Masculinity in popular culture

I really love the fact that it´s no longer enough that the SJWs target just violent video games, no, not anymore, because now their also targeting masculinity as well. Or to be exact, “stereotypical men” in violent video games, movies, sports and music. I´m going to focus on video games though, as that´s the number one target at this time. Funny enough though, I wouldn´t even have found out about this serious society “issue” if it haven´t been for the actor/writer Ashly Burch (Burch is probably most well-know for her role as Tiny Tina from Borderlands),  because she stated the following in the Youtube video “Masculinity in Popular Culture“:

“Violent video games reinforces stereotypical structures of what a man should be” – Ashly Burch, actor and writer

ashly burch

Then we have you voiced several games that contain violence?

Wait a minute, haven´t we heard this song before? You know, when Jack Thompson (an American activist and ex-Florida attorney) went on a crusade against violent video games back in the 90s and early 2000s? (Jack especially targeted Rockstars Grand Theft Auto series), only this time the song comes with a twist. As masculinity is the main problem according to SJWs and Ashly Burch, that´s also why they blame everything on video games, sports, music and movies, since those activities are said to create “stereotypical men” out of little boys. First of all, is Ashly Burch really the right person to preach about this? Since she´s worked with super violent video game titles such as:
Aliens Colonial Marines
Team Fortress 2
Mortal Kombat
Borderlands 2
Saints Row 4

I mean, doesn´t this make Ashly Burch sound kind of hypocritical? As she speaks against violent video games, masculinity and stereotypical men, but at the same time she has worked with some of the most violent games on the market. How does that even add up in the end? Well, it doesn´t, thus all the angry comments on the “Masculinity in Popular Culture” video, comments such as this:

“That’s rich, Ashly… You build your entire career on some of the most violent and brutal franchises ever – Team Fortress, Aliens, Saints Row, Attack on TItan, Borderlands and Mortal fucking Kombat (it doesn’t get more violent than this one)… And now suddenly you have problems with violence? Share with us, the community that made you what you are today… How much did it cost to bend over, drop your pants and take it from behind without the lube so you can please your new masters, the SJW clowns… C’mon, humor us. We deserve at least that after spitting in our faces.”Drakarys

“What about the Doctor Who stereotype? The super nerd that talks his way through stuff? Sherlock Holmes? What about puzzle
games, strategy? Right, right, none of that crap exist. The only thing that exists are action movies and shooters. BTW, how many freaking studies must come out that show that video games leads to nothing violent before you geniuses STOP blaming games for stuff?”Sighphi

“I just want to leave this fine, digestible source here:

As we can plainly see, there is no reason to believe that game “violence” correlates with violence, or for that matter with choosing any particular “traditionally masculine role” or whatever”Sergei S.

“oh look it’s THIS argument again. why don’t you just cut to the chase and give us the link to your patreon and Paypal link so we can “donate” – anon ymous

“Think about this:
Youth violence has gone down by around 50% since 1994 (the last time people were scared that violent media (like Mortal Kombat) while at the same time more people have access to much more violent media like GTA V (which has sold 52 million units). If video games had such a negative impact then all schoolyards would be a battlefield. – ManlyChicken

“Toxic Masculinity” oh boy here we go. More radfem buzzwords pulled out of asses. I hope you go after toxic masculinity in your marines, your bodybuilders and your policemen as well guys, otherwise you are a  bunch of hypocrites. Games are just games morons, they are not propaganda for the “masculine” message just because you say so.”Richard Lang

“You wanna know why people idolize violent heroes in movies? A similar reason people play violent video games, just without the satisfaction of testing your reaction time and getting pavlovian visual feedback for doing so. Violent video games light up the areas of the brain that control aggression in the same way a race or some other kind of healthy, active sport would because it ignites the spirit of competition and competition is aggressive.

As for why violent movies are appealing, it’s not because of any of the unfounded bullshit this video is assuming, it’s because life as a whole is fucking horrible to a lot of people. We idolize these guys because we see it as a visual metaphor for people kicking life’s overwhelming obstacles in the ass and dealing with problems that come your way instead of crumpling into an unproductive ball of unchecked depression; Opting to become someone overcoming impossible odds and getting the thing they want at the end. Random non descript henchmen are not people in the context of a movie or a game, they are obstacles for the main character to defeat. A human being is not lost, just pulled off set or despawned in the context of a movie or game.

Because many of us can’t do it ourselves, we like to at least fantasize about it happening in a visceral fashion. The problem with you fucking people is you don’t look at things beyond the literal interpetation of them. You see a person who’s hurting others, and are acting as if most of us would condone those exact same actions outside of the big screen. The problem is you don’t know the difference between real life and fantasy and you’re projecting your insecurities on the general populace, so you make shitty documentaries about how stress relief endeavors like action movies are actually harmful instead of healthy. For example; A fatality in mortal kombat (Which Ashley Burch was a part of, I might add) is not a scenario where you’re supposed to like the violence, but how you defeated your opponent so hard you go into massive overkill. It’s the ultimate “Ha, I got you, better luck next fight”.

After watching just this preview alone, it’s clear you misunderstand the entire intent of the scenario. We’re not idolizing people who are bad at dealing with their emotions, we’re idolizing people who are fucking amazing at it. The difference is on the big screen we want it to be like a dream, not like real life. That’s not to say that realistic problem solving isn’t entertaining in a drama genre film, but we don’t watch action movies for realism.

So basically you can chalk this entire documentary up to “STOP LIKING WHAT I DON’T LIKE!”WMan37

moral panic

Well, unless there´s any money to be made that is.

Take the money first, jump on the moral panic train later

It´s also worth mentioning that the SJWs has once again targeted white men (straight white men for sure), it´s about to get even worse, however, since they also pointed out what a man should be like, dress like and how we should think and feel. I don´t know about you, but I bet that it would be a wet dream come true for SJWs and radical feminists, if ALL boys (and men) were to be sent away to brainwashing (reprogramming) camps all over the world. I also find it funny that female SJWs and feminists are telling us what a man should be like. So when will the female video version of “Masculinity in Popular Culture” be released? That´s what I would love to know, and will we be able to complain about everything that women love? Better yet, we should just focus on everything that feminists and SJWs love, books, movies, games, TV-series you name it, and whine and complain 24/7 about it.

I wonder how much they would like that? Not so much I bet…

John Galt


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