I don’t know if you guys and girls still remember it, but back in May last year I did an interview with Kukuruyo (Kukuruyo is a Hugo nominated Illustrator and Cartoonist) where we talked about everything from #GamerGate, lewd art to censorship in games. Well, since our readers enjoyed that interview quite a bit, and because tons of things have happened since the last time I talked to Kukuruyo. I decided to do a new interview with Kukuruyo. So without any further ado, please enjoy my interview with Kukuruyo.

Robin TGG
It’s been almost one year since I did my previous interview with you, and during that time a lot of things have happened. So I’m going to go through some current and recent events with you. Nevertheless, we’re going to kick-off this interview by letting you introduce yourself to our readers. So, go head 😉


I’m and illustrator and cartoonist from Spain. I work primary on comics about Monster girls and pornography, though I also usually speak my mind on politics and ideologies using comic strips, where I laugh at social justice warriors and game journalists. If anyone wants to check my stuff I have a website http://kukuruyo.com

kukuruyo spain

Spain and the Spanish games industry have seen better days for sure…

Robin TGG
I’m going to start by asking you about the current state in the Spanish games industry? Because I’ve heard some rather crazy stories about Spain as of lately.



I really don’t know much about Spanish games, I tend to not consume Spanish entertainment of any form because it’s usually of bad quality, at least to me, so I don’t really know what games are created here. I know we did the “Commandos” series time ago, but now all I see is games like “Toro”, a ps4 game about bullfighting that animal activists tried to censor, and stuff like that.

If we are talking about gaming journalism, then it’s as bad, or worse, than in the US. Most gaming sites here just translate articles from Kotaku and Polygon and act as if they were experts. They follow the same line of feeling superior because they support indie titles while talk shit about the AAA games, they’re full of feminist ideology, and of course they hate Gamergate. There are a few exceptions, a few sites that actually talk about video games and criticize people like Sarkeesian, but overall all that gaming sites here do is clickbait articles, like doing “the 10 best/worse” list and deliberately adding stupid choices so people get angry, and “look at how sexist this is”, etc.

There are also commonly controversies about corruption in gaming stores. Like, stores who keep special editions for themselves to then sell them for a higher price on ebay, or company branches that do contests or ruffles and then give the rewards to their friends. I guess that happens everywhere, but Spain has always been very prone to that kind of stuff.

kukuruyo vs sjws

This right here is what’s going down in Sweden at the moment.

Robin TGG
I’m curious to know how exactly Spain ended up in an even worse situation than Sweden? (aka “the nr 1 SJW/Cuck/feminazi “country in the world) Because didn’t the Spanish government try to ban memes just recently?


Analyzing all of the reasons would be very complicated, we have a long and convoluted story, you know, being occupied by the Muslims for hundreds of years, having a fascist dictator (Franco) until just 1975, etc. You know all that psychologists usually talk about millenials? How the problem with their generation is that they were coddled so much, always being given everything they want, participation trophies, etc? Well, in Spain that’s multiplied, because after Franco died, we had a time called “destape” (uncover), where people tried to actively do everything that was forbidden or censored under Franco’s dictatorship, and tried to do things in the opposite way as they had been done so far, as a reaction. That means that, for example, parents tried to give their children everything they couldn’t have because of Franco, and coddled them in extreme.

The educational system had a 180; with Franco, teachers usually where very strict and even spank the children to give them discipline, but after Franco this was rejected so much that today we have the opposite: teachers don’t dare to even raise the voice to a student, much less to punish him (not hitting, just punishing with task or temporary expulsion), because then they would have angry parents asking for their head, or even the students themselves threaten to sue them if they punish them, and in many schools they harass and hit the teachers, cause they can’t do anything in response. It’s long to explain but there’s a lot of stuff like that.

We also were introduced to feminism in an interesting way. You see, in Spain, feminism was introduced actually by Dictator Franco, as a way to break the family relations in towns, where families had strong ties and values and represented a problem for him. So he sent nuns into towns, which had previously learned feminism, to spread this ideology everywhere and weaken families. As we can see today, it worked pretty well; aside of our feminist laws; Spain has a 60% divorce rate, and a very low fertility rate, with more deaths than births, so we are not exactly happy families.

Our politics are also complicated to explain, and those articles headlines where a little exaggerated, but yes, our government tried to pass a law that included the possibility of suing people for doing memes. Remember we are talking about the country that already has what we call “the gag law”, an anti-free speech law that states, among other stuff, that you can’t record or take photos of the police, especially if they’re hitting or arresting someone; you can’t protest peacefully (it will be considered resistance to authority even if you do nothing), and people is already going to jail for just jokes in twitter.

