Please stop censoring our games Capcom

I originally intended to publish this article two days ago. However, I wanted to give Capcom a fair chance to answer my question that I presented to them on Twitter on the 10th of November. As I simply asked @Capcom_UK and @Capcom_Unity the following question:

street fighter 5 r mika capcom

Nope, Capcom did not answer my question.

To be fair though, I didn´t really believe that I would get an answer from neither Capcom Unity or UK nor any other Capcom representative for that matter (I was right). As it seems like they have already made up their minds about R-Mika´s butt-slap and split attack move in “Street Fighter 5” (Capcom also changed Cammy´s crotch view). And you know what?  I think that it was a really cheap move by Capcom, as they didn´t give the Street Fighter fans a fair chance to have a say about the matter (Capcom could have made an online vote poll, or something like that). And to add even more damage to the injury, there are rumors going around that Capcom “might” censor even more female SFV fighters in the future. So “if” there is any truth to that at all, then Laura Matsuda is in the danger zone for sure (and maybe other female SFV fighters as well). Personally I find all of this to be rather hypocritical. As it´s only the female fighters that get censored or altered, but what about the male SFV fighters then? (I´m not asking Capcom to censor them as well, I´m just trying to prove my point) Just take Zangief and Necalli for example, both are buff to the max and wear very little clothes (not to mention all the poses and crotch views that they display in SFV).

Censorship and hypocrisy

My point would be this. It’s always female game characters that get censored, changed or what not. The male game characters, however, they can be half-naked, buff, and show their booty (and whatnot) without anyone even rasing an eyebrow over it. So it seems like feminists, SJWs and PC Bros couldn´t care less about the male game characters. They simply just keep a close eye on the female ones. Sure, some people seem to think that this is just a matter of a “butt-slap” and some booty, but it´s not. It´s a matter of putting the foot down for censorship, and like I´ve said many times before.

If you give the SJWs one finger now, then they will take the whole hand later on. It´s simple really, if you cave in for their demands one time. Then they will demand more things in the near future. I would also like to point out that R-Mika´s butt-slap´s is a taunting move. It´s meant to make fun out of your (Mika´s) opponent (s). Another thing, “Street Fighter 5” has a +13 age rating (I think it´s the same in both North America and EU?). And I hardly doubt that any kids would die from seeing R-Mika´s butt-slap (especially since there´s even worse stuff to be seen on MTV 24/7). And as far as I know, most kids (no matter the age) can go to WWE  and TNA matches right? (or watch them from home). In other words, those kids have probably already seen female’s butt-slap themselves (and others) a thousand times before.

wwe divas

I wonder when WWE will start to censor female butt-slaps in their shows?

One should also ask him or herself why Capcom isn´t making SFV into a “M-rated” game? As Capcom would have to worry less about complains and such that way (and I hardly doubt that SFV would sell less due to a “M-rated” rating, just take GTA5 for example). As for the “sexist game design” and “misogyny” rants, like I stated earlier. Look at the male fighters in SFV, all characters are super buff and attractive (well, for most part) in SFV (males as female). And If you don´t like the game in question, then simply don´t buy the game. It´s as easy as that. I would also like to point out that there will most likely be mods for SFV once the game gets released to PC (the censored parts will be uncensored in no time), and we all know what that means (will the SFV modders be able to top the Dead or Alive 5: Last Round nude mods?). And let´s be honest now shall we. Most people have access to the Internet today. So that means that you could find (real as animated) XXX related content in just a matter of seconds (depending on your Internet speed).  Simply put, I find the whole thing with Capcom censoring R-Mika´s butt-slap to be ridiculous. And I´m far from alone to feel that way as well, thus the fact that people (Street Fighter fans) have, in fact, canceled their SFV pre-orders to show Capcom that they’re not happy with having them censoring their games.

r mika smacks her ass

Will Capcom listen to their fans? Or will R-Mika´s butt-slap remain censored?

The Street Fighter 5 fans wants R-Mika´s butt-slap back, but will Capcom listen?

So what can be done about all of this then? Well, first of all. You should ask yourself the following questions. Are you okay with Capcom censoring “Street Fighter 5”? If not, would you still buy the game and support this kind of behavior? If no, then simply don´t buy the game. As that would send Capcom the message that you´re not okay with this. Other than that, you could always support the petition to bring back R-Mika´s butt-slap. However, even if the “anti-censorship” petition for SFV becomes a huge success (the petition has over 4.100 supporters right now, the goal would be to reach 5,000 supporters). I highly doubt that Capcom will pay all that much attention to it, unless the petition starts to get like 15-30,000 supporters (or something like that). Nevertheless, it´s still a good way to get the word out about the censorship in SFV. And who knows? The petition might actually get 15-30K supporters? Anyhow, this is what the “Do not censor Street Fighter V” page states (the petition was started by Daniel Young):

“Some time recently Capcom chose to censor this Critical Art animation, the original shows Mika slapping her butt to taunt before grabbing, and the final downward slam brings both legs down as is normal in a great deal of wrestling moves. In the newest version, the camera pans up to hide the slap and the severity of the final downward slam is lost as the legs are untouched. We do not want to accept any censorship of this kind, and we do not wish to purchase censored games. This content must remain uncensored, retained in its original form when the game is released, as should all the current content in the beta builds thus far that your company may wish to censor for whatever reason.”

