I am very pleased to inform you boys and girls that I got a chance to do an interview with Miss Holly Wolf (Model/Actor/Dancer/Gamer/Cosplayer/Playboy mate). Especially since we talked about everything from cosplay, Gaming, Playboy, nudity to censorship in the games industry. So, please enjoy my interview folks 😉 (don´t forget to vote for Holly in Playboy´s Playmate award of the year!).

holly wolf bison street fighter cosplay

Holly Wolf´s super hawt Bison (“Street Fighter”) cosplay.

Robin TGG
Would you do us the honor and present yourself for our readers?

Holly: Hey guys, well I’m Holly Wolf, I like to play videos games, and I guess people think I’m sexy enough to model and such LOL.

holly wolf bison street fighter cosplay hawt

I think it´s safe to say that Bison has never looked any sexier.

Robin TGG
For how long have you cosplayed? And when, where and why did you start to cosplay?

I’ve been cosplaying for a few years now, my parents are huge trekkies and nerds in general, so I would go to cons with them, when I started modeling, soon after I realized I should be combining my love of all things geeky with my modeling work

holly wolf winry rockbell full metal alchemist cosplay

Wolf really nailed her Winry Rockbell (“Full Metal Alchemist”) cosplay :3

Robin TGG
Which of your cosplays do you like the most so far? And why?

That would be my Cloud Strife cosplay, FF7 was the first in the series I was introduced to, and I have a huge crush on Cloud. Also the sword was a challenge for me to make.

holly wolf cloud strife final fantasy 7 cosplay

That´s a really cool Cloud Strife (“Final Fantasy 7”) cosplay.

Robin TGG
Do you make a lot of your cosplay clothes and props yourself? And which of your cosplay creations has taken the longest time to create?

I make a lot of my own props and cosplays, but I also do commission work from others depending on my time and skillsets. My cloud was the hardest for me to make so far, again the sword is just massive!! And my Catwomen, the shoe covers were a headache.

holly wolf winry rockbell full metal alchemist cosplay booty

Behold the holy booty of Miss Wolf!

Robin TGG
I could be wrong now, but I´ve heard that you´re a massive “Zelda” fan? If so, which “Zelda” games do you like the most? And why? Furthermore, are you ready for “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild”? 😉

Yes I am a huge Zelda fan, I have 2 tattoos even of Zelda related things. Majora’s mask and twilight are my favs although OOT has a place in my heart of course just like most. And yes I got to Play BOTW at E3 this year it’s crazy!! I can’t wait!

holly wolf kancolle shimakaze cosplay smile

Wolf is just as cute as Shimakaze (“Kancolle”) :3

Robin TGG
I´m kind of curious to know about your history with Playboy? So perhaps you could fill us in on your relationship with Playboy? Also, what can people do in-order to help you win the “Playmate of the year” award?

well not sure what to say about it, I have no issue with nudity, and think we should celebrate the human body and not sexualize it as much as we do as a culture.  Nudity is far less offensive than violence, but yet it is censored far not. I’ve shot for playboy several times, for covers and playmates of several international versions. And it’s a great family to be involved in. Yes I am currently in the running for PMOY Mexico! I wonder if I’ll win!!

holly wolf playboy beach

Playboy done right.

Robin TGG
Which games do you play the most right now? And which game formats do you prefer?

Right now it’s mostly Overwatch, until of course FF15 and Zelda comes out haha. I am mostly a RGP kind of girl, so not really too big onto FPS.

holly wolf playboy booty

The beach just got booty pimped to the max.

Robin TGG
I´ve been told that you like the “Final Fantasy” series a whole lot, so I guess that you´re pretty excited for “Final Fantasy XV” right?

Haha! yes, it looks like an interesting addition to the series, I’ll see how I like it. I want more females characters though!!!


Holly Wolf really deserves to be the playmate of 2016.

Robin TGG
I would love to hear your thoughts on the ongoing censorship in the games industry? (especially when it comes to sexy female game characters, like the removal of R-Mika´s butt-slap in SFV, for example).

