There seems to be no ending to the drama surrounding “Mighty no. 9”. As new details (which are based on old leaked chat logs, thanks to the #CONLeaks) have emerged that show Dina Karam to be influencing certain changes in the game by injecting SJW and feminist politics into MN9. And in case you’re lost, Dina Karam was hired back in 2013 as the community manager to bridge the gap between backers on “Might no. 9” Kickstarter and Comcept games. And well…What ended up happening as a result, was that Dina Karam is a feminist, and is in league with several other like-minded individuals such as Anita Sarkeesian, and Zoe Quinn.

mark 8-4 site on mighty no 9

Well, we all know how that went…

dina karam vs mighty no 9

Let me see now, what was it that Jim Sterling and Adam Sessler said about “not taking away our games” again?

Karam felt that several backers being supporters of Gamergate would ruin exposure for the title, so she began to blacklist them in the forums. Furthermore, she also denied and removed backers which requested refunds for the game. And after that she was fired for neglecting her duties at Comcept Inti Creates. Gamergate was named as the scapegoat, and the drama ensued over it…And from that point to now, not much was spoken on about the issue until now. And it´s all thanks to the leaked chat logs on Reddit, which have revealed that not only did Karam know what she was doing, she also added fuel to the embers in order to drive her authority home.

sonic vs mighty no 9

Even the real Sonic the hedgehog (the official Twitter account) made fun out of MN9´s launch day.

Karam wanted a gender, and ethnically swapped bots, and it doesn´t stop there. As she also wanted to have her own stamp on the game itself. And as absurd as it sounds to have someone with no experience on programming or game developing, it’s even worse that she believes she helped make the game better. This wasn’t the case, because “Mighty no. 9” failed out of the launch gate without help from critics or fans.

And if you’re familiar with #Gamergate, then you will find quite a few notable names in the leaked chat logs. Names such as Sarah Nyberg, Ian Cheong, Quinnae Moon (Katherine Cross), and Dina Karam are all in there together. Unfortunately, there is something else that you may find equally disturbing. They all support what Karam did as good for the cause of free speech and equality. Apparently the same people who believe that we should have freedom of speech are ok with us having it…just on their terms. As sad as it is to say, this is the result of bigots who believe that they are above scrutiny and scorn but aren’t. Even worse when called out for their idiocy, they scream that we the people are in the wrong.

alison rapp the truth

I bet that you won´t see any of this in the mainstream media…

So, yeah. People like Allison Rapp, Dina Karam, Zoe Quinn, Anita Sarkeesian, and other Anti-Gamergate figures need to understand something: consumers hold the power, and you never will. And while going down the list, this is the result of what happens when you cross the ones who provide your lively hood:

– Dina Karam was fired from her position as community manager at Comcept games for blocking backers, and whitelisting them in the forums.
– Allison Rapp was fired from Nintendo for being a sex worker, and a cam girl on her off hours.
– Zoe Quinn lied about her ex-boyfriend and recently tried to publish a book and film about it, both of which have fallen through despite what she says.
– Anita Sarkeesian has tried to launch another kickstarter project, which was fully funded for $200,000 on a different funding site. The reason why is probably because Kickstarter makes you deliver on your promises instead of just robbing backers.

And as you might imagine. Eventually, the stigma will die, since people don’t want games with censorship. Well, I don’t know, about you, but its a good thing people like Karam and Sarkeeisan will never work in games. They’re going to ruin them completely.

And with that said, what´s your take on this matter? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section down below!

Robin Ek – Editor an Co-writer
Lyle Yiannopoulos
Mighty No.56008

Dina Karam chat logs part 1
Dina Karam chat logs part 2


This is a personal opinion of the writer, and it doesn’t necessarily represent the other writers (nor The Gaming Ground´s) opinions.

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15 Comments ON " Mighty no. 9´s former CM appears to have been tryi... "
  • John Smith.

    I don’t even know what to say… I’m that disgusted and depressed by how much shit on person can cuase.
    I wonder how MN9 would have been like if Karam hadn’t been there to F it all up.

    • All it takes is one person in a position of moderate power in a company.

      People like Karam are cancer.

      • John Smith.

        Can’t argue with that.

  • Let this serve as a warning to developers/publishers/companies that employing SJWs/feminists or trying to take the SJW route is the road to ruin.

    And the fanboys and backers who insulted and attacked the people who tried to warn them of Dina Karam can go and choke on their feminist turd sandwiches.

  • Clayton Weaver

    Great article. I don’t usually correct people, but since Ian has apologized and shown he is actually trying to leave it behind him I wanted to correct his last name. It’s Ian Cheong and not Chong. Seeing Chong makes me feel like I should see Cheech somewhere in there too.

  • tamlin69

    I believe she bit off more than she could chew here, but I also think this Dina story serves as a warning about SJW entryism into independent projects. They will abuse whatever power they have as employees, they’ll put “the cause” above continued employment and they will try to use ginned up SJW community outrage to push their agenda wherever they work.

    Dina’s influence on the finished Mighty No. 9 project is probably not anywhere near what she wanted, but if you want to see a successful example of someone like Dina, you need look no further than Nintendo America Treehouse employee Nich Maragos, who is part of the same gang as Dina and has been far more successful at injecting his insane politics into Nintendo’s smaller offerings.

  • Dont forget people actually donated over $10k to eat dinner with keiji Inafune

    • John Smith.

      Did anyone ever get that dinner date or were they left sitting alone in the night.

      • I would bring a gun to the dinner 😛 “Give me back my money mother fu**er!”

    • How did that one turn out? xD

  • John27

    This is why game companies should only hire girls to be booth babes.

    SJW cancer needs to be purged from gaming and herded into their own little safe space somewhere far far away.

  • Cornell Westminster

    Title Number IX.

    Available now at Target for $8.98, down from $30 – and it’s STILL not selling.

  • fdjs


    • I love women, but it´s bad/evil and stupid people that I can´t stand.

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