Press release:
February 20, 2019, Tokyo – The English translated version of independent developer I can not win the girl’s Erotic Action Game “Erotic Trap Dungeon 2” is now available for sale on DLsite (don’t miss out on the NSFW gameplay trailer for “Erotic Trap Dungeon 2”, and you can download the free demo here).

trap dungeon 2 a very hot babe

I’ve played tons of lewd games over the years. Even so, “Erotic traps” is something of a new game feature for me at least.

trap dungeon 2 a sexy time moment

The lewd content is pretty hardcore in “Trap Dungeon 2”.

Developer Comment:
“Erotic Trap Dungeon is back and it’s even ECCHI-er than ever! We’ve implemented many of the requests made by our fans and are looking forward to hearing even more feedback

that we can use for future works. Hope you enjoy the game and, of course, roaming around the jam-pack-filled with erotic content dungeon!

If you encounter any issues, give the DLsite English helpdesk a buzz for support. If any bugs are found, we’ll do our best to set things straight.”

trap dungeon 2 a super hot babe

“Trap Dungeon 2” is much more customizable than the previous game. So now you can change your character’s hair color, skin color and much more.

trap dungeon 2 a nude and sexy babe

If you like what you see, then you could download and try the free demo for “Trap Dungeon 2”.

Publisher Comment:
“We would sincerely like to thank all those who purchased “Erotic Trap Dungeon” (the first one). Thanks to this support, we could continue working work with “I can not win the girl” to translate the sequel “Erotic Trap Dungeon 2”.

It has been our pleasure working with them and, given the opportunity, we would love to translate their other works as well!

Similar to the first work “Erotic Trap Dungeon 2” features an Elven girl who stands before a daunting dungeon filled with all kinds of lewd and disgraceful humiliation.

If she ever wishes to return home, she much traverse this dungeon… However, that is an act easier said than done.

How the costumes and status ailments in this game effect the protagonists pose-art is amazing and given the wrong — or right? depending how you look at it 😉 — combination of “screwing up”, a once noble elf girl will slide down that slippery slope of cumdump corruption!

If you enjoyed the first release or simply love the combination of status ailments, slutty elf girls and dress-up (/down) costume fun… then look no further. Erotic Trap Dungeon 2 is sure to tickly your fancy!”

trap dungeon 2 the hp babe

I find the dialogs and humor to be pretty spot on in TD2.

trap dungeon 2 the pee babe

I’m not a pee fetish kind of a guy, but if you’re into that, then you can enjoy that in the game.

◼ Product Description

Title: Erotic Trap Dungeon 2
Developer: I can not win the girl
Age Rating: X-rated (Adults ONLY)
Categories: Action / .EXE file
Genre: Erotic Action RPG
Compatibility: Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10
Languages: English
Other Keypoints: BGM and Sound Effects

* All characters depicted in this work are legally classified as adults and are at least 18 years of age. This work is not intended for viewing by minors.

◼ DLsite Product Page:

◼ Promotion Video:

trap dungeon 2 a sexy cat babe

There are all sorts of fetishes, monsters and lewd scenes to be found in the game.

trap dungeon 2 a ultra lewd babe

“Trap Dungeon 2” is a very erotic action RPG indeed.

About I can not win the girl:
I can not win the girl (Joshi nimo Katezu) is an independent developer located in Japan that creates a variety work formats (CG/Illustrations, Voice, Adventure & Action Games).

Being an artist AND game maker, this creator (A self-proclaimed “Gentleman you loves masochist situations”) can stay true to their passions and create works reflecting what they love.

The meaning of their circle name originates from the tendency / theme of their works.

That is, while one (man OR woman) has a penis attached, they cannot win (against) the girl. In sex, they will be submissive, forced to cum and humiliated…

Their degrading display for all to see… A masochist paradise if you may. This feeling general notion can be experienced in the Erotic Trap Dungeon series via a female avatar.

In December 2016, I can not win the girl released their first work, a CG set, on DLsite. Their first game came a little later in March 2017 and first English release (DLsite

Official Translation) in September 2017. A fairly recent creator who has risen quickly to claim a place in the erotic doujin game arena.

We can not wait to see what comes next in their deliciously debaucherous line up and hopefully, all you erotic game fans out there will enjoy “can not winning the girl”!

Developer’s official DLsite, blog, Ci-en, twitter, and Pixiv (Japanese language):

About DLsite:
DLsite is one of the largest indie on-demand online download stores in Japan. The English section of DLsite, DLsite English (, designed for English language speakers, offers international customers easy and instant access to a wide variety of indie products.

As of September 2018, it has over 120,000 products available for sale and registered users exceed 160,000.

Having also registered as a publisher on Steam, DLsite intends to branch out and provide access to an even wider audience both geologically and linguistically.

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The Gaming Ground
Twitter: @TheGamingGround

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