I have to say that the petition description (and goal) are pretty spot on, in my opinion. So I wish Young and his supporters the best of luck (I will sign the petition as well). And one more thing before I wrap this article up. Game developers and publishers should NOT pay close attention to what the “loud minority” rants about. Instead, they should focus and listen to what the players (consumers/community) have to say.

With that said, what do you guys and girls think about all of this? And will you cancel your “Street Fighter 5” pre-order because of Capcom´s censorship? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section down below!

This is a personal opinion of the writer, and it doesn’t necessarily represent the other writers (nor The Gaming Ground´s) opinions.


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The Gaming Ground
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41 Comments ON " A response to the “do not censor Street Figh... "
  • m0r1arty

    I’m all against censoring, but I think on artistic merit grounds Capcom might have made the right move editing this from the final cut.

    I’ve not idea how cartoon-like the other attacks are by the rest of the characters, but to me this just looks silly.

    • Motherfucking Deadpool!

      No idea why they did it but I don’t think it was a FEMINIST censorship since they also changed the split move. If it was just the butt slap and crotch shot then yes but the split makes me believe thyt its not another change that was made just to please witches with hoop earings.

      • m0r1arty

        I think this is where we must show caution, sometimes artists go back on choices they’ve made because it doesn’t fit their final perspective on things.

        In this case I happen to think the slap is a bit silly, now if they removed Chung Li’s spinning bird kick from SF2 then I’d be all over it, but I doubt they ever would, they’re looking to make something just as iconic here but for a new generations.

        Let’s see what its final form is before we judge.

        • Motherfucking Deadpool!

          Exactly! The best example for this is the Conker. They wanted to make another Banjo Kazooie with him called Conquers Quest. During the development they got bored and started from scratch.
          What we got was the funny and underrated classic Conker’s Bad Fur Day

      • I thought about that as well, and I think you´re right. And I´m quite sure that one certain famous “feminist” Gamer critic will make a movie (or two) about “sexism in Street Fighter 5” in the near future.

        • Motherfucking Deadpool!

          100% yes! This is the hypocrite that said “A female Link would revolutionize the industry” and when the almost Link, Linkle came around she was of course like SOGGY KNEES!!!!

          • Spot on there, I saw that tweet the other day. Correct, because if Nintendo had made a female copy & paste version of Link. They would have whined, and now that Nintendo did the right opposite to that (making a unique female character with her own back story). The SJWs and feminists still whined over it. So I´m somewhat curious to find out what kind of female character Nintendo have to make in order to make them happy and sound (“The Scythian” like female characters perhaps?) .

          • Motherfucking Deadpool!

            I think the only reason they hate Linkle is because Pro-GG welcomed her.
            The day she was announced the SOCJUS sheep were like “YES! that will 100% kill Gamergate!!!”.
            The next day: “Gators love her! BOYCOTT THE GAME! Sexist character!!! SOGGY KNEES!!!!!!!!!”

          • That would be the “real” reason behind their change of heart for sure. In other words, “if” GG hadn’t liked Linkle. Then the SJWs and feminists would have approved her?

          • Motherfucking Deadpool!

            People like Nicholas Nyberg would have (since the pedo also loved Feminazi thor) But since most of them are like “Anita is love, Anita is Life” they would still have hated Linkle. I just think it wouldn’t have gone s fast.

            Never forget FF15 Cindy. The first Socjus tweet “lol! that will anger goober gators”. A month later the same guy tweeted: “Fuck this sexist character!”.

          • Sadly enough I know more about Nyberg than I wish I would. I can´t say that I´m all that surprised to hear this. It went really fast I would say. I could be wrong now, but I think that it was just a matter of a couple of hours (counted from the moment that Nintendo announced Linkle for the whole world). It seems like they twist and turn a lot? They say one thing now, then a couple of weeks (or months) later. They say the right opposite to what they said previously?

            For example, just take that tweet about Linkle and the “all mighty” feminist leader (listen and believe), which got tweeted out yesterday. She said one thing first (one year ago, I think), then she said something else shortly after Linkle´s announcement. To be honest, I´m surprised that they don´t trip over their statements and lies more often than they do…

          • Motherfucking Deadpool!

