SJW´s VS Japanese developers and publishers

I have been saying for over a year’s time now that SJW movement would become a huge problem for the games industry. And at this very moment, it´s worse than ever before. And I´m talking about everything from censorship, anti freedom of speech and anti creative freedom. In fact, it has now gone so far that even Japanese developers and publishers are bending over for the SJWs and feminists demands and rants. Actually, that´s a really hot topic right now. As a handful of gaming sites and communities is blaming the SJWs´s for Capcom decision to self-censor “Street Fighter V”. In the matter of fact, Yoshinori Ono (the producer of SFV) made an official “explanation” to why Capcom removed R-Mika´s butt slap just recently. And this is what Ono said:

“We didn’t make any change because of external influences. Those changes came up internally,”

“We decided to remove [R. Mika’s butt slap] because we want the biggest possible number of people to play, and we don’t want to have something in the game that might make someone uncomfortable.” – Yoshinori Ono, SFV producer Capcom

capcom street fighter 5 censorship

Does anyone actually buy that excuse?

capcom r mika butt slap

Capcom did not censor any of R-Mika´s moves or animations in “Street Fighter Alpha 3”. So why did they have to do that to her in SFV?

I don´t know about you, but that´s the most stupid thing I´ve ever heard. “We don’t want to have something in the game that might make someone uncomfortable.”As far as I know R-Mika didn´t make anyone feel “uncomfortable” when “Street Fighter Alpha 3” was released back in 1998, at least not so much that Capcom had to censor the game. Nevertheless, it seems like “some” people are very easily “triggered” and “offended” nowadays. And sadly enough, the loud minority is setting all the rules for the games industry at the moment (what´s okay, and what´s not). So if these “groups” get offended or triggered by something, then they will do whatever they can in order to force censorship upon the developers and publishers in question. That´s also why we´re having all these intense conflicts at the moment.

street fighter 5 r mika capcom

Capcom did not answer my question, but now we all know why they have started to censor SFV.

street fighter v censorship nonsense

Exactly, Capcom might as well remove all the fighting aspects from SFV. You know, to make the game more “inclusive”.

I mean, how messed up is it when Huniepot and Play-Asia have to step in and defend Team Ninja and Koei Tecmo´s DOAX3? Not only that, the new trend seems to be that Gamers have to start petitions in order to stop Japanese developers from self-censoring their own games for the Western market (or to get a Western release of the Japanese game in question). A perfect example of that would be the DOAX3 and SFV R-Mika butt-slap petition, because How crazy isn’t that on a scale 1 to 10? (those petitions shouldn´t even have to exist, in my opinion). Nevertheless, that´s how far things have gone now in the games industry thanks to the SJW movement. So it´s about time that we (the Gaming community) do something about it, because if it´s like this now. Then I don´t even want to think about how things will look in the games industry one year henceforth.

nadeshiko and mika split street fighter v censorship

So much for that split attack move.

Feminist game design Vs sexist game design, and the hard truth behind the “I´m triggered” and “I´m offended” rants

And now it´s time for a little confession on my behalf. You see, for the last couple of months I have not spoken up about my encounters with the SJW´s (and quite a few crazy feminists). However, that´s just about to change with this article. For starter, I have been called a women hater, a sexist, a**hole and a worthless piece of sh**. Other than that, one crazy SJW guy even said that he would bash my head in after he ever meets me in real life (nice people indeed). My point would be this. These people are extremely aggressive and violent (most of them seem to be rather insane as well).

feminist game design

It seems like the more ugly a female game character is, the better it is (SJW and feminist logic).

the witcher 3 sexist game design

“Sexist” game design Vs “Feminist” game design.

