Bethesda had their time to shine this time at E3 2019, and they come with a few familiar faces as well as a couple of new ones. Though if I’m being honest, with last year’s E3 event being in retrospect and how much of a disaster it turned out to be after the fact.

Well, right off the bat. I’m not seeing this conference as much better as a lot of what made last year a retrospective disaster was shown off here with more content and fixing their old problems, meaning the games will be in a state that they should have been in last year.

To start us off, Todd Howard comes in to show how much guts Bethesda has by bringing up “Fallout 76″ and the criticism surrounding it.

Howard also stated that they have the nicest online community, which is probably true because they probably banned all their critics and the majority of their players.

bethesdas e3 2019 press conference todd howard

Todd Howard, the man who no one can hate, as much as he tempts us *sarcasm*

The first game they have to show is “The Elder Scrolls: Blades“, which exists as a reminder that they can do money hungry mobile games just as well as the next guy. Blades will now have a Single Battle Arena, a new Jewelry system, and a new Dragon Questline.

And now it’s on Switch, because apparently everything has to be on the Switch. Not that I’m complaining, as I just happen to be a Switch owner myself.

“The Elder Scrolls: Blades” still doesn’t interest me though, as it seems to be a dumbed down version of the Elder Scroll games

And I’m already more than familiar with and with a ton of castrated mechanics as it is. So quite frankly, Bethesda could have done better with no doubt.

bethesdas e3 2019 press conference dragons

Bethesda’s main selling point has to be dragons it seems. So be sure to keep your eyes open for dragons in “Doom Eternal”!

Speaking of games that could have been better, “Fallout 76” also got some spotlight with their “Wastelanders” update. Full with NPCs, a new Main Quest, choice and consequences, and new weapons and gear.

So now you too can experience the “Fallout” game that “Fallout 76” should have been on release. This update will be available to all six of their remaining players this Fall, and there will be a free trial week going from June 10th until June 17th.

Alongside this trial is the “Nuclear Winter” update. A 52 Player Battle Royal with exclusive perks on level up, and a new experience as you try to become the Overseer of Fallout 51.

bethesdas e3 2019 press conference fallout 76

Can you imagine putting an update to a game where the main selling point of the update is “Now there’s not just you in our game”? I can’t.

And with the old out of the way, now it’s time for some fresh meat. “Ghostwire Tokyo” is the latest game from the creators of “The Evil Within”. In this game, people are missing throughout Tokyo, and it’s your job to find out why.

Along the way, you can commune with spirits both good and bad and you need to find out if the situations you’re placed in are normal or paranormal, according to the creative director.

bethesdas e3 2019 press conference ghostwire tokyo

A look at someone who could be our protagonist in “Ghostwire Tokyo”, but it’s hard to say for certain.

Well, I don’t know about you, but “Ghostwire Tokyo” that I’m most excited to learn more about.

“And why is that?” So you might wonder, it’s because we got to see strange powers, interesting visuals, including a dude in an Oni mask and a mysterious figure with a bow, and there is so much we haven’t seen yet.

Nevertheless, we do know for a fact that “Ghostwire Tokyo” is an action adventure title, but everything else we’ll have to wait for. So hopefully, we’ll see it sometime next year because I think we won’t hear more about it until next E3 (E3 2020).

Going back to games that I don’t have the luxury of playing: “The Elder Scrolls Online” showed off their Elsweyr trailer, where we got to see a Khajiit and the new Necromancer class take on a dragon.

The Dragonhold questline is the last of the dragon storyline and a new questline called Scalebreaker will be out in August.

You know, on a personal level I don’t know all that much about ESO, so I am kinda apathetic about these updates. So I’ll just move on to the next one, which I also have no context for.

bethesdas e3 2019 press conference a really big dragon

Did I forget to mention that there are dragons in the “Elder Scrolls” games? Because I know they didn’t forget it.

So which game am I talking about? I’m talking about the brand-new “Commander Keen” game”, and it’s a mobile game coming at us from Bethesda.

The new “Commander Keen” game is more or less a modern take on the 90s game by Id software, this game is a classic cartoon-styled game in which you play as two genius twins (Billy and Billie) as you explore Mars and more.

At first sight, “Commander Keen” seems to be a mobile platformer where you can build a number of gadgets to help fight off creatures and progress through the levels.

Other than that, You can also fight against other players in competitive objective-based matches.

It looks interesting, and I love the art style, but frankly, as someone who’s just not that into mobile games, I think I’ll skip out on this one.

bethesdas e3 2019 press conference commander keen

This is what the twin protagonists, Billy and Billie look like in the new “Commander Keen” game for mobile.

The Elder Scrolls: Legend” is also a thing for those who may have forgotten all about it (I’m sorry that I had to remind you about it, please don’t hate me!).

Anyways, “TES: Legend” is a mobile card-based game is available now and will have a “Moons of Elsweyr” expansion released on June 27th.

Frankly, I will probably forget this game existed by tomorrow, but I’m sure I’ll be reminded all about it next E3 with an expansion based on the Black Swamp or something.

Next up we got “Rage 2“, which graced us with another appearance with an 80s sitcom styled trailer showcasing some new things that will be in their new expansion.

The “Rise of the Ghosts” expansion introduces new enemies, a mech to pilot, new cheats, vehicles, gameplay modes, story, weapons and abilities, a new enemy faction, and new areas to explore.

You know, originally I was pretty interested in “Rage 2” when I first saw the game, but I haven’t had the opportunity to play it. So who knows? Maybe I’ll get the chance before I go back to school.

