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As some of you might remember, two days ago Leigh Alexander took a swing at freedom of speech and the Gaming community with her foolish statements and rants on twitter. And in response to that I wrote an article about it (I also mentioned that American McGee stood up for freedom of speech and artistic freedom once again). Well, guess what? I was just informed that American McGee (McGee is an American game designer who has worked on games such as “Doom 2”, “Quake” and Alice: Madness Returns) responded to Leigh Alexander´s twitter rants about  freedom of speech. And this is what McGee said on Twitter earlier today:

“Content of her tweets is frightening. Who decides when we can discuss free speech? Content in games? The Ministry of Culture?” – American McGee 

american mcgee vs leigh alexander

McGee put Leigh Alexander in her place.

I don´t know about you, but I think McGee is right. Because I don´t want an even more strict and restricted games industry, where a chosen few tells us (developers, retailers, publishers and Gamers) what we can create, enjoy and sell. I mean, It’s already bad enough as it is (as a loud minority is telling us what´s okay, and what´s not). And like I mentioned before. I tried to reach out to Leigh Alexander for a comment on this matter, but that couldn´t be done since she has blocked us on Twitter. So I couldn´t get a single word out of her. However, it seems like other people have started to call out Alexander on her crazy tweets (like McGee for example). So it´s going to be really interesting to see whether or not Alexander will respond to any of the tweets that have been aimed towards her on this matter.


American McGee


The SJW movement is losing ground

Huniepot and Play-Asia wrote Gaming history on the 25th of November when they became a huge part of the turning point in the games industry. So what exactly did they do? Well, Play-Asia took a stand against the SJW movement and censorship, and Huniepot offered Koei Tecmo US 1 million dollars for the DOAX3 US publishing rights (Huniepot also dissed Kotaku). And those two separate events set the games industry in motion, and every day that has passed since then has been full painful defeats for the SJW movement. In short, people are not afraid of them anymore, and they’re being laughed at. In fact, they don´t even want to hear the words “SJW” or “Social justice warriors” anymore (mainly because most of the public now understands what SJW stands for). And due to the fact that Trey Parker, and Matt Stone has kept on trolling the PC Bro and SJW movement with their South Park series. The SJWs are losing ground, and fast. And you can really tell by their frustration that their more than aware of the fact that they’re losing.

american mcgee supports play asia

Yep, American McGee supports Play-Asia (and so do we).

And it feels like American Mcgee slammed another nail into the SJW movements coffin with his recent Facebook comments (which he posted on the 26th of November). Mcgee´s first FB post was a response to all the boycott treats against Play-Asia for selling “Dead Or Alive Xtreme 3“. And the second FB post was a follow-up post in which Mcgee explained what happened when he spoke up about supporting Play-Asia, freedom of speech and artistic freedom. Basically, people started to block Mcgee on Twitter, calling him names and boycotting his games. Hell, some people even said that they would throw away some of their old American Mcgee’s games, all because Mcgee showed his support to Play-Asia and Team Ninja´s DOAX3 (as seen in the picture down below). That´s really crazy of course, but I´ll have you know that this is not the first time that Mcgee has had to deal with stuff such as this. Because as some of you might remember, Mcgee received a death threat from an anti-GamerGate supporter back in April this year.

american mcgee on freedom of speech

McGee hits the nail on the head yet again with his latest FB post (he did that previously on the subject of Anita Sarkeesian back in April this year)

It´s Play-Asia´s fault that people get harassed and driven away from their homes. Say WHAT?!

However, the Facebook posts that McGee wrote about Play-Asia, DOAX3 and freedom of speech had a much bigger impact and magnitude than his FB post about Anita Sarkeesian. And I think the main reason behind that would be the perfect timing of the FB posts themselves. Because keep in mind that Play-Asia and Huniepot set the Internet on fire on the 25th of November (then they kept the fire alive for another 24 hours). So when Mcgee posted his FB posts on the 26 of November, Mcgee just put more gasoline on the anti-SJW fire. And I honestly thought that nothing would be able to top Mcgee´s FB posts. Well, I was wrong. Because out of nowhere came a handful of anti Play-Asia supporters who started to claim that it was Play-Asia´s fault that they’re being harassed and chased away from their homes (yes, you read it right the first time). Let´s just say that “some” people saw their chance to earn themselves some extra Patreon dollars that day (professional victim hood pays really well nowadays).

play asia vs sjws

How exactly did Play-Asia manage to make people suffer?

