Why hate when you can love?

Before I even start I just want to point out that this is not going to be a review of the “Safe Space” episode, and I will do my very best to avoid any spoilers. In fact, I will only focus on the aftermath that followed once the “Safe Space” episode had aired yesterday. So, with that said, let´s rock shall we? One more thing before I kick off though. When I wrote my “South Park season 19 “Stunning and Brave” – The swan song of the SJWs and PC bro´s” article. It was somewhat unclear if Matt Stone and Trey Parker had gone soft on us or not (a lot of fans feared that South Park would become a more political correct show, due to the nature and outcome of the “Stunning and Brave” episode). Luckily enough for us though, that was absolutely not the case. And Stone and Parker sure proved that once more in Episode 5 (“safe space”, Season 19) of South Park.

As the political incorrectness is just as high (if not more) than the previous episodes in season 19. And I´m talking about everything from “body shaming” (Protein World “Are you beach body ready”?), “safe space” (Reddit, Twitter, Facebook?) to “starving children in the third-world” (The war in Syria?). However, I have no memory of seeing this many rants, violent outbursts and hateful tweets over any of the previous South Park episodes (season 19). So I think it´s safe to say that Parker and Stone hit a nerve (or two) with the “Safe Space” episode. As the PC Bros and SJWs went full berserk mode on Twitter earlier today, thus tweets such as these (for more examples, see South Park´s offical Twitter account):

south park safe space hate part 1

Some people like South Park, some don´t. There is no need to hate though.

south park safe space hate part 2

I´m sorry to break it for you, but South Park isn’t going to be canceled pal.

south park safe space hate part 3

I think someone needs to calm down quite a bit. It´s just a cartoon show after all.

The trolling must continue, and political correctness should always be fought wherever it exists 

Don´t get me wrong now, people are of course free to speak up their mind about things (freedom of speech). I just find it rather strange that people can hate a cartoon show so much. Because that´s exactly what South Park is, a cartoon show. Sure, South Park has always used a lot of dark humor, political correctness and satire to prove many of the points which the show has presented to its audience since the very start (1997). Nevertheless, that´s what South Park is all about, and the show was never EVER meant to be taken seriously either. In fact, the sole purpose of the show is to entertain and to make fun out of taboo subjects. In short, South Park has been acting as a political correctness air cleaner for over 18 years time now. And think what you want about Donald Trump, but his at least right about the part that political correctness (and being politically correct) is dangerous. As it makes it really hard for people to joke or talk about politically incorrect subjects, without risking huge setbacks (losing your job, family, friends, etc.). As “some” people like to play “political correctness police officers” on the Internet (and in your everyday life).

So in my opinion, Matt Stone and Trey Parker deserves some kind of “political incorrect” award for their achievements with South Park. Speaking of which, shortly after all those “I hate South Park, fu**ing faggot twats” tweets went live. The official South Park Twitter account kept on trolling the haters with tweets such as this (yes, you can actually buy yourself some PC BRO cloths via South Parks homepage right now if you feel like it):

south park safe space randy

I feel safe in my safe space, in my very own echo chamber…

south park safe space steven seagal

Not even Steven Seagal is safe from the South Park crew xD

south park clothes

Yep, you can now buy your very own PC Bro clothes via the South Park shop.

So what do I think about all of this? Well, right off the bat, I would say that I respect Stone, Trey and the South Park team a whole lot (as there are very few people who even dare to do half of the stuff that they do). As for the haters of South Park, why don´t they just stop watching the show if they hate it so much? I mean, I don´t torture myself by watching the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” show (which I don´t like), well. You get my point. However, there is one thing that I’m not 100% sure about though. And that would be the PC Bro clothes. Don´t get me wrong, I love the clothes. Still, I can´t help to wonder how long it will take before someone gets arrested (sued? Fired? Attacked by SJWs/feminists?) for wearing some of South Parks PC Bro cloths in public?

With that said, what are your thoughts on Episode 5 (“Safe Space”), season 19 of South Park, the PC Bro clothes and the South Park haters? Let us know your opinions in the comment section down below! 


This is a personal opinion of the writer, and it doesn’t necessarily represent the other writers (nor The Gaming Ground´s) opinions.

