Yes, that’s right, the long wait is finally over! Because It’s now time for our third interview in our art and comics interview series! (don’t miss out on our previous interviews with Team RAGS and Pablo Romero!)

And this time I got to sit down and talk with the Spanish artist Kukuruyo for the first time in over two years (we did one interview with Kukuruyo in 2017, and one back in 2016).

Well, as you might imagine, a lot of things have happened since the last time we talked. So we ended up talking about everything from monster girls, Comicsgate, censorship, cancel culture, video games, woke/PC/SJW culture to Kukuruyo’s plans for the future.

So with that said, please enjoy our interview with Kukuruyo 😉

kukuruyo everything is offensive

Kukuruyo is a Spanish artist that doesn’t care if the SJWs and feminazis get offended by his art, he simply just draws whatever he wants to draw no matter how much people whine about his art being offensive.

Robin TGG
It’s been quite a while since we did an interview with you the last time (we did so back in 2017). So since not everyone might know who you are, please go ahead and introduce yourself to our readers =)

I’m a Spanish cartoonist and illustrator; I mostly work on Monster girls, ecchi and porn, although I also do comics laughing at woke culture and game journalists.

I have done many comics, some of them just random pages or already finished, so if someone would know me it would be for either “Monster girls on tour” or “Triggerhappy” or the older version “Gamergate life”.

Or simply because I spend my twitter time shitposting the hell out of woke culture.

kukuruyo the succubus is a shonen protagonist

The Succubus is a shonen protagonist” is a pretty darn good, funny and lewd monster-girl themed comic I have to say :3

Robin TGG
I think it’s safe to say that we got quite a lot of catching up to do since we did our last interview with you. So what have you been up to as of late in terms of comics and art?

I’m always trying new things so I’ve done a lot of drawing series and comics. Some I only did for a few time, others got popular. The most notable thing is probably my newest comic “The Succubus is a shonen protagonist”, which is a parody of a typical shonen but with a Succubus protagonist who wants to become the next Demon lord using her overpowered skills for sex.

But I’ve also started some drawing series turning Disney girls into monster girls and stuff like that.

kukuruyo vivian james and lillian woods

Vivian James and Lillian woods are still very much a thing even in the current year. I just wish that I couldn’t say the same thing about the Western woke/PC and SJW culture…

Robin TGG
2017 wasn’t exactly yesterday (that’s when we did our last interview). So, is Spain less or more messed up nowadays in terms of SJW/PC/Feminazi madness? (I do remember that you said something about “offensive Halloween costumes” in Spain?)

I don’t remember if I did, but I probably told you something about how everything that happens in the US comes to Spain two years later, but worse because they tune it up and apply it in a completely different context than the US that doesn’t match at all.

And that’s exactly what has happened. All of the things that were hot in 2017 are now the hot things in Spain. The manspreading, the mansplaining, the pink tax, the offensive Halloween costumes, etc.

Some are even attempting to light some kind of “black lives matter”, which is especially ridiculous since the relationship of Spaniards and blacks in Spain is very different from the US, and the number of black people killed by the police is practically 0.

Feminism right now has seized power everywhere. The government is ruled by the socialist party (although we have elections in a week so who knows) and they’ve fully pledged to feminism and making harder feminist laws.

Education is starting to propose models with many messed up stuff, like penalizing boy’s recess so they “learn” about how unjust the country is to women; or teaching feminism from a young age, including teaching boys they’re bad for being men, or erotic games for kids from 0 to 6.

The media is not much better; it seems as if the only shows not going full feminist are old far-right shows.

I could write an essay just on how messed up Spain is right now, to the point that I’ve practically given up on it. I look at the political situation right now and I don’t see a way we could get better.

All parties are awful one way or the other. Almost all of them have pledged allegiance to feminism, even the right-wing ones, and the only one that doesn’t is basically on the opposite side of the spectrum and wouldn’t be any better.

The only country I can think of that is worse than us because of being woke is Sweden, but depending on who wins the elections we could get there.