Leigh Alexander takes a swing at freedom of speech and the Gaming community

And just when I thought that things couldn’t be possible get any crazier, Leigh Alexander (games & culture writer and consultant ) comes out of nowhere and tells everyone that freedom of speech doesn’t belong to everyone (only to a chosen few). And not only that, Alexander also made a really judgmental and sexist tweet (as seen down below) about the Gaming community (she managed to accomplish all of that in one single tweet…). Because she stated that “”Y´all Internet nerdboys, go back downstairs and play your video games”. In other words, Alexander assumed that everyone (or the vast majority) that uses the Internet and play video games, are male. Well, that´s not true at all. As a lot of females enjoy video games, computers and the Internet. So I pointed that out in a tweet earlier today:

leigh alexander goes full retard

Alexander isn´t exactly well-known for tweeting out smart things.

Sure, I would have preferred to have tweeted that out to Leigh Alexander herself. However, I couldn´t do that, since she has blocked us on Twitter (I don´t know the reason behind why she has blocked us). I would also have liked to point out for her that free speech belongs to everyone, and not a selected group of people who thinks they’re more important than everybody else. Not that I think that Alexander would have paid all that much attention to what I had to say (she´s well-known for living in her own echo chamber), but a response of some kind would have been nice I guess.

leigh alexander blocked

I don´t know what I (we) have done to deserve to be blocked by Alexander?

mark kern freedom of speech

Mark is right. Freedom of speech is for everyone, and not for a selective group only.

However, Alexander just kept on tweeting out one crazy tweet after another. And I have to say that she holds very high thoughts about herself, even though she shows no respect or understanding for other people’s opinions and thoughts. In fact, she automatically assumed that everyone that defended free speech was “basic-ass nobodies”. And as far as I know, Mark Kern and American Mcgee isn’t any “nobodies”. And when those words come from a bully and a corrupt so-called “games journalist”, It really doesn´t mean a whole lot now does it?

leigh alexander runs her mouth

You are not in a position to tell who´s somebody and who´s not Alex, especially not a fishy so-called games journalist like you. As for Free Speech Gamers tweet goes, at least half of his (or her) followers aren’t fake Alex.

leigh alexander runs her mouth again

It´s one thing to think about stuff like this, but to write it and tweet it out…

leigh alexander twitter score

More than half of Alexander´s twitter followers are fake.

‘Gamers’ don’t have to be your audience. ‘Gamers’ are over. No, “SJWS are over”, we win

I have question for you Alexander. Do you still remember your “‘Gamers’ don’t have to be your audience. ‘Gamers’ are over.” article which you wrote for Gamasutra back in August 2014? Well, I´ve got news for you. Gamers aren´t over (we never were), and SJWs doesn´t have to be the publishers, developers or the retailer’s audience. So here´s a reality check for you Alexander, the SJWs will soon be over. As we (the Gaming community) are fed up with the SJWs, political correctness, censorship, corruption and tabloid gaming sites such as Kotaku and Polygon. Don´t you understand? You cannot win this war, because Gamers refuse to lose. We are programmed to win at all times.

So you can take your “wisdom words” on freedom of speech, the games industry, and the Gaming community and shove them up where the sun doesn´t shine.

With that said, what do you guys and girls think about this matter? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section down below!

Leigh Alexander

This is a personal opinion of the writer, and it doesn’t necessarily represent the other writers (nor The Gaming Ground´s) opinions.

I´m a huge fan of American Mcgee, and I´ve been a fan of his since the good Ol´ Doom II days.

