“On this day, I stand before you to say that I did my part to hand the Legislative branch of the American government to the Republicans.” Wrote Todd Wohling of Techraptor in his article back in Nov 2014 “it’s one down and three to go: Super majority in the Senate, the Presidency, and one Supreme Court justice.” Todd was a lifelong Democrat who apparently never voted republican. However, after Nov 2014 he decided to hand all branches of Government to the party he had opposed for many years. What happened? Gamergate happened.

america-put-gamergate in the white house

“Breitbart played a key role in #GamerGate”. So what if they did? I mean, the main-stream media have played a huge part in painting up a picture that´s not true about GG since day one. So it´s only natural that the support will come from alternative media instead.

In August 2014, the gaming community started to raise questions about conflicts of interest in gaming media (that´s one of the reasons why the site deepfreeze.it was created). As it became publicly known that journalists and the developers whom they wrote about were having close relationships, and having financial connections via Patreon or in some cases living together and not disclosing it. The discussion caused a flame war on the Internet, and all the different brands of gaming media came out strongly in favor of the gaming media at large, and then they attacked the gamer identity. However, that was not all, as the mainstream media came in support of the gaming media. Reports from MSNBC, NYTimes, LATimes, etc. And it wasn’t just the media a Democratic Congresswoman tried to prosecute Gamergate as if you could prosecute a twitter hashtag.

gamergate helped donald trump win

Yep, the super powers of #GamerGate helped Donald Trump secure his US 2016 election victory with no sweat.

This repudiation of Gamergate and Gamers by the liberal media is what caused gamers like Todd Wohling to feel rejected by a left-wing that is now concerned by identity politics, safe spaces, trigger warnings or a gaming media that acts horrified if run over a woman in GTA as if it was a real person. Many other gamers are not even politically active, but got tired of reading articles blaming the ills on the world on them because they’re white, or because they’re male or both and that caused them to become active against the left.

sargon of akkad vs sarah jeong

I wouldn´t be surprised if she (and other´s) would start to blame any potential failed Mars missions on #GamerGate in the near future…

neogaf on gamergate

I honestly never thought that I would see anything quite like this on NeoGaf. Furthermore, there is a handful of comments in that thread that´s worthy of a read.

But was it really enough people to make a difference? Let´s check the numbers shall we? The Gamergate subreddit has 70,000 subscribers, and there are also Youtubers who have made videos supporting Gamergate that have very big audiences: Shoe0nHead 500,000 subscribers, Sargon of Akkad 440,000 subscribers, Thunderf00t 650,000 subscribers and there are many other small and medium-sizeed Youtube channels as well. So even if a fraction of those people refuse to support the Democrats or go third-party or even worse, vote Republican, it will be a disaster for the democrats. So what conclusion can we draw from this? It´s hard to say exactly how much of an impact #GamerGate had on Donald Trump´s road to victory. However, there is no doubt in my mind that GG helped Trump to gain votes. As GG has been against corruption, censorship and political correctness since day one (2014), and that just happens to be what Trump is against as well.


I take it that Donald Trump is the leader of #GamerGate then?

ryan odonnell on gamergate

#GamerGate runs the whole show now, just so you know.

Furthermore, Milo Yiannopoulos (a British journalist, entrepreneur, public speaker, and technology editor for Breitbart News, and a well-known #GamerGate supporter) did tons of PR for Donald Trump during his whole US campaign race. In other words, Milo got the word out about Trump, and that probably gained Trump quite a few votes I bet. So in my opinion, GG did indeed play a role in Donald Trump´s road to victory in the US 2016 presidential election. Sure, it´s hard to tell how big of a role GG played, but they sure helped Trump to win his presidential election with no doubt.

gregory miles on gamergate

I take it that he blamed #GamerGate for Trumps victory?

patrick beja on gamergate

Then I take it that Beja would be quite upset if Milo Yiannopoulos would become the US press secretary?

