***Update 2 – 2015-12-01 – 16:33 CEST***

I am very pleased to inform you guys and girls that not only are we now partnered with Play-Asia (you have probably seen some of our Play-Asia ads by now), but we have also been given the opportunity to review “Dead or Alive Xtreme 3” as well (either for PS4 or PSV). So we hope to provide you with an DOAX3 review as soon as possible, as for our partnership with Play-Asia. We (and Play-Asia) are of course very happy about our partnership. However, as some of you might remember. Play-Asia received a lot of heat (boycotts and so on) from the SJW movement when they spoke up about the “SJW nonsense” regarding DOAX3 just recently. My point would be this, not everyone will be pleased over the fact that we support and work with Play-Asia. So if some “certain” people start to give us a hard time as well, that still won´t make us change our views about Play-Asia.

With that said, we hope to bring you some nice Play-Asia giveaways and such in the near future =)


***Update 2 – 2015-11-24 – 20:06 CEST***

I was just informed that there is a “Bring Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 to the West” petition on change.org (the petition was created by North Myrtle today). And the whole point behind it would be to send a message to Team Ninja and KOEI Tecmo that we (the West) don´t like the fact that they have caved in to the feminist and SJW movement (due to a fear of backlash from these groups). And I have to say that Myrtle (the person who created the DOAX3 petition) wrote a really good letter to Team Ninja and KOEI Tecmo (as seen on petition page), and this is what Myrtle wrote:

It has been stated recently that the game Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 will not be ported to western countries out of fear of moral backlash. The publisher, Koei Tecmo, is afraid of the cultural outrage occurring in the west over video games, and has chosen to let it get the better of them.

This is a mistake. The puritan sensationalists are nothing but a self-glorified cabal of bullies and narcissists who are vastly outnumbered by their critics, most of whom are core gamers. The idea that any game should be withheld from its audience because of fear of depicting the female body is so outrageous that it should be called out and challenged wherever it is condoned, lest we give ground to the hackneyed pearl-clutchers who would put the world in a bottle if they had the power to.

People care about this game. They have been looking forward to it and yearned for the fun they will have when they get to play it. Now they won’t, and the reason for it is because somebody else doesn’t want them to. I cannot accept this. I won’t live in a world where the comfort and happiness of a human being can be so effortlessly taken away from them by outside influences. For our lives and our hometowns, we must resist. Please, help us bring joy back to our industry and to our hobby.” – North Myrtle

So the whole idea behind the “Bring Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 to the West” petition would be to get as many supporters as possible, then Myrtle will send his letter (as seen above) to KOEI Tecmo personally (yes, I have already signed the petition). That´s a great start for sure. However, it remains to be seen whether KOEI Tecmo will pay any attention to the petition or not. Time will tell. Speaking of which, I saw a really good comment by one of the DOAx3 petition supporters. And this would be the comment in question: 

“I know that the Social Injustice Cowards are intimidating, but they are just that. Cowards. If you put the game out there, uncensored of course, we will buy it, and spread the good word. You must stay strong and stick to your guns. Because the people deserves a another great game to play. please. For us.” – Tanner M, via the “Bring Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 to the West” petition

And before I wrap this post (update) up, I would recommend you all to read Lanie Hyatt´s “A woman’s perspective on Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 not coming out in the West” article about “Dead or Alive Xtreme 3”. As Lanie gave her thoughts on DOAX3 not coming to the West from a woman´s perspective. And in my opinion, it was a really interesting read. So please enjoy!

Motherfucking Deadpool!

***Update 1 – 2015-11-24 – 16:06 CEST***

It seems like not even Team Ninja have the balls to say no to the SJW movement, because at first I thought that there would just be no PAL or US versions of “Dead or Alive: Extreme 3”. Well, apparently that was not enough for the SJWs. As it now seems like it will be rather hard to get your hands on an Asian imported version of DOAX3 as well (PS4 and PSV). At least if you live in EU or the States, because that´s the vibes that I´ve got from Team Ninja´s post on their FB page, when ‎Jeremiah Hereth asked Team Ninja the following (Hereth did this on the 18th of November at 11:47pm):

“Any words of bringing the upcoming Xtreme 3 Game to US and EU regions or no?” –  ‎Jeremiah Hereth

And Team Ninja answered Hereth the following:

“We do not bring DOAX3 to the west and won’t have any plan change in the future. Thank you for asking.

Do you know many issues happening in video game industry with regard to how to treat female in video game industry? We do not want to talk those things here. But certainly we have gone through in last year or two to come to our decision. Thank you.” Team Ninja, via their Facebook page

And you know what? The Facebook response comments on that matter speak for itself:

“Well there you fucking go people. Straight from the horse’s mouth. One of my favorite Japanese game developers has declined to release a game to the west thanks to puritanical SJW’s lashing them endlessly over attractive females in bikinis being considered a whole range of negative buzzwords and thus, not suitable for a culture with its head to far up its own ass of political correctness.

