As most of you probably already know by now, the GDC 2017 event ended less than one week ago (GDC 17 went on between the 27th of February and the 3rd of March). Well, since I’ve been reading quite a lot of tweets, posts and comments from Gamers and game developers who went to GDC 17. Long story short, I just thought that I could share my thoughts on the more “bizarre” aspects of GDC 2017 (I did not attend the event in person, but I have talked to people who paid GDC 17 a visit). You see, GDC 17 contained quite a few social activism, feminist and SJW sections, such as the “Making Games Under Fascism” section (which obviously is an anti-Trump statement).

kukuruyo vs gdc 2017

This picture describes very well what I (and many others) felt about GDC 2017 in general.

a political message gdc 2017

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

That’s just the half of it though. As I’ve been told that GDC invited Dina Abou Karam to speak for five minutes during GDC 2017, and right now I bet that quite a few of you are asking yourself “Who the hell is Dina Abou Karam?“. Well,  if you have no idea (whatsoever) who Dina is. Then I would recommend you to check out Internet Aristocrat´s old “Mighty No 9” video. As it informs you about everything that you need to know about Dina’s connection to the SJW drama/scandal involving MN9’s development process, and once you match all of that in context to her invitation to GDC 2017. Then you simply can’t help to wonder why she got invited in the first place…

gdc 2017 dina abou karam

Feel free to explain to me how Dina got to talk for five minutes at GDC 2017? I mean, it’s not like she created a big scandal involving “Mighty No 9” or anything…

Nevertheless, the SJW madness train doesn’t stop there. As there were plenty of other crazy SJW GDC 2017 slides to be found as well:

gdc 2017 sjw madness part 1

“You’ll need skills to stay employed” That’s the best free pro-tip of the day right there. So do follow that advice, and pay no attention to the GDC 2017 SJW nonsense.

gdc 2017 sjw madness part 2

How…Nice, politic propaganda and activism much?

gdc 2017 sjw madness part 3

Sadly enough, there are quite a few agenda driven games out there (indie as AAA games).

Even so, I still have to say that the anti-white slides took the prize as THE most stupid thing that I’ve seen from GDC 17 so far (as seen in the pictures down below). I mean, it’s not like a lot of today’s games offers you the option to create the character (s) that you want to play as…Sure, I get the whole “diversity” in Gaming part, and I have no problem with that (just check out my “Black female video game characters that I love” list :3 ). However, I felt like this was a “bit” too much for my taste.

gdc 2017 sjw madness part 4

Yes, let’s throw in some anti-white politics into the GDC 2017 mix as well. I mean, it’s not like it’s racist or anything?

gdc 2017 sjw madness part 5

Great…Even more social activism and SJW propaganda.

As for game developers and gDC 17. I actually asked an indie game developer (who wants to remain anonymous for now) about his/her thoughts on GDC 2017 earlier today, and this is the response that I got per e-mail:

“GDC was a huge anti trump rally. Years ago id trusted those gaming entities, like GDC and IGDA, I don’t nowadays”.

Even so. I should, however, point out that I have no idea what the previous GDC and IGDA events were like. Well, at least anything beyond GDC 2015 (I still remember Tim Schafer´s sockpuppet “incident”). So I will have to look more into the old IGDA and GDC events before I could say anything about the matter. As for GDC 2017 though, from my point of view (based on what I read, heard and seen) GDC 2017 made me feel like game development isn’t even about games anymore. I’m not saying that 100% of GDC 17 was like that, because that’s not true. However, the SJW and social activism GDC 17 slides (and whatnot) that I saw don’t (in my opinion) belong at any game event. As it’s nothing less than pure political and social activism propaganda.

gdc 2017 sjw madness part 6

And there you go, some anti-Trump propaganda as well.

gdc 2017 sjw madness part 7

Just imagine the outcry if it had been a white person who said this about another race…

gdc 2017 sjw madness part 8

Would you like some political bs with your coffee? Alrighty then!

