Trey Parker and Matt Stone Vs political correctness and the SJW/PC bro army

As I live in Sweden it took a while before I could watch the “Stunning and Brave” episode (Season 19, EP1) of South Park (it takes quite a while before the US aired episodes get´s available in Sweden). Anyhow, I have watched the whole thing (thanks Aldershot!) last night. So now I´m ready to share my thoughts and opinions on it (especially since the SJW movement went bananas after the launch of the “Stunning and Brave” episode). However, before I do that I just want to point out that I have been a fan of Trey Parker, Matt Stone and South Park for +18 years (yes, I have watched the series since season 1, episode 1, which aired back in 1997). With that said, Trey Park and Matt Stone have fought political correctness with South Park for over 18 years now (with 258 episodes to date). And since the premiere of episode 1 of South park (“Cartman Gets an Anal Probe,” which aired on the 13th of August 1997), Park and Stone have joked about everything from racism, rape, movie stars, politicians, athletes to Pokémon.

So nothing nor anything has been safe from Trey and Matt´s crazy ideas and humor. Here´s the thing though, there are very few people and TV-shows (Family Guy, American Dad, Beavis and Butthead for example) that dare to do what South Park has been doing for 18 years time now. So in a way, Matt and Trey are pretty much alone in their battle against political correctness. And that sure is something that takes a lot of courage, wits and balls of steel for sure. So I salute Trey, Matt and the South Park team for doing what very few even dare to think about (even fewer speak about).

South Park season 19 “Stunning and Brave”, do you hear the sound of the PC bro sirens?

pc bro principal

The PC principal makes everyone´s life really hard in South Park.

With that said, I’m now going to share my thoughts on the famous “Stunning and Brave” episode (I will try to avoid any spoilers). So let´s get the show on the road shall we? For starter, the episode has a lot of focus on Caitlyn Jenner, PC bros (Politically correct bros) and political correctness. And everything starts with the new principal for South Park´s Elementary school (which would be the guy with the sunglasses, as seen in the picture above. His principal Victoria’s successor, since she got fired due to a rape joke), who wants nothing more than a 100% politically-correct South Park (Thus his extreme measures against the citizens of South Park). So you could say that the episode gave you a pretty good idea what the whole world would look like, if the PC bro principal rolled out his rules worldwide.

south park stunning and brave cartman

Apparently, Cartman just needed a “little” beating in-order to become a “good” boy.

Funny enough though, the “Stunning and Brave” episode wasn´t you´re “ordinary” South Park episode. Sure, the episode joked about Jared Fogle (Subway´s former spokesman), Tom Brady (the NFL”Deflategate” suspension scandal) and presented a whole buffet of other crazy pop culture jokes (in true South Park fashion). However, at the very start of the episode, the PC bro principal pointed out all the “sins” and wrongdoings, which have been committed by the South Park town’s folks over the years. Something of which made you reflect about past events in the South Park series. Then you got the part which concerns Cartman´s “transformation,” because Cartman has decided to become a “good” person. So even though all the craziness and madness that went down in EP1 of Season 19, the episode left a lot of room for self-reflection. As “Stunning and Brave” were not a one-sided story (hell, even Randy becomes a PC bro at the very end of the episode).

What awaits us in the coming episodes of Season 19 of South Park? And has South Park become politically correct?

So one might ask him or herself the following, what do Trey and Matt have in stores for us in the future episodes of Season 19? And will South Park become more politically correct now? Well, I highly doubt that Matt and Trey will go soft on us. Honestly, I think they made the “Stunning and Brave” episode, just to get a reaction from both sides (SWJs and none SJW´s). Not only that, political correctness can be a real comedy killer as well. In my opinion, you should be able to joke about pretty much everything you want. I mean, just think about it. What “if” South Park had launched its very first episode this year instead of back in 1997? Let me give you a clue, in the 90s (even in the late 90s) then you could get away with a lot of politically incorrect jokes (some of which could get you into deep trouble today). Nowadays, you have to think before you make a joke (unless you want to ruin your carer), even Donald Trump has pointed out that political correctness has caused a lot of trouble in the world (particular in America).

Nevertheless, it´s not quite clear if the PC Principal will stick around for at least one more episode in Season 19 of South Park (as his still around at the very end of Episode 1). No matter the case though, Trey and Matt created a lot of fuss among the real-life PC Bro´s (and the SJW movement). So I took the liberty to add some of my favorite pictures on the matter. I would also like to point out that #GamerGate got brought into the whole “Stunning and Brave Internet storm,” since sites such as Flavorwire, started to trash talk them (thus all the jokes about Chris Kluwe, Jonathan Mcintosh, Bob Chipman and others).

With that said, feel free to share your own thoughts on them and the “Stunning and Brave” episode. For example, do you think that the SJW movement is destroying everything that´s fun? And should one be allowed to joke about everything there is?

chris kluwe pc bro

Nope, Chris Kluwe (as seen to the far left) was not a part of the episode. However, people made jokes about him being a PC Bro anyhow.

jonathan mcintosh and bob chipman pc bros

Yep, people joked about Jonathan Mcintosh and Bob Chipman as well.

south park vs sjws

It´s quite obvious who won that fight.

peter coffin

Peter Coffin is probably most well-known for kicking his own balls on the US TV-show “Craziest Person in America.” Other than that, he loves to tweet out crazy stuff from time to time…

peter coffin pc bro

Peter Coffin went full PC Bro once he found out about the “Stunning and Brave” episode.

south park pc principal

It seems like the PC principle “might” stay around for a couple of more episodes of South Park.

south park salty review part 1

Flavorwire brought a lot of salt with their review of the “Stunning and Brave” episode.

south park salty review part 2

Why did they even bring that up in the first place?

south park pc bro

Yes, i´m a South Park fan 😉

I´m a die-hard fan of South Park, Trey Parker and Matt Stone. I´m also “somewhat” politically incorrect since birth.


This is a personal opinion of the writer, and it doesn’t necessarily represent the other writers (nor The Gaming Ground´s) opinions.

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Robin “V-Act” Ek
The Gaming Ground
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