So if they get triggered and offended by my (our) words. Then it´s no surprise that they go absolutely nuts over video games, movies, comic books or whatever. However, SJWs seems to focus solely on naked skin, booty and sex (especially if it has anything to do with females). As for violence, they don’t seem to care all that much about it (Jonathan McIntosh has complained about Fallout 4 and Doom 4 though). And I´m going to tell you the hard truth why they go nuts over naked skin and beautiful video game females. It´s simply because most SJW´s and feminists looks really bad in real life. Yes, their jealous of sexy female game characters. Don´t believe me? Just use Google search, check out FB, Twitter, G+ and so on (I double dare you to visit Tumblr!).

the hard truth about street fighter v

I bet that´s the real reason behind why SJW´s and feminists whine over R-Mika´s butt-slap.

capcom street fighter 5 r mika trigger

That´s a really good point, and I would pick R-Mika over a guy who wanted to lube me up any day of the week.

So I guess that the SJW´s is taking out all their anger on game developers and the publishers who support (and create) games, which offer attractive females (thus the up rise of censorship, boycotts and unreleased Japanese games in the West). I guess that´s also the reason why “self-censoring” has become a trend among game developers nowadays (especially Japanese game developers). And I´m not just talking about Japanese game studious either, take Lab Zero Games for example. They also claimed that their urge to make some “changes” to “SkullGirls” was an internal” decision (just like in the case with SFV and Capcom).

lab zero games

I had “almost” forgotten about this post by Lab Zero Games.

I can´t say that I buy into that explanation, because Lab Zero Games isn’t exactly the only game studio that has said those exact words (Capcom´s SFV is another example of “internal” changes). In other words, both Capcom and Lab Zero Games claim that their changes had nothing to do with external influences (pressure and rants from the SJW movement, feminists, the Western media and so on). And keep in mind that Team Ninja wrote the following on the Facebook page back in November:

“We do not bring DOAX3 to the west and won’t have any plan change in the future. Thank you for asking.

Do you know many issues happening in video game industry with regard to how to treat female in video game industry? We do not want to talk those things here. But certainly we have gone through in last year or two to come to our decision. Thank you.”Team Ninja, via their Facebook page

And since I´m not a naive fool, I don´t buy into Lab Zero Games or Capcom´s excuse about removing content from their games due to “internal” changes (“Skullgirls” and “SFV” in this case).

1 Million Gamers Strong For Japanese Gaming

I know that it´s hard to feel any hope or comfort at the moment, but there is indeed a light to be found in the dark despite what I have just written. And please allow me to explain to you what I mean by that. You see, Oliver Campbell (Co-Author of Rabbit in the Road & The Twisted World) and a lot of Gamers have kicked off a movement called “1 Million Gamers Strong For Japanese Gaming” (#1MillionGamersStrong for short). Which basically is a movement consisting of Gamers, who would like to send a message to Japanese game developers (and publishers). That they shouldn´t listen all that much to what the Western media tells them. Especially when it comes to big gaming sites such as Polygon, Kotaku and Gamasutra (all of which has taken a piss on Gamers, Japanese games and game developers quite a few times in the past). Anyhow, the 1 Million Gamers Strong movement and petition were created to fight self-censorship from Japanese game publishers and developers.

1 million gamers strong

It´s about time that we put those SJW´s in their place.

In fact, this would be the actual description of the “1 Million Gamers Strong For Japanese Gaming” petition:

“This petition is to show you that we as Westerners do care about your game development and your product, and we want you to keep releasing it here.

It is unfortunate that the political climate in the Western world has led to a situation such as this one, and some of you may be familiar with the idea that currently several large games media outlets have become openly hostile towards the video game community at large. A great deal of us in the West are just as exhausted of it as some Japanese developers have expressed themselves.

It has been found that those content creators who stand up to those actively antagonizing game development in the West are not suffering from decreased sales; if anything their titles have gained increased prominence by not caving to this pressure (one particular game of note , ‘Hatred’ which was released on Steam earlier in 2015 and climbed to the top of sales charts for it).”

western media vs japanese devs part 2

Rami Ismail knows more than well that his not telling the whole truth.

tauriq moosa on sjws

Tauriq Moosa is pretty well-known for his crazy statements and articles.