I would also like to point out that “if” Milo becomes the US press secretary, then #GamerGate would literally have a place in the White house. Well, I don´t know about you, but I find that to be a rather entertaining thought. You see, #GG started of as a consumer revolt movement in 2014 (August) that were against corruption in the games industry (better ethics in journalism were one of GG´s goals). My point would be that GG has gone from pretty much nothing to everything in a very short period of time (from 2014 uptil this point). So let´s just say that 2017 is going to become a very interesting year with no doubt.

rachel prior on gamergate

Yep, #GamerGate runs America now. I´ve also heard that they have a secret base on the backside of the moon as well.

Since I (Robin Ek) just happen to live in Sweden (for now) I have had the great pleasure to experience a very “special” (aka “biased”) news coverage of the US presidential election. Well, for those who don’t know the Swedish main-stream media like I do. They (the Swedish MSM) work in the same way as they do in the US (for most part). Simply put, they favoured Hillary Clinton and trash talked Donald Trump 24/7. That´s also why I´ve been using alternative media a whole lot during the US election (not to mention non Swedish news sites). Even so, I still think that social media played a very important part in the US election, because it worked as a path way between Trump his supporters and potential new supporters of his.

harmful opinions on gamergate

Why stop there? Why not remove mankind as a whole so that we will finally achieve 100% true eqaility in the games industry *sarcasm*.

david milner on gamergate

Oh the irony, corrupt games media and broken ethics in journalism created #GamerGate. So sorry Milner (who´s a Editor of Game Informer Australia), you can´t play out that card.

In my case, even though I´m not allowed to vote in America. I really got interested in Trump´s campaign thanks to all the meme´s, videos and tweets by people who truly wanted a positive change in America (in other words, people who have had more than enough with the corrupt establishment). So in a way I guess that I saw a lot of #GamerGate-like aspects in Donald Trump, because he is indeed very politically incorrect. Furthermore, he speaks up about things that most people don’t even dare to think (less speak). That´s also why I find it to be very entertaining that the Swedish (and US) media doesn´t understand how Trump could win against Hillary, because according to MSM Trump supporters only consist of angry and racist white men. Something of which is a fat lie, because Trump could never have won the US election without the Black, Asian and Latino vote (the people of color vote).

wikileaks on gamergate

Wikileaks has with no doubt (whatsoever) played a huge part in the 2016 US election. Furthermore, Wikileaks encouraged GG to work against corruption to the very top (which they did, and will continue to do).

Well, my theory is simply that people got united and voted for Trump, no matter their race, class, belief or sexual orientation. As they want a change for the better. So in a way, the US election has a lot in common with #GamerGate, because just like the case with GG. Gamers from all walks of life got together to make a change in the games industry for the better (just like the Trump supporters did). However, like Jack stated earlier. It´s hard to know how much of an impact GG had on Trump´s road to victory as a whole. Nevertheless, I´m quite certain that GG played a key role in Trump´s success. You see, GamerGate has not only worked as an industry watch dog, GG has also worked as an eye-opener for regular folks (aka “blue pill people”). Simply put, GG works as a massive red pill transformation movement as well (Mark Kern stated that as well just recently, as seen in the pictures down below).

mark kern on corrupt media

Don´t worry Kern, the fight against the corrupt media will continue in 2017. It´s true what Kern said though, and I find that to be rather saddening.

mark kern on gamergate

I already knew that the state of games industry (especially games journalism) were really bad long before GG even existed. However, GG made me realize that things were actually much worse than I originally thought.

Nevertheless, if you want my honest opinion on what it was that really helped Donald Trump win his election. Then it would be a combination of Wikileaks, #GamerGate, alternative media (especially Breitbart and Infowars), social media, personalities like Milo yiannopoulos, and Youtuber´s like Sargon of Akkad, and millions and millions of Americans who stood up against the establishment (wall street, the globalists, the corrupt media, etc.). That´s at least my theory on how it all went down. So I´ll tell you what, let Donald Trump drain the political swamp in the US, while GG continues to drain the swamp in the games industry.

And with that said, what´s your take on this matter? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section down below!