As a whole though, GDC 2017 seems to have been a rather good Gaming and game developer event:

“Stop picking the absolute worst of the talks, everyone! The convention is overall really good!” – ZorbaTHut, via KotakuInAction (Reddit)

So “hopefully” we will get even less SJW/social activism and political nonsense during GDC 18 next year. Because (in my opinion) Gaming and game developer events should be about games and game development, and not nonsense like that…And as an extra bonus on the matter of “anti-Gamer” and so-called “gamers journalism” (this is not indirect related to GDC 2017, but this is the same kind of nonsense that went down at GDC 17). I simply I couldn’t help to wonder what Motherboard and The Verge thought when they wrote the following articles:

You know. This is a perfect example of everything that’s wrong with games journalism today (it’s basically the 2017 edition of the “Games are dead” narrative). So if you combine the GDC 17 SJW nonsense with most of the crap that exists in today’s “games journalism”. Then it’s no wonder why more and more Gamers are starting to look for other alternatives. I mean, who could blame them? Because I wouldn’t want to support these people with my money either. As they use my hobby as a platform for political activism and stupid anti-Gamer posts (sites like Motherboard and The Verge love to make Gaming and Gamers look stupid).

And with that said, what’s your take on this matter? And if you did attend to this year’s edition of GDC, then please feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comment section down below!

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Internet Aristocrat
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GDC 2017
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GDC 2017 pictures:

This is a personal opinion of the writer, and it doesn’t necessarily represent the other writers (nor The Gaming Ground´s) opinions.

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63 Comments ON " GDC 2017 made me feel like game development isn... "
  • I really don’t care for GDC. I watch E3, read about infos from TGS, and watch The Game Awards.

    Am I missing something?

    • I don’t think that you’re missing out on anything really. Me, I stick to Dream Hack, TGS, E3 and Gamescom.

    • Aaron

      GDC is not a press event. It does not the same purpose or scope as something like E3 – they’re totally different. It’s like saying there’s no reason to go to art class because you went to a museum the other day. Unless you’re a game developer there’s not much reason to worry about what goes on at GDC.

      • Unless you’re a game developer there’s not much reason to worry about what goes on at GDC.

        Actually, we do have to worry about what goes on at the GDC.

        Because we the consumers play the games from these developers that are going to the GDC events.

        You can argue that it’s up to the developers themselves if they want to accept or reject SJW-political ideology, but virtually every Western developer has already been cucked into full SJW. For example, Bioware, Beamdog, etc.

        The more this garbage happens at the GDC, the more they will influence developers, especially the next generation of developers.

        If an ideology gets pushed over and over and over again in the mainstream, it eventually becomes the norm. SJWs/feminists/race politics need to be kicked out of the GDC.

  • Eirikr

    I’m glad to hear that those pictures I kept seeing on Twitter weren’t indicative of GDC as a whole. I was worried.

    • True, but it sure makes one wonder how much worse (or better) GDC 18 will be?

  • Eirikr

    Motherboard’s article wasn’t really that anti-gamer. I think it was an honest screwup when writing the title.

    The other two articles I’m not even reading. Everything Jedders does seems cringy and toxic, and the third article is just jumping on a bandwagon to gain attention.

    • I changed it to “3. Did you really have to mention “the Switch is a machine made for humans, not gamers.” in the article as well? I mean, wasn’t the headline bad headline enough?”. I accidentally thought of the article by Jed Whitaker (I’m sorry about that, my bad). Holy jumping mother of god no…Don’t even bother to read those. As it’s just a waste of time.

      • Eirikr

        I never bother reading anything written by JedderPedders if I can avoid it.

        • Good call 😉 Besides, they are just trolling around for cash and clicks.

  • ZorbaTHut

    FWIW, I’m the guy who wrote the Reddit post, and I’m happy to answer questions if you’ve got any. I probably won’t see them here, though, unless Disqus notifies me :V so toss me a private message on Reddit, or reply to the Reddit post; I’ll see both of those.