Things could be worse though, this last election there was a close chance that a complete SJW party won the elections. It’s also long to explain but just so you have an idea, their party leader is the owner of a channel with a radical feminist show, of the kind that they openly hate men, and one of their most important members is a woman who said that heterosexuality is wrong, and all women should be lesbians.

the sjw waifu fear

I bet that there is a whole lot truth to this picture…

Robin TGG
I’m not quite sure how old you are, but do you remember when the SJW madness took off in Spain? And how, when, where and why did the Spanish games industry turn out the way it did?

I think I kind of went off the rails and explained that in another answer, heheh. Spain has a characteristic that many people here don’t realize, and is one of the reasons I pay so much attention to what happens in the US: everything that happens in the US, comes to Spain two years later. And if it’s related to feminism/SJW, it comes multiplied.

Just to put an example, when Gamergate started two years ago, no one in Spain knew/gave a shit. Now, two years later, gamers here are talking so much about game censorship, bad journalism, sarkeesian, etc, that I think we could create our own Gamergate. The same goes for all the crazy SJW stuff; stupid things that feminists do in the US, they appear here two years later and become absolute mainstream.

Feminist here are now continuously using words like mansplaining and manspreading with no hint of irony at all, and the “gender pronoun” stuff is magnified here, because our language is very much gendered, most of our words can be said on female or male versions, but the masculine is also used as plural, and they claim this to be sexist, so they invent new stupid words or they introduce X to the words (like for example, “everyone” in Spanish can be said “todas” for women, and “todos” for male or plural, so what they do is they say “todxs”, which is impossible to pronounce, but if you don’t do it you’re a sexist. It’s impossible to talk with a SJW in Spain without them using a buzzword every line of text. I don’t think they even know what the words mean; they just say them because they’ve learned them in tumblr.

hispanic gamergate by kukuruyo

Because hispanics like GG too.

Robin TGG
What does the Spanish Gaming community think about the SJW cancer that’s been injected into their hobby? Furthermore, what does the Spanish Gamers think about #GamerGate?

Interestingly, even if the gaming media is on full SJW watch, I think gamers in Spain are predominantly anti SJW and supportive of Gamergate ideas, even if they normally don’t even know those two terms. As I said earlier, concepts like SJW or Gamergate are just starting to become popular here, years later than it did in the US. There are now continuous battles in forums and sites between the feminists and those who complain about their censorship and radicalism, though we sometimes use different terms for them, like “flanders” (a way to say SJW referencing the Simpsons) or “hembristas” (a Spanish word to define female sexism), and most of the time the gamers side win on the forums, while gaming sites fill themselves with articles claiming the opposite. We have our own Gamergate facebook group for Spanish-speaking people, and most often than not, people don’t know much about the topic but have a positive reaction. But then you have the hardcore SJW groups, like the webcomic community, who actively try to censor anything related to it (like they censored a debate we were organizing in a convention). We are as much polarized in this as you are with the Trump/Hillary theme.

kukuruyo vs gdc 2017

This picture describes very well what I (and many others) felt about GDC 2017 in general.

Robin TGG
If I’m not wrong now, you made a satire picture based on the SJW events that went down at GDC 2017 right? Well, what’s your overall thoughts on the social activism and anti-Trump cringe fest that took place at GDC 17?

GDC 2017 made me feel like game development isn’t even about games anymore

Well, as it usually happens with political comics, I was using hyperbole to make a point. As far as I know, most of the GDC was a normal gaming event, but it had several SJW panels and ideas. I don’t know if they did it to show all kind of ideas (we would have to see if they had anti-censorship or anti-sjw panels) or if they’re full SJWs who just couldn’t find more propaganda to inject into the event, since I cannot attend it. But then again, even if I went I would have probably avoided those panels. We have sometimes that kind of panels here at conventions, about “women in gaming” with the usual Sarkeesian stuff; I simply don’t go to them. Instead I do my own panels speaking about censorship in gaming, and most people agree with what I say in them.

Of course I think that the ideas shown in those GDC panels are completely retarded.

Robin TGG
Not so long ago I wrote an OP about games journalists that loves to shoe horn in SJW nonsense, social activism and fascism bs into their articles, reviews and whatnot. So I would love to hear your take on the matter? Furthermore, is the Spanish Gaming press worse or better than it is in the rest of the world?

Dear “games journalists”, keep your social activism and fascism bs out of our games!

