Today is a very good day if you just happen to be a PC Gamer, and why is that? Well, it’s because we’re giving away ONE copy of Roccat’s awesome Kone EMP Gaming mouse to you boys and girls 😉 (it’s worth 80 USD via

Any ways, this is what you need to do in order to participate in our Roccat Kone EMP giveaway contest (simply follow the instructions via Gleam. And you have to comment on this post in-order to take part of the giveaway):

Roccat Kone EMP PC giveaway – One epic Gaming mouse for one lucky winner

We will then pick ONE winner on the the 2nd of April (the giveaway is global, so anyone can join! However, the shipment cost will be paid by the winner). So, best of luck people! And if you like our content and our giveaways. Then show us some love on Patreon 😉

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Comment like a winner

***And the winner are?***

Luka Miklic


The Kone EMP is the successor to the Kone XTD – the high-powered weapon in your arsenal that’s built on strong foundations. It’s the mouse you can rely on every time and for every game. It takes the basics to perfection, doing everything you’d expect a gaming mouse to do – in an expert way. Engineered using only the highest quality components, its robustness matches its fully-fledged feature set. Boasting leading Owl-Eye optics, vivid illumination, a reduced weight of 116g, superior ergonomics for mid- to large-handed gamers and expanded button functionality, there can be no other. The Kone EMP is truly domination, empowered.

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Robin “V-Act” Ek
The Gaming Ground
Twitter: @TheGamingGround

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47 Comments ON " Roccat Kone EMP PC giveaway – One epic Gamin... "
  • Salvus

    really nice mice 😀 tried it out on IEM Katowice and only was really pleased with it’s shape 😀

  • Lucas Osborne

    Great giveaway

  • Aiwanei

    It is an amazing mouse, blows by current one of our the water.

  • Adnan Popara

    Well, I’ve been using this no-name $2 Chinese mouse for the past 2 years and I desperately need a new one 😀

  • Philipp Ludwig

    This would be a perfect replace for that old 10€ mouse.

  • savaze

    I’m in sore need of a new mouse!

  • Shaun Mohamed

    I need this mouse cause my current mouse double clicks on stuff randomly.

  • Eirikr

    I’ve never used a gaming mouse. I’ve always been okay with the standard wireless mouse I have. Don’t seem to notice latency issues. Maybe I’ll be surprised.

  • Salvatore Dazzo

    I think this giveaway is awesome and I appreciate you guys. Never used a gaming mouse before as well

  • Godzilla2

    well…let’s give it a try 😀

  • Brian Staulcup

    Thanks for the contest!

  • Awesome!! I’m still using a Razer Imperator 2012. This would be a nice upgrade if I win! Thanks!!

  • Deb

    Perhaps with this gizmo I can finally develop decent pc gaming skills. I just don’t have the patience and low quality equipment only makes me madder. =)

    p.s.: Yes, I rage quit. Watcha gonna do about it? Wanna cash me ousside, how bow dah?
    p.s.”: Dat maus is sexy af. I like the almost Thundercats logo.

  • Andreas

    My mouse still has a ball in it. I’d appreciate the upgrade. 😉

    • Deb

      A mouse with a ball? What year is it? XD

    • Haha! xD You have to upload a picture of that one 😛 Christ, I haven’t seen a mouse with a ball since the early 90s (I had one of those as a kid).

  • John Undisclosed

    I loved the Roccat mouse I had, it was for my laptop and small enough to take everywhere but still great in hand! Right now I make do with the cheapest of the steelseries but I honestly think the cable’s been tugged one too many times

  • Luka Miklic

    nice mouse, would look great beside my roccat keyboard

  • mterme

    Now using the (cheap) mouse that came with my Medion desktop PC. Sure could use a better one…

  • Gursimran Singh

    I want this mouse because right now I’m using a Chinese mouse with a fake dpi changer button…

  • Vito Marseglia

    Thanks for the opportunity ^^

  • oznsrbloglu

    thanks for the giveaway

  • Lajos Nagy


  • Adam Foreman

    What an awesome giveaway!! 😀

  • Hutás Tamás

    GL! 🙂

  • rbrighoff

    This thing looks great. I would love to have this on my setup instead of what I have now!

  • hieudn

    why I should win this? first: this mouse looks awesome with those leds. Second, I want a new mouse because the roll button on my mouse is broken.

  • Dimitris Prountzos

    Thanks for the chance!!

  • Brandon Morris

    I should win this because I want to reenact the creepy guy in the video and wear gloves while I unbox it >:)

  • Raul

    I would like to test that mouse 😮

  • Bruno Marcic

    I am playing fos games and this mouse would be great to win

  • Bastian Wagner

    Winning this mouse would be awsome so I will be able to upgrade from my old mouse I got with one of the prebuilts I have bought

  • Loony_Tic

    Would be nice to have a decent mouse!

  • Benjamin Lawrence

    Roccat make some amazing peripherals, I’ve always been happy to suggest them if a customer is seeking an upgrade. Getting one myself would be amazing.

  • Nemezis

    Its like seeing the Venus of Milo of gaming mouses.
    I mean… just look at those curves.

  • Leon Durham

    I should win because I don’t have a gaming mouse and constantly die playing online games 🙁

  • nobody? I think not

    I really need a good mouse

  • oasis789

    I go through mice like potato chips with all the gaming

  • Dugormr

    Would be nice to have a this awesome mouse to replace my old one !

  • kannibalkiwi

    i love ROCCAT stuff, but have no money to buy it!

  • Chronorayven

    I’ve always used a cheap mouse to play games with and they don’t last so maybe this will last longer and make me a better MOBA player … maybe not

  • rockzmycradle

    goodluck guys

  • Fluvance

    My old mouse is on its last legs. And if I’m getting a new one, may as well go BIG or go home, right?

  • Activemessiah

    good luck folks!

  • My mouse now is very old. Oldest in the world 🙂

  • Brandon Sparks

    I should win because I have always wanted one like this.. It would be like a dream come true..Would be perfect with my setup..

  • BobJunior

    My mouse just broke, so getting a new one would be great!

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