A united Gaming community and games industry could put an end to the SJW madness in the industry

And for those who think that all the censorship rants is just about digital booty and sexy ladies in video games. You´re wrong and you don´t see the bigger picture either, because once the SJW´s has removed all the “sexiness” from the games industry. The SJW´s will most likely start to remove something else (video game violence, for example). So it´s all about taking a stand here and now, because tomorrow it might be too late (you can kiss your freedom of speech and creative freedom good bye if something isn´t done about the SJW´s). Just think about it for a moment, because a loss of a butt-slap today might be censorship of authentic historical events, people and symbols tomorrow. For example, take the case with Game-Labs real-time strategy game “Ultimate General: Gettysburg”. The game got removed from the App store due to it´s historic nature (the confederate Army flag in this case). However, Apple brought back the game to the app store again on the 26th of June (mainly because of a lot of angry rants from the Gaming community, and the fact that GOG and Steam sold “Ultimate General: Gettysburg” on their sites).

western media vs japanese game devs part 1

The Western media doesn´t speak for us as a whole (the Gaming community).

Well, what I´m trying to say is that the “Ultimate General: Gettysburg”story could have ended differently, if the Gaming community haven´t acted up on Apple´s decision to ban “Ultimate General: Gettysburg” from the App store. So it´s up to us (Gamers) to take a stand against the SJW movement, and to let the Japanese publishers and developers know that the Western media doesn´t speak for the Western Gaming community as a whole (nor that they should pay all that much attention to what the Western media has to say). Because it´s now or never, so support the 1 Million Gamers Strong For Japanese Gaming petition as soon as possible. And give the SJW´s (and the PC Bro and SJW media establishment) a big digital bitch slap in the process by doing so. And before I wrap this article up, don´t forget to check out LeoPirate´s new video “What are you allowed to show in video games?” (you will find it down below). As the video illustrates perfectly how stupid, the SJW mentality is.

With that said, feel free to share your thoughts and opinions on this subject in the comment section down below!


This is a personal opinion of the writer, and it doesn’t necessarily represent the other writers (nor The Gaming Ground´s) opinions.

tgg author avatar robin ek
Robin “V-Act” Ek
The Gaming Ground
Twitter: @TheGamingGround

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64 Comments ON " The SJW movement is destroying the games industry,... "
  • Motherfucking Deadpool!

    I always laugh when SJW’s claim they are gamers. I play games since I was 5 years old and the one thing I never want is someone dictating my hobby and as Ron Ron Gilbert once said:
    “You have to do what you want to do, and you have to do what you think is the right thing to do and what you think is the best thing to do. People who like what you do and are fans of your work are just going to like what you do as long as you do something true to yourself”.
    See that Timmääh? Thats your friend and former business partner whos work you nowadays take credit for.

    But I digress…What I want to say is that we are gamers, we like to play games. These fucknuts challenged us to a game. What do we want when we plays a game? We want to win it! specially when we are in the right! I hope you are ready for it SOCJUS anti-gamers!

    • QuothTheRaven

      I always roll my eyes when people complain about “SJWs” and go to any lengths necessary to blame absolutely anyone except for the corporation that made the actual decision. Even if we were to accept your narrative about SJWs doing it, the lion’s share of the blame still rests with whoever at Capcom made the actual decision. If they can’t deal with the opinions of some bloggers on another continent, maybe they shouldn’t be in the game development business. Capcom (and Koei-Tecmo) are actual adults who can make decisions for themselves and take responsibility, and we shouldn’t have to “protect” them from outside opinions. If the whole thing with Mega Man Legends 3 is any indication, Capcom is if anything determined to totally ignore what outside people have to say and do whatever they feel like.

      • Motherfucking Deadpool!

        This is going to be a long post:
        I know that. Its like with liars, it takes 2 people to lie 1 that lies and the other one who believes it.
        Its the same situation with developers, since the gaming community has been split into two camps (not the first time, since Thompson also had a lot of supporters) the devs need to choose if they are for the gamers or for the posers. And I call the posers aince real gamer complains about being fucked by devs (capcoms DLC on the disc BS for example) but not about sexy women. Its pure hypocrisy since men get sexualized in games too.
        Typical feminazi response: BUT WYMONZ GET EXPLOITED MOAR!!!!
        Its called a target audience. If someone doesn’t like violence, would the person play MK? No. So why complain about sexy women if they wouldn’t play the game anyway?