Lately, we also have the Catalonian “brexit” debacle, which is a mess on its own right. I haven’t paid attention to it since it’s a topic I’m not interested in, but things are getting hot in Spain for sure.

kukuruyo river city girls

WayForward’s “River city girls” is a freaking awesome game, the same could also be said about Kukuruyo’s “River city girls” pictures and comics :3

Robin TGG
I am pretty biased now…But I’ve been a fan of yours for many years now, and I think that your art and comics have improved a lot over the years.

So my question to you would be this, do you feel like you have evolved and improved as an artist as well? And what has the response and feedback been like from your fans throughout this year?

Well, I hope I have!

I spend all days drawing so it’s just normal I get better. Although I rarely have time to try new stuff I would like. Lately, I’ve started to use thicker pencils and it’s working better than I expected.

I always worked with thin pencils cause lineart in manga is as thin as possible, but lately, I’ve seen manga with thicker lines so I tried and it seems like I work a lot better with thicker lines.

Response from the fans has been positive as well, and the readers of my regular comic have been increasing gradually.

kukuruyo goblin babes

If goblin babes were this hot and thick for real, then I wouldn’t become a goblin slayer but a Goblin babe charmer (I should make a lewd video game based on that theme haha! xD).

Robin TGG
Will you be going out on tour before this year is over? Because I do recall that you did Monster Girls on Tour events in the past, and speaking of monsters girls. Other than that, how have things gone for your monster girl comics? (are you getting new fans and so on?)

I have been going to conventions throughout the whole year to sell my stuff, and I’m always very successful on sales. However, I think there aren’t more events this year that I usually go to.

As for new fans, it’s hard to be sure of numbers cause I publish on several sites and social media, and people don’t usually comment much (I guess not everyone wants people to know they read ecchi comics).

However, on the sites I have access to analytics it shows numbers in the thousands of readers so I think I’m growing steady.

kukuruyo manuela fire emblem three house

Kukuruyo has taken quite a few jabs at the RetardEra/PedoEra forum over the years. Even so, it seems like the forum gets more angry about Kukuruyo’s sexy and thick babes than they do about his tweets about them.

Robin TGG
As you might have noticed, the RetardEra/PedoEra forum isn’t just on the warpath when it comes to video games. No, they are also on the warpath when it comes to anime, manga, movies and TV-series as well…

And for some strange reason, it all seems to boil down to female boobs, femininity and the sexiness and beauty of women. Simply put, any female (real as fictional) that looks good and has a nice rack = Disgusting male gaze or disgusting pedo crap by RetardEra/PedoEra standards.

So, what’s your take on that?


It has basically become a way to be a typical old puritan while presenting as progressive. Japan and the west have opposite points of view regarding what’s empowering or demeaning, and it’s us in the west who are wrong, not them.

They see expressions of sexuality as a form of empowerment (because it is), and that’s why in Japan the erotic market is completely dominated by women.

Most of the controversies of recent times with female designs in video games have been characters designed BY women. Anime as well has had some controversies in which the author was a woman, in some cases as doted in breast size as the characters in her comic.

Wokes in the west ignore that, cause they aren’t really saying it for the sake of women; they’re saying it to virtue signal.

They really are sexist people, who want to hide their sexism under a guise of progressivism. That’s what woke culture is for. That’s what we mean when we use terms like “social justice warrior”.

People who go well out of their way to claim absolutely everything is problematic in some way, to virtue signal and hide their own ugly side.

That’s what gave birth to cancel culture. The necessity to accuse someone of something so you’re not accused yourself…

And as the consequences of being accused grow, the need to accuse others grows as well. It’s a circular process. So sites like Resetera are going to grow ever more crazy on the shit they say.

kukuruyo d tunguska

If you’re into hot and thick monster girls, then you’re going to love Kukuruyo’s monster girl art and comics with no doubt (yes, there are lewd pictures and comics based on monster girls as well).

Robin TGG
Since you’re into monster girls, are you excited about the upcoming ecchi monster girl anime “Ishuzoku Reviewers”?
(on a personal level, I’m super surprised that it’s not a hentai xD)

And are there any other lewd monster girl animes, hentais and video games that you truly like?

I’m not really all that excited for it.