            I think we can summon SOCJUS turds up with one image…

          • A picture of Josh would suffice xD

          • Brandon Shorter

            Think western project to much of the internal western conflict onto japan Linkle had nothing to do with feminism and . Nintendo doesn’t care lol.. was more to do with a typical Japanese business move with a cute blond elf character who “MOE”
            It has nothing Critique or SJW discourse it not a discussion over there and SJW would be upset to find out there complaint about anime or games would rank them in Japanese society along the same level as we group the crazy homeless people who shout Jesus and UFOS , or the average Japanese person might think they are some weird white people Cult (Since they virtually see Christianity as basically a Halloween cult ). There no mystery behind Nintendo design or why they did it . Link looks like a girl . Cute is King in Japan (you got popular game where all the dynasty heroes are all cute girls ,games about cute girls turning into submarines lol. it simply that ) But Japanese business rarely radically change a character or reboot them , hence the creation of a look alike., Cute Elf Zelda game might actually make the game more popular with Japanese gamer since Link has never been as popular there as it is in the USA . Gina-tam had a whole 3 episode series where the main character was a hot chick for 3 days because a cult had decided to switch all the gender of the main characters and that a kid show . Japan is a different world essentially and that the Issue SJW have none of there assumption consensus translate or work thus having no effect in japan , and there desperate people begging the UN to help them force there will on japan .

          • I honestly didn´t know most of that stuff, but it makes a lot of sense for sure. As I didn´t really believe that Nintendo Japan would pay any attention to the SJW movement (what they want and so on). So your story is much more logic imo, because like you said “cute is king”.

            Ah, yes. Gintama, I love that show (I hope to own the whole series on DVD or Blu-ray some day). Pttt! The UN? Their just as corrupt as the FN. I bet, because it´s much more important to censor anime (or cartoon) boobs, then it is to deal with real-life problems.

          • Brandon Shorter

            Ah I didn’t think you did ( but SJW do it alot though xD ) there lol.. like any time nintendo does something they go is nintendo listening to us ? Is Zelda feminist . Er nintendo has no idea what there talking about half the time . Yeah the UN there whole the attempt class manga under child porn because of the youth characters anmd japan shot it down as nonsense , that drawing don’t count as people the attempt to control manga failed. yeah UN is corrupt there criticizing japan . while Saudis Arabia is head of the human right council lol… But yeah cute is king and queen there LoL.

          • To be fair though, I don´t exactly remember when the SJWS and feminists started to target Nintendo. At least I have no memory of any exact date. Yes, I remember that. As a Swedish manga translator “almost” ended up in jail not so long ago. Saudi Arabia? Yes, ain´t that ironic. As we all know what they do on their spare time…

          • Brandon Shorter

   On that note Mr Itaki had some words about DOA not coming to the west xD . “They’re not only moron but also Galapagosian Lolita Complexed Chicken.” His response to the DOA producer I guess LOL

          • Jesus fu**ing Christ! Tomonobu Itagaki showed no mercy there xD I think so, at least that´s what it looks like (based on Itagaki´s anger and critique).

      • Joel Anderson

        My money’s on the guy they consulted to make sure Rashid didn’t offend muslims. He probably expressed that since Capcom wanted to represent arabs (who are predominantly muslim) with Rashid, they should tone down how much of the female body they display, since muslims lose their ability to act in a socially acceptable manner when they see a woman’s skin, for some reason. Can’t do anything about the regular costumes, but don’t be surprised if the upcoming dlc stuff shows much less skin than the standard outfits.

        • Motherfucking Deadpool!

          There was a MUSLIM woman on twitter under the nohijabday hashtag tweeting: “we need to wear it cause muslim man are going crazy when they see skin? Meaning they are animals”.
          And when I see stuff like this all I can say is: She was more than just right!

    • I understand where you´re coming from. However, just like I stated in the text. It will not end with a butt-slap, the split attack move nor Cammy´s crotch view. As the SJWs and feminists will start to whine about other things (it´s bound to happen). My point would be this. They will demand more “things” to be removed or censored. And there seems to be no limit to “what” they want to have censored either. Imo, it´s all about putting down the foot and having them know that we´re not having it with their nonsense.

  • Bravely Defiant

    I have already Canceled my pre-order for i will not buy a game that chooses to censor. R.Mika if anyone seen her in previous games and Sprites you will know this is apart of Capcom’s History. She has always been there, the Butt Slap has always been there. So why take it away from us now? why bother censoring both Cammy and R. Mika? This i cannot understand and i will not support. They Dangled the Carrot in front of us and they quickly snatched it away, You know what I don’t want your carrot now. at least i’ll still have Dead or alive Xtreme. Good luck to you Capcom, The way you’re headed, You’re gonna need it.

