SJWs and political correctness is the cancer of this world

When I first started back in May last year I had yet to know the wrath of the SJW movement (and third wave feminists for that matter). However, due to the fact that I have published a handful of “controversial” articles (which caught their attention very early on) for TGG (articles such as “South Park keeps on trolling PC Bros and SJWs in the “Safe Space” episode“, “Dead or alive 5: Last Round – Season pass 2 – Sexism Vs none sexism” and “The whine and rants over Cortana´s “nude” looks in Halo 5: Guardians” with many more). I´ve gotten to know them quite well (and more than I would like too).

Well, let´s just say that I have had my fair share of disputes and word exchange with SJWs, PC bros and radical feminists. In fact, just recently three SJWs jumped me on Twitter over my old The Witcher 3 article (I was called all kinds of things, and obviously I´m a sexist bastard as well…). Anyhow, as there has been quite a lot of fuss over censorship and naked skin in games as of lately (Fatal Frame Maiden and Street Fighter V to name a few) I felt like it´s about time that I share my thoughts on the matter. Especially since we have done quite a few interviews on the matter of censorship, freedom of speech and creative freedom just recently (like the interview that we did with Ken Levine and Campfire Games). And in my opinion, things just keep on getting worse and worse when it comes to the SJWs and their demands and “trigger/offensive alarms”. Seriously, the SJW movement is like the real-life version of LOTR´s eye of Sauron (once they see something that they don´t like, all hell will break lose). And nothing (or no one) seems to be safe from them either. No matter if it´s games, movies, comics, animes, mangas or even real-life ads. Hell, even trigger warning signs trigger the SJWs now.

And feel free to correct me if I´m wrong now, but is there anything that doesn´t trigger or offend these people? (sjws, PC Bros, third wave feminists). I highly doubt it (even Halloween seems to offend them?). Funny enough though, I´ve gotten to know quite a few people from Japan and South Korea thanks to the SJWs. As they find the Western SJW cancer to be really fascinating and interesting, some of them even follow the SJW movement like a reality TV-show (that´s how they find me, via my videos, articles and tweets) .

Asian Gamers and game developers care very little about SJWs and political correctness 

dead or alive xtreme 3 fortune and venus

DOAX3: Fortune (PS4, $73/66 Euro) and Venus (PSV, $64.99/58.89 Euro) is set for a release in Asia in February next year. And the games will cost about $73/66 Euro.

That´s just the half of it though, because besides talking about SJWs and their rants and outbursts. My new-found Japanese, South Korean friends also had me know that people care very little (to none) about the stuff that the Western feminists and SJWs whine about. And censorship in games is pretty much unheard of in Asia as well (especially in Japan and South Korea). And speaking of which, I don´t know if you guys (and girls) are into Team Ninja´s and Koei Tecmo “Dead or Alive” series? But if you are, then you might remember my old “Dead or Alive Xtreme 3” article? Long story short, for a while everyone thought that DOAX3 would be a for Asia only” title to the end of time. Well, that might actually be the case. However, just recently Play-Asia announced that they would start to sell multi-language editions of DOAX3: Fortune and Venus (which are 100% uncensored, and English subs and the original Japanese voice overs will be included as well).

In fact, these are Play-Asia´s own words:

“Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 will be releasing with subtitles in multiple languages (Chinese, English, Japanese) for the Asia region, without additional censorship. Voices will remain in Japanese. Multi-language options are available for the PS4 and PS Vita, as well as Collector’s Editions.”Play-Asia

However, if Team Ninja and Koei Tecmo ever come around to release a PAL (or US) version of DOAX3: Fortune and Venus. Then there is a high risk of censorship:   

“Finally, Dead Or Alive Xtreme 3 is currently a Japanese/Asian Region exclusive, although if a Western release happens, according to Koei Tecmo, it will be an “adjusted” version. What this actually means though, is highly based on the assumption of censorship; in the meantime, these versions are the only sure bet for the original xtreme experience.” – Play-Asia

dead or alive xtreme 3 fortune 2dead or alive xtreme 3 fortune 3dead or alive xtreme 3 fortune 1dead or alive xtreme 3 fortune 4

