***UPDATE 8 – 2016-04-02 – 13:20 CEST***

I can´t say that I´m surprised about the aftermath that followed after Rapp´s departure from Treehouse, because just like I predicted a couple of days ago. There would be an outcry against GamerGate due to the outcome of the case with Alison Rapp. And I was right, as SJWs and anti-GG people are blaming Nintendo´s decision to fire Rapp on GamerGate:

daniel weichman alison rapp white knight part 1

Fiction Vs reality…

daniel weichman alison rapp white knight part 2

*sigh* It seems to be really hard for “some” people to tell the difference between reality and “fiction”.

chris kluwe alison rapp

Chris Kluwe loves to make himself relevant again (Kluwe loves the attention), by becoming a white knight (when it suits him and his agenda).

I would also like to point out that there is even an Alison Rapp petition (and a hashtag called “#NintendoCowardice“) now (“Apologize to Alison Rapp, and change corporate policy to support harassed women“, and the idea would be to send it to Reggie Fils-Aime). Well, here´s here´s a newsflash. Alison Rapp didn´t get fired because of GamerGate (the petition was created by Kimberly Crawley):

alison rapp the truth

I bet that you won´t see any of this in the mainstream media.

Then you have the official statement about Rapp by Nintendo themselves:

Alison Rapp was terminated due to violation of an internal company policy involving holding a second job in conflict with Nintendo’s corporate culture. Though Ms. Rapp’s termination follows her being the subject of criticism from certain groups via social media several weeks ago, the two are absolutely not related. Nintendo is a company committed to fostering inclusion and diversity in both our company and the broader video game industry and we firmly reject the harassment of individuals based on gender, race or personal beliefs. We wish Ms. Rapp well in her future endeavors.”Nintendo via IGN

And if we take a look at the “Apologize to Alison Rapp, and change corporate policy to support harassed women” petition text, then it´s quite obvious that it´s biased to the max:

GamerGate is an organized online (and offline) harassment campaign that started in August 2014. It was initiated by Eron Gjoni, the ex-boyfriend of Zoe Quinn. Zoe Quinn is a game developer. Mr. Gjoni was very abusive toward her. In reaction to her breaking up with him, he started a mass online campaign to slutshame and defame Ms. Quinn.

It snowballed into a movement that targets women in gaming, women in journalism, the men who defend them, and LGBTQ people. This phenomenon has been extensively covered in English language media around the world for about a year and eight months now. Ms. Quinn currently has a book deal with a Simon & Schuster imprint, and a Hollywood film deal based on the yet to be published book.

My name is Kim Crawley, and I was a GamerGate target. Many people have been a lot more harmed by GamerGate than I was. Nonetheless, I suffered from a loss of paid work in a situation similar to what happened to your Nintendo of America former localization department employee Alison Rapp. I write about information security. I’m also an avid video game consumer, and have been since 1989, when I got a Nintendo Entertainment System for Christmas.

As GamerGate causes harm to real people via information technology, GamerGate is an information security problem. Feeling angry about what GamerGate has done to many women (and some men), I wrote an information security article on the matter for the InfoSec Institute back in February 2015. GamerGaters got together, overwhelmed InfoSec Institute decision makers with nasty emails, and InfoSec Institute did a cowardly thing. They dropped my contracted writing gig. I had written for the InfoSec Institute since 2011.

I haven’t received anywhere near as much media attention as Ms. Rapp. I’m glad, because that sort of attention attracts more and more harassment and other such harm from GamerGate. Nonetheless, I understand Ms. Rapp’s situation firsthand.

So when your public relations department tells the media that you didn’t fire Ms. Rapp due to GamerGate’s harassment, I don’t believe your company. Not one little bit. When corporations and institutions fire GamerGate targets due to the harassment they’ve received, they make GamerGate feel like they’re winning. It only encourages them to target more marginalized tech and media people in the future. What your company did has made the internet less safe for women, LGBTQ people, and the men who defend them. It makes the internet less safe for progressive people and people with empathetic values.


If you were to offer to rehire Ms. Rapp, I wouldn’t blame her if she said no. Why should she trust NoA to take a stand against online harassment in the future?

You must do the honorable thing. Formally apologize to Ms. Rapp, in writing and to the media, and change NoA’s corporate policy so that what you did to her never happens in the future. So, Nintendo of America is a company that acts in the ways online harassers want them to. By firing Ms. Rapp, you have and will continue to attract a lot more negative PR than if you ignored GamerGate and defended her.