As for here and now though. I really love the personality that’s been displayed in all of the “Rage 2” trailers, and I love how the game advertises itself. So hopefully “Rage 2” is a good and fun as it looks.

bethesdas e3 2019 press conference rage 2 the sand worm

I’m not going to lie. A lot of games could easily be improved with Sand Worms.

Now, let’s be honest shall we? A Bethesda E3 event just wouldn’t be complete without “Wolfenstein”.

Well, Bethesda had the whole world know that they got two brand-new “Wolfenstein” games in the work (and those games are “Wolfenstein Cyberpilot” and “Wolfenstein: Youngblood”)

The first one is “Wolfenstein Cyberpilot“, a VR experience where you play as a hacker, turning Nazi machines against them. While we didn’t get to see much about this game, we are told that it will be out this July.

Wolfenstein: Youngblood” also made an appearance, and Bethesda has us know that Youngblood will be released this summer, and it will come with more weapons and upgrades to customize your playstyle.

Furthermore, you can also play with a friend. The game also takes place in the 80s, two decades after Blazkowicz’s adventures.

You play as his two twin daughters, who have gone out on an adventure to search for their father after his gone missing.

The game looks fine, kind of like what I expect from a new “Wolfenstein” game, but I’m not too thrilled about the design of twin characters. Frankly, they just don’t seem very interesting to me.

I know, I know, don’t judge a book by its cover, but I call them as I see them.

bethesdas e3 2019 press conference wolfenstein youngblood twins

Maybe it’s just the textures, or blondie’s hairdo, but I’m not feeling the designs of the “Wolfenstein: Youngblood” twins at all.

Moving on, “Ghostwire Tokyo” wasn’t the only new game to get its time to shine. That’s right, because Arkane Lyon gave us a peak at “Deathloop, a game that seems to be centered on a timeloop, in a world where everything has fallen apart.

The two primary characters must stop each other, and the only way to secure their future, is to defeat one another.  One sees the current world as an area of freedom, while the other sees it as a prison.

Well, according to the devs, it allows the player to play the game as they like, with levels and gameplay geared towards the diverse styles of gameplay that the player may try.

Sure, I don’t know about you, but “Deathloop” is my third most anticipated game coming from E3 so far.

bethesdas e3 2019 press conference deathloop

A look at one of the two probable protagonists from “Deathloop”.

And with that said, now comes something people may be iffy about. You see, Orion was shown off, a streaming platform that optimizes game engines in a cloud-based environment.

Bethesda promised faster and cheaper streaming for gamers and publishers. Furthermore, according to Bethesda, anyone can stream on max settings, and even a phone can stream Doom at max settings without a decrease in quality.

I’m currently unsure about this as I live in an area with poor internet and therefore don’t believe I’ll be able to take advantage of such a service, even if I had decent internet to try it out.

Simply put, I just don’t believe at the moment that it will be as good a service as they promise for everyone.

bethesdas e3 2019 press conference the orion stream tech

Bethesda showcased what their Orion streaming tech is capable of doing by playing “Doom 2016” live in-front of everyone at E3 2019.

Finally, we have the coup de grace. The game we’ve all been waiting for, and the only series that hasn’t been messed up get to this date in recent years: “Doom Eternal.

“Doom Eternal” has Earth on the brink of annihilation. In this game, you can travel through dimensions as you work to irradiate every demon in your path.

Bethesda promised that “Doom Eternal” is the ultimate power fantasy, and that they wanted to make you feel like the fastest, strongest, unstoppable demon killer.

Bethesda showed off a few segments that have interesting and complex level design and there are also tons of new and returning enemy types.

The game is slated to come out November 22nd of this year and there is a collector’s edition that comes with a helmet.

The last announcement for “Doom” is that there is a multiplayer mode called “Battlemode“, where one player takes the role as Doomguy, and two others play as demons who can summon other demons. Each demon has its own attacks, movements, and abilities.

I was already pretty hyped for “Doom Eternal” before, but this just solidified that hype, and I’m glad to know that the game is only five months away.

Because I find “Doom Eternal” to look much better and smoother compared to “Doom 2016”. Thus, I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy.

bethesdas e3 2019 press conference doom eternal the doomguy

Doomguy kinda looking like Classic Doomguy over the 2016 makeover. Hey, I’ll take either to play more Doom.

Bethesda did alright at E3 2019, but I’m reminded of their last conference where they made a lot of big promises only for them to fall flat within a few months and it feels as though this conference was trying to right the wrongs of the previous conference.

I mean, that’s great and all, but there could have been more to show at E3 than the half of their presentation where they tried to fix old wounds.

I just feel like this could have been addressed prior and then the focus could be on the new stuff set to release later this year or into next year. Nevertheless, at least Bethesda couldn’t do worse than EA did at E3 2019

Entertainment Value: 4/5
Games: 3/5
Surprises: 2/5

Verdict: 3/5 (C-)
There wasn’t really all that much to be surprised about in overall when it comes to Bethesda ‘s E3 press conference. Sure we got a look at some new games, but for the most part, I got exactly what I expected.

“Wolfenstein”, “Doom”, “Fallout”, and “The Elder Scrolls”, which really brings down the surprise factor.

The games that we haven’t seen before were pretty awesome, but considering that I have to look at the whole instead of the individual, the games we have seen really brought down the score to make it average.

The reason the entertainment value is as high as that is because Bethesda knows how to make games look appealing. They know how to cut a good trailer, even for a mobile game that I’ve not much interest in.

Sure, it’s not the greatest conference I’ve ever seen, but Bethesda knows how to keep me entertained. Plus it’s difficult not to give them a high score when Todd takes the stage.

Robin Ek – Editor and co-writer.

This is a personal opinion of the writer, and it doesn’t necessarily represent the other writers (nor The Gaming Ground´s) opinions.

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