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Robin “V-Act” Ek
The Gaming Ground
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30 Comments ON " American McGee stands up for freedom of speech and... "
  • Motherfucking Deadpool!


    “Why Social Justice Warriors are winning” -Laurie Feminazi Penny

    “Gamers are over” -Booze Leigh

    “Gamergate is dead” -Fullmcintosh

    Leigh, Dina Karam and Randi lost their jobs
    Randi & Nicholas Edwin get buttfucked by Milo’s articles

    More and more SJW get exposed as pedophiles
    The Piece of shit Joss Whedon finally gets bitten in the ass by Karma
    Anitas and Leighs twitter followers are at least 56% fake
    Playasia sides with gamers and gets 1000s of follwers
    Rice Digital sides with SJW’s and gains like 50 new followers
    Jubbal calls gamers terrorists and gets labeled as terrorist by mainstream media
    #deatheaters, #gamessowhite, #gamergatefailed get hijacked by gamers
    Tauriq and all the other bloggers get more and more desperate
    Sarky gets investigated by the IRS
    The last time Sarky and the other frauds were on national TV was in january
    Milo and Adam Baldwin gain followers while Sarky and Kluweless lose them
    Hatred becomes a bestseller, #Sunset goes bankrupt
    Feminazis lose more and more power and their # get taken over
    COD devs kiss Scamkeesians ass, Fallout 4 outsells them by millions
    SJW’s create Streisand effect after Streisand Effect after Streisand Effect

    Doesn’t look so much like “Gamergate and gamers are dead” to me unless we are all zombies.

    “Pandering to Social Justice is pointless” -Sargon Of Akkad
    “For every small victory Social Justice gets, real Justice gets a big one” -Motherfucking Deadpool

    Oh how i love watching Social Justice burn!

    • That´s a really nice list mate, it gives one some hope (good job nailing everything done). I think their time is up. Their empire of dirt is falling apart now. And by the looks of it, the rats are leaving the sinking SJW ship. So we must make sure that the rats don´t find themselves any new homes (so that we don´t get a SJW movement 2.0 in the near future).

      • Motherfucking Deadpool!

        People must be careful with these turds. Just because we are the good guys doesn’t mean we should forgive and forget. Zhuge Liang was the good guy and he still playd dirty sometimes.

        The “Velociraptor” chick who threatned Koei Tecmo and claimed that it wasn’t a threat? Wanna know who she tweeted to, defended and was friends with shortly before her “change of heart”?
        Yup. The pedophile dog fiddle Nicholas Edwin Nyberg himself. I don’t trust her and other people should be careful too.

        Remember when some “kind hearted” GG idiots supported Bahar “Lady HItler” Mustafa. She thanked them by calling them the same things Anti-GG calls us since August 2014.

        “DTA Don’t trust anybody” -Stonecold Steve Austin

        • Correct, and I actually remember Zhuge Liang (twitter). You are right mate, and some are in GG to earn cash and fame as well. You mean the “welfare and diversity officer at Goldsmiths University”? Yes, but she got kicked out right? You´re right, but I´ve been like that since birth pretty much. People have let me down, backstabbed and used me, so people will only get ONE chance with me, then it´s good bye.

          • Motherfucking Deadpool!

            Wanna know why she was kicked out? She bullied another woman in the group. Who would have ever thought that the kindhearted “woman of color” who wished death upon white men was a bully!

            Of course she said she quit the job. Yeah, she “quit” the same way Booze Alexander did.
            But who can say it better than Mr. McMahon?


          • Bahar did that? I always thought of her as a bully…Haha xD

          • Motherfucking Deadpool!

            Yup. Its in her blood she’s a bully through and through. She uses her “woman of color” card but that doesn’t work anymore since once you fuck up on the internet you’re fucked. Also the dumass doesn’t understand that Turkish people are either PoC or caucasian. We all see under what category the “imma black gurl” falls.

  • Motherfucking Deadpool!

    its time for my least reliable drunktard meme again.