I and all of the people signing this petition have been harmed by GamerGate or care about someone who’s been harmed by GamerGate.” – Kimberly Crawley, creator of the Apologize to Alison Rapp Petition

Right off the bat, the text made me think about ABC News “What it feels like to be a Gamergate target” video (a lot of accusations aimed towards GamerGate, but very little to none evidence and facts to back everything up). And Kimberly Crawley doesn´t seem to understand that Rapp broke her contract with Nintendo (holding a second job). It also seems like Miss Crawley doesn´t understand that there were a lot of angry parents who called Nintendo when they found out about Miss Rapp´s questionable tweets and academic paper. And let´s not forget that Jamie Walton (president and co-founder of the anti-sex trafficking Foundation “The Wayne”) reached out to Nintendo about Miss Rapp on the 1st of March this year:

“Better fire Alison Rapp before Monday or there is going to be reckoning.” – Jamie Walton, president and co-founder of the anti-sex trafficking Foundation “The Wayne”

So…Yeah, I think it´s pretty absurd that people such as Kimberly Crawley (with friends) blame the firing of Alison Rapp on GamerGate. As it´s quite obvious that they had nothing to do with it (Nintendo made the final call, GG didn´t). And like I said before. Rapp wasn´t fired over “opinions” but highly unprofessional business practices. So it´s going to be really interesting to see how Nintendo will react to the Alison Rapp petition. Other than that, I have a feeling that Miss Rapp might be tempted to become Zoé Qinn 2.0. Especially since it pays really good to be a professional victim nowadays (Brianna Wu, Zoé Quinn and Randi Harper makes thousands of USD via Patreon every month).

With that said, feel free to share your own thoughts on this topic in the comment section down below.


***UPDATE 7 – 2016-03-31 – 16:30 CEST***

I was just informed that Nintendo has released a final statement on Alison Rapp´s termination at Treehouse. And this is what Nintendo told IGN:

“Alison Rapp was terminated due to violation of an internal company policy involving holding a second job in conflict with Nintendo’s corporate culture. Though Ms. Rapp’s termination follows her being the subject of criticism from certain groups via social media several weeks ago, the two are absolutely not related. Nintendo is a company committed to fostering inclusion and diversity in both our company and the broader video game industry and we firmly reject the harassment of individuals based on gender, race or personal beliefs. We wish Ms. Rapp well in her future endeavors.”Nintendo via IGN

And as you might remember, Rapp was blaming her termination on GamerGate. So if you choose to believe Nintendo´s own official statement on that matter. Then there is no truth to Rapp´s comments about GamerGate (that it was their fault that she lost her job at Treehouse). However, according to Miss Rapp herself, she thinks that “moonlightning” (holding another job at night, which often is of a sketchy nature) is no big deal. As Miss Rapp stated that moonlightning is perfectly fine according to Nintendo´s policy (I highly doubt it, thus the outcome of it all):

alison rapp on moonlightning

Well, apparently Nintendo didn´t agree with Miss Rapp on that matter.

alison rapp second job

In other words, Nintendo dropped Rapp because of her second job. So it had nothing at all to do with GamerGate.

So there you have it, Nintendo has told it like it is straight from the horse’s mouth. And Alison Rapp has now been officially released from her job duties at Treehouse. However, it remains to be seen what Nintendo will do about Nich Maragos (Nintendo localizer at Treehouse)…


Alison Rapp via Twitter part 1
Alison Rapp via Twitter part 2


***UPDATE 6 – 2016-03-31 – 01:00 CEST***

I was not quite sure how the Treehouse and Alison Rapp saga would end since Nintendo has been silent as the grave for almost a month’s time now. Then again, when I made my last update to this article (which I did on March the 13th) the #FireAlisonRapp hashtag was making a lot of noise. And parents (and Gamers alike) was pressuring Nintendo to do something about Rapp. Well, today Nintendo made the decision to let Alison Rapp go:

And just like predicted in my previous updates, Rapp would eventually blame everything on GamerGate (no surprise there). So even though Rapp has been released from her job duties at Treehouse. I have a feeling that this is not the last time that we will see or hear from her. As professional victimhood pays really well nowadays….