I think it’s all crap. Like I said, sexuality and nudity is normal. Violence is what should be more censored in my opinion. But America is strange and honestly pretty stupid on the subject.

holly wolf samus aran cosplay metroid

Wolf as Samus Aran from the “Metroid” series.

Robin TGG
I have seen a lot Samus Aran cosplays over the years. Even so, I have to say that you and Karli did an excellent job with your Aran cosplay. And that´s also why I would like to ask if you´re a long-time fan of the “Metroid” series? If so, then how did you celebrate the series 30th anniversary?

Well thank you, yeah I let Karli borrow my Samus Aran cosplay so we could do a mini shoot together, before that I shot both of them myself. I love Samus, maybe because I can pull her off so well, and her full suit is just so badass! I am a fan of the series for sure, Kicking alien butt has always been a good time, but sadly I didn’t do much for the 30th besides cosplaying her more lol!

Robin TGG
Out of pure curiosity, is there any cosplays that you would never do? And if that´s the case, then why?

I like to stick to things I like and know, but I can’t say there is nothing I would NEVER cosplay at the moment.

holly wolf fate stay night saber cosplay

Say hello to Wolf´s Saber (“Fate/Stay Night”) cosplay!

Robin TGG
Is there any cosplayers and playmates that you look up to? And what do you like to do the most? Cosplay or playmate photoshoots? Bonus question: Do you ever get nervous when you do nude poses?

I look up to many people, mosly because they help drive me to do more if I feel I am slacking. I couldn’t list them all that’s for sure, but early on would be Yaya Han, I saw her work and was like oh my god this is so epic. And I like shooting cosplay sooo much more. It’s just more fun playing with props and swords haha.

And nope, it’s just a body, so I don’t get nervous.

holly wolf american mcgees alice cosplay

I bet that American McGee would love Wolf´s cosplay of Alice :3

Robin TGG
Do you like e-sports? If so, which games, players and teams do you like?

Not really, I honestly don’t have time to keep up with it all sadly.

holly wolf asuna yuuki sword art online cosplay

Wolf as Asuna Yuuki (“Sword art online”).

Robin TGG
Which games are you looking forward to play? (this year and next year).

We already named them haha, Zelda mostly and FF15, oh and KH3 if it ever comes out.

holly wolf poison ivy cosplay

Sexy and very deadly, that´s Poison Ivy for ya.

Robin TGG
Do you have any fun, embarrassing or creepy stories that you could share with us in terms of cosplay, Gaming and being a playmate? (you only have to tell the fun ones if you want to – Robin).

Honestly just the funny reactions I get when I tell people at cons I work for Playboy, it throws people off a lot it’s pretty funny to see.

holly wolf kancolle shimakaze cosplay

Even though Holly doesn´t workout all that often, she still looks fit to the max (her 90% vegan diet plays a big part in her healthy and fit looks).

Robin TGG
Do you prefer live streams or making Youtube videos the most?

Live streams, maybe cuz there is less work involved haha, youtube takes SOOOOO much time and I really don’t have a lot of that these days.

holly wolf sexy stormtrooper star wars

This is the kind of stormtrooper that I really like.

Robin TGG
Do you spend a lot of time at the gym and the running track? Because you really look like you´re built like an athlete. Bonus question: Do you keep a strict diet?

Nope I barely ever work out. But I am 90% vegan, so I think that helps a lot with my figure.

holly wolf ravager cosplay

Miss Holly as Ravager (DC Comics).

Robin TGG
What´s your plans, hopes and expectations for 2016?


Holly Wolf  social media pages:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HollyTWolf/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/hollytwolf
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hollytwolf/?hl=sv
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheHollyWolf
Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/hollytwolf

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5 Comments ON " Holly Wolf interview – Gaming, cosplay, sexi... "
  • Ryan Barrett

    Holly needs to don the full Samus Suit. THEN she would be a star.

    • I agree with you 😉 And perhaps she should try to star in some fan movie in the near future as well?

  • MusouTensei

    “Violence is what should be more censored in my opinion. But America is strange and honestly pretty stupid on the subject.”

    • Well, you can´t have it all I suppose…And love/nudity/sex is better than hate, war and violence (maybe that´s what she had in mind?).

    • SevTheBear

      The world is a strange place indeed

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