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I can´t stay silent anymore, and I can’t just pretend that this doesn´t effect me in any kind of way. As It would be a lie if I stated otherwise. I´m talking about all the times that I’ve seen Koei Tecmo (especially the Europe Twitter account for some odd reason) receive hate, rants and threats of boycotts against the Dead or Alive series. And that happens pretty much every time that Koei Tecmo (or Team Ninja) show something from the world of DOA. It can be everything from a trailer, a brand-new fighter, an unannounced DOA title to some new costumes (25 Outfits got banned from DOA5: LR back in March this year, due to rants from the SJW movement).

dead or alive 5 last round season pass 2

“Some” people did not enjoy this picture all that much.

And the last time I saw that happen was when Koei Tecmo showed some summer bikini pictures of the female fighters from DOA5: LR (It was meant as a “have a nice summer” kind of thing). Well, people got quite upset over those DOA5:LR pictures. The whole thing actually reminded me the case with Protein worlds “are you beach body ready” ads. As people went nuts over those ads. Here´s the thing though, the Dead or Alive series is not even real (if you don´t count cosplayers and the DOA movie). To be exact, DOA is pure fiction that takes place in a video game world.

And none of the DOA characters are real (they never were and will never be). Still, I keep seeing SJW rants about “sexism,” “sexist game design“and “sex objects” time after time again. First of all, I have said this a million times before. Beauty and sexiness are not the same thing as sexism and sexist game design. In fact. Secondly, you can make the ugliest female (or male) game character you can imagine, and place that person in whatever situation you want. Still it won´t be “sexist” or “sexist game design” until the character gets exposed to that kind of environment or behavior. The very same thing also applies to sexy and good-looking game characters (no matter the gender).

dead or alive 5 last round ayane

Ayane always speak up her mind about things.

You get my point? It´s not the visual appearance of the character that makes him/her to a “sex object” or a “sexist character.” It´s the situation, the character’s plot, dialog and setting that determine if character in question is of sexist nature or not. You should also keep in mind that many games give you the freedom to dress, create and shape the character (s) as you please. In other words, people can turn the game into whatever they want in terms of sexist game design (none, less Vs more). Just take the DOA5: LR nude mod for PC for example. Which would be a mod that adds (or should I say “removes”) XXX content to DOA5: LR which was not there from the very start.

dead or alive 5 last round kasumi

Kasumi has a lot of different costumes at her (your) disposal in DOA5: LR.

dead or alive 5 last round tamiki wakaki

Tamiki Wakaki has created some pretty, ehrm…”different” costumes for DOA5: LR.

However, none of this seems to matter all that much to radical feminists or SJWs though. As this has been an ongoing debate for years now. And frankly, I don´t think that there will ever be an end to this “culture war” (or whatever you could call it). Just take Fallout 3 or Skyrime for example. Both games have plenty of mods that allow you to turn the game into a porno experience (pretty much), but was that Bethesda´s original plan and intentions for Skyrime and Fallout 3? The answer is no, as the XXX mods was something which the players (the community) created for themselves.

dead or alive 5 last round season pass 2 guys

I wonder why radical feminists and SJWs never complain about the male fighters in DOA5: LR?

When hypocrisy and double standards collide

Then we got the part that concerns the male side of the story, in this case, the male fighters of the DOA universe. Because as far as I know, there has been very little (to none) complains about “sexism” and “sexist game design” when it comes to male DOA fighters. And still there´s plenty of nude male skin in DOA5: LR for example. So why is that? Is there a difference between the male and female version of sexism? Or have I missed something along the way? Especially since Good looks, sexiness and nude skin = “Sexist game design” and “sexism”.

dead or alive-5 last round season pass 2 costumes

Season Pass 2 will offer tons of new costumes for you to enjoy.

Female players LOVE DOA5: Last Round 

Yes, that´s correct. Female players (no matter if they’re gay, straight or bi) really love DOA5: LR. Don´t believe me? Then just check out the #DOA5LR tag on Twitter, and all the DOA5: LR players on Youtube and Twitch. In fact, I know a German female DOA player that has a huge DOA collection (games, posters, cloths, you name it). And she has been a fan of the DOA series for years, and she´s far from the only female DOA hardcore fan there is out there. Want a clue? Just take the DOA cosplay scene, pretty much everyone who cosplays as a DOA character also plays the DOA games as well.

With that said, feel free to speculate and comment on this subject in the comment section. And If you´re interested in the Dead or alive 5: Last Round – Season pass 2 (new costume). Then you can buy Season pass 2 to Xbox One and PS4 for $92,99. Which includes the following:

“Users who purchase the DEAD OR ALIVE 5 Last Round Season Pass 2 will be able to download the following additional costume packs as they are released, for a total of 98 costumes:

– Costumes by Tamiki Wakaki (July 16 costumes)
– August 2015 Costume Pack (16 costumes)
– September 2015 Costume Pack (16 costumes)
– October 2015 Costume Pack (34 costumes)
– November 2015 Costume Pack (16 costumes)

Plus, the ‘Secret Agent Honoka’ costume will be available exclusively for users who purchase Season Pass 2.”

Team Ninja

Xbox store

Playstation store

This is a personal opinion of the writer, and it doesn’t necessarily represent the other writers (nor The Gaming Ground´s) opinions.

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Robin “V-Act” Ek
The Gaming Ground
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10 Comments ON " Dead or alive 5: Last Round – Season pass 2 ... "
  • Here’s a video we did of a female player fighting in the grand final at PAXAus – http://attackongaming.com/gaming-talk/dead-or-alive-5-ultimate-tournament-paxaus-2014/

    And also, here’s a pic we did dissecting Helena from DOA, showing that she’s not a sexist image, but actually a pretty fleshed out character – http://attackongaming.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/Helena-Douglas-Dead-Or-Alive-5.jpg

    • I´m sorry for an late answer, I checked it out just now =)

  • Kiyo Lomas

    I don’t think the sexualization is the problem, since it has always been there. Most hardcore DOA fans just don’t like it when certain characters (Especially the males or certain females) don’t get much of anything for DLC while certain and majority of the same females get DLC outfits all the time. The fans just want equal treatment, because everyone has their certain favorite character. It wouldn’t be fair if someone likes a male character and they want new stuff for him and yet can’t get nothing if other characters are being paid more attention too due to the company being bias. Some didn’t like Honoka’s outfit, because it wasn’t original. It was just a copy and paste costume that was Nyotengu’s originally and fans can’t stand copy and paste costumes. They like originality and personalize costumes.

  • patyos

    I want all the Costumes !!!!!!!!! NOW !! Nufff said

  • Merc Ekitz

    You just try and stop us from buying it. #fuckfeminism . bossy ass thought police think you can decide whats best for others? fuck you!

    • Well, they (SJW´s and feminist) won´t succeed with that. At least not as long as people fight back against them.

      • Merc Ekitz

        And ill gladly fight against them because they cant harm me..

        • Good thing that =) And give em hell 😉

          • Merc Ekitz

            Oorah. ;j

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