This is going to sound weird considering I’m a Monster girls fan and cartoonist, but I think almost every monster girl anime in recent years is complete shit.

They are almost all just copies of Monmusu; boring daily life’s with little to no humor, one-dimensional characters with 0 development, and an absolute focus on ecchi.

And obviously as an ecchi artist, I don’t dislike ecchi, quite the opposite, but if a series is ONLY about ecchi and has nothing else going for it, then sorry but it’s crap.

And I predicted it when Monmusu came out. That anime is horrible, but it became popular enough that I betted it would ruin every monster girl show after it, cause they would all confuse the appealing of the show as coming from the ecchi, instead of the monster girls.

Now “monster girl” has become synonymous of “cheap ecchi without plot”. And it’s a damn fucking shame cause the monster girls genre has so much potential to do all kind of stories but with characters that are weirder and more interesting than usual.

My ideal monster girl anime would be one of adventure, or drama, thriller, sci-fi, etc, with a long term plot, but instead of a typical protagonist we would get something like a salamander warrior, or an “ara ara” one-chan Succubus or a Centaur in full armor, (basically like I do in my comic) and they have their own advantages and problems due to their races.

And if it has ecchi then that’s a bonus, but please DON’T make it all about the ecchi.

There are very few monster girl shows I’ve found even decent. Most obvious that comes to mind is probably the weirdest option: Kemono friends.

It looks like a cheap children’s anime at first sight, but then the mystery of the setting and how well the characters act on their animal instinct lures you in for more. And the recent Hazbin Hotel series looks very promising.

As for games, I don’t remember right now any game in which the protagonists are monster girls and is not also just a cheap almost-hentai ecchi with no plot. If there is one I would like to know.

kukuruyo gamergate 2019

Even though #GamerGate kicked-off back in August of 2014, journalists (especially games and tech journalists) still tend to bring up GG to this very day (GG is used as a Boogeyman kind of thing).

Robin TGG
As I do recall that you’ve made quite a lot of art about Gawker, Kotaku and GamerGate in the past. Well, surely you can’t have missed out on the news about Kotaku and Deadspin right?

From what I understand, Deadspin is ceasing to be Deadspin (Deadspin’s writer Barry Petchesky got fired for not sticking to sports), and it’s somewhat unclear what’s going to happen with Kotaku at this time.

So, do you think that this might be the beginning of the end for sites like Kotaku and Deadspin? Because we all know what happened to Gawker.

Jason Schreier (News editor at Kotaku)
Stevivor (“Kotaku staff respond to G/O Media’s insertion of “atrocious ads””)

I think people are exaggerating a bit much. I’m also in on laughing at Kotaku for the heart stroke they’re having over this, and is a step on the good direction, but looking seriously at it, they’ve simply been told to stop the politics.

The site is still there and won’t go down because of that. They will keep writing and they will inject their politics in more overt ways. And the people who left any of those sites will keep writing in another site.

The problem is deeper and won’t stop until woke culture stops being taken seriously by companies or the government. We need more stuff like Obama telling wokes to chill out.

kukuruyo league of legends a new and thick babe

Believe it or not, Kukuruyo doesn’t get attacked as much as he used to by SJWs. However, sadly enough, there are plenty of other artists out there that get attacked by them instead…

Robin TGG
I bet that you have noticed that more and more artists are getting attacked by SJWs because of their ”controversial” art (most of the time it’s because of female boobs, booty and sexy babes).

Well, have you experienced more attacks now then you did before in the past? And how do you tackle salty SJWs that try to stop you from creating what you want?


Ironically, as the attacks on other artists escalate, mine have kinda stabilized. My fiercest attacks were several years ago when they managed to make me banned from an ad service and (temporarily) from deviantart, and even tried to make Marvel to sue me for a fanart.

But nowadays is more like a constant daily stream of a percentage of hate comments, but not huge spikes of hate like other artists are getting.

So if I had to bet I would say it is because they’ve realized over the years that dogpiling me doesn’t work. Their tactics are designed to make people cave to their whims on a short time.