        Example: I’m not a fan of the Disgaea games. Does that mean I want them changed, censored or banned? Absoluetly not!
        If they don’t like it they should simply not play it. Just because Anita Hitler says “Don’t play it doesn’t count! its sexist therefore it must be banned!”.

        Tarantinos movies are racist does that mean they must be banned? No cause its just fiction.

        As I said in another comment if these idiotic developers want to side with the “censor everything” crowd, fine with me. They have their own mind and can choose so. But when the sales drop they can go fuck themselves and should’nt dare ot beg us for forgveness. They made their bed and now they should sleep in it! Third wave Feminazism will eventually die off. They didn’t censor themselves when Lieberman and Thompson saig gamers are statnic/cause violence so why the fuck are they doing it when some pmsing feminazis and eunuchs call for censorship!?

        Long story short: Yes you are right capcom and others could ignore it but they choose to bowdown and wait to be fucked. Its not only SJW’s but also devs themselves who side with them so said devs can fuck off! Plain and simple!
        Fuck that mangina Ono!

        • Well said indeed 😉

        • D’Arcy Rien

          lol You’re so full of shit man. Just because YOU think you’re a real gamer, doesn’t make it true. I’ve played games my whole fucking life – but I don’t agree with ANY of this trash, because you know what? I don’t give a flying fuck about seeing virtual titties in video games, because I actually value real life above some shitty virtual fantasy, unlike you freaks!
          Get your head out of your own arse. These gaming companies can do whatever they like. You morons are absolutely a minority – so of course they’re going to serve the wider audience. Too bad. Suck it up, or go fuck yourself you pathetic slob.

          • Sevuz

            Yeah you ain’t arrogant yourself at all. Nope not you, you are just a nice guy dropping by with a few philosophical words. Not being a Troll or a dick at all, nope not you.

    • Most of them aren’t, there are plenty of tweets where they mess up names, events, facts and so on. They are just fu**ing posers. In fact, some of them even have tattoos of games just for the fun of it (it´s a trend now, hipster bullshit).

      • Motherfucking Deadpool!

        These posers make me sick.
        But what makes me happy is when they attack you for calling their Z-List heroes Wesley Crusher and Felicia Whats her face what they are: P.O.S.E.R.S.
        I made a little wimp butthurt on youtube for saying the only reason Felicia Day is in the heroes of the storm commerciakl is because her buddy Crusher hosted Blizzcon this year.

        Fun Fact: I din’t even say it to make people angry but because I think thats the reason she was in teh commercial. Of course her fame leeching rat faced brother is also in it.

        What does one fraud say to the other? You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.

        • Ckyntosh

          I always laugh about those who play this kind of crap ..don’t care about justice warriors least they bother those suckers who play games like dead or alive ..fucking miserable comunity hahahahahaha

          • D’Arcy Rien

            Haha exactly Ckyntosh. Only fat neckbeards and otakus actually enjoy games like DoA: Beach Volley Ball. It’s fucking hilarious that you have the gall to call others “posers” – nope, it’s YOU who are the “posers”, claiming that you’re the only “real gamers” – fuck’s sake, what are you, a high school student? Because that’s some fucking petty high-school drama bullshit right there.
            Only absolute morons with no lives care about being “competitive” or “good” at video games. The rest of us just play them for fun, and laugh at you delusional fatsos getting your knickers in a knot over the most trivial, pathetic shit – eg, EVERYTHING mentioned in this “article”.

          • Sevuz

            You are such a mature inspirational individual. A crown achievement of humanity…

  • Motherfucking Deadpool!