    • Ah, hi there =) Well, I could give it a try.
      1. Have you gone to any of the past GDC events? If so, what did you think about them?
      2. Do you think that there was more or less political activism and SJW nonsense at GDC 17?
      3. What’s your take on the SJW nonsense that was shown at GDC 17?

      • ZorbaTHut

        1. Yes; I’ve been going there for something on the order of eight years (I may be off by a year or two). I’ve been consistently forking over a thousand dollars, plus a week of my time, plus parking and gas money, for each event – that should make it pretty clear what I think of them 😉

        2. Less compared to GDC 2016, more compared to, I don’t know, GDC 2010. It spiked in 2015, if I had to pick a year.

        3. It was minimal and unobtrusive. As I’ve said, there’s a lot of talks and a lot of things to do. If you didn’t want to go to Anita Sarkeesian’s talk, you didn’t have, and so I didn’t.

        There’s always going to be one or two people who decide to inject their politics into random things, but it was largely ignorable.

        I have no complaints with this year and I’m planning to go again next year.

        • Ah, thank you for the information =) Sadly enough, we can’t afford to go to both GDC and E3 (it’s expensive as hell to attend). So we aim for E3 this year. However, I hope that I will get a chance to visit GDC myself some day (I have never been to America before).

  • John Smith.

    FFS, I am seriously starting to think the western part of my hobby will gone for good in less than five years while the eastern part of it will be locked away behind a freaking export/import wall.
    The Next SJW in gaming I see, I’m suck punching while screamed Communists at the top of my lungs.

    • SevTheBear

      Better get them games from Japan before it’s too late :/

      • Go for it, I’m already starting to learn Japanese.

        • John Smith.

          I know how to shit in Japanese but that’s about it.

          • xD I just know the “basic” stuff (hello. My name is, good-bye, and so on).

          • John Smith.

            Hmm, looks like Disqus removed several words from my comment, that was supposed to say. ‘I only know how to say “shit” in japanese’

      • John Smith.

        I would, if not for the fifty percent import tax. $60 for the game, plus $20 in shipping plus 50 percent sales tax equals $110 per game.

        • WOW! O_O It’s that bad in Danmark? (or did you live somewhere else?).

          • John Smith.

            What can I say. The postal service is being run by bleeding idiots and the government refused to help them with more handouts so they did a random import tax of fifty percent.

            Sometimes you get it, sometimes you don’t.

          • Bloody hell man -_- I honestly thought that you lived in Australia at first (it’s really bad over there).

          • John Smith.

            Nope, I live right next door to Sweden. And trust me, I’m keeping both eyes Malmo whenever I think of where our nations are rapidly heading towards.

            I can’t really judge how bad we have it since I do not watch TV anymore, but Postcard has become so infamous even I know about it.

            Billions in the red, shitty service that is slated to be reduce to one day a week for mail delivery, cost increases through the roof for servives and a demand for a 2.5 billion DK bailout.

            I say it’s time to privatise it completely.

        • SevTheBear

          Holy fuck… do you live in Australia or something? That’s crazy

    • Funny enough, NASA is looking for people who would like to go to Mars and stay there forever. I’m honestly starting to think about that offer…

      • John Smith.

        Depends, if there’s videogames and anime just sign me up, becuase.

        • xD I think so, as you get to bring “stuff” with you. I just hope that the Mars mission wouldn’t end up like “Doom” or “Martian Gothic: Unification” 😛

          • John Smith.

            At least I’ll go out with a bang then. Beats sitting around here getting shit on for being white and acting Danish in Denmark.

          • Wait, I thought that Denmark was alright? What’s been going on there that I didn’t know about?

          • John Smith.

            Nothing, it’s just the general SJW attitude online I’m referring to. Over the past three years I’ve been told we’re racists for closing our borders to muslim rapefugees, we’re also raging islamaphobes for expecting migrants to pay for themselves, we should be more diverse and multicultural and our culture is far too white and male centered.

          • Ah, I understand. Well, I would much rather have that then the current situation in Sweden (words Vs actual REAL threats and violence).