Alison Rapp

***Update 5 – 2016-03-13 – 00:45 CET***

It´s been about two weeks since I update this post the last time. And during that time the flames have grown higher and higher around the Treehouse studio (that´s why I decided to update this post yet again). In the matter of fact, there is even a #FireAlisonRapp hashtag on Twitter now. And there are rumors going around that Nintendo has started to clean up the mess at Treehouse as we speak (the rumor started when it became publicly known that Nintendo is searching for a new localization talent for Nintendo of America). Even so. It still remains to be seen what kind of an effect this will have on Treehouse and their upcoming localization jobs, and speaking of localizations. I don´t know if you’re familiar with the #TorrentialDownpour hashtag (or its intentions and goals), but Mr. Immahnoob has made a really good picture gallery (with explanations) for #TorrentialDownpour.

fire emblem fates localization

This picture summons up the whole deal with Treehouse´s really bad localization of “Fire Emblem: Fates”.

fire emblem fates localization 300k sold units

The “300,000” units sold” statement has been used as a weapon against anyone who states that Treehouse´s FEF localization were a real disaster. However, these gentlemen buried that statement with just a couple of tweets.

So if you want to know more about #TorrentialDownpour, then I would recommend you to check out Immahnoob´s page as soon as possible. Other than that, I hope to get some more information about how I can support the cause of #TorrentialDownpour in the best way possible (I sent away an e-mail to DDD-kun about this). Nevertheless, I think Immahnoob´s pictures will work as a good guideline for me (and you) for now. I also hope that our “A message to Japanese game developers from a US game developer” article, will get the Japanese game developers, Gamers and publishers to understand and see what´s going on the Western Gaming culture (censorship, bad localizations and so on). And “hopefully” that will result in having better Western localization game studios, because I (and many others) sure don´t want to see any future Western localization nightmares of the same caliber as Treehouse´s “Fire Emblem: Fates” localization mess.



***Update 4 – 2016-03-01 – 00:30 CET***

The moment when the press brings up Alison Rapp´s stand on pedophila and childpornography 

I think it´s safe to say that the pressure is on for Nintendo at the moment, and I´m not even exaggerating either. Because since I did my update on this post on the 26th of February, the Alison Rapp (Product Marketing Specialist at Treehouse) PR-nightmare has skyrocketed through the roof. And here´s the thing, as you might remember. I did indeed tell Nintendo of America and Japan upfront via Twitter that they needed to look into the case with Treehouse asap, as it would be a big mistake to neglect Alison Rapp (Product Marketing Specialist at Treehouse) and Nich Maragos (Nintendo localizer at Treehouse) past statements and scandals. Well, it seems like Nintendo didn´t follow my advice.

Instead the news about Alison Rapp, her previous pedophilia statements and her controversial academic paper discussing laws banning depictions of underage sex (“Speech We Hate: An Argument for the Cessation of International Pressure on Japan to Strengthen Its Anti-Child Pornography Laws.“) has been spread all over the world. And it was Mirror´s Jasper Hamill “Nintendo urged to FIRE feminist employee at centre of furious child pornography censorship row” article that set the sea in motion:

jasper hamill dailymirror

Yes, the Rapp story is now news on mirror.co.uk.

oliver campbell on alison rapp

True, and I bet that there will be more news articles about Rapp (and Treehouse) in the near future.

And I have you know that it´s not “just” Gamers that´s really angry at Nintendo, Treehouse and Alison Rapp at the moment. No, it´s also a lot of concerned parents who have started to pressure Nintendo to fire Rapp on the spot. So right at this very moment, angry parents are bombarding Nintendo via social media with comments such as:

“let them know we love our children more than to support someone like Alison Rapp”.

Not to mention the fact that people such as Jamie Walton (president and co-founder of the anti-sex trafficking Foundation “The Wayne”) have stated the following about Rapp:

“Better fire Alison Rapp before Monday or there is going to be reckoning.”

Blame everything on #GamerGate, yes, that should work like a charm

You know, even though I´ve been covering the Treehouse and “Fire Emblem: Fates” case for quite sometime now. I honestly never thought that things would turn out this bad, In the matter of fact. If you read through this article update for update, then you will probably come to the same conclusion as I have. And that would be the fact that not only has the Treehouse scandal (s) grown for each day that has gone by, but the scandal (s) has also become even more bizarre in its nature. In short, Treehouse has placed Nintendo in a very uncomfortable situation. Especially since Nintendo is a well-known family-friendly company (Nintendo has promoted itself as a family-friendly company since the 80s). So I´m somewhat curious to know what Nintendo is waiting for? I mean, do they honestly believe that these scandals will just go away if they pretend that none of these “incidents” ever occurred?

Well, funny enough. I just found out that Nintendo claims that they had no idea about Rapp´s past statements. At least that´s what Jamie Walton  (president and co-founder of the anti-sex trafficking Foundation “The Wayne”) stated just now on Twitter:

jamie walton on alison rapp part 1

Better late than never, I guess.

jamie walton on alison rapp part 2

In other words, if you got anything that you want to show to Nintendo regards of Alison Rapp. Then get in contact with them asap!

