked with JNT games about everything from “Pocket Waifu“, erotic game development, hot waifus, Nutaku’s adult gaming platform to their plans for the future.

So without further ado, please enjoy our interview with JNT games 😉

pocket waifu two cute and sexy girls

There are plenty of cute and hot girls in “Pocket Waifu”, and you can get down and dirty with all of them (if you play out your cards right that is).

Robin TGG
I’m going to start off this interview by thanking you for taking your time doing this interview with us =) And with that said, go right ahead and introduce yourself to our readers.

Hello! I’m Xtense, the lead writer and, shall we say, “creative director” of Pocket Waifu – and while that sounds very fancy, the truth is I am basically responsible for where the story goes and what girls we’ll have in the game.

I am also responsible for picking sex-scenes for them, setting up the Internet back-end and lots of other “small, but important” stuff. A handyman-poet, if you will.

Mate: Hi, while Xtense is creating a story I’m working on keeping deadlines, hitting all Nutaku promotions, and checking if all the girls are getting fair treatment in terms of new content.

I also scout the internet in search of references for our artists. Oh, and I’m the one taking care of dreadful monetization & game balance.

And I’m… Sometimes I would like to know it myself. I originally set the wheels in motion for what later became JNT, and then worked on the game as a producer and platform contact, coder and designer among other things. Officially I’m a business developer, that’s so much shorter 😉

jnt games pocket waifu

JNT Games big journey as an erotic games studio started-off for real once they released “Pocket Waifu” back in April of 2018.

Robin TGG
What’s the story behind how JNT Games came to be? And have you always wanted to create a games studio that focuses on erotic video games?

It was a pure accident really. I was at a conference in Berlin, scrolled through possible meetings with various parties, noticed “Nutaku, the largest adult gaming platform” and was like “Hell yeah, that sounds awesome!”.

I was always very interested in such games, but never even considered doing them for life.

Turned out I wasn’t alone, and it all came down to a random midnight Messenger message to Esjot “hey wanna do porn games?”. The best part about this seemingly made-up story is that it’s 100% real.

It took some time to get used to seeing porn playing 24/7 on one screen of our animator. After getting the green light we have thrown ourselves into work. For some of us, it was a second or even first project and for all, it was a first mature game.

Staff at Nutaku Publishing was a great help, teaching us about trends and practices used commonly at the platform. No one would imagine it will work out so well.

The beginnings, as previously mentioned, weren’t easy. Ultimately the idea that won was one I hoped would win, as we’d be doing something completely new in the porn world mechanics-wise that would also allow us to realize my dream of making the characters feel vivid and important, so the player would have a real connection to them.

We all put our talents to work and naturally divided responsibilities between us, with the writing spot coming to me and, over time, being my chief responsibility.

pocket waifu two very hot and nude babes

Some games that inspired “Pocket Waifu” (believe it or not) were “Tamagotchi”, “Pou” and the “Talking Tom” series.

Robin TGG
What were your main sources of inspiration while developing “Pocket Waifu”? And was it a hard job to come up with all the different waifus for the game?

For games – mostly Tamagotchi, Pou and Talking Tom series, but once we decided on the rough design we never opened those games again as not to hinder our creativity.

As I had designed all the different waifus, coming up with them was a fun and rewarding process. The first and most important condition for me was to make their characters recognizable and relatable on first look.

So we had “the housewife”, “the quiet one”, “the sportsgirl”, “the ex-girlfriend” and so on, to then twist their stereotypical presence and behaviour while also evolving them as the game progressed, so that the player would recognize why they behave as they do and, ultimately, what kind of effect your relationship has on them.

I firmly believe that sex is an intimate, personal reflection of a relationship between people, and the closer you are to the person, the more rewarding the sex is, so first getting to know the girls and caring for them would let you experience something close to that. The game is all about caring, after all!

pocket waifu stocking day

Don’t we all just LOVE the stocking day? I mean, hot babes in stockings, how can you not love that?