As I said, journalism in Spain is the same shit as the US. They introduce their ideology in their articles and then they play the victim card when called out. Not so long ago a women gaming site, “todas gamers” complained about people reactions to them. This site reviews the games through a Sarkeesian lens, always finding problems with sexism, etc, supports people like Sarkeesian and writes articles that are more about ideology than games, then complain that people call them out. Well, of course they do, they want to know about the game, not how progressive it is because it has a gay in it and how much you think gamers are homophobes.

It’s obvious that a writer will never be able to be fully objective when doing a review. Personal bias on gaming preference will arise; if I was a writer I would show a clear bias towards Jrpgs and story driven games, or female characters, cause that’s what I like. But it’s one thing to be unable to avoid some preferential comments now and then, or giving a slightly better/worse score cause of personal bias; and another thing to completely disregard objectivity and journalism and go for a full ideology based article where you take 2 points out of 10 of the most acclaimed game of the season because the protagonist is sexy, independently of how good the game is.

Or when you spend an entire review talking about how much feminist and progressive a game is cause it has a matriarchy and all the males are idiots, when gamers are expecting you to tell them if it plays good and they should pre-order. You have a job, do it. Just yesterday I saw an article going around, of a guy giving Nier automata (an amazing game) a 5/10 because he didn’t understand the story… after playing only half the game… If you can’t even bother to complete a game to do a review how can you expect anyone to have any kind of respect for gaming journalism? It would be like me giving you only half a drawing because I’m too lazy to finish it, and expecting to still have people hiring me.

gamergate life 83 kukuruyo twitter censorship

The hypocrisy levels are sky high over at the Twitter HQ.

Robin TGG
It’s no secret to anyone that Twitter is anything but a freedom of speech friendly platform, since people get shadow banned (or perma banned) to the left and right. However, it feels like Twitter has gone full in this year. As it seems like Twitter even filters and controls politically incorrect tweets and trends. So my question to you would be this, do you think that Twitter will be around for long? And do you use minds.com?

Kukuruyo Vs Twitter
Twitter censorship
Twitter is commiting- a business suicide
The battle over online free speech

I have Minds, but I don’t understand it, and I forget to use it. I also have very few followers there and I don’t know how to get more, so that kinda makes me to not remind I have it.

I have suffered Twitter censorship myself, when they banned me for some days for “pornography”. It ended up being that they didn’t like my twitter header. It had a sexy monster girl saying “guys, stop everything, someone is offended”, and indeed they got offended and banned me for pornography (the character had her top naked, but she was showing her back to the camera, so you couldn’t really see anything). I changed it to the same drawing but covered with a burka, and they seem to like it, figures.

I don’t think they’ll be over soon anyways, it’s true they’re losing money and people, but they still have an insane number of people there, and most of them probably don’t care about this stuff. There’s also no alternative similar to them. Facebook and Minds use a different system, I don’t know of any other social media that works using hashtags and gives so much potential to become viral, and for artists like myself that’s golden.

kukuruyo monster girl tour

If you’re into sexy monster girls, then Kukuruyo’s monster girl tour is for you (or any of his lewd monster girl pictures of that matter) .

Robin TGG
How have things gone with your Monster girl tour? Because I remember that we talked about it briefly last year.

Better than I expected. I created MGoT as just a small spin-off of my other comic Guild adventure, but it got much more popular than the original, so now is my main comic, and people seem to like it. I even manage to sell t-shirts now and then, and there’s a physical version coming this year. Now it would be fun if SJWs started reading it, they would maybe realize how diverse it is, without having the need to inject “in your face” social justice.

Robin TGG
How did you come up with the idea to strip down Samus Aran (Metroid) in front of a rather shocked tails? (Sonic) And was there something that I didn’t get with the “Go ahead, just get it out of your system” comment? (was it a joke of some kind?).

That is a commissioned work. I just do the “plot” I’m paid to do, I have no idea where he gets those ideas.

Robin TGG
What’s your take on the ugly animations and female characters in Mass Effect: Andromeda? (the game also seemsto suffer from quite a lot of bugs…).

Why does “Mass effect: Andromedas” female characters look so ugly?

I guess that people are probably nitpicking the worse animations and bugs they can find out there, but still the designs of the female characters are really ugly. It would be understandable to have some ugly character, like, to have a diversity of appearances, but, those characters are modeled from real actors, and if you look at the male ones, they’re very similar to the original, while the female ones are completely different. I can’t think that a studio that big would be so selectively incompetent so I have to guess this may be their sjw ideology into play, which means that males can be sexy but females cannot.