They pressure you like a pack of wolves in an attempt that you cave, apologize and delete your content, or you get canceled, or both. But if they see you don’t cave no matter how much they try to shame or cancel you, they lose their steam.

I’ve noticed that it happens with a lot of famous figures in the culture war. They got attacked and canceled, but those of them who stood their ground ended up coming on top and becoming popular figures who get continuous hate but on a lower scale, and manage to live cause they get supported by the community.

So my advice to all the artists who get suddenly attacked by the tumblr mob is simply the following: Do not cave in no matter what they do! Because you will have people on your side who will defend you and even support you if you keep going and doing what you love to do.

As for how do I tackle them, it always depends on their manners. I’m a person who treats people in kind of a “tit for tat” way. If someone comes to me rationally and friendly, I respond as such; if they come like assholes (usual case) then I tell them to fuck off.

However, in both cases, my most common response is to just ignore them. I have very strict rules about procrastination.

kukuruyo monster girls in comics

Kukuruyo got a lot of things to be proud of (like all his awesome drawings, for example), but his the proudest of his monster girls comic series.

Robin TGG
What would you say that you’re the proudest of so far with your comics/drawings and why?

Probably creating a Monster girls comic that would end becoming one of the few non “cheap ecchi” Monster girl works out there XD. I’m also proud of not having caved into the woke crowd and keep doing ecchi and porn.

kukuruyo release the gay blizzard goes full woke mode again

Blizzard has been shaken with scandals and drama for many years now. Even so, I still think it’s safe to say that their decision to ban Chung ‘Blitzchung’ Ng Wai from playing “Hearthstone” in tournaments (plus Blizzards extremely weak excuse of why they did so at the Blizzcon 2019 event) tops pretty much everything that Blizzard has done so far when it comes to scandals and drama.

Robin TGG
I don’t know if you are or used to be a fan of Blizzard and their games, but I grew up with their games from the 90s to the early 2000s.

Well…I think it’s safe to say that Blizzard isn’t the Blizzard that I used to love…And as of lately, it’s very hard for me to love them and show them any support at all (I’m not even sure if I’m going to get “Diablo 4” at this point).

I’m of course talking about the fact that Blizzard banned the “Heartstone” pro player Ng “Blitzchung” Wai Chung from the game and any of Blizzard’s esport tournaments.

Well, as you might already know, things didn’t end there…Because at Blizzcon 2019 Blizzard made the worst excuse about the whole thing that I have ever heard in my life.

So what’s your thoughts on that, Blizzard in general and the whole thing big none Chinese companies punishing people for supporting the people of Hong Kong who fight for their freedom?

Rod Breslau via Twitter (archive:
The Verge
Reddit Part 1
Reddit part II

The worse thing for me about this situation is that this should be a topic in which both sides of the culture war would agree on and fight together, and yet I see a lot of wokes; I almost would consider it the default woke position; actually siding with the Chinese government.

I don’t know what percentage of them do it because they legit love authoritarian regimes if it fits with their ideology, and what percentage do it simply because they don’t want to agree with the non-woke crowd, but in any case it’s worrisome that the divide is so great we cannot agree even on this one thing.

The Blizzard “apology” at Blizzcon 2019 was ridiculously fake cause just a little later they refused to unban the casters who were banned, so It painfully obvious to everyone that they simply gave lip service and kept doing the same.

kukuruyo violent video games

Violent video games have been blamed for pretty much everything there is since the dawn of gaming (video games has always been a very thankful scapegoat for media and politicians, “Doom”, “GTA” and “Mortal Kombat” are just some of many games that has been accused of real-life violence, school shootings and much more).

Robin TGG
As you have been creating comics for quite some time now, I simply have to ask about your opinion on comicsgate and what’s it been like for you to be an indie comics artists/creator in today’s comics industry?

Video games and violence – A discussion with Dr. Patrick M. Markey

I haven’t been paying attention to what has been happening in comicsgate so I can’t really speak about it. I may be wrong because of that, but early on it seemed to me it wasn’t a movement like Gamergate.

GG was a leaderless movement of people simply banding together under a similar objective. There were popular figures but no one was a representative of the movement, or a leader, or so important that the movement would cease to be without them.