Robin TGG
What has the response and feedback been since you released “Pocket Waifu”? And are you happy with how the game turned out in the end?

We were absolutely stunned by the positive response to the game! It was amazing to see how many players had pre-registered to our game, we had no idea it would explode the way it did!

In fact, I remember when the game went into soft-launch and the game’s Discord went live. I kept saying that I wouldn’t participate and would only write down bug reports etc.

A day later, I was the most active participant, have somehow become the “public” face of JNT and have made many friends among our community – it was so surreal for me, the first time we experienced something like that!

And we are so grateful for our players, the fact that our game is running for so long is squarely thanks to them and their continuing support! We love you, friends!

pocket waifu three very hot babes

The erotic content is uncensored and pretty darn well-made in “Pocket Waifu”.

Robin TGG
Did you decide from the very beginning of the development of “Pocket Waifu” that the game would become an 18+ erotic title? Or was that something that you came up with later on?

(some devs have started off with a light erotic game project, but over time the said project got turned into an 18+ full-blown erotic game production).

The game was designed as 18+ title from the very beginning, in fact, it was made for Nutaku so it couldn’t have been any other way.

We were considering removing/censoring some parts for Steam release, but Steam made us a nice surprise and started allowing lewd conduct. So it’s 18+ only and will remain that way.

pocket waifu food time

Well, to be fair. You do get to eat a lot in “Pocket Waifu”, but it’s not “food” (if you get what I mean *wink wink*).

Robin TGG
I truly like the visuals, art style and the nice-looking babes in “Pocket Waifu”, was that something that took you a long time to nail down?

The art style took less time than we expected, but we went through a few iterations of art anyway. The animations pipeline took significantly longer though and it only started working well weeks before launch.

Picking the correct artist took a little while. After searching for a few weeks, we ultimately stumbled upon Jordi Navarrete’s profile which had the exact look we wanted to have – a mix between pure manga/anime and western style.

Working with him is such a pleasure, his artworks are always full of life, just waiting for our animators to put it on-screen.

Recently we also found our second artist, Alexander Souto, who is a wonderful fit to our work, too – he was given the task to draw all of Fae’s sex scenes and to make one event sex scene with Cleo so far, but he’s hard at work for us for… something else ;).

pocket waifu fae moreau

I like dark-skinned babes. So I’m very glad to hear that JNT games are going to add in more dark-skinned beauties into their games :3 (the hot chocolate babe in the picture is Fae Moreau).

Robin TGG
There are plenty of hot babes in “Pocket Waifu”. Even so, Cleo Loring is easily my favorite babe. So with that fresh in mind, is there a chance that we will get to see more dark-skinned vixens in your future game titles or updates?

Definitely! With Pocket Waifu, we were kind-of victims of our own success, so girls further than the starting six were created towards personalities that we didn’t yet have in the game – so that’d be “the chuunibyou”, “the shy one”, “the cougar”, “the farm-girl”, “the succubus” and “the French girl”.

From these personalities, only the last one fit towards more diversity, unfortunately. Recognizing this, we will make a definite effort for more personalities that work with diverse casts!

PS: Cleo’s beautiful ass is on the back of my business card!

pocket waifu three very hot and lewd babes

More and more new babes have been added to “Pocket Waifu” since it’s release. So it’s very likely that we’re going to see even more sexy waifus in the future.

Robin TGG
I’m kind of curious to know what your brainstorming process looks like when you come up with ideas for some great lewd content, or perhaps it’s not as cool and sexy as I think it is?

This is my second most important responsibility – as the storyteller, I figure out how the story progresses, the writing that goes with it, and the sex scenes that would fit the best into the above two.

This means picking a sex position, pose or details to match both the girl with her personality and the emotional part of the story – if the sex scene is about being tender and close, the sex position has to match that while also being visually satisfying, like Eva’s loving first time, gently riding while being hugged.

