Game development can be a very fulfilling and rewarding career if a person masters it properly. With the right motivation and some skills, students can learn to develop entertaining and unique games that people will enjoy playing.

Moreover, with the right game development course, students can create educational games that boost the skills and knowledge of those who play them.

Just think about it. There is plenty of research that aims to discover if people can build actual skills by playing games. Just recently, there was a research that shown how playing Fifa can create smarter footballers.

Knowing this, you should definitely sit down and enroll some course to build yourself in this area. Here are some of the best online game development courses for students, both paid and free.

1.Game design and development by Michigan State University

The lessons in this course provide users with practical aspects of the production of games, as well as some theoretical guidelines that focus around the Unity 3D engine.

There are many educational videos that speak of idea development into concepts, prototypes and testing, navigating marketing, licensing, etc.

Once a student finishes the specialization, they can use the certificate to apply for a position as a technical artist, gameplay designer, or game programmer.

The course takes six months to complete.

video game dev laptop

If you want to become a great and skilled game developer, then you’re off to a good start by picking a good game development course.

1. Game development crash course with Corona SDK

Corona SDK lets student create games for both Android and iOS. It’s perfect for beginners and advanced learners since it begins from the basics, introducing over 22 lectures and allowing you to create a game of your choice.

This course isn’t one of the free game development courses, but it’s one of the cheapest in this list. It takes only a minute and 10 dollars to enroll into this course.

2. Best Unity courses and training by Digital Defund

If you wish to build a career in-game development, the programs by Digital Defund are among the most popular.

These game programming courses are self-paced, which is why they are best suited for organized students.

In this course, you’ll find a dozen tutorials and programs for experienced and newbies in-game development. The courses introduce you to the interface, AI path finding, C# scripting, animation, etc.

With the help of this self-paced course, you can learn a lot and become a programmer in no time. However, procrastination can’t exist in a course that’s self-paced. So, if you have too many obligations, make sure to get rid of them and focus on this. Find a company, tell them: ‘write my research papers fast’ – and get to learning.

3. Unreal Engine training bootcamp by Digital Defynd

Digital Defynd has created one more famous suite that helps developers build their game creation skills.

This choice compiles eight courses and tutorials that can be learned both on Mac OS and Windows. You can use them to build your very first video games and cover the C++ foundational topics.

4. C# Programming – Unity Game development certification by Coursera

You don’t need to possess coding experience to start these courses. The first videos are introductory videos and throughout the series, you can gain a great deal of understanding of the C# programming world, event handling, menu creation, etc.

Once you have the final product ready, you can use the course to perform testing and analyze its efficiency.

video game testing

It takes a whole lot of hard work to make a great and fun game, but everyone has to start off somewhere.

6. Complete C# Unity developer 2D course by Udemy

Unity is an excellent tool that will teach you to create gaming products. It’s great for beginners and moves swiftly toward more complex matters.

Since the course is a project-based learning tool, you’ll enjoy plenty of opportunities to practice the techniques and topics introduced in their videos.

7. Unreal Engine C++ developer course by Udemy

This course is your chance to learn everything from scratch. The game development industry has a standard language, C++ that you must master if you want to join the group of very successful game programmers.

In this course, users can explore the main design principles, learn about audio and sound effects, and go through practical lessons that will let them test and try their game development skills. Moreover, the course teaches navigation of the Unreal Engine editor and interface, and includes quizzes that track the progress.

8. Game design courses and classes Online by Digital Defynd

The success of a game depends mostly on story and character development. This is what the course focuses on – elements that will help you run the code, finding balance between various components, and select ideas from a bunch of topics. With this course, you’ll learn how to design a game with Stencyl and build your skills in digital painting, sketching, and character design.

9. An introduction to interactive programming in Python by Coursera

The ninth course in our list is a two-piece course made to help those with little or no background in-game development. The language of choice here is Python, a high-level language used in various computational courses on this same website.

The course introduces the most basic programming elements and functions. After their introduction, it prompts users to create some simple applications and games like, for example, a digital stopwatch or a version of the game ‘Pong’.

a laptop user

A laptop is a really good thing to have, as you could work on your game (s) wherever you are in the whole world.

10. Concepts in Game Development by Open2Study

Finally, Concepts in Game Development introduces the basics of gaming and explores these concepts from the point of interaction.

Basically, this course will teach you how the gamers interact with a game, what defines a game, and how different kinds of games function in terms of rules and mechanics. The course is free of charge and takes a couple of weeks to be completed.

There you have them – the 10 best game development courses that can teach you and prepare you to join the world of game developers. As you probably know already, this is a very rewarding and fulfilling career for those with innovative minds and love for gaming.

The courses in this list are both paid and free, making it possible for everyone to learn how to create games within weeks.

Some are self-paced, while others are time-restricted, which means that you should definitely set your priorities straight and place studying in your schedule if you truly want to learn.

Either way, we hope that you’ve found what you were looking for. Good luck in your pursue for a successful game development career!

Author’s Bio:

Jeremy Raynolds isn’t your ordinary writer. He’s also a programming expert and an experienced game developer, making him perfect for sharing unique insights and helpful tools with those who most need them.

So if you want to reach out or follow Jeremy on social media, make sure to find his Twitter profile.

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