***UPDATE 2015-02-04***

I missed a really important comment by TotalBiscuit on the ABC´s #GamerGate video (the comment is two weeks old btw). Because apparently, TotalBiscuit received death threats after his comment on that video (but it seems like he received a lot of threats even before that comment as well).

Or at least that comment set things in motion. Anyhow, this is TotalBiscuit ´s own words on the subject:

“Naturally. I did the same. I condemned harassment on multiple occasions, I was in turn harassed. Some of the worst stuff came after Sarkeesian decided to retweet out of context claims, which resulted in death threats against my family. Either you drink all the koolaid or you are the enemy. That is the mindset of the extremist, whose worst enemies are moderates.” – TotalBiscuit, via the “What it feels like to be a Gamergate target” ABC video.

You know, i´m not a journalist. Because i have no journalist background, nor a journalism education. And i have never worked as a journalist either. However, i have been a blogger since 2009.

And i have written thousands of posts since then. So even i know that each story has AT LEAST 2 sides to it. And that you must remain objective, do a lot of research, interview people from all sides and check ALL the facts., IF, you want to make a 100% professional article (or whatnot).

All of this is common sense and basic guidelines for a journalist (you could also call it “good journalism ethics“).

gamergate on abc news anita sarkeesian

Anita Sarkeesian got some air time on ABC news.

But all of these seems to have gone out the window when it comes to #GamerGate. Because time after time again mainstream media keeps on showing ONE side of the story.

And whenever a new story is aired (or printed) it´s so angled, twisted and turned. That it´s quite obvious which side the mainstream media has chosen to support.

And there´s quite a lot of stuff going on behind the curtains when it comes well known media figures such as Anita Sarkeesian (the nr 1 con-artist of the century?) and Brianna Wu (staged death threat?). But even so, media don´t digg any deeper into it.

In fact, they don´t even bother to mention it at all…So i was not surprised to find out that ABC News “What it feels like to be a Gamergate target” video, was just another “angled” anti GamerGate production.

The funny thing is this though. You can still comment on that video (for the time being). So there´s plenty of good and readworthy comments to be found on that video.

So i took the liberty to pick out some of the best comments (imo) for you guys. Enjoy!

“I”m wondering what they teach in Journalism school these days. “How to Give Airtime to Con Artists and Professional Victims”? “How to do Zero Fact-Checking on a Story”?  – schiftwicke

“ABC News, you really need to do better research than this, Anita’s research is lacking to say the least and there are plenty of people who have debunked her.

All the threats she has received are deplorable but that should go without saying.

In either case, the reason people are upset at her is because she gets a lot of press coverage, despite not being credible in the slightest. You should at least have talked to Christina Hoff Sommers. She’s a former philosophy professor and a feminist.”MurraySwe

“Once again, the ignorant mainstream media fails at covering a two-sided debate.Once again the mainstream media goes for the lazy way and makes another sensationalist piece of journalistic garbage with zero credibility whatsoever.

Once again #gamergate is harassed and demonized by the stupidity and ignorance of the mainstream media who are incredibly simple-minded and plain dumb to put any effort to actually do some research.

There is a reason why #gamergate is still alive. There is a reason why after all this months we are still strong despite all the hate we get from ignorant and intolerant fools who are quick to criticize thousands of people with no justification whatsoever.

There is a reason why we have so many people, from different races, black, white, asian, men, women, hetero, bi, trans. So many people from different creeds supporting and tweeting with the #gamergate hashtag.

We are an inclusive movement, free from hate, friendly to anyone, with honest and strong ideals. We aren’t a hate group, we aren’t ISIS, we aren’t fighting against women in gaming. We are fighting against agendas, against bullshit propaganda, terrible journalism, terrible political ideologies being pushed into gaming.We are fighting against bad journalism, against bias journalism.

We are fighting against you now ABC and we are fighting against you because you are demonstrating everything that is wrong with journalism, not only in gaming but overall. You are doing a terrible job at covering this issue. You are pushing an agenda, you are hiding the truth and that is what #gamergate is fighting against.”CabooseAzul

This is a personal opinion of the writer, and it doesn’t necessarily represent the other writers (nor The Gaming Ground´s)

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Robin “V-Act” Ek
The Gaming Ground

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