I really do try to avoid politics and non Gaming-related matters as much as possible on our site. However, sometimes it’s almost impossible not to touch base with political matters, and a perfect example of that would be the ongoing economic collapse of Venezuela and the current hunt down of Venezuelan gold farmers in “Runescape” (the old-school version of the game). I for one already knew about the terrible state of Venezuela and the suffering that the Venezuelan socialist/communist regime has caused the Venezuelans (make no mistake, there is a Communist dictatorship in Venezuela. As Nicolás Maduro more or less rules the country with an iron fist), because I have talked to a handful of people that are currently lives in Venezuela. Well, long story short, all of them have told me that they are struggling to afford food, medicine and whatnot

venezuelans turn to playing runescape in-order to survive

Fiserman’s post about Venezuelans and their gold farming in “Runescape” made me think about a real-life version of “Hunger Games”, but in the world of “Runescape” instead…

So when I heard the stories about Venezuelans farming for gold in the old-school version of “Runescape”, I simply couldn’t help myself from thinking about a real-life version of “Hunger Games” (the only difference would be that it’s set in the “Runescape” universe instead). I’m of course aware that it’s against the rules to be a gold farmer in “Runescap” (it’s the same rule for pretty much every other online game there is). However, when you’re trying to survive against all odds, you tend to care very little about rules of that kind.

You see, Venezuelan Bolívar (it’s their currency) is now worth even less than the World of Warcraft currency (digital gold). So it’s no wonder why Venezuelans are now farming for gold in “Runescape” like there is no tomorrow, because they actually earn fifty cents per hour by doing so, and that’s much more money than they would earn from having a “real” job in Venezuela (it’s a matter of the strong US dollar Vs the super weak Venezuelan Bolívar). Nevertheless, something’s gotta give, because it was just a matter of time before other “Runescape” players would start to get rather annoyed by the Venezuelan gold farmers (thus the rather large amount of comments on the Runscape thread over at Reddit).

runescape players are hunting down venezuelans

I honestly wouldn’t have the heart to kill off Venzuelans gold farmers in “Runescape”, because now I know why they farm for gold (it’s a matter of surviving for them).

In other words, from now on it will be much harder for Venezuelans to farm for gold in “Runescape”, because other “Runescape” players are now hunting down Venezuelans gold farmers as it was some kind of a mini-game/sport (as seen in the picture above), and speaking of which. I just spotted a really good Youtube video on the matter by Glink (you can watch the video further down the page). In the matter of fact, here’s the actual description for the video:

“An investigation into the Venezuelan gold farming that goes on in Old School Runescape. Surprisingly, farming Green Dragons in the Wilderness is enough to make a living in wake of economic collapse in Venezuela. “BUT THAT’S NOT REEEEEAL SOCIALISM!” – Glink

So if you prefer to watch (or listen) to a video instead of reading through a lot of text, then you should check that video out for sure. On a personal level though, I just feel sorry for the people of Venezuela. So I’m trying to figure out a good way to help people out over there. As for the part about the Venezuelan gold farmers in “Runescape”. Well, I don’t like gold farmers more than anyone else, but if that’s what it takes to stay alive, then so be it (my point would be that I would do the very same thing myself if I had no other options).

And with that said, what’s your take on this matter? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section down below!



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9 Comments ON " Runescape players are now hunting down Venezuelan ... "
  • Markrod420

    Good. You know without the reaction of the runescapers these venezuelans would destroy the runescape currency market and then they would all be out of a job again. By culling the herd they will ensure some venezuelans can still make a living this way.

    • I forgot to add that part, because there needs to be a balance indeed. Otherwise, it’s going to end up just like you said, and that would leave them even more screwed (it’s better that some people get something out of it, then it is that no one gets anything at all).

    • Rider Mnd

      they wouldn’t destroy the currency market at all, they would just drop geen dragonhide prices untill the method is no longer viable, to then move around to other methods. They’re not spawning gold, they’re just selling goods and moving gold pieces around the market, and then selling the ones they’ve got from other players back to players. runescape’s gp is actually pretty stable, though theres been some massive inflation in both games recently (runescape 3 gold is linked to osrs gp too via the legalization of gold swapping), but the main source for inflation is alchemy methods, which are specially profittable in runescape 3 (since there’s barely any bots, the bot detection is much better), however, current plans of reworking the skills in charge of the main alchemizable goods means that runescape gp might get way stronger soon.

      Jagex has put alot of effort in effectively fixing the economy in runescape 3 in the recent years, and theres actually way better moneymakers that many gold sellers use, but these are effort-related. If venezuelans actually put in the effort into learning the game, they could make over 8 thousand dollars a month, only playing runescape 3 on working hours, by doing a highly technical and overall extremely difficult boss fight called Telos, but each death in the fight means a big portion of your gains get lost, so the time input to both level your character enough (and new backup ones for every time you get banned) and learn the boss fight is pretty big (oh and they’d need a stable internet connection and a good computer which I’m guessing they don’t have). Thing is, these methods are already being used by many dedicated runescape 3 and oldschool runescape (where you don’t make as much, but there’s still some good methods and they don’t require anywhere near the same attention) players, also playing stock market with in game goods and making huge sums of real life money by real world trading it out, and this doesn’t destroy the currency market at all, since there is almost no currency being generated in all the most effective moneymaking methods in both runescape 3 and osrs.

  • jlnod15

    Dear god that country’s history is going to be soo odd when it recorded for later..

  • John27

    If you’re Venezuelan playing Runescape is like being in the Matrix. When you die in the game, you die in real life.

    • That’s what I thought when I heard about this story…

  • andelbam

    Best proof that Socialism sucks. Capitalism all the way.Feel bad that 50 cents an hour is better than their hourly wages.

    • Socialism and Communism = Pure cancer to any nation. Dude, they even eat animals at the zoo and stuff out of the garbage bins in Venezuela…

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