The Portland Mercury
The New York Times
John Cook


Robin Ek – Editor and co-writer
Mark Kern
Best Mom Eva
A King in Yellow

This is a personal opinion of the writer, and it doesn’t necessarily represent the other writers (nor The Gaming Ground´s) opinions.

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Jack Davis
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27 Comments ON " Did #GamerGate help Trump to win the US election? "
  • Nanya
  • jlenoconel

    Well, before GamerGate I probably wouldn’t have given two sh!ts who won the election, but since all that happened I became a Trump supporter for sure. Crazy thing about it is I am gay myself and had to fight DOMA to get basic marriage rights, but that didn’t stop me from knowing that people like Anita aren’t good people, and that their brand of censorship is harmful. I don’t think the culture war is close to being over though. Its probably only just begun.

    • I got into the US election thanks to #GamerGate. So the more I heard about Trump, the more interested I got in his campaign. Ah, kind of like me then? 😉 (I´m not gay though). Nope, and there are plenty of videos, articles and whatnot that prove that Anita is anything but a saint. Yep, just look at Sweden…Correct, but we´re winning this one.

  • Sevuz

    Good article 🙂

    The future is up in the air once again. It’s gonna be interesting to see what the next couple of years will bring.

    Year the last 2 years helped make this happen. If the blue Elite hadn’t wasted time on bashing the gaming industry’s audience, race and talking about gender horseshit propaganda all the time, hey might have won. But as we know the fight is fare from over. They can have their SJW BS if they want, but as least give the rest of us a chance to get something BS free entertainment.

    • Thanks =) It took quite a while to write it 😉 I feel hope myself, and that´s something that I haven´t felt in years. We are winning, and they know it. So they fear GG a whole lot more now.

  • There’s no doubt that the corrupt and biased maintream media, the nannying, tone policing, speech policing and the constant SJW/feminist screaming of “sexist”, “racist”, “homophobe”, “xenophobe”, etc. at anyone who has a different opinion from them has caused and resulted in the massive uprising of the alternative media, anti-SJWs, anti-establishment, the alt-right, and GamerGate.

    The last 3-4 years has been a fierce battle, and it’s going to continue. Globalists like George Soros will not give up. Him and his SJW cronies are going to double-down. Their next plan it seems is to pressurize and influence Trump into bending over and catering to SJW demands. If Trump does that, then we are completely back to square one.

    As for Donald Trump himself, I understand why a lot of us are happy and optimistic that he made it into the White House. I know a lot people have been saying things like “this is the end of SJWs!”, “this is the end of feminazis”, etc., but I disagree. In my opinion, I think he won’t change much in the areas that we care about. He is a politician, and as a politician, he needs to cater to as much people as possible. He won’t be one-sided and he won’t erase Safe Spaces and SJWs from existence.

    We’ll have to see what he does. I hope he proves me wrong and rids the fucking cancer that is SJWs and feminists.


  • Gamergate was part of the turning tide, that is true without a doubt. So I would not say “GamerGate helped Trump to win” so much as GamerGate was one of the warning waves that indicated the tide was well and truly turning. Brexit and now Trump are, like GamerGate before them, visible manifestation of not just discontent but also the fact the old media and old establishment, the ‘opinion formers’, are vastly weaker than we (and indeed they) realised.

    The following video is by a comedian but it is one of the best pieces of contemporary political & (above all) social analysis I have seen in years: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GLG9g7BcjKs

    • Very much so =) And thank god for that, I´ve been having a real hell in Sweden (the PC/SJW cancer is high as hell over here). Yes, it´s very spot-on. So thank you for posting it.

        • I have no idea whatsoever, but most of the males are cucks…And the government is 100% SJW/feminazi. That´s also why I´m most likely going to move to Norway in the near future. Sweden needs it´s own Donald Trump. That’s the ONLY way to make Sweden great again.

          • Hunn

            Dear Robin Ek,

            I am not here to tell what you do, but consider this, please:
            SWEDEN NEEDS YOU!
            More than anything, Sweden needs men like you.