    • I feel ya mate, just check out the Steam page for Street Fighter V. I have no exact numbers, but I have a feeling that Capcom will lose a lot of money due to their “censorship” blunder. I wonder if the Japanese version of SFV will be censored too?

  • Mr Silvio

    As a matter of principle, I do not wish to support a game tainted by the hypocritical mindset of feminazism and sjwism. I want Capcom artists to have the RIGHT to show their original artistic vision, not only for what has been released already, but also for what will be released in the upcoming years as DLC. Do not limit their imagination, DO NOT cut their wings. I want to buy the real thing.

    • I have no proof of it right now, but I´m quite certain that Capcom made those changes just to “fit” the Western market (based on the up rise of PC Bro, SJW and Feminist culture). It´s going to get far worse in the future for sure, unless we start fighting back.

  • Fear Monkey

    Today’s world is a PC utopia where everyone is so sensitive to everything, so offended easily, and a small amount of people expect a majority to change their views because they are offended. Literally anything at any time can be considered offensive and thus must be changed because we wouldn’t want that would we? I am not really a street fighter fan (always was more of a Mortal Kombat-Darkstalkers fan) so this doesn’t affect me much, but I could see why people would be upset (that it was censored). I hate to say it but companies cave in to anyone that yells “im offended, offended I say”. People are so entitled today that if they hate something the majority has no problem with, the small group still wins… its messed up.

    • It´s like you say, a loud “little” minority that gets whatever they want if they claim to be “offended” or “triggered”.

      • Fear Monkey

        I always think of Spock and his “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few” death speech. Today’s PC world is the opposite, “The needs of the few outweigh the needs of the many”.

  • Egzi Lèbon

    I am really glad they censored it and hope they censor a lot more. Gonna preorder the game now. Thanks Capcom. Keep it up.

    • Trolling much? 😛

      • Egzi Lèbon

        No, not everyone on the internet is a horny sexist.

        • Why would one be a horny sexist because of R-Mika´s butt-slap? Besides that, you do realize that there are bi and homosexual women who enjoy games such as this?

  • Raiden

    A crotch shot and a buttslap censored? Whats the big deal? We still have a buttload of other sexy characters and evocative poses in the game already.

    I think Capcom did this more to keep the game from getting an M-Rating from the ESRB than any desire to avoid offending the sensibilities of SocJus

    • It´s a big deal since Capcom “might” censor more things later on. And why is it a bad thing to get an M-rating? Didn´t GTA5 get an M-Rating in the States? If so, then it´s even worse. Because no one should care what the SJWs thinks and wants. Most of them don´t even buy the games which they complain about.

      • Raiden

        GTAV was expected to be an M rating, it’s that kind of game meant to be grim ultraviolent and gruesome. To appeal to an adult audience who likes that kind of material. Every Street Fighter game has been rated T, and has been relatively cartoony and over the top since the original, meant to appeal to their target audience of 15-20 year olds. The T-rating means something completely different today from what it meant in the 90’s. Comparing SF to GTAV is like comparing a Marvel Movie to a Coen Brothers movie. The comparison just doesn’t work.

        But we’ll find out sooner or later if this was done to appeal to SJW’s or just an SJW influenced ratings board. If it’s the latter, then this time I’m loathe to put the blame on Capcom, and I’ve given them a lot of grief before. Sometimes you have to play the game.

        It’s not a total deal breaker for me, I’m still going to buy the game because I’m a huge SF fan. As long as Capcom doesn’t screw me over with Disc Locked Content again, I think I’ll let them off the hook just this once. But that’s just my opinion as a consumer.

        For what it’s worth, I signed the petition anyway.

        • Ah, okay. Oh? rated T for teen? I didn´t know that, then again. I have just played the PAL versions of Street Fighter. Of course, we will know for sure once the game launches. Ah yes, I remember that…That was a really cheap move indeed. Awesome 😉

  • Crayven

    Censorship = I am torrent it.
    No money for u CAPCOM.

    • Even Oni knows what´s up xD Or Konoko to be exact 😉

  • TargetConfimedObvs

    I mean the writer already pointed it out “Capcom hasn’t censored any of their games in the last 10 years” so why now? Anyone can search up anything sexual easily these days, is a butt slap from a fictional character, really that big a deal to cover up? Is selling your fan base an uncensored game the right move Capcom? The whole “Scamcom” knickname suits them well. Everyone will continue to complain and voice their opinion on this, so might as well put the stuff you took out of the game back in it. Your roles may be to take our money, but a pissed fan will keep a tight grip on their wallet. Capcom, focus on the core gameplay not what the fighters are wearing. You’re waisting your time. Think about it in your next update. Boasting a game with EVERYTHING not left out of it, will get you the deserved respect for your corporation.

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