We don´t want censored games, thank you very much

In other words, if you want to enjoy 100% uncensored Asian games (no matter if it´s due to sex, naked skin or very violent content). Then do yourself a big favor and import those games directly from Asia (South Korea or Japan for most part). Personally, I´ve been doing that since the 90s (my uncle got me hooked up on Japanese PS1 games back in the days). I have to admit that my Japanese are still very bad though (shame on me), however, luckily enough for me. Many Asian games have multi-language options nowadays. Anyhow, I have never quite understood why feminists, SJWs and PC Bros care so much for fictional boobs, sex and naked skin? I mean, if they don´t like games that offer content like that. Then why don´t they just buy and enjoy games that have no such content? And just leave the rest of us to enjoy the games which WE love to play.

And why do the SJW, PC bros and feminists always assume that it´s “just” white straight men who enjoy games of this kind? Because I´ll have you know that there are quite a few females out there that enjoy games such as DOA5, The Witcher 3, HuniePop and DOA Xtreme (no matter if their straight, gay or bi). So the SJWs are pretty much destroying the fun for everyone really. As for the radical feminists, I have noticed that they have somewhat kidnapped the female sexuality and the female body. As they love to tell how females (real as fictional ones) should look, dress and behave. Not only that, feminists also find attractive (read “sexy) female game characters to be extremely sexist (thus the “sexist” game design rants). Well, you know what? There is a big difference between fiction, fantasy and reality. And I see no problem with games such as “The Witcher 3”, DOA5 and “Dead or Alive Xtreme 3”, as long as you can tell the difference between reality and fantasy. Well, I think you get my point.

the witcher 3 sexist game design

“Sexist” game design Vs “Feminst” game design.

The real world Vs Gaming fantasy worlds and characters

Another funny thing that I´ve been thinking about. How comes that the SJWs never complain about the male characters in games? I mean, there are plenty of buff and attractive male characters out there. Even so, it seems like “sexism” and “sexist” game design only exist “if” it involves females. And be honest with me now, wouldn´t you much rather watch (or be) an attractive game character than an ugly one? (male as female). And what about the real-life women who are sexy and attractive? Shall they all cover up their looks and physical appearances or what? (so that they don´t offend or trigger anyone). Well, think and say what you want about Asia, but they sure as hell have the balls to stand up against SJWs and political correctness (the same can be said about South America and the Slavic countries as well).  In short, Asia doesn’t have these “Western problems”. And I hardly doubt that they cry themselves to sleep over it either.

From one thing to another, I also find it funny that the SJWs have called #GamerGate for bullies and haters for over a year’s time now, because let me tell you who the real bullies and haters are. They are spelled SJWs, PC Bros and radical feminists. As they love censorship and to bully people to silence. Don´t get me wrong now, I think it´s perfectly fine to disagree with other people´s opinions (including my own). However, it´s NOT alright to threaten anyone because they hold a different opinion then you do, nor have Internet mobs coming after you for the very same reason. Personally, I have never ever threatened or insulted anyone. So I do not think that I deserved the treatment that I recived from the SJWs last week. And I don´t know if it´s just me, but most of these people seem to be very aggressive and violent minded?

Anyhow, this was everything that I had to say about this matter for now. So I´m just going to wrap all of this up by quoting two Youtube users who commented on the “Dead Or Alive Xtreme 3” and “Fatal Frame: Maiden of blackwater videos (as I found their comments to be really spot on).

With that said, feel free to share your thoughts and opinions with us in the comment section down below!     

“I love the fact that Team Ninja just doesn’t give a fuck” Guybrush Threepwood (not that Threepwood), on Dead Or Alive Xtreme 3

“Thanks Nintendo, you saved me from seeing a girl in a bikini… I was terrified I might be corrupted or something.”sausagesausage, on Fatal frame maiden of blackwater censorship


This is a personal opinion of the writer, and it doesn’t necessarily represent the other writers (nor The Gaming Ground´s) opinions.

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Robin “V-Act” Ek
The Gaming Ground
Twitter: @TheGamingGround

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