PlayStation VR has had a fair amount of success but in terms of big AAA game releases, they have been few and far between. However, “Farpoint” is Sony’s most-recent AAA exclusive VR entry and comes with its own accessory, the Aim controller! There have been some doubts whether Sony will support PS VR, well, now I’ve finally played this Sci Fi shooter, I’d say things are looking up!

Farpoint” does everything I hoped it would, in entertains, thrills and wows for its six-hour campaign. You play as a spaceship pilot who ends up stranded on an alien world, and you’ll search for survivors while fighting off various nasties that inhabit that world. “Farpoint” starts quite slow (which helps you to get used to the controls and movement), but soon you come across these nasty arachnid buggers that literally jump at your face (similar to the face huggers from Aliens). So there were moments where I screamed or jolted backwards, as it literally feels like you’re about to be attacked! Things also get bigger, there’s a good variety of enemies here and fighting them is a blast!

farpoint aim controller ps4 bundle

You can get the “Farpoint VR” aim controller bundle for about £110 + Shipment via Amazon.

As for the gameplay aspects of “Farpoint “, the gameplay is pretty simple and straight forward. Simply put, you go from A to B while fighting in small to large areas, there’s usually cover which you can push on while laying down suppressing fire. There are five weapons, some with secondary fire modes, whether they are rockets or an energy shield. There is a handful of boss battles; however, there is no “main villain” which could have added to the story. Sadly enough though, there are no collectables to expand on the lore of the planet or what/why things are happening but that aside the core element of the game which is shooting things is bloody fun. It’s very engaging and you really do feel as if you’re in a battle zone when things start going crazy.

farpoint vr survival of the fittest

Some of the game’s areas feel like something straight out of a movie set.

So, what about the visuals and sound design then? Well, both of them are pretty darn great in “Farpoint” (the surroundings look and sound freaking awesome on PlayStation Pro). However, even with the added horsepower this can look blurry or jaggy at a distance, but that aside there are some exceptional moments in this game. Environments are pretty interesting throughout and get more varied as the game goes on, one area reminded me of a scene from “Terminator” with fires and rubble littered around everywhere patrolled by machines. Furthermore, the character design is very good. As there are various enemies from arachnids to robots, and they all got their own unique attacks and sounds. You will also get to know two other survivors who are brilliantly voice and animated. So you truly get to experience their emotions in VR, and this helps deliver a solid narrative throughout the game. Sound design is great too; I really did feel as if I was on an alien planet. As most of the game’s sound effects sound very real and authentic (such as the sound of the winds that passes over rocks, or the distant sounds of explosions).

farpoint vr facehuggers

These little dudes will make you jump, trust me (think facehuggers or headcrabbs but in the world of VR!).

The aim controller provides an ideal way to play a first-person shooter in VR. It’s comfortable to hold and feels natural to use. Furthermore, all the buttons you would find on a Dualshock 4 are here (it probably won’t be long until someone beats Dark Souls with it) aiming is a breeze. So you can even ADS through target sights, or blind fire from behind cover. So even though the controller is a gimmick, it’s a bloody good one. In the matter of fact, it’s so excellent that companies like SEGA would be crazy not to release “House of the Dead” or “Time Crisis” game making use of the PSVR and Aim controller. Play space is important as I played the entire game while stood up, you can play seated, but it just felt more natural and while PS VR isn’t to the standard of the HTC vive. You can still duck and dodge side to side while living out your action fantasies.

I would also like to point out that the fun doesn’t end with the completion “Farpoint” campaign. Why? Because there is a bunch of challenge levels you can play through, and you can also buddy up with a friend and tackle some Co Op levels and this is where things get interesting, covering a friend in VR, watching each other’s backs is exhilarating, this is what I want to see more of in VR games, holding out against an onslaught of enemies is incredibly fun!

farpoint vr co-op

The co-op mode shines as a fun distraction, don’t let the fun distract you from keeping you and your friend alive though!

Farpoint” isn’t without its frustrations though. As I did have a few issues while playing. You see, some parts of the game are pretty darn tough, and I had some deaths that just felt damn right unfair (especially when I was being bombarded by death orbs while being attacked by jumping bugs with little cover). I also had an issue with the aim controller completely lost tracking. So much so that I had to readjust the PlayStation Camera and restart the Aim controller. In terms of motion sickness, I had none and that’s with smooth turning enabled.

Impulse Gear have done a great job with “Farpoint”. As it is a solid VR title. The campaign is fun, and the challenge levels and Co Op are also an added bonus! So this is (in my opinion) a must own title for any PSVR owner. I also hope that more developers will be encouraged to create more games for VR in the future (thanks to the development of the Aim controller). So this really does hit home that VR has potential. That’s also why I would love to see an Aliens VR game based on this concept (just imagine using a Pulse Rifle with the aim controller!).

So all in all (despite the cons that I just pointed out), “Farpoint” is a must play for anyone who owns a PS VR headset.

+ Awesome FPS Experience
+ Aim controller is cool
+ Co Op!

–  Difficulty spikes
–  No main villain
–  Need a fair fixed play space

Gameplay:  5/5
Graphics:  4/5
Sound/music:  4/5
Controls:  4/5
Replay value: 4/5

tgg grade 4.5 out of 5

Verdict: 4.5/5
Impulse gear’s “Farpoint” is the VR game we all have been waiting for. So this might just be the start of something wonderful in the field of VR games.

Title: Farpoint
Impulse gear
Format:  PS VR
First Person Shooter
Resolution: 1080p
Release date: 17/06/17
Difficulty: Hard (You gotta aim bro)
Spent time: 7 Hours
Average grade internationally: 66.76 %
PEGI age rating:  16+
Price: £49.99 for the game, £75 for the game + The Aim controller.

Robin Ek – Editor

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Sharn Daniels
The Gaming Ground
Twitter: @SharnOfTheDEAD

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