            Do not leave, even if to Norway (which I suppose may be better than Sweden but not much).
            That is YOUR country, they are YOUR people. The place you were born, where your ancestors lived and owned. They fought for it, died for it, just to hand it over to YOU.

            It is an obligation for you, as a patriot who loves his country and his people, not to turn your back to your Fatherland in its time of need. It is not YOU who must leave your country, its the ENEMY.
            Now after your glorius ancestors it is your turn to fight for the Fatherland. With memes if needed, with the sword if required.
            The enemy of Sweden is SJWs, the Media, Feminists, Cultural Marxists, and illegal immigrants. You are a MAN. Are you saying that, keeping in mind that they have just lost America, that your enemies are ALL-POWERFUL? Give me a break. You blow on them and they scatter in the wind like sand. And you are not alone. In Hungary we have beaten their party long ago, we had riots in 2006, were beaten down severely, but 10 years later, now, they are nowhere. The people of Europe are on your side, the system of Europe is against us, but we are Christian White Males aka. The Deplorables, and We Will Be Great Again! You are a Viking Man for God`s (Odin`s 🙂 ) sake!
            Stay strong, brother, keep fighting. These are historical times, and we have only one life. #MSGA aka. MAKE SWEDEN GREAT AGAIN!

        • Here´s the reason why Sweden is so cucked…


          Most of my so called “friends” have turned their backs on me. So they rather see Sweden fall apart, then being called racist or whatever.

          • That’s really awful stuff. This SJW/progressive/feminist propaganda really does need to die in a ditch. Like you say, the problem is that the government, for some reason, has fully adopted the SJW stuff. I mean, is it really that hard for someone on board to say ‘No’ to it all?

            You know what they say though – things will get worse before it gets any better. In Sweden’s case, I don’t know when that’ll be.

          • Very much so, and just like in Germany. Sweden are now trying to put people in jail for having the “wrong” ideas or opinions (Sweden has now topped George Orwell´s “1984” book). It´s pure madness imo…That´s why I don´t bother to inform people in Sweden about it anymore, as most of them are brainwashed to the max.

  • bob

    I’m glad Trump won. I know not everyone likes him, but he does want to end the corruption, not to mention we’ve dodge a bullet. By bullet I mean a mushroom cloud with Russia. Russia and Syria say they’re ready to co-op with America to stop ISIS.

    • Dystopiq

      ISIS isn’t our fucking job. All the countries in that region need to stop being pussies and fight.

    • Another Opinion

      It has nothing to do with whether he’s a like able person. His actual history involves scamming people and not paying them. The things he has actually said and done is what concerns peoplex Not like whether you don’t like someone like you’re in middle school.

  • John Smith.

    If GamerGate really do control the White House now. The new $20 bill design will not be featuring Harriet Tubman, no, it will be featuring Vivian James instead!!

  • Feniks

    Might be shooting themselves in the foot. Trump is in bed with Christfags and Christfags hate fun and degeneracy. In my country my parents’ generation eradicated them all and now my generation has the task of “educating” Muslims on freedom.

    • Really? Yes, because it has worked like in the charm for the last 2,000 years or so.

  • Mac

    The conditions that created gamergate are what got Donald Trump into the White House. GamerGate itself may not be exactly responsible, but it absolutely serves as a reference for a point where the tides turned. For me, personally, it was GG that let me know I was not alone in my opinions, but I also know many people who also came around at that point, who know nothing of GG. However, they also largely follow Milo – who was made by GG. So, in that regard, GG certainly had SOME effect on the cultural outlook that resulted in Trump.

    • “The conditions that created gamergate are what got Donald Trump into the White House”

      – You hit the head on the nail.

      ” However, they also largely follow Milo – who was made by GG. So, in that regard, GG certainly had SOME effect on the cultural outlook that resulted in Trump.”

      – I know that not everyone may like Milo, but he did with no doubt (whatsoever) help Trump get more votes (just as those two super nice black ladies on Youtube).

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