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Robin “V-Act” Ek
The Gaming Ground
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6 Comments ON " South Park keeps on trolling PC Bros and SJWs in t... "
  • NightmareNear

    There was so much salt on Twitter about this episode. It’s hilarious. Especially the stuff like with Twitter’s “shadowbanning” tweets that they find offensive for 24 hours.

    • True, I wonder if South Park will be able to top the “Safe Space” episode though xD

  • Dawn Blast

    Oh Man, if we could find away to harness their rage into energy, we’d somehow prevent the Heat Death of the Universe! Maybe then these SJW morons will finally do something Useful!

    • Someone pointe out that we should send them to another dimension (a German scientist is actually working on a technology like that).

  • Justin Pickering

    Parker and Stone are two of the most brilliant satirsts ever to live. They remind is that if humor and self expression is to be TRULY unfettered, then ANYTHING goes and NOTHING is sacred. A satirists job is not to be funny. It is to remind us how small and insignificant are problems are, how small we are in an infinite universe and how the solution to dealing with the empty vastness that drives us mad is to laugh. Jimmy Buffet once wrote in his hit song “Changes in Latitudes, Changes In Attitudes” that “if we couldn’t laugh we would all go insane….” PC IS about stifling free speech. Here’s how democracy works. I am a highly educated liberal leaning professional who owns a home, is married and has several businesses. I dislike Neo Nazi hate speech. It’s abhorrent. People shouldn’t talk that way. BUT… since we live in a democracy that Neo Nazi has just as much of a right to rant and rave about Jews in the media and banking ruining the world. Before you get your panties in a wad and say I am advocating anti semitism, let me remind you I am illustrating a point about freedom. Either speech is free and unrestricted or it is not. There is no middle ground. It is logically impossible to argue that in America we have true free speech. What we really have is a nation where the tyranny of the minority rules. And I don’t mean racial minority. I mean numerical minority. In America, our whole media machine stops on a dime and gets everyone hyper focused on issues of race, identity politics, etc. The expectation is always the same: the larger number of people are expected to stop what they are doing, stop being who they are, and change their habits and customs around instantly. Why should this be? Because there was slavery 500 years ago? Some group throughout human civilization has always stepped on some other group’s throats. It’s not just white males. There have been African dictators, Mongolian genocides, Japanese wars, and on and on. But because these facts are inconvenient and antithetical to the PC agenda, they are omitted. Trey Parker and Matt Stone are a little older than me. They are not racist. They are good guys with razor sharp senses of humor reminding all the people of the world to stop taking themselves so seriously. We are all human. We all poop, pee, have sex, get angry, try our best, and in general we share the same dreams. I am anti-PC, but not anti-human, anti-gay, anti-black, anti-Muslim or anti-immigration. I am against someone… anyone…. a boss, a fellow citizen, a politician, a religious leader telling me what to say. My words are my creative mechanism and I’ll be damned if anyone is going to pull strings and make my mouth into their puppet. If upholding the ideals that anyone should be allowed aNY creative expression they want makes me racist, privileged, and evil, then so be it. I will be, as a white man, all those things you need me to be in order for you do deal with being so afraid on the inside. And, when they day comes that YOUR freedom is called into question or your creative abilities censored or you are the victim of this Communist tyranny, I will stand beside you and fight for your rights. Because that’s who we are supposed to be as Americans. We’re supposed to stand up for our ideals, not tear them to shreds. Practicing extreme PC is most certainly a rejection of core American values. Don’t take my word for it. Read the work of famous Feminist author and Nobel prize winner in literature Doris Lessing. Lessing belives that PC is just an extension of the Communist party line from the 1940s. Yes… a female feminist Nobel prize winner thinks that. For me, that pretty much trumps the opinion of anyone out there ever. Doris Lessing would have LOVE South Park. She’d wink at Trey and Matt anDamon say “good job boys! Well done!” I’ve been watching South Park evolve since I was 18 and I could not be more proud of Parker and Stone. They stand for values that we seem to be forgetting. Here’s to another 100 seasons of South Park!

    • First of all, thank you very much for taking your time to write your long comment. And secondly, I have been a fan of South Park since the very first episode aired in Sweden. So I agree with you, and I also believe that Stone and Parker are bringing in some much-needed political correctness to the global table. Especially nowadays, since we have “safe spaces” and people who are “triggered” and offended” by everything and nothing.

      However, our world is in great need of more people like Stone and Parker. So I truly hope that more people will have the balls to do what they do.

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