So I take it that Nintendo have finally come to the conclusion that they need to do something about Alison Rapp *clap clap*. Good, however. Earlier today Rapp made things even worse for herself by playing the professional victim role (Zoé Quinn 2.0 going down?). And Rapp did so by blaming everything (the outcome of her past blunders) on GamerGate:

alison rapp vs gamergate round 1

No, you should take full responsibility for your actions Rapp. You’re an adult, so don´t blame your blunders on others.

alison rapp vs gamergate round 2

That´s a load of bull. And you know it!

Well, I don´t know about you, but as far as I know. It was a lot of angry parents who urged Nintendo to do something about Alison Rapp (Nintendo picked up on that request/demand today), and not #GamerGate. So, no. It´s not #GamerGate that´s destroying you Rapp, but a lot of angry parents who are concerned about their kid’s safety and health. As they are not all that fond of having a person who speaks so warmly pedophilia working as a Product Marketing Specialist at Nintendo (Treehouse to be exact). I would also like to mention that Rapp is not being fired over “opinions” but highly unprofessional business practices (Rapp´s blunders have messed up Nintendo´s “family friendly” image for sure). It´s as simple as that.

And before I wrap up this never-ending Treehouse nightmare. Yesterday I was contacted by thebaconfromhell (A Youtuber) who informed me that there had been false flag claims against his Alison Rapp Youtube video (“Nintendo’s Public Relations Employee Alison Rapp Now Vocal for Pedophiles With John Kelly“). And before I knew it, Johnny Fox Show (Another Youtuber) reached out to me on Twitter and gave me more information about Rapp (“Nintendo Treehouse PR Lead Wants Child Porn Legalized – JFS Rants“).

Any ways, the part about Youtube and the false flagging reports got me thinking. Because someone is obviously putting in a lot of time and effort into false flagging Youtube videos that talk and criticize Alison Rapp. And I don´t believe that it´s a pure “coincidence” either, as even the smallest of channels and Youtube videos has been targeted. Sure, I highly doubt that it´s Rapp herself that´s been doing this. However, it´s most likely some of her supporters who’ve been pulling off these false Youtube flag stunts as of lately. Not that it will matter all that much now, as it seems like Nintendo will fire Rapp.

Even so, I find it to be somewhat disturbing that “some” people think that it´s alright to silence whistle blowers. Because it´s not, and you know what? The truth will always prevail in the end. So don´t ever be afraid to get the truth out there (no matter the cost), as it´s really important for people to know the truth.

Johnny Fox Show

Pterodactyl Princess on Twitter
Alison Rapp Discusses her Thesis with Friends
Jamie Walton
Johnny fox show
Jasper Hamill


***Update 3 – 2016-02-26 – 22:15 CET***

For the last 48 hours, I have had to deal with angry SJWs and brute force attacks against our homepage (I can´t prove that they were behind it, but the attacks started as soon as I tweeted out the update of this article). Yes, they did not like my “Fire Emblem: Fates” article all that much. However, we did reach out to quite a few about the Treehouse scandals (I sent my article to Alpha Omega Sin Sargon of Akkad as well). That´s just the half of it though, because I´ve been given a lot of information about Pterodactyl Princess (Alison Rapp, Product Marketing Specialist at Treehouse) as of lately. And I have to say that I´m somewhat surprised that Nintendo of America hasn´t done anything about Pterodactyl yet.

Especially since she´s been tweeting out crazy statements for over five years time. From my point of view. There is no doubt about that Pterodactyl Princess is a full-blown SJW/feminist supporter, who likes to inject her agenda into everything she has access to. Sadly enough though, the madness doesn´t stop there.

As Pterodactyl thinks that sexism against men is none existing, and she also holds the following thoughts about video games and social justice:

“If u wanna have intelligent convos about games, you need to educate yourself on life & intersectional social issues totally outside of games”  – Alison Rapp, Product Marketing Specialist at Treehouse via Twitter

You better hold on to your hat though, because it seems like Pterodactyl is more than just an SJW/feminist supporter and an agenda pushing localizer (she also seems to suffer from some really serious mental health issues?). Please allow me to explain. You see, here´s the really interesting part. Because back in 2011 and 2012 Pterodactyl made some truly disturbing tweets (as seen in the pictures down below), and those tweets made me wonder if she´s a supporter of pedophilia as well?

alison rapp is a pedophile

Don´t Nintendo run background checks on people before they hire them?

alison rapp treehouse childporn

Rapp works as a marketer at Treