I think it´s safe to say that 2016 has become a very dark, evil and sad year when it comes to death and suffering. I mean, I have honestly lost count over all the terror attacks that´s been taking place as of lately (and that says quite a lot about the current state of our world). However, there are some specific terror attack cases which I won´t forget in the first place. You see. There has been some past shootings where the media have been very fast to put the blame on video games. Like in the case with the Orlando mass shooting , for example (which took place on the 13th of June this year). Because as you might remember there where some regressive journalists who toke advantage of the tragic situation and blamed the mass shooting on violent video games.

Well, guess what? It´s time to play the “Let´s blame everything on the video games” game again. Yes, you guessed it. The Munich (Germany) attack appears to have been blamed on violent video games. And this became clear after a tweet by Naomi Conrad (Naomi is a German-British journalist):

naomi conrad

As if the German Gaming market wasn´t censored hard enough as it already is…

And it´s just about to get even better (worse), because I found the following text in Spiegel´s (Spiegel is a German weekly news magazine) article about the Munich attack (the article was posted on 23rd of July):

De Maizière macht Gewaltvideos im Internet für Taten wie den Amoklauf in München mitverantwortlich. Das unerträgliche Ausmaß von gewaltverherrlichenden Spielen habe eine schädliche Wirkung auf die Entwicklung junger Menschen, sagte der Innenminister. Das sei auch in diesem Fall so gewesen.” – Spiegel

English translation (Google translate):
“De Maizière makes violent videos on the Internet for acts such as the massacre in Munich responsible. The intolerable degree of violence glorifying games have a detrimental effect on the development of young people, said the interior minister. This was also in this case like this.”

thomas de maiziere germa minister of interior

Thomas de Maizière (Germany´s federal minister of the Interior, CDU) have very low thoughts about violent video games…

britta kollenbroich spiegelonline

Marsaffe ENG: Can you shed some light? Britta Kollenbroich (editor @SPIEGELONLINE) ENG: Did he loudly matching agency reports first in Berlin and later in Munich said at the scene. Britta then added “We got the info from identical news agency reports. He said it at the Berlin press conference and later at Munich.” (with “he”, Britta meant Thomas de Maizière).

And by the looks of Thomas de Maizière (Germany´s federal minister of the Interior, CDU) statement about violent video games in Germany. German Gamers might face an harsher and even further censored Gaming future. And to me, that´s beyond messed up. Because the hard truth is that Maizière (and other politicians, journalists and whatnot) have just used violent video games as a scapegoat for the Munich shooting. And truth be told, these shootings goes beyond the realms of games. And the journalists and politicians know this, but since most of them are political correct to the max. They don´t mention the REAL problem with the rise of terror attacks in Europe and the Western world in general. And that would be the rise of Muslim extremists (they hate us, the West and everything that we stand for. They want us infidels dead, no matter the price).

Nevertheless, politicians and journalists turn the blind eye to this problem. And I highly doubt that a ban of violent video games will solve the problem (or whatever solution Thomas de Maizière with friends comes up with). Especially not since terrorism has been around far longer than video games have. My point would be this, what other mediums will the German government try to police when the next attack hits them? (yes, there will be more attacks. Trust me on that one. This is just the very beginning of what´s to come). I mean, will they tone down (censor) violence even more in books, movies and TV-series?

doom 2016 gore

Violent video games have been in the crosshair of the German politics since the 80´s (ID´s “Wolfenstein” series is a good example of this).

Well, then what? Because even if the German government ends up banning everything of violent nature from the German market, what will they do when the terror attacks still don´t stop? And more so, what more lies will they spoon feed the German public with once Germany gets hit by yet another terror attack? Because when they have run out of lies, what else is there left for them to do but to tell the obvious truth?

So, yeah. Go for it Mr. Thomas de Maizière. Start your crusade against violent video games in Germany, because it´s probably going to do wonders for your war against terrorism. Because as we all know, video games have always played a very crucial and “special” part in the terrorist mindset and execution of ideas (sarcasm). And oh, by the way Mr. Maizière. Just so you know, banning and censoring violent video games won´t change a single thing for you and Germany in terms of terror attacks.

No, what you instead need to do is to grow some balls and do what must be done. And doing crackdowns on the violent extremists groups in Germany is a good start for sure. You also need to have much stricter background checks on the people who you let into Germany. Furthermore, for over two decades researchers have been unable to find a link between violence and video games (the twitter hashtag #Killerspiele, speaks loudly about this matter as we speak). So in my opinion, Maizière (and the German government) is just using violent video games as a scapegoat to blame all of Germany´s recent terror attack problems on.

And with that said, what´s your take on this matter? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section down below!

Naomi Conrad

Lyle Yiannopoulos

This is a personal opinion of the writer, and it doesn’t necessarily represent the other writers (nor The Gaming Ground´s) opinions.

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Robin “V-Act” Ek
The Gaming Ground
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44 Comments ON " Germany´s minister of interior blames violent vide... "
  • John Smith.

    The German government fucked up, they are the cause of this,. They allow millions of unchecked savages into Germany, then once these savages launched their rape attacks against the German citizens the German government blackmailed the rest of EU to start accepting the savages into their nations to avoid having to admit they fucked up.
    This isn’t PC, this is a government who fucked up so badly the only way to reverse the screw up is to commit the very crimes against humanity they keep accusing others of. After all, how do you get rid of a million migrant criminals when the nation they left refuses to take them back.

    • “This isn’t PC”

      Did the government really fucked up? Or is this what they wanted all along? Don’t forget, the mainstream news media is run by corrupt agenda-driven assholes who clearly hate Western values.


      – Inviting savages into our countries
      – Covering up and excusing the [email protected] attacks from them
      – Demonizing and blaming video games
      – Advocating / leading for video games to be toned down or banned

      Sounds very PC to me.

      • John Smith.

        I think they fucked up, badly. Clearly the western and some northern governments of Europe didn’t want an immigration of this scale, but Germany exploited its power over the EU to force them into accepting the migrant savages right after Germany failed to understand how many Muslims would be arriving and how backwards their culture really is.
        The Media do carry a lot of the blame as they lied up to and afterwards about the nature of the migrants and continue to lie about it in an effort to cover up how much their lies have fucked things up.
        But I’ll admit, its fun to see a bunch of leftie journalists sitting around lamenting the rise of the radical right across Europe right after having had to cover yet another migrant related crime. Its like they can’t connect the dots between the rampant migrant crimes and peoples reaction to it.

        • Rambostilts

          Trump blamed video games about a year ago. You sound like a brainwashed puppet and its sad because your heart is in a good place. There have been plenty of “righty” politicians claiming these kinds of games corrupt the minds of youth. I will say one thing though….you inadvertently support the corporate oligarchy pulling the strings from behind the scenes. And you know which party would love nothing more than to transfer public policy-making power into the hands of the largest of corporations? Thats right my friend. The “righty” Republican party. Have fun when you can’t hold the policy-makers accountable because all the policy is decided by corporate management.

          • John Smith.

            I don’t live in the US, so I can vote for Trump, but really, you’d rather have Killery in charge? You prefer someone who has spent her entire life blow jobbing the corporate sector and have claimed that women are the real victims of war because they’re left on their own with the kids when their husbands die.
            Also, given that the lefty parties of governments seems dead set on blaming everything that goes wrong on excuses like Videogames and white people I feel I have the right to stop voting for the left.
            The liberal German government ordered the police to fucking alter the Cologne sex assault details given to the press so white German men would be blamed for the new Years eve rape assaults rather than the savage migrants who actually did it.
            The nutter who went mad here was a troubled kid with lots of mental issues that the German government missed completely because they don’t care about their own citizens. And now that the shit has hit the fan, they’re blaming videogames so they won’t have to own up to their own failure in stopping this guy sooner.

          • TwinspectreGaming101

            I completely agree with you
            I find it funny some Americans talk without knowing how Europe has fallen down thanks to the lefty and muslims

        • So they fucked up, and instead of admitting their mistake and reversing it, they are instead doubling down to keep the narrative going.

          So they are PC then.

          • John Smith.

            No, not PC. They’re just not willing to admit that they have fucked up in any way.
            You’ll notice this happening with practically every single political issue that props up. Instead of saying yes, we failed, they’ll launch a committee to discuss it in private or send the bucket moving until everyone forgets about the issue and moves on.

    • TwinspectreGaming101

      people from Africa are not comming in Europe to assimilate, they are comming to conquer our freedom, yeah let’s blame videogames

      • Look at Sweden, Germany and France *cough cough*…

        • TwinspectreGaming101

          exactly, but videogames are the evil

          • Of course, didn´t you know that video games caused WW1, WW2, the Tjernobyl accident and many other terrible incidents in our history?

