Something wicked this way comes

I have been waiting for this day ever since I finished the Doom 3 expansion pack “Resurrection of Evil” (It was released In October 2005). Because I really felt like I wanted to experience some more Doom. Mainly because I had hopes for a more brutal, dark and hardcore version of Doom. Don´t get me wrong, Doom 3 (and “Resurrection of Evil”) Is not a bad game, not at all (especially not, If you install some awesome mods as well). However, If you grown up with Doom 1, Doom 2 and Final Doom like I have.

Then you would know that there´s quite a big difference (besides looks and graphics) In both gameplay and the nature of the game. I don´t know If It´s just me, but the old-school Doom games are much darker, evil and brutal, and that was something which Doom 3 lacked of, In my opinion. So you could say that Brutal Doom filled out that spot for me back in 2010. So BD kept me occupied for a while, then I heard about ID Softwares plans for a “BFG Edition” of Doom 3 (the game got released In October 2012).

doom 4 revenant

The revenant looks more evil than ever before in the new Doom game.

So naturally I got really excited for the game. Since I thought that ID would do a full remake of “Doom 3.” Well, that was not quite the case no. In fact, “Doom BFG” was nothing less than a giant fiasco. Please allow me to tell you why, because not only was the “BFG Edition” a really poor attempt of a so-called “Re-mastered” edition, It was also a cheap money grabbing move as well. The average score grades speaks for Itself really:
PS3 – 68%
360 – 66%
PC – 51.67%

doom 4 fatality move

Yes, you can do fatality moves In “Doom” (4).

The death and rebirth of Doom and ID Software

Let´s just say that I felt ripped off, and that Doom was “somewhat” dead In my eyes at that moment. However, “thankfully” enough ID Software had been working on Doom 4 since May 2008. That project has been everything but a walk In the park though, as Doom 4 has been scraped several times during It´s development. In fact, Doom 4 was caught In something of an “development hell” situation back In 2013, and as we all know John Carmack left ID Software In November 2013 (even id Software´s CEO Todd Hollenshead left ID the very same year).

So Doom 4 was once again sent back to the drawing board In August 2013. I honestly thought that Doom 4 was done for at that time. So I was quite surprised when I heard about Bethesda´s Doom 4 beta announcement back In February 2014 (you would get access to the Doom 4 beta “if” you pre-ordered “Wolfenstein: The New Order), and that would be the turning point for Doom (4) and ID Software.

Here´s some more of the important turning points for the “Doom” project:

June 10th 2014:
ID shows a teaser trailer of Doom at E3 2014 and via QuakeCon´s homepage, and Doom gets a new and official Doom homepage

July 17, 2014
A longer trailer was shown at QuakeCon 2014

July 19, 2014
Tiago Sousa (head R&D graphics engineer at Crytek) leaves Crytek because of financial difficulties, and join´s ID Software and the idTech 6 engine team

On May 18, 2015,
A very short teaser trailer gets released for Doom. However, the trailer informed us that there will be a longer gameplay video at E3 2015

On June 14, 2015
During Bethesda press conference they showcased a 8 minute long gameplay video for Doom 4. Bethesda also announced that Doom will be released sometime between Q1 and Q2 next year (2016)

doom 4 ingame picture

ID Software´s “Doom” (4) looks awesome thanks to the idTech 6 engine.

Hell awaits 4.0 with a touch of the old and the new

With that said, please allow me to walk you through the 8 minute long gameplay video, the “Welcome to hell” trailer, and the multiplayer trailer. I´ll start with the “Welcome to hell” and gameplay video. For starter, ID´s idTech 6 engine makes Doom look like a graphical masterpiece, and the world of Doom has never been as interactive and alive like It is now. By the looks of It, the new Doom looks like a combination of old-school Doom, the feel of Doom 3 (Hell meets flesh and mechanics) and the ultra violence from Brutal Doom.

Then there´s a lot of new features to be found In Doom (4) too. Like the fact that you can now climb and drag yourself up from edges and such, and everything looks much more alive and authentic as well, and I´m not just talking about the world that surrounds you in Doom. I´m talking about how the weapons look, feel and sound, all the different kinds of ways that you can kill your enemies, and speaking of enemy slaying. There´s even a handful of fatality moves that you can pull off in Doom (I wonder If ID has taken inspiration from Brutal Doom?).

For example. You can break your enemies’ necks, kick their heads In, or smash their faces with your gun (or fists). You can also slow the time down as well (a feature which made me think about Monolith´s F.E.A.R. series), and based on what I´ve seen from Doom (4) so far, the game seems to be much more action oriented than Doom III ever was. It´s hard to say anything about the horror elements of the game at this time though (Doom III was not scary enough, in my opinion), as most of the in-game footage was 100% kick-ass action from beginning to the end.

the doom logo

Hell awaits! I´m not kidding, hell really awaits you In Doom.

I really love the monster and demon designs, because they look very ghoulish and evil (because that’s the way It should be). However, I´m very curious to find out how smart (dumb?) Doom´s enemy A.i Is. As I thought that the enemies were too easy to beat in the gameplay videos. Then again, I don´t know on what difficulty setting ID used when they recorded their videos. For I suppose that ID intended to add different difficulty settings to the final production of Doom? Because anything else would just be pure madness really (It´s not a “real” Doom game without the option to choose your difficulty level).

Nethertheless, I´m very impressed by what I´ve seen from the single player part of Bethesda´s and ID´s Doom so far. So what do I think about the MP part of Doom then? Well, the trailer made me think of a combination of F.E.A.R.´s MP mode and the fast and intense action live games from Quake Live. However, I have to play Doom online myself before I say anything more on the matter, but as a whole, I really love the new Doom.

So I can´t wait to try the game next year (around Spring sometime for Xbox One, PC and PS4)!

Jonathan Aka “Josh” Mcintosh Vs the E3 2015 Doom trailers

And  before I wrap this article up, I just want to call out Jonathan Mcintosh on his bullshit tweet that he made shortly after Bethesda showed their new trailer for Doom, and which tweet would that be? (It´s hard to keep up as Josh loves to tweet out a lot of rubbish 24/7). Well, this one:

jonathan mcintosh rants about doom 4

Jonathan tweeted out this tweet shortly after the Doom E3 trailer was over. However, Jonathan deleted his own tweet after just a couple of minutes.

A lot of people have already told Mcintosh what they thought about his nonsense tweet, but here´s my take on the subject.

1. Josh, If you don´t like the content of Doom, then simply don´t watch any trailers or gameplay videos for the game
2. Don´t buy the game
3. Watch and play the games that YOU like and stay the hell away from other games
4. What´s up with you and video game violence anyhow? It´s just fictional and none real violence




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