“Battlerite Royale” is Stunlock Studio’s take on the battle royale genre, We were able to play a few games during the closed beta and got a pretty good impression of how the game looks so far.

battlerite royale its battle time

“Battlerite Royale” offers some really stunning and beautiful cartoon-like graphics and animations.

The game takes the characters and mechanics of “Battlerite” and gives them a “Battle Royale” spin. You and your character are thrown in an island against 29 opponents, currently, you can pay as a due too.

battlerite royale let there be light

The combat and map design is on point in “Battlerite Royale”.

When the game starts you’re put on a lobby and you’re deprived of all your abilities except LMB and your ultimate.

So you have about a minute to pick an extra ability and a consumable before a flying wolf dragon airdrops you into a big island where everyone will be battling.

As soon as you hit the ground I recommended that you look for loot (which you can find inside orbs and chests), because you’re going to need all the help that you could get in-order to win over your opponents.

battlerite royale death from above

The game’s combat consists of a fun mix of MOBA combat + battle royale gameplay.

Anyways, the loot that you can find are the abilities you’re missing, consumables, equipment and gold. Items have different qualities from common to rare, epic and legendary. You can even find stronger versions of your regular abilities and it will permanently upgrade them.

Equipments give you passive bonuses and consumables are simple things like HP potions up to more elaborate things such as automated turrets that shoot at enemies or fake chests that will explode when your opponents open them.

battlerite royale jade

Battlerite Royale’s champion design is good, and there are many characters to choose from. Furthermore, there are plenty of unlockables to be found in the game as well.

You can spend the gold at different shopkeepers that’s located around the map to buy abilities and consumables but you’ll find the best loot laying around the map or by killing enemies. You see, when a player dies they drop everything they have.

The game’s maps seems pretty big at first sight, but they are small enough so that you can find players quickly if you look for them. Other than that, there are several areas to explore and find loot and random events will happen where special loot will appear in some part of the map.

battlerite royale this is my warcry

You better be a skilled player if you plan to get anywhere at all with “Battlerite Royale”. Because the combat is indeed very much skill-based, then again, I wouldn’t want it to be anything else really.

Around the map, you can find healing circles, jump pads that will help you relocate quickly and bushes where you can hide or prepare to gank someone else.

You have access to mount since the start of the game and you can activate a speed boost as long as you have Carrots that drop around the map.

battlerite royale be quick or be dead

“Battlerite Royale” is with no doubt a really cool and promising MOBA and Battle Royale game. However, the game’s community is a rather small one…

As the game progresses the Death Vortex will begin to envelop the map making the playable area smaller and smaller bringing things to a sudden death where the last few remaining players will have to duke it out.

Those how are familiar with Battlerite’s combat know that it’s very skillshot based. In other words, even if the other guy has better loot than you do, you still have a chance to beat him.

battlerite royale lets rock

I don’t have all that many cons to list for “Battlerite Royale”, but it’s worth pointing out that there is a high skill floor in the game. Furthermore, “Battlerite Royale” is a stand-alone game. So if you can’t wait until “Battlerite Royale” becomes a F2P title on February 19th, then you will have to pay 19,99 Euros for it.

Well, “Battlerite Royale” has been out via Steam Early Access since the 26th of September last year (2018), and so far I have to say that “Battlerite Royale” is a rather promosing and entertaining MOBA/battle royale game.

However, Stunlock Studios got quite a lot of things that they need to sort out in-order to turn “Battlerite Royale” into a big player on the MOBA//battle royale scene (not to mention the fact that they need to grow their community quite a bit…).

battlerite royale here comes the pain

Will “Battlerite royale” be able to grow and keep its community once the game becomes a free-to-play title? Time will tell.

Nevertheless, I’ve had a whole lot of fun with “Battlerite Royale”. So I would most definitely recommend fans of MOBA and battle royale games to give it a try =)

And with that said, be sure to come back to TGG soon for a full review of “Battlerite Royale” once the game comes out of it’s Steam Early Access program.

+ Good champion design
+ Skill based combat
+ Good map design
+ A fun mix of MOBA combat + battle royale gameplay
+ Beautiful cartoon style graphics and animations
+ There are many characters to choose from, and plenty of unlockables

– Stand Alone Game (not part of Battlerite)
– Small community
– High skill floor

Gameplay: 4/5
Graphics: 4/5
Sound and music: 3/5
Controls: 4/5
Replay value: 3/5
Story: 4/5

tgg grade 4 out of 5

Verdict: 4/5
Battlerite Royale is a very fun take on the Battle Royale genre and it’s great to play to play with or without friends. The champions are very well designed and the skill-based combat has a high ceiling.

Unfortunately enough though, this is a stand-alone game that is not part of Battlerite and the price tag it had at launch discouraged some players and separated an already not so big community. While the game is not unforgiving it sometimes can be hard for newbies to get into it.

Title: Battlerite Royale
Developer: Stunlock Studios
Format: PC
Genre: MOBA/Battle Royale
Resolution: User-defined
Release date: 2018-09-26 (Steam Early Access)
Difficulty: Mission defined
Spent time: +3 hours
Average grade internationally: N/A
PEGI age rating: 
Price: 19,99 Euros via Steam

Robin Ek – Editor

The review code was provided by Stunlock Studios.

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