    Also fuck Yoshihiro Ono. I thought the guy was good but he is just a little bitch kneeling down when a group of femtards cries muh soggy knees.
    A guy named Joel Anderson told me in the comment section of your ‘A response to the do not censor Street Fighter V petition for Rainbow Mika’s butt-slap’ article that the american localizer for capcom is a muslim (of all people) who might have suggested that the butt slap is too much!
    Keep that in mind a guy of the religion that constantly rapes women and children (I don’t say all of them are like that but TBF most of them are) says a butt slap of a female animated character is TOO MUCH!!!

    Fuck Crapcom! All Hail Harada!

    • Funny that you mention Ono. Check this comment out It seems like Ono is full of bs. For real? This is beyond creepy, because I had thoughts about that last night. I can´t say that I´m surprised to hear this. As that particular “group” loves to whine just as much as the SJWs and feminist do (they also love to kill you if you cross their path or don´t agree with them). So I´m kind of curious to find out what Donald Trump will do “if” he becomes the president of America next year.

    • D’Arcy Rien

      Awww, sad that you don’t get to see your virtual crush’s computer-animated butt? I don’t often say this, but – kill yourself, you fucking retard. People like you are so cut off from reality it’s fucking repulsive.

      • Chad Tyler Meadows

        Lol you edgy tryhard. I wish I’d run into you little wankers in real life. I would smash your face in without breaking a sweat.

        Nobody is impressed with your internet posing. You’re some weak 120 lb nerd or an overweight sjw.

        Don’t talk trash you can’t back up you petulant child.

        • Don´t take it to heart man, that guy is just trolling around for chills.

  • Those Dragon Age: Inquisition screenshots look like console screenshots.

  • Greg

    The removal of a butt slap animation heralds the destruction of the game industry…Is there any place or group in this country open to have nuanced discussion anymore? Everything in America just seems to be getting more and more absurd and extreme.

    • I would say Russia, Japan or most parts of Latin America.

      • Greg

        Those happen to be outside the country.

        • Ah -_- Same here, I´m from Sweden (the land of Tumblr).

          • Greg

            I’m sorry, but I’m still confused and would like to understand you. I’m not pleased with either extreme of “butt slaps trigger me” and the “removal butt slaps triggers me”. Are you saying there is room for nuanced debate in these countries (I would remove Russia from the list since the state owns all major news sources and physical attacks on journalists and what have you) or are just saying “lol no dumb SJWs ruining butt slaps in these places!”?

          • I´m not triggered by the butt-slap, and I think that Capcom should put it back into the game. There are very little to not PC, feminist and SJW mentality in Japan, Russia and Latin America. And people like that get called out on their bs all the time over there. In short, people have balls there.

          • Greg

            “I´m not triggered by the butt-slap”
            “The SJW movement is destroying the games industry”

            Now I get it. In any case you sound pretty triggered but what evs.

          • Good thing that 😉 I would rather say that I´m “concerned” than anything else. Since these people affect freedom of speech, creative freedom and they also love censorship a whole lot.

    • Merc Ekitz

      You can pretty much talk abut anything with me and GG and a lot of us wont lose our fucking minds when the matrix programming that isn’t there cant compute.

    • Paul Chach Mcarthy

      The fact they removed something so trivial as a butt slap animation proves the articles point.

      • Greg

        If it doesn’t matter how does its removal negatively affect anything? You can’t call it trivial and a herald of destruction all at the same time.

    • The damaging effects of the PCification of video games are extremely broad and deep … the butt slap is just one tiny example. You don’t realize how bad it is because you’re already living the current status quo as your new cultural mental benchmark of what’s “normal” .. similar to how in some cultures it’s considered “normal” to cover women entirely.

      • Greg

        The damaging effects of the PCification of video games are so broad and deep you fail to mention them, got it.

        • Disqus is blocking long comments, that’s why. Considering preparing essay with longer response.

          • Greg

            You couldn’t break your screed down to some bullet points?

  • Merc Ekitz

    Its the fuckin end if we cant put a stop to this once and for all. no more censorship!!

  • Mikko L.

    Can real gamers win this fight?

