Fictional violence against demons and monsters is now a bad thing?

When I wrote my “Doom 4 Is set for a Spring release next year” article four days ago (on June 15th), I somewhat knew that there would be a lot of rants about the games violence. As RadicalBytes Jonathan Mcintosh already complained about people being excited and happy for the E3 2015 Doom trailer (as seen in the picture down below). However, I honestly thought that things would settle down after E3. I was wrong, as things became even worse over time. As It seems like the E3 2015 Doom trailers has rebooted the whole “video game violence” debate again, Mainly because of Doom´s realistic and violent nature.

jonathan mcintosh rants about doom 4

Jonathan Mcintosh tweeted out this tweet shortly after the Doom E3 trailer was over

This “controversy” Is nothing new though, as ID Software has walked down this path many times before. For example, Yahoo! Games listed Doom as one of the top 10 controversial games of all time. Even religious organizations criticized the original Doom for It´s violent content and diabolic undertones; Doom also got labeled as a “mass murder simulator” by David Grossman (Killology Research Group founder). However, the most well-known case with Doom and  video game violence to date, would be the Columbine High School massacre tragedy (which took place In America back in 1999).

Why? Because Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold played a lot of Doom before they executed their plan to kill a lot of people at the Columbine High School (they managed to kill 12 people In total before their rampage spree ended), so Doom critics and the media blamed Doom for the Columbine High School massacre. There’s been plenty of cases with video games getting accused of causing real-life violence (Mortal Kombat has ended up several times In court for example), but the Columbine massacre made it even harder for video game developers to create 18+ rated video games.

As developers might end up in a similar situation like Bethesda and ID Software and their new Doom game. Still, there has been a handful of studies that has to prove that there´s no link between violent video games and school shootings, for example, like Cheryl Olson and Lawrence (their Harvard medical school researchers) Kutner research report about the matter.

doom 4 chainsaw

Demons don’t like chainsaws all that much so it seems.

Hell ain´t quite hell without hellish content and evil creatures

Here´s the thing. However, Doom is fiction, just like cartoons, fictional books, movies and TV-series and comics. Doom is also made by (and for) an adult audience, and for those who don’t know it. The world of Doom takes place in hell (or in very “hellish” places), and that means demons, monsters, zombie soldiers, horrors and a lot of violence, since you’re an alone marine who desperately tries to stay alive. I mean, could you even imagine Doom being anything but violent? Given its content and nature? You´re in hell after all, and there´s a lot of evil creatures that´s out to get you.

jonathan mcintosh and anita sarkeesian doom

Mcintosh and Sarkeesian seems to be the male/female twins version of Jack Thompson imo.

Still, I don’t know If It that fact has ever occurred to Anita Sarkeesian and Jonathan Mcintosh. You know, the fact that you´re actually trying to survive in hell and all? So I guess that Anita and Mcintosh hate games such as Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Left 4 Dead and Killing Floor 2 as well? As all of those games contain a lot of violence against monsters (as you try to stay alive while you´re getting attacked by blood-thirsty monsters). You know what? They should start a “Stop all the violence against monsters in video games” campaign together, or something like that. Funny, all of this actually made me think about an old zombie horror movie called “The Dead Next Door.” Because in that movie, there´s a group of people (hippies/SJW´s) that tries to save zombies from getting killed by human zombie apocalypse survivors. Well, I think you get the point that I´m trying to make.

doom goes sjw

This Is probably what Jonathan Mcintosh and Anita Sarkeesian´s Doom would look like, If they had a say In the development of the game…

The social justice warrior version of Doom (hell)

So here´s the one million-dollar question. What would ID Software and Bethesda´s Doom look like if Anita Sarkeesian and Jonathan Mcintosh (and their SJW army) had the creative freedom to do what they wanted with Doom (4)? (the same can be said about Fallout 4). I honestly don´t want to know, but I think I might suspect what the game would end up looking like (probably something like the picture above this text i bet).  As a Doom fan and a Gamer, I laugh at the mere thought of Anita and Mcintosh´s rants, comments and statements about the new Doom game.

Since it´s nothing more than plain mumbojumbo nonsense just like always, and have you noticed how Anita and Mcintosh tend to whine about the same topics most of the time? (just check their twitter feed). At least, I don´t believe that It´s a coincidence, since it happens repeatedly (like In the case with Doom). This Is also why I love to call Anita and Mcintosh out on their bs from time to time.

One might also wonder why Mcintosh and Anita even bother to complain about games which they don´t play and like in the first place? Well, I´m quite sure that they target popular titles such as Doom (4) and Fallout 4, simply because it causes a lot of fuss and angry responses from the fans, and that´s of course something which Anita and Mcintosh will use to make a misogyny rant video, or a series of  rant tweets on Twitter…


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