          • TwinspectreGaming101

            Yeah, Videogames are bad

          • Of course, that´s why the terror attack in Belgium took place today…

          • TwinspectreGaming101


    • That´s the truth right there. And today a pregnant woman was killed in Germany, and one person got blown up at some restaurant. So the gates to hell are now open. And that fu**ing bitch Angele Merkel needs to be punished for crimes against the German people.

      And in Sweden, we have tons of problems with rapes, murders, riots, car fires and whatnot. Everything came with the “refuge” invasion of Sweden. Of course, it´s like in the case with Cuba when Castro let out all the trash from the prisons and whatnot. All of them went to Miami, Florida (the Scarface movie is based on this event).

      • Unrelated, but have do you know about this Robin? If have some free time, this might be something to look into if you want to go beyond Western issues:


        It’s basically South Korea’s version of a GamerGate event. I’m not sure how old this news is, but I think it’s pretty recent (I could be wrong on that though), but what I do know is that male/geek anime/video games culture has been hit pretty bad by SJWs and feminists for a long while now.

        It centers around some voice actress who put on a feminist T-Shirt, which was created by some misandrist feminist group called “Megalia” (I think), and when the bosses of the voice actress discarded her (because they did not want association with the creators of the T-Shirt), hell ensued. Basically, other developers, artists, etc. went in to support the voice actress, and claimed the company who discarded her material (voice clips, etc.) of “misogyny” and “sexism”. Then of course, anyone who criticised the voice actress or the T-Shirt was immediately labelled a misogynist and sexist.

        As a result, this seems to have affected a Korean game called Sudden Attack 2, which is a free-to-play FPS with quite a lot of sexy female characters, published by a company called Nexon. Nexon then decided to censor some sexy female designs or something (most likely due to SJW/Megalia/feminist whining, but not confirmed), this then led to the developers GameHi cutting all ties to Nexon – most likely because the censorship has made a lot of fans angry, and resulted in them losing interest in the game, which of course means lost income for the developers.

        It seems that Sudden Attack 2’s driving force is the sexy female characters (I think the female models are pretty damn good myself), once fans found out they will be censored, they got pissed. And rightfully so.

        Here’s two articles on Sudden Attack 2:

        https://www.lewdgamer.com/2016/07/15/koreas-biggest-fps-sudden-attack-2-gets-censored/ (NSFW)

        https://www.lewdgamer.com/2016/07/29/sudden-attack-2-shut-down-september/ (NSFW)

        Just further proof that political correctness and feminism is cancer.

        • Hi =) I´m sorry for a late reply. I´ve been crazy busy. Yes, I got one person from South Korea that will write an exclusive article on the matter for us. So we hope to publish his work asap. Thank you for the heads up though 😉

          • No need to apologize Robin. =)

            And cool on the upcoming South Korea article, I’ll be looking forward to it.

          • I can tell you this much, the situation is really bad in South Korea. The feminazis has torn the country apart :S (SK is about 10 years ahead of Sweden, and that tells a whole lot about how bad things are in SK right now).Thanks =)

          • Before I was locked out of Twitter I used to follow this guy in Korea who was documenting the SJW/feminist type events, and from what I saw (he included images of their protests, graffitis, etc. as well), it’s real nasty stuff.

            I wonder if there’s actually any push-back from the men at all? Because it seems that they’re either: A) Betas, Manginas, Cucks or B) Terrified silent pussies

            I think I tried asking the Twitter guy as well but I don’t think I got a response

          • Yes, that´s what I´ve been told as well (apparently, the feminazis messed up Seoul really, really bad). I would love to know that also, then again. It´s the same mess in Sweden…

    • Erik Larsen

      yes most governments dont want to take the fucking blame for the shit they caused cause theyre too fucking stupid and also high in their own failing pride

  • Iconoclast

    20 years and they play the same old song.

    • In the 90s when Jack Thompson whined about violence in video
      games, the entire mainstream games media kept on the side of gamers and
      dismissed Thompson. He was nothing to worry about.

      However it’s different this time, because the mainstream games media have instead completely sided with the bigots, most notably Anita Sarkeesian. This time it’s the gamers who are being dismissed and the feminists being protected at all costs.