I don’t even know why there’s hype about that game. Even if we take out of the equation the sjw agenda of bioware this recent years, and who the writers for Andromeda are; which many of the players will probably not be aware of; the huge disappointment that was Mass effect 3, showing how much they lied when they claimed you would have tons of endings depending on what you did through the story, only to find a 3 colors choice, and the aggressive response from the developers to the backlash, should be enough for people to stop buying that saga. Yet I see people as hyped as if there was a new Zelda or Kingdom hearts 3. I guess we never learn. That’s why we keep pre-ordering games.

Robin TGG
Do you think that Taro Yoko (the creator of Nier: Automata) sent a clear message to the SJW movement in the West with his response to the 2B butt controversy? And do you think that Western game developers will start to stand up against political correctness and SJW nonsense due to what Yoko said?

Nier Automata is a very lewd game indeed
Taro Yoko addresses the 2b butt controversy like a boss

I don’t know if Taro was sending a message, if he cares at all/knows about SJWs, or if he was just being honest, but that’s the same thing I would have said. I have a huge female cast in my comics because I simply love women.

Game developers in the west will react to what gives revenue. Right now they’re probably being led to believe that social justice and political correctness will give them more money, because the sjw types are very loud and influential, but if people show them with their wallets what they care about, they’ll just ignore that shit. I think there’s a reason why the sjw community in gaming is mostly relegated to indie titles, and unsuccessful ones, that’s what happens when you care more about injecting your ideology than the economic success of the title. The problem is that people keep buying games with a so obvious sjw agenda, like Andromeda will probably be, so developers may as well end up thinking that social justice is indeed the way to make money, even if gamers actually dislike that…

are you beach body ready by kukuruyoart

Kukuruyo has created tons of lewd pictures over the years :3

Robin TGG
You have created quite a lot of lewd content over the years, but do you have any personal favorites among the pictures that you have created so far? And do you prefer to create lewd pictures based on game, anime, comic or movie characters? And what do you intend to draw next? (do you take requests?).

There’s a particular drawing I like, if only for the comedic value added to the sexiness, where my characters K’sara and Europa are in the shower. I don’t know if that can go into the article since it’s nude, but I’ll add the link.


I prefer to create lewds of my own characters, but since obviously they’re only known by the niche group that follows me, I also do fanart lewd, mostly of anime and video game women I like. My next drawing will probably be of 2B since I just completed Nier automata (though I already did one), and on a longer run, I’ll begin the 4th special adventure of Monster girls on tour to sell in my store. And I don’t take requests, though sometimes people give me ideas that I like.

Robin TGG
I don’t know about you, but it feels like 2017 have become a turning point when it comes to censorship and SJW nonsense in games. Well, at least that’s the vibes that I get from everyone whom I’ve been talking to for the last couple of months (Gamers, game developers and publishers).

Yeah, it looks like people are starting to push back. Not that the censorship and sjw cringe has decreased; more like the opposite, but that may probably be the reason why people is fed up. It may be also because what I said earlier, about countries like Spain coming years later to the party. Two years ago maybe there where only US people pushing back, now it’s the entire western world, and it’s probably related with Donald trump; not because of people agreeing with his politics; as a leftist there’s many things on the conservative side I don’t agree with; but because many see him as a symbol against political correctness, and his victory is kind of a sign that there’s still hope, that we can push back.

At least that was what it came to my mind when he won, I was convinced he would never win, that they wouldn’t let him win, and that the public would have drink the narrative of the media, but then he won, and I was like “is there still hope that people will not just drink every single shit the media and the sjw say?”. I think many people must have seen it in the same way and have started to be more vocal about what they think. Now we should take care that this doesn’t become the same shit just in opposite different direction, like, don’ start censoring stuff because it has sjw content, or jokes about religion and stuff.

kukuruyo nier automata

We can expect to see even more comics and lewd pictures from Kukuruyo during this year. Other than that, both males and females love “Nier: Automata” 😉

Robin TGG
What’s your plans, hopes and expectations for 2017? And is there something that you would like to tell our readers before we wrap this interview up?

My hope is to be able to live fully of my comics, so I can dedicate all of my time to them and to do lewd stuff. Right now I’m able to dedicate myself entirely to drawing because my patreon has increased a lot and I have many clients, but still most of my income comes from commissions, so most of my time is dedicated to draw what other people ask me to do. My objective would be to have enough revenue from patreon, ads, store sells, etc that I would only need to do a few commissions and then just draw porn and monster girls all day for my followers and patreon supporters. So, if I have something to say, it would be to shill without shame my patreon, for people who want to see monster girls, lewd stuff and also anti-sjw comics and stuff.

Kukuruyo on Patreon
Kukuruyo’s homepage
Kukuruyo on Twitter

I’m a fan of Kukuruyo and his art.

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