    Personally, I just buy non-SJW games. I’m thinking: no money spent on SJW or SJW-influenced games, then a fewer amount of those games pop-up in the future.

    • Yes, we can. And yes, we will. However, that is a good practice on your behalf. So keep on rolling like that.

    • D’Arcy Rien

      lol, Real gamers? Go fuck yourselves. I bet all you play is one-dimensional commercial trash like CoD, Destiny and Battlefield. Y’all are just fucking arrogant whiners – and no doubt you’re all morbidly obese. Most gamers don’t want what you want. Suck it up or move on with your life – if you can, hahaha. So pathetic.

      • Sevuz

        Nothing like a Troll. Nothing but insults and being a prick. Nice work -__-‘
        If you are gonna Troll at least be original instead of sounding like a 12 old schoolyard bully

        • There are a lot of feminist shills trolling this discussion to push their agenda, she’s obviously one of them. Stigmatizing (e.g. calling anti-SJW men losers/neckbeards etc.) is just one of their propaganda tactics to control people.

  • D’Arcy Rien

    lol. Big deal. Not really, not a big deal in the slightest. I can’t believe you’d get so worked up over something like this. Absolutely pathetic, just as pathetic or even more so than these so-called “Social Justice Warriors”. To care about something like this, you must be a fat, lonely neckbeard – there’s simply no other possibility. If you were even somewhat attractive and reasonably confident there’s no way you would feel this way about this completely inconsequential subject. So what if you can’t see virtual boobs and whatnot? Nobody cares man! It’s not a big deal, and all the whining in the world won’t convince anyone otherwise – except perhaps other obese morons like you!
    So, so pathetic. Go outside. Interact with real people. Game designers will make whatever games they want to – and they will bow to whatever pressure they choose to. If you want to make an impression on “game-dev” (as one of these neckbeard imbeciles so risibly phrased it), produce your own games. If you’re so goddamn immature that you really want to see “sexual” shit animated and rendered by a computer in a video game, then go ahead, do it. But some of us have grown out of our crushes on anime characters. There’s absolutely no reason for any kind of sexual content to be featured in video games, unless you’re a sad sack who can’t get any in real life. Video games are a superficial distraction – nothing more. PS: If you mature at ALL in the intervening years, trust me – you will look back on this “article” and cringe deeply and profoundly at how indisputably pathetic you used to be. But perhaps you’ll never get over these infantile little grievances.

    • You must be the most stupid twat that I´ve ever seen. Nevertheless, I´ll bless you with my response as you seem to be retarded beyond belief:

      “lol. Big deal. Not really, not a big deal in the slightest. I can’t believe you’d get so worked up over something like this”

      – Your opinion, not mine.

      “. To care about something like this, you must be a fat, lonely neckbeard – there’s simply no other possibility.”

      – No, no and more no. Yes, there is, you are wrong.

      “If you were even somewhat attractive and reasonably confident there’s no way you would feel this way about this completely inconsequential subject.”

      – According to who? You? I don´t give a damn what you or anyone else think. I think and do what I want.

      ” So what if you can’t see virtual boobs and whatnot? Nobody cares man!”

      – You really do suck at this, don´t you? Please try harder sweetheart, because I couldn´t care less.

      ” except perhaps other obese morons like you! ”

      – I´m not fat boyo, so try again.

      “Game designers will make whatever games they want to”

      – Correct, and since the SJW´s are losing in country after country. We will see more games like DOAX3 in the near future.

      ” If you want to make an impression on “game-dev” (as one of these neckbeard imbeciles so risibly phrased it), produce your own games.”

      – I don´t have to, since there are devs out there that makes the games that I want to play.

      “If you’re so goddamn immature that you really want to see “sexual” shit animated and rendered by a computer in a video game, then go ahead, do it. ”

      – Did your mom drop you a lot as a child? Who are you to tell me and others what we should play and not play? Go back to your safe space and stay there.

      “There’s absolutely no reason for any kind of sexual content to be featured in video games, unless you’re a sad sack who can’t get any in real life.”

      – Wrong again, I got laid with a hot chick via an online game at an early age.