      Which means that video games are now in serious danger of being censored and butchered to death, because the regressive left (SJWs/feminists) have infested and taken over Tech, and they seem to hold quite an influence over video game developers and companies.

      I think these next 2-3 years is a critical time for the video games industry, because judging by what the SJWs and feminists want to enforce in video games, we could be seeing a change never seen before in video games – for the worst.

      • Brad Marcus Kirchhoff

        That’s why we have hackers. It’ll never get to fully censored gaming bc hackers will not allow that to happen. They will go right into the database and uncensor them. It would be a battle but one the hackers would definitely win by a large margin.

        • Yeah but at the end of the day, SJWs have officially got the game censored. They win by that regard. The main goal should be to make it so that foreign games come into the West officially uncensored (bar language dialogue complications that cannot be helped). We should not have to rely on hackers to decensor the game.

          There is only so much that a hacker can do, it’s definitely limited.

          And do not forget that the more SJWs & feminists influence developers/companies, there may not even be database material for the hackers to decensor in the future. And what if they cannot even hack the game? And console games remain virtually untouchable.

          The modding community/hackers are great of course, but they are not an excuse for the ridiculous official censorship in video games. I don’t think we can rely on them forever.

    • I think it started in the 80s sometime.

  • Rambostilts

    Trump blamed video games about a year ago too. Ever seen Rambo 3? We can get along.

  • Jason Mounce

    Canada is perfectly fine with all the most violent games, and unlike U.S, our gun laws are our own and we don’t get many homicides with guns or the like.

    tl;dr – This guy is retarded, I thought we were over this childish blame game these ‘ADULTS’ pull off in the political sphere.

  • BelAirBoss

    What a dumb f%#^….might as well blame, television, movies, and religion while you’re at it. Yikes.

    • I bet that it´s just a matter of time before they do that…

  • MusouTensei

    I could puke in all directions, it’s always these CDU fucks (I never voted for), in the past it was Günther Beckstein (or Speckschwein how I liked to call him), now it’s Tommy Die Mistsau, unacceptabel.

    What is highly acceptable though is that the vast majority of people tweeting under #Ballerspiele #Killerspiele and #demaiziere are criticising him for that remark, and not just kids and teens, german citizen aka voters of both genders, among all age groups and ethnicities, this gives a bit of confidence that the future of gaming in germany won’t be harmed.

    • I feel ya mate. I´m glad to hear that at least. I even saw some jokes about “Farming simulator games = Terror simulators” xD

  • Brad Marcus Kirchhoff

    Of course it’s all video games fault. I mean don’t u guys remember going out and killing ppl after playing Grand Theft Auto? I went out and spawned a jet in the street and flew around shooting unlimited missiles killing thousands…Oh wait that didn’t happen bc it’s fiction so I had common sense and knew the difference between reality and video games/movies. Anybody that passes blame to art forms like cinema or gaming simply has no understanding of responsibility.

    • I have played games since I was five years old. And I have never EVER had any thoughts about killing anyone. However, I can admit that I used to pretend that I was a ninja when TMNT and Ninja Gaiden hit the Swedish market xD Imo, if you´re ready to kill innocent people just like that. Then you would do it no matter what (games, or no games).

  • Sevuz

    Germany is once again being fucked by their politicians.

    The blame videogames BS story is getting old, but they sure as hell love to sing that song over and over again

    • Very much so, and sadly enough I was right about the future attacks in my post…Because a pregnant German woman got killed in Germany today.

  • Bilal Prince-Ali

    no disrespect to the German people but… i think we should take a time machine back 70 years or so and ask Hitler what his favourite video game was… i mean that dude was a preeettyy sick and violent person i mean it just HADDD to stem from his infatuation with violent video games! SURELLYY!!! ¬__¬ people like this piss me off man…

    • Well, at the time I would guess that he played a lot of cards and chess?

      • Bilal Prince-Ali

        ok then…. so are you assuming chess and cards increased his level of violence yes..?

        • No, I just guessed what he might have played at the time. Crazy people will do crazy shit no matter if they play games or not.

          • Bilal Prince-Ali

            EXACTLYY!! That’s the perfect analogy i always say!! lol crazy people will always do crazy things!!! lool

          • Yes, that´s how it is. And crazy people have existed since the dawn of time (sadly enough).

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