Comicsgate seems to me to be a movement circling around a small number of indie artists, who seem to be the “leaders”. It kinda reminds me more to “black lives matter” than “gamergate”. As such I think it’s a movement that depends a lot on what those indie artists do or say.

So I agree with the core tenet that the western comics industry is rotten with bad writing, hateful woke artists and bad practices, but I haven’t followed those “leaders” enough to know what they’re saying.

kukuruyo where are her organs

Nowadays, it’s pretty common that SJWs rant and whine about “where are her organs!” whenever they see a female video game, anime or comic character that’s sexy and thick (they sure seem to hate big boobs and booty a whole lot…).

Robin TGG
It’s now 2019 and soon it’s 2020. So why do you think that so many people and big-name companies in the comic, video game and movie industry are so afraid of the female form nowadays?
Personally, I think that the female form should be praised and loved not shamed.

Source: (TGG) (TGG)

Well, basically what I mentioned earlier about puritanism and virtue signal. The west has a very erroneous, archaic and puritanic concept of sexuality.

It seems as if the more woke one tries to be, the more stereotypically conservative they become. Industries are led to believe that boob hating is the majority voice when they’re only the most vocal voice.

Sales of games that use sexy protagonists vs games with woke characters are proving left and right that sexy sells. The problem is when companies will realize this.

kukuruyo woke tweets

Western woke culture/SJW:ism is with no doubt THE worst thing to hit the West since modern hipsterism.

Robin TGG
What’s your take on censorship, cancel culture and today’s SJW madness in general? And how do you think that we could fight against it in the best possible way?

We are reaching peak levels of madness, but at the same time there’s also a pushback and more importantly, sales are starting to show who was right. Wokeness leads to brokenness, and sexy leads to money.

So if we want companies to realize this, we have to vote with our wallets. That means buying products that say “fuck you”, and not consuming woke products.

And this is very important to drill in our heads cause I see A LOT of people who hate on wokes and SJWs but then go to watch the woke movies first thing on the morning on release day. And then a second time; so they can hate it better in their video review.

Any person who does that is directly to blame for the release of a continuation or the next woke movie. Any person who shits on a big company for what they do but then buys the Fallout 76 or the Mass effect Andromeda or Battlefield 5, while they complain all the way, is to blame.

In other words, if you have the NEED to consume their product for one reason or the other there are ways to do it without giving them money.

So if there’s a game I definitely want to play but don’t like what they have done, I buy it second hand from an individual on ebay, so no money goes to the company. And if you NEED to watch that movie as soon as possible, rest assured piratebay has your back.

On the opposite side, don’t make demands about a product if you aren’t ready to back that up with money afterwards. Support companies that go against the woke trend.

Especially support the small people who have decided to stand strong because you voiced your support; the professors who have spoken against their peers, the artists who are unapologetic about drawing “offensive” stuff, the comedians, etc, if they haven’t caved, they’re probably in dire need of money cause they’re gonna be banned from everywhere.

kukuruyo a girl in uniform

Kukuruyo got a lot of plans and goals for the future. So I wish him the best of luck with everything, and let’s hope that Spain won’t become as retarded as Sweden is in the current year…

Robin TGG
We have now reached the very end of this interview. So here’s my last question to you. What are your plans, hopes and expectations for the rest of the year? And is there anything else that you would like to say to our readers?

Right now I feel confident people are gonna like my Succubus comic. The first pages have been very well received.

I haven’t thought yet of a way to monetize it, since I can’t have ads in my site and I already do monster girls porn in my Patreon.

So it’ll be hard to find something else specifically about the Succubus comic, but I hope more people will simply support my Patreon for the lewds.

As for your readers, I would like to say that people should express their opinions more often. You see, whenever I do social media polls I get hundreds of votes, but they rarely comment specifics about what they like, what they would change, etc, and that’s always useful info to improve my stuff.

tgg author avatar robin ek
Robin “V-Act” Ek
Editor in chief
The Gaming Ground
Twitter: @TheGamingGround

More by Robin Ek:

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