Sadly enough, as a Gamer I’ve gotten pretty used to have to deal with a lot of nonsense from the so-called established games media. As games journalists have been very anti-Gamer and Anti-Gaming for years. However, as of lately, things have gone from bad to even worse. I mean, you have the Jontron case, the Pewdiepie case, and just the other day I spotted the following posts:

Be Your Own Devil’s Advocate in This Free Nazi-Shooter” – Cameron Kunzelman, Vice Gaming

A Game Developer’s Digital Fight Against Fascism” – Nathan Grayson, Kotaku

Playing With Toys While People are Dying” – Paul Kilduff-Taylor, Medium

Why are people still buying Grand Theft Auto V?” – Keith Stuart, The Guardian

So I’m going to share my thoughts on each one of those posts, and I’m going to start with Kotaku’s “A Game Developer’s Digital Fight Against Fascism” post by Nathan Grayson.

be your own devils advocate in this free nazi shooter vice gaming

The whole post is one big love letter to the current “Let’s punch everyone who don’t think like us in the face” (Aka “Nazis”) political climate…In other words, tons of politics, social justice and very little about Gaming related matters.

Right off the bat, “Dialogue 3-D” (made by Ramsey Nasser) is a no game. So it plays in the same league as Zoë Quinn’s “Depression Quest“. Secondly, Nathan Grayson sure did his very best to shoe horn in politics and social activism into his  “A Game Developer’s Digital Fight Against Fascism” post. In the matter of fact, the post is so political that you wouldn’t believe that you’re reading it on a “Gaming” site…And Medium’s “Playing With Toys While People are Dying” post by Paul Kilduff-Taylor, is pretty much pushing the same agenda as Grayson ‘s post. Hell, Kilduff-Taylor even covered the very same “game” (“Dialogue 3-D”). So while I was reading through these posts, I almost immediately got this “five guys and burgers and fries” deja vu feeling from the whole thing (“Gamers are dead“, “Gamers don’t have to be your audience“. Well, let’s just say that I have a feeling that #GamerGate 2.0 will kick-off in the near future (JonTron and Pewdiepie’s battle with MSM has pretty much set the sea in motion for that already).

I would also like to point out that I just recently ended two of my Swedish Gaming magazine subscriptions (I’ve been with them for years), and the reason behind why I did that is the same reason why I’m not cool with sites like Kotaku, Polygon, Vice Gaming and Medium. It’s simple. I want to read about GAMES. I want to enjoy GAMES. So I don’t want any social activism or SJW agendas shoe horned into articles and posts about games (Spain’s Gaming media is a pure nightmare when it comes to this. Yes, believe it or not, but the Spanish Gaming media are actually worse than the Swedish Gaming media). More so, I don’t want any anti-Gamer and anti-Gaming agendas shoved down my throat either. You know. I honestly don’t recall experiencing anything quite like this in the 80s or 90s, because back then I was super excited each time that I got a new copy of Super Play, PC Gamer, Nintendo Magasinet or any other Gaming magazine.

gamers vs anti-gamer media part 2

Well, I guess that games, gamers and games will be forbidden in 2018 then?

And why is that? It’s because I knew that I would get top quality Gaming coverage for my money, and a whole lot of love by people who love games just as much as I do (By Gamers for Gamers). Nowadays, however, the tables have turned. As Gamers and Gaming are now under attack not only from politics and the main-stream media, but by the established Games media as well. So it’s no wonder why gamers are turning their backs at the established Games media (and the main-stream media as well), because when the very same people who are supposed to cover games and be on your side, starts pissing and taking swings at your hobby repeatedly. Then it’s time to end that abusive relationship and start looking for a better, healthier, more loveable and welcoming alternative (hello there alternative Gaming sites!).

Don’t get me wrong now, it’s perfectly fine to be critical about a medium or hobby like Gaming, or to talk about politics in games. However, it’s a totally different thing when you cheery pick (like Anita Sarkeesian and Jonathan McIntosh) for things to hate on, or when you use games as a platform for social activism and SJW propaganda. Then it’s gone too far, as it would be more about politics/social activism then the actual games themselves. I mean, just take Medium’s “Playing With Toys While People are Dying” post by Paul Kilduff-Taylor.  Long story short, Kilduff-Taylor goes full in on social activism by whining about Gamers who enjoy games. Simply put, Kilduff-Taylor was trying to put blame on the Gamers for playing games while people are dying in the real world (in other words, he also wanted to give Gamers a bad conscience).

So I take it that when the established games media and MSM couldn’t take away Gaming from gamers, they now instead try to kill off Gaming as a whole. Well, good luck with that one, because Gamers are programmed to win. We don’t know what Gamer over is, as we simply continue until we win (we never give up. We never give in).

video games rock real life sucks

I think it’s safe to say that video games rock, while real life sucks (for most part). That’s also the reason why a lot people like to escape their harsh and stressful every-day life by playing video games.

Then we got the “Why are people still buying Grand Theft Auto V?” by Keith Stuart from the guardian. Who stated the following about GTAV:

“there were plenty of concerns about the game’s depiction of women, race and violence, but for many gamers, the thrill of exploring this
gargantuan landscape of decadence and destruction outweighed any problematic undertones” Keith Stuart, The guardian

You know, every single time that I hear hipster/SJW  buzz words like “problematic undertones“, “sexist game design“, “misogyny“, “racist content” and “for the straight white males gaze“. I just think for myself “to hell with this crap…I’m not going to take this bs from the games media anymore!”, and let’s not forget that games and Gamers has been blamed for real-life violence as well:

Germany´s minister of interior blames violent video games for the Munich attack?
A take on the regressive journalists and their constant attack on Gaming and Gamers
Jonathan Blow and a handful of journalists blames the Orlando mass shooting on violent video games
Green Day states that they are worried about violent video games?
5 Ways Gamers are holding back the games they love – Cracked Vs Gamers and violent games

So it’s no wonder why the MSM and “some” Gaming sites like to label Gamers and games as evil, and as something that needs to be destroyed (that is the agenda that they are pushing). Truth be told, we’re actually in the middle of a culture war, and #GamerGate has been fighting the good fight against corruption, censorship, anti-Gamer/Gaming sites/media and SJW madness since 2014. Me, I love games. I love the Gaming community, and I’ve been a Gamer since the late 80s. So I’m going to continue to do what I can to defend games, Gaming and gamers against those how hates us and seeks to destroy or hobby.

There is hope though, as more and more Gamers, game developers and publishers are starting to get fed up with sites like Kotaku and Polygon, and political correctness and SJW nonsense in general (more Western game developers should take notes from “Nier: Automata” and Taro Yoko though). As the most of us have had more than enough of “Well, what a nice game you got there. Wouldn’t it be a shame if “someone” tried to shoehorn in some social justice and politics into it?” situations in our lives. Personally, I think it’s quite simple really. People play games to have fun and to escape the harsh reality of real-life. So the last thing that we (Gamers) want is the crap that Kotaku, Polygon and Vice Gaming keep on pushing (social activism, SJW nonsense, anti-Gamer/Gaming agendas). I mean, just imagine if you were promoted with crap like that when you’re out golfing, watching movies or trying to win a game of basketball “Oh, you’re enjoying this? Well, please allow me to ruin it for you!”.

Well, I think you get the idea. It’s a real game ruiner for sure, so I can’t wait for the day when gamers don’t have to deal with this bs from the games media anymore. Because we just want to enjoy our games without having to coop with attacks from so-called “games journalists” (I wonder if they understand that they will lose their jobs if Gaming, gamers and games dies out?).

And with that said, what’s your take on this matter? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section down below!

Just Lyle

Vice Gaming

This is a personal opinion of the writer, and it doesn’t necessarily represent the other writers (nor The Gaming Ground´s) opinions.

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Robin “V-Act” Ek
The Gaming Ground
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22 Comments ON " Dear “games journalists”, keep your so... "
  • David

    Kind of funny how this article went live on the same day my mom was watching an episode of Degrassi: the Next Class where the Feminist Club and Gaming Club had a dispute. I didn’t watch it with her because this sort of show was not my sort of thing. In fact any show that involves high school doesn’t interest me, unless it was something over the top (like assassin school or Balamb Garden).

    But as far as this whole problem goes, I think this scene sums it up nicely.

  • Zaelle

    I simply do not listen to any games press these days who inject politics into their writing. Even if someone has a point somewhere, it’s buried in a cesspool of seething hatred of the hobby I love. I’m not diving into it.

    • Zaelle

      To clarify, I’m speaking generally and not directing this at this site.

      • No sweat man 😉 I got that point =)

    • And that’s exactly why I ended two of my Gaming magazine subscriptions in Sweden. As they kept on putting in political agendas and tons of social activism. Well, just stick with the sites and magazines that shows you love back (like us, for example).

  • SJWs are cancer
    Feminism is cancer
    Gender politics is cancer
    Race politics is cancer

    Not just in video games but in everything

    Glad to help

  • John Smith.

    I’m just tired, I’m tired of getting hit with every negative label under the sun just because I play games, watch anime and read comics. I don’t fuck around with their movies, tv-shows and public radio stations. So why do they have to fuck with my hobbies?
    At this point I just hope the whole gaming journalist branch burns to the fucking ground and every single employee winds up living on the streets in the liberal crime filled hell holes they’ve created.

    • John Smith.

      And I also remember the gaming press in the 80ties to 90ties, those days were the time when gamers were in charge of games coverage. These days however it is in the hands of filthy red communists who wants to reduce everything to state sanctioned propaganda that teaches everyone that slavery is freedom, war is peace and obedience is happiness.

      • “And I also remember the gaming press in the 80ties to 90ties, those days were the time when gamers were in charge of games coverage.”

        – That’s why I enjoyed that period a whole lot more than I do today…Because nowadays it’s mainly “Gamers are dead”, “Gamers are over”, “Gamers are bad” agendas.

    • I feel you man…And then I have to deal with crap like this as well:

      “When I challenge you” – LOL!

    • ExhaustedSquid

      They got into it when they realized they could make a profit from it, especially when they learned that indie games were becoming the big thing. The problem is, many of these so-called devs think that it’s ‘easy’ to make games and when they find out the level of skills it takes, whether it be the coding, the writing, the art production, they start adding politics to it in order to make it seem like they (the SJW dev) had only the bare minimum to get their sob-story of a shitty game out. This brings out the sympathy from other indie-bread asses who then start passing around their parents’ money to fund and buy these games.

      But then these games hit the mainstream and aren’t warmly welcomed by the more general public the outcries begin. They shout how dare could someone make fun of a poor, misunderstood misfit dev who had nothing but their shitty game to show. They infantile the ‘dev’ in order to make them more of a victim and paint anyone who dare point out the holes as some monster. We’ve entered an age where the only thing that matters is how much of a victim you can be, not how much skill you actually have.

  • MusouTensei

    Everything was better before SocJus invaded gaming, they need to be clinically removed to make gaming as a whole great again. Right now, outside games made in japan, I have no faith in the industry I once loved dearly anymore, and that is the fault of feminism and social justice, it needs to go.
    Marvel has recently realized that, this shit doesn’t sell comics, it doesn’t tell good and engaging stories, it doesn’t create interesting and likable characters, it doesn’t do any good to any industry, it’s literally cancer.
    I mean look at the Oscars, this one was apparently the least watched Oscars since a long time (or even ever?), people are finally sick of having the rancid politics forced into things that are supposed to entertain.
    E3, it’s now open to the actual gamers because actual gamers don’t trust the mainstream gaming media anymore.
    Western companies need to realize that social justice provides nothing good to the industry, or die.

    • Western companies need to realize that social justice provides nothing good to the industry, or die.

      It’s not as simple as that though.

      It’s not just a case of Western companies being innocent, naive and clueless into thinking that promoting Social Justice and feminism is for a good moral cause and that it’ll make them profits.

      The reality is that a lot of these companies actually have and are infested with SJWs/feminists as their actual staff.

      For example, Bioware’s staff have mostly become a complete pile of leftist SJW feces. They even have someone on board who clearly dislikes Caucasian people.

      Another example are localizers/publishers NISA. It’s crystal clear that there are SJWs on board that company who feel that they need to dictate and push feminism into Criminal Girls 2 with all that “power” and “consent” bullshit, whilst blaming the ratings boards for it.

      And another example is the company who localized Blade & Soul. The original developers promised us that the game wouldn’t be censored for the West. But what happened? Some SJW parasites within the localization team took it into their own hands and felt the need to push their own agenda by censoring the female characters and other aspects of the missions/quests which were deemed “sexist”.

      And I think we all know what happened with the Western version of Tokyo Mirage Sessions. Not to mention that moron SJW (forgot her name) from Beamdog who injected SJW crap into Baldur’s Gate, and then arrogantly told us to deal with it.

      So yeah… not a simple case of Western companies being innocent and naive, it’s actually more to do with SJWs/feminists infesting, taking control of these companies and pushing their agenda.

      These parasites need to learn to add their ideas as extras or make their own games instead of censoring and banning existing material. If they cannot do that then they need to be kicked the fuck out of the video games industry.

  • Lomas Eastwood

    It’s part of the games culture, it’s part of any other medium/art so get over it! Many years ago games were not taken seriously and you blamed the media for it, today they are taken serioulsy and thats why there are all kinds of critics. Games are becoming art and that is great. This is a good read for you:

    • “It’s part of the games culture, it’s part of any other medium/art so get over it! Many years ago games were not taken seriously and you blamed the media for it, today they are taken serioulsy and thats why there are all kinds of critics.”

      – See ExhaustedSquid´s comment

      “Games are becoming art and that is great. This is a good read for you”

      – “We Asked For Anita Sarkeesian and Other Critics” Anita is a con-artist, liar and a feminist hijacker. She only uses feminism and games to earn cash, if she had been around in the 80s or 90s, she would have targeted videos instead.

      “Games are becoming art and that is great”

      – That I can agree on, but what is art? It’s all in the eye of the observer.

      • but what is art? It’s all in the eye of the observer.

        Exactly. But SJWs and feminists don’t follow this principle. When they see something they personally dislike in art, suddenly it’s not art any more, it becomes a symbol of “hate”, “sexism”, “misogyny”, “racism”, etc etc etc

    • today they are taken seriously and thats why there are all kinds of critics.

      “today they are taken seriously and thats why there are all kinds of censors.”


      Games are becoming art and that is great.

      Until of course, you see something in this “art” you dislike then suddenly it’s not great and needs to be shamed and censored/banned, along with the developers of it and the gamers

      so once again, let me fix your comment for you:

      “Games are becoming censored and that is great.”

      • John Smith.

        Grammar Nazi strikes again by fixing this error for you.

        “Games are being censored and that is great.”

  • andelbam

    Been sick of Gamergate since the Five Burgers incident. Been sick of SJW since Anita in 2014. Kotaku is only worth reading some of the time, half of it feels like some SJW politics involved.

    • Well, GG red pilled a lot of people that had no idea about what was going on (I’ve been a red pill since 1999). I honestly just stick to alternative Gaming sites. Oh yes, very much so. That’s why I don’t even bother with “established” Gaming media anymore.


    SJWs are the enemy of western civilization

    • With no doubt…And it’s going to take a lot of effort to clean up the mess which they’ve created.

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