          • John Smith.

            I’m surprised the Swedes haven’t started fleeing their civil war zone yet? I mean sheesh, whenever Breitbart mentions you its in relation to some wacked out horrible crime committed by migrants.

          • We got child rape cases almost every week now…(boys and girls).

          • John Smith.

            And according to Breitbart, your government is more concerned with car ownership being sexist….
            What the hell happened over there?

          • It’s a mad house pretty much, just watch the videos that Tim Pool and Angry foreigner makes…

  • Absolutely pathetic scenes from the GDC, what a complete disgrace.

    Not only in the video games industry, but this cancer is infesting and affecting all facets of society. With you living in Sweden, I’m sure you know full well of this.

    You know, I’ve always said that the best thing would be for Western developers to all unite together and speak out against SJWs/political correctness as a whole, as this would get the gamers back on their side. It’s possibly one of the ways which this PC garbage can be ended. But looking at how the vast majority of Western developers are operating and acting now, that’s never going to happen. They are simply so cucked out that it’s ridiculous.

    To add salt into the wounds, they even invite that SJW piece of shit Dina Karam (if true), no doubt they’ll be portraying her as the “victim” and how she’ll be made an example of how “women are discriminated against and forced out of gaming”, despite her abusing her position, being an authoritarian bully and acting like a cunt during Mighty No. 9.

    This SJW/feminist political crap in video games has been going on for over 5 years now, and doesn’t appear to be ending soon. Maybe it’s time to go to my emulation/retro backlog games for a while, and hopefully by the time I come back to modern video games, the SJW-feminist cancer will have been removed.

    • Just imagine if the games industry had been like this back in the 80s and 90s…I mean, would we even have games like “Dead or Alive”, “GTA”, “Max Payne”, “Fallout”, “Tomb Raider” with many more?

      • Exactly. If the games industry was like this back in the 80s/90s, I most likely would have not been a gamer.

        There’s nothing as off-putting as having political feminist and race garbage shoved into your face.

        • I wonder if any of our favorite games would have existed if that was the case? Hell, even “Rayman” (I love that series) might have been considered as a “problematic” game…

          • Makes you think if the Mortal Kombat brand would’ve survived.

            The original Street Fighter 2 being sexist because it only had 1 female character.

            The Super Mario Brothers games being sexist and misogynist because pretty princess damsel in distress waiting to be rescued.

            Or even the first Crash Bandicoot game being sexist because his girlfriend was an unrealistic impossible female body standard type.


  • SevTheBear

    GDC juts keeps going down hill. Not that I am surprised at this point.

  • Maniate

    “Took the prize,” if you were aiming for the ‘murican saying. I dunno if yours is right for British English.

    • I changed it to “Even so, I still have to say that the anti-white slides took the prize as THE most stupid thing that I’ve seen from GDC 17 so far”. I think it’s right for British English. I’m not 100% sure though. Nevertheless, thanks for the heads up!

  • aaa

    So called liberals, leftists and SJW are like parasites. They don’t care about gaming or the industry, they only care about infiltrating inside to push their own private agenda. They wouldn’t mind killing the whole gaming industry all together, as long as they get to push their closed-minded views (yes, SJW are the real closed-minded people).

    And its not just in gaming, it happens in universities (the push themselves into campus management, student bodies, etc to force their agenda), Hollywood, Startups community and gaming. They infiltrate every community and / or industry they can, without caring one bit about it, and destroy it from the inside all for the sake of pushing their agenda.

    And worse part? those people are the worse type of fascists (not accepting election results) racists (hate while people), violent (calls to murder Trump and his supporters) bigots I have ever seen.

    RIP GDC.

  • Hossi Blumengaarten

    wtf is going on in the game industry. How long have these been infiltrating the industry??? Ten years ago the gaming landscape was so different

    • Well, it’s been like this for quite sometime now. Sounds about right, because I don’t remember ever seeing anything like this back in 2006-2007.

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