      “. Video games are a superficial distraction – nothing more”

      – It´s a hobby, entertainment and a way to escape reality for a while. So, yeah, no shit Sherlock.

      “If you mature at ALL in the intervening years, trust me – you will look back on this “article” and cringe deeply and profoundly at how indisputably pathetic you used to be. But perhaps you’ll never get over these infantile little grievances.”

      – You don´t know me, so don´t run your damn mouth about shit you don´t know. Furthermore, I regret NOTHING.

    • Sevuz

      If you don’t care about these type of games or content, then what are you doing on this site?

    • Hi Anita, excessive cultural puritanism and taboos vs freedom of expression are actually very important; this is one reason the art world has a long tradition of rendering nudity as a last holdout against oppressive censorship. You dismiss this as unimportant but deep down you must know it’s important as your posts show a highly emotional reaction, as well as tyrannical bullying of those around you to force them to conform to your ideological preferences.

  • TimeTravelingCow

    I’ve been playing games for a very long time. Sexist tropes where they depict females as objects of sexuality, motive for revenge, or weak in general, is boring. As a child, I was very influenced by 1970s, 1980s movies and they all seemed to make women be feeble only happy when rescued or taken care of by men. So much so that I started to believe that women were inferior to men.

    The damsel in distress story is too played out, I’m sure writers in videogames can come up with new ideas.

    As for female sexuality, if there is place for it in the game then there shouldn’t be a double standard and men should also have butt slapping animations in a thong.

    • Merc Ekitz

      They already have those, and your little childhood fears are merely socialized indoctrinated paranoia.

    • It may be “boring” to you, but it’s not to a huge segment of the market, so stop forcing your preferences on everyone (which is what’s happening now) and stop using video games to indoctrinate children to your ideology.

      • TimeTravelingCow

        You don’t seem to realize that certain ideologies has already been forced on us since we were kids and some of us don’t like it. You’re right that there is a huge market for it, but the demographics has changed quite a bit compared to decades ago. Much like the movie industry the videogame industry has room to diversify. I’m not saying we should change the status quo but add to it for other fans.

  • Sam Parson

    In Final Fantasy XIV, I reactivated my account a week ago to play with a friend. After stormblood patch came out, I noticed half my dragoon skills were deleted. I posted a question on the forums asking if this was intentional or a bug…

    When someone said it was intentional, have fun resetting your hotbars… I replied with a joke “geez, now I know how rape victims feel”. I got 3 pages of triggered SJWs (many posts deleted by forum mods) and mass report to ban me. Yup, I was banned for that. Pretty sad.

    • Hi, I’m sorry for the late response. What, for real? Then again, one could get banned for much less on other sites and whatnot (*cough* NeoGaf *cough*). Hmm, has anyone else been banned for stuff like that in the past?

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ARK: Survival Evolved's second expansion pack “Aberration” launches today for PC, PS4 and Xbox One

ARK: Survival Evolved's second expansion pack “Aberration” launches today for PC, PS4 and Xbox One

Invader Studios officially confirms Facial Mocap technology for "Daymare: 1998"

Invader Studios officially confirms Facial Mocap technology for "Daymare: 1998"

Press release: 12/12/2017 Rome, ITA - Invader Studios from Italy, is an independent software house [...]
Team 17 has released a brand-new trailer for "Yoku’s Island Express"

Team 17 has released a brand-new trailer for "Yoku’s Island Express"

Press release: 12th December 2017, UK – Award-winning international games label Team17 and independ[...]
Interview with CryptidTech Games - Shards of Eradine, Taps of Eradine and thoughts on lewd games

Interview with CryptidTech Games - Shards of Eradine, Taps of Eradine and thoughts on lewd games

You know, there's a lot of truth to the fact that time just flies by when you're having fun. You see[...]
ID software's original "Doom" is now 24 years old

ID software's original "Doom" is now 24 years old

In case you missed it (or didn't know it), ID Software's old-school FPS game "Doom" turned 24-years [...]

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