Scott Cawthon released “FNaF world” on January 21, 2016 on Steam for $10, and the game was praised by fans a few days later. However, after looking at the reviews (both the good and the bad) and saying that the game was prematurely released. Cawthon pulled “FNaF World” from the service, reimburse everyone who purchased it, and promised to release it for free (we wrote an article on it that week). On February 8th, FNaF World (with Update 1) was released on Game Jolt. I should point out that I have not played the original game before it was pulled from Steam. Nevertheless, looking at some videos (and after playing this version) I have seen some of the changes. So these would be my opinions on update 1: it’s good but the game is as secretive as Five Nights at Freddy’s 3.

fnaf world party creation

Your favorite haunted animatronics are here, with a few extras.

I would say this game plays similar to an RPG but from my experience of being an RPG junkie this game is sort of barebones. You run into shops (literally run into them because there is no interaction key.), unlock characters from the franchise by beating them (which is random.), and go around the figuring out how to get from one point to the point. The world (called “Flipside”.) map is a maze in of itself but there are also Sub-tunnels you need to take to access different areas.

And these Sub-tunnels can go down in different levels like it was inception, but once you get to an area you can hit a button on the ground and get a fast warp button for the zone you got to. Battles (which has no transition, so we can still have jump scares.) use a type of ATB system but you won’t know which member will get a turn until you see their move list. Each character has three moves to choose from, but it’s only in battles that you can read the description. Some of the names like Toxic Bite are self-explanatory but there are some you will need to read up on.

fnaf world battle

It may be a one-time battle if you win, but at least you can finally punch it for the grief from FNaF2.

It is possible to play with your favorite characters regardless of how weak they are compared to the rest of the cast with better versions of the moves. Though your favorite may be one of the strongest characters (my favorite being Funtime Foxy, the cutest OP nuker/healer I got in my first playthrough.). Sadly, favorites will not help you at the endgame but collecting the Chips (game enhancements) and Bytes (support characters) through the game will give you a fighting chance.

Bytes will require a ton of Fazbear Tokens as you buy their later stages. However, you’ll have to find the venders for them. The Chips are scattered around the world and can be easy to find but finding the red ones is where the FNaF3 puzzle solving comes in. You need to find places to glitch out the game (in the FNaF3 mini game sort of sense), in-order to get to most of them with the rest finding objects with no clipping to them. And you can get a bunch of these very early in the game, like the Shield chip, for example. Which I recommend getting as soon as possible. As it helps on hard mode and when you don’t have Endo 02 or Endoplush in your animatronic collection. Nevertheless, be weary because the glitched zones you have to go through have powerful glitched enemies that can easily kill you at low levels.

fnaf world boot up

“I’m going deeper, Leo”.

When you boot up the game, there’s a warning about the flashes and animations. And I can tell you that it was not a joke (I have to emphasis the seizure warning for this title), as It was hard to look at the screen during battles (all the light effects and battle animations took it´s told on me). And I think you can get easily get an episode from this So please take some breaks every now and then when you play FNaF World In other words, don’t marathon through the game like I did (the problem with being an RPG junkie is that you can’t put it down until you finished a quest or twenty). Aside from that I love the character designs. They are extremely cute, and you wouldn’t think of them as killers (unless you saw movies like “Puppet Master”).

It kind of pushes the urge to buy the cute toy merchandise coming out this year. And as much as I love the designs overall the best has to go to the Mangle variants. Just something about her head makes her adorable. The enemies range from strange and pallet swaps to WTF with Eyesore taking the crown (not the FNaF one since that’s Markiplier’s.) Flipside and all its biomes are okay, but it doesn’t fit the FNaF theme as it came off as a sort of fantasy world. Though the story says it takes place in a game world it doesn’t help with immersing into the franchise.

fnaf world boss fight

I did not see this boss fight coming.

Some of the sound effects did come from the FNaF games such as the animatronic scream and the children cheers. However most of the other effects remind me of Five Nights at F***boy’s. The music, done by Leon Riskin, fits the cheery fantasy theme. The most recognizable track is the battle theme since it’s upbeat and catchy. It also helps that the track was used in the trailer for the game. The music does get darker, but it only resembles the FNaF theme when you either going through the Sub-tunnels or the glitches.

+ FNaF World is the cutest RPG I’ve played.
+ Just about all the animatronics are in the game so you can play your favorites.
+ Update 1 has improved some things from the initial release such as the world map and character screen.

– While not as cryptic the FNaF3 Puzzle Solving returns.
– It feels like it’s still missing some things to make it stand out more from the rest of the free RPGs
– Endgame difficulty curve.

Gameplay:  3.5/5
Graphics:  4/5
Sound/Music:  3.5/5
Controls:  3/5
Replay value: 3.5/5

tgg grade 3.5 out of 5

Verdict: 3.5/5
“FNaF World” is a really good game with some decent polishing done from what I’ve seen from screens and videos of the initial release. I can only hope that Update 2 will be released soon with some graphic glitch fixes along with some elements like reading descriptions of moves outside battle. However, in the end “FNaF World” will taunt you for how you do things. Well, at least until you become one with the world of Five Nights at Freddy’s.

Title: FNaF World Update 1
Developer: Scott Games
Format: PC
Genre: RPG
Resolution: Varies
Release date: 2016-02-08 (Re-release with Update 1)
Difficulty:  Normal to Hard (Endgame difficulty curve)
Spent time: 6+ hours
Average grade internationally: N/A on
DGRS age rating: All Ages
Price: Free

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