It has been rather tough times for IGN as of lately. I mean, it´s been about a week since it became clear that IGN Spain plagiarized RPG Gamer´s review of “The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel” (plagiarization is never alright). Sure, that little “incident” has been sorted out since last week. However, just the other day I noticed something rather strange on Youtube. Long story, short. I was enjoying a GTA5 gameplay video, and suddenly I had a Quantum Break Xbox One ad shoved in my face. Don´t get me wrong now. Normally, I have no problems with video game ads and such, but in the case with IGNs pre-roll ad on. The line between editorial and advertising is pretty much none existing. And as it all turns out, I was not the only one who felt somewhat concerned and uneasy by IGN´s video ad:

I´m of course aware of the fact that “some” people might just shrug and shake their heads at this. However, I think it´s very important to think about the ethics aspect of this matter. And even though I´m not 100% certain whether or not IGN has made a media ethics breach. I still think that IGN´s video ad of “Quantum Break” is somewhat questionable, as I find it to be rather tasteless in terms of ethics (IGN is a video game news site, and still they do monetizing video ads on Youtube for a video game which they will review later on). Well, at least, in my opinion. And from what I saw that day (March 21st), most of the Twitter users who responded to Mark Brown´s (Editor of Pocket Gamer) tweet about IGN´s “Quantum Break” video ad, thought that the video was nothing more than a “100% advertising” kind of thing.

So, with that said. What do you guys and girls think about all of this? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section down below!

Mark Brown

Mark Brown

This is a personal opinion of the writer, and it doesn’t necessarily represent the other writers (nor The Gaming Ground´s) opinions.

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35 Comments ON " IGN´s questionable Quantum Break Xbox One Youtube ... "
  • Orion Pax

    nice wii u graphics there

  • Edonus

    I took it as just a clever ad. I know the MS hate is real but now people are feeling like ethics breaches have been made with a clear AD.

    • For the record, I don´t hate MS, XBOX nor IGN. And I just gave my thoughts on the matter. I then asked people what they thought about IGN´s video ad. Some people had no problems with it, while others thought otherwise. So I have no beef with anyone in this case.

    • Boomerang Grenade

      It was a clever ad. I guess people just want to find anything to bash M$ with.

  • Hvd

    i dont see anything wrong with this at all.but xbox does have good relations with ign.most of those guys that review and do the pod casts talk to phill directly.he even guest stars on their pod cast so there is some bias there.

    i still dont see anything wrong with this video tho.

  • TrumpUSA

    That’s why we can’t trust reviews and these sites, do you think that after all these ads they will give a low score for Quantum Break even if the game is nothing special?

    • Nifheilm

      yeah, just look at the division, so much ads and coverage for an entire month befiore release, and of course the game got the amazing score of 6.7….

      lets dial the conspiracy talk a bit

      • TrumpUSA

        You SOB.

  • Harold_Finch

    I love the way people are rallying against this saying “now the review is untrustworthy ”

    Reviews are subjective, they’re ALWAYS untrustworthy.

    • reviews are supposed to be Objective for people can make objective decisions on a game they are interested in if they want to buy it or not.

      when you have reviewers being subjective, then reviews are pointless. for example: IF i make a review about how much a “great” game Destiny is that is subjective. (example doesn’t give my feelings on the actual game just an example)

      if i make a review about how the game mechanics, story, design, graphics, etc operate in a game that would be an objective review.

      Game Reviewers need to be more Objective and less subjective when reviewing games. Not advertise games from companies that made the game. not have sexual relations with game developers. etc.

      if they have a relationship with the developer any relationship rather that’s a friendship, sexual, received a free review copy etc they should disclose it somewhere in the review. beginning or end. preferably.

      • Harold_Finch

        That is an oxymoron.

    • WryMouthX

      Agreed. The ORder 1886 got WAY too high scores and the game was one of the worst in history. IMO always seems to be on top of reviews.

  • Jason Mounce

    Wonder if another Gamespot Kane & Lynch controversy is about to happen…

    Money gets thrown at IGN, review score of 7, shit hits the fan 😛

    • Time will tell, one thing is for sure though. If that happens, then it´s going to be the same-old thing all over again.

  • Sandy Wich

    People go to IGN in 2016?

    Holy fuck are people stupid… Not that I didn’t know that already. But still, sometimes a good reminder helps me know i’m still on the right track.

    • Well, people go to Kotaku and Polygon as well. And they have been doing that for years. Good thing that 😉

  • Barry Harden

    Didn’t Micro$oft get away recently from paying Machina for canned reviews?

  • Mahmood

    people who think media should naturally be unbiased are fools or naive. Pursuit of interest and human nature of preference prove that.

  • Kris Crawford

    Its really obvious with IGN that they take money for reviews. Which is what bothers people but then again the site I found this news on is full of clickbait to make money. Pot calling kettle black here lol

    • You mean N4G?

      • Kris Crawford

        Yep N4g

        • Ah, well. I don´t know if N4G has been like that since day one, since I have only used their site for about a year’s time now.

  • Andyo13

    I’m sorry but gaming journalism is hardly a proper journalistic industry. It’s really just marketing that’s presented in a news package. This is coming from me who has worked in both journalism and advertising.
    I keep hearing people say “ign reviews have money written all over them”. Well no (*$# Sherlock. These people have to get paid somehow. Those banner adverts definitely aren’t paying for that team of people. Also it’s just games, it’s just games, not the government that the journalists are reporting. Here’s a sad fact, 99% of the gaming news is copy pasted from press releases sent out by the developers, sony, microsoft, and nintendo.

    • Phil


  • Phil

    So you’re annoyed that an add blatantly displays an ethics breach that deep down everyone knows has been there all along? “Out of sight, out of mind”? You just don’t want IGN to acknowledge themselves that they are getting paid by the publishers too…either that or you’re incredibly naive.

    And if IGN id getting paid to bump up a review score or two, I couldn’t care less, I only use game journalism to gather information about a game to help me make a decision, their rating means squat to me because at the end of the day, they’re not some higher consciousness capable of objectively assessing the value of art, they’re just a bunch of people working together with a bunch of opinions, and this applies to all sources of game journalism, not just IGN. And they need to eat too, so yeah, someones got to pay the bills.

  • rudero

    Ign’s origianl name was… Just saying. If none of you reazlize that Microsoft is either partner with or help start most these sites then you should really educate yourself on what Microsoft is and what their true intentions are. Marketing and advertising.

  • bpd

    Calm down everyone… They do this all the time, but in plenty cases the game in question gets a low review… Example: the division, destiny when it first came out, the order

    • mwalker

      My brother has a review copy of the game. He personally is giving it a 9.2

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