Congratulations, fucknuggets. You’ve won another battle in the fight for ‘equality’. Hope you’re fucking happy with yourselves…..”Evan Smith

“In Asia, we do not have those issues. It’s funny that the west can condone mass murder & violence in games but have serious issues when it comes to sex. btw, thanks for releasing an English version of DOAX3 in Asia. smile emoticon” Ken Nogu

So there you have it, the SJWs have now become such a big problem in EU and the US that not even Team Ninja can say no to them. So It´s no longer about pleasing the fans and the consumers anymore. It’s all about keeping the SJWs and feminists happy and sound. You know what? I have had it. Our world is going down the drain. And even so, it still seems like that the only thing that matter is the “feelings” of SJWs and feminists (“I´m being triggered”, “I´m being offended” etc). When I uploaded my “SJWs Vs Tifa Lockhart´s breasts (FF7 Remake) – TGG topics” video over four months ago. I warned people about this, as I knew that things would just get worse over time “if” nothing is done about it (I was right). Well, take a look at the games industry now. A loud minority is setting all the game rules for us (what’s okay, and what’s not okay).

I bet that the whole world (minus Russia and most parts of Asia) will look like Neel Kolhatkar´s “Modern Educayshun” movie, if this keeps up. Is that really what you want? You know, to live in a world that looks like Tumblr 24/7? Well, I sure as hell don´t.

So feel free to share your thoughts and opinions with us in the comment section down below!


Best Mom Eva

Team Ninja


Even though it seems like Capcom has decided to censor “Street Fighter V”, Team Ninja has chosen a different path with their upcoming sports game “Dead or Alive Xtreme 3“. Yes, there will be no censorship whatsoever in DOAX3. For example, just watch the latest DOAX3 trailer (which Team Ninja released today). Team Ninja simply doesn´t care all that much about those who get offended or triggered by digital booty and naked skin. And since both DOAX3 Fortune and Venus can be imported from Japan (region free for PS4 and PSV) with English subtitles (DOAX3 will be released on the 25th of February).

So that means that you don´t have to worry about neither compromises, censorship nor boycotts against Team Ninja. As it seems like Team Ninja just worries about what their community and fanbase think and want (more developers should follow this practice, in my opinion). In short, Team Ninja won´t let anyone mess around with their creative freedom. And yes, I´m more than aware of the fact that there will be rants about “DOAX3” being “sexist” and full of “sexism”. However, these people have obviously never been to (or watched) any of MTVS summer party events. My point would be this, the females (and males) dress very sexy at MTV´s summer party events. All out of their free will, and it´s reality (the real life). “DOAX3” on the other hand, is 100% fiction.

dead or alive xtreme 3 logo

“Dead or Alive Xtreme 3” is set for a Japanese release on the 25th of February for PS4 and PSV.

dead-or-alive-xtreme-3 booty

There are plenty of digital booty in DOAX3.

dead or alive xtreme 3 pool

It´s quite obvious that Team Ninja won´t tone down (or censor) anything in DOAX3.

And just like I have stated many times before, if you don´t like “DOAX3”. Then simply don´t buy the game. As there is no one forcing you to buy or play the game. For example, I´m not a big fan of most dance games (as I suck at them). Still, I would not try to ruin the fun for everyone else by demanding changes to the game (s) in question. I think you get my point. I would also like to point out that quite a few people seem to have missed the fact that there are female players who enjoy the DOA universe as well (no matter their sexual orientation). And I´m not just talking about the fighting series, no. I’m talking about the previous Xtreme games aso. Personally, I think that “some” people (those who get triggered and offended by digital booty and naked skin) take games such as “DOAX3” way to seriously. Besides, I think that it would be much better if people focused on real-life problems (the war in Syria, the destruction of our planet and so on) instead of focusing on video games which they don´t like.

dead or alive xtreme 3 release date

Will you import DOAX3?

dead or alive xtreme 3 merchandise

Team Ninja offers plenty of DOAX3 merchandise (pre-order bonuses for example).

Another thing that I thought about. How comes that “some” people automatically assume that DOAX3 will only stimulate male fantasies? Because as far as I know, there are quite a lot of bi and homosexual female Gamers out there. Even so, it seems like their opinions and taste in games don’t count. And since when was the human nature something bad? I mean, we all have fantasies and desires right? And let´s be honest, most of us (no matter if you’re a Gamer or not) would never get a chance to meet (or hook up with) with a female such as those who exists in DOAX3. Personally, I see no difference between this and day dreaming about Halle Barry or Scarlett Johansson (dreams and fantasies). And if Team Ninja makes a lot of people´s lives better with DOAX3, then I see no problem with it. I mean, who doesn´t want to escape the dark and harsh reality, and escape to a tropical island full of beautiful and sexy women? I know that not everyone will agree with me on this, but at least I was very honest with my thoughts and opinions son the matter.

With that said, what do you guys and girls think about “Dead or Alive Xtreme 3” so far? And will you buy the game? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section down below!


This is a personal opinion of the writer, and it doesn’t necessarily represent the other writers (nor The Gaming Ground´s) opinions.

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Robin “V-Act” Ek
The Gaming Ground
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