So if the sex scene is about something rough and visceral, like Cleo’s tough boxing match, she will get dominated and have her ass slapped, ropes pulled, tongue hanging and crying for more.

I send my choices and any references I find to Jordi, who then does a rough draft to confirm it’s what I need and finishes up the pic, which then gets sent to our animators to do their magic.

When Xtense finishes his initial draft I come up with clothes & offers to match the overall theme. After that Jordi (our artist), picks up his tablet pen and magic starts.

pocket waifu three smoking hot babes

At this time there are two versions of “Pocket Waifu”, one for PC and one for Android.

Robin TGG
Which version of “Pocket Waifu” would you say is the most popular among gamers worldwide? Is it the mobile or PC version?

It’s actually almost 50/50 split on Nutaku. And then Steam adds roughly 10% of that.

pocket waifu a very hot and lewd babe

JNT games don’t seem to have any limits when it comes to creating lewd content. So only the future will tell what naughty things and games they will come up with next.

Robin TGG
Does JNT Games have any limits at all when it comes to creating lewd content? Or do you have an “everything goes” kind of mentality?

We have a quite strict no-moths policy.

Yeah, the no-moth girl policy, to my and the Discord community’s chagrin. 🙁 But yes, most limits are imposed by law or platform, while our personal limits define what we don’t feel “okay” with.

In essence, we all need to be in agreement that we’re doing something to do something. Sigh… You shall be remembered, Ayla the Moth girl.

pocket waifu three super sexy and thick babes

Will we ever get to play “Pocket Waifu” on consoles? Maybe, maybe not. So we’ll have to wait and see.

Robin TGG
What’s next “Pocket Waifu” and JNT Games? And do you have any plans for any new content and games?

Ambitious 😉 We have two games deep in development, to be released in 2020. One is similar to Pocket Waifu, one is something entirely different.

We can’t really talk about the first one though, as it’s a licensed game… But we’ve slowly started teasing the other one. And once they are out, there’s more to come 😉 One thing for sure – we really like adult games and we’re apparently doing good work.

pocket waifu cleo loring

Cleo Loring is easily my favorite babe from “Pocket Waifu” :3 (she’s my nr 1 favorite girl for more than one reason *cough cough*)

Robin TGG
Is there any chance at all that we could get to see any of your current and future game titles on consoles?

It’s a difficult topic… We’d like to appear on consoles, but it’s hard to say if Nintendo would be ok with that. Also – consoles require certifying each update, which is not compatible with weekly updates. But who knows, we have some ideas on how we could handle it.

pocket waifu a super hot succubus babe

Yes, there’s even a super hot and thick succubus babe that you can flirt up on “Pocket Waifu”.

Robin TGG
What’s your take on censorship, cancel culture and political correctness in the video games industry? (from my point of view, things has gone wayyy out of hands).

No comment…

pocket waifu-the sexy and thick fae moreau

JNT games got two brand-new lewd games in the making and a whole lot of plans for the future. So I’m wishing them the best of luck with everything.

Robin TGG
Now, as for my very last question. What are your plans, hopes and expectations for the rest of the year? And is there anything else that you would like to say to our readers?

I’d love to improve our production pipeline, to reach the ideal scenario: a new event every two weeks. This and of course polishing of our new titles. To the readers: It’s all thanks to your support. Pocket Waifu couldn’t exist without you.

I would love to have even more plot in our games! The kind that treats the player as a rational adult, ready to deal with some tough matters!

But, of course, with a lot of sexy happenings in-between, too! And to the readers and our players: Thank you for your continuing support and love! We do this for you and we couldn’t have done this without you! 🙂

There are two more games that we’d like to soft-release to a limited amount of players by the end of the year. We hope to see as much excitement as with Pocket Waifu, which again beat every single expectation that we could ever have.


We (TGG) are a part of the Nutaku family, and we may receive a profit cut out of your purchase via the Nutaku links in this post.

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