    • She took a piss on pretty much, everyone and everything yesterday. True that, some might ask themselves if she even had a career to start with?

      • Motherfucking Deadpool!

        She wrote a piece on medium saying that she hates the people who only bought her book out of pity. I agree with her on that. If I wrote a book and peopel only bought it because “Muh soggy knees” I would hate these fuckers too.

        She also once said that she hates male feminist cause they are so whiny. Again I have to agree with her. The “male” feminists are whiney little bitches. The bggest irony is that even after she basically told them to go fuck themselves they still kneel before her. These manginas have no spine.

        I always imagine them looking and acting like worm-Jerry from Rick and Morty.

  • Motherfucking Deadpool!

    What Social Justice whiners surely don’t know is that American McGee produced more games than just Alice. The (sadly) terrible Bad Day LA and this forgotten game (which I still have in my collection)

    • I highly doubt that they know that for sure. I remember Bad Day LA, but I have zero memories of Scrapland. Besides, no one is perfect 😉

      • Motherfucking Deadpool!

        Scrapland is not a burner but its a decent game. A mix between GTA and Ratchet & Clank.

        • Ah, that doesn´t sound all that bad, in my opinion. Is the game only available for Xbox?

          • Motherfucking Deadpool!

            Its also available for PC.

          • Ah, freaking sweet! I´ll check if GOG has it =)

          • Motherfucking Deadpool!

            If its not on GOG you can try sites like Theisozone. They have old PC games that no one sells anymore for free.
            I know some people think its ilegal but it only is if you can buy it in store or online. Devs and publishers don’t care about old games anymore. Its totally fine to download SNES and Genesis games for example (as long as you can’t buy them on the Nintendo E-store). Otherwise Rom-Sites would all be taken down.

          • BlueLight

            Abandonware or software which is no longer sold is in fact illegal to disrupt until which time the copyright becomes (never in your life time sucker). However as pointed out, companies don’t seem to keen on policing this market.

          • Motherfucking Deadpool!

            Yup. As I said if they did that all these download sites would be take down but there are hundreds of them. Some people even translated Mother 1+3 in english which both only came out in japan.

          • BlueLight

            To say “Well these sites would have been taken down.” is a false correlation to causation fallacy.I know of some pirate websites that have been up for years that deal with recent games. I agree, no one likely gives a flying toss about Sid Meier’s convert action (even if it’s on steam now).

            I get the point your trying to say but i’m going to be a hard ass about the small misinformation your stating. Sorry it’s just who i am.

          • Motherfucking Deadpool!

            Its okay. I’m fine with being corrected. I don’t want to misinform people who read my comments.

          • Correct, I actually asked them about that just now. GOG has to get the IP rights, or else they can´t sell the game (s) in question. People can do as they please 😉 But we can´t support sites like that (for more than one reason).

          • Motherfucking Deadpool!

            Yup. Copyrights sometimes are good (like fox not being able to use s.h.i.e.l.d. or the word avenger) but then its stuff like this which really sucks. I always get these old games used on amazon. I got my used xbox version of Scrapland via an Amazon provider for 5 euros.

          • That´s a good example indeed. Night Dive Studios has done a great job to get the hold of the System Shock copyrights though, but yes. It can be a really pain in the ass for sure. Really? Good deal that.

  • chizwoz

    You think that audit score is bad, check out Totilos!

    • I just checked, it´s really, really bad https://www.twitteraudit.com/stephentotilo

      • chizwoz

        Yep, one of the worst I’ve seen. Does that mean he bought loads?

        • It´s the worst Twitter account that I´ve seen so far at least (we have a +92-94% GOOD score). I can´t prove that, but I wouldn´t be surprised if that´s the case. As you can buy like 50-100K fake Twitter followers rather cheap.

  • Italy GG

    As usual the trick is to not give an inch to their fearmongering tactics but give them a finger.

    • That would be the best way to deal with them for sure. Epic picture btw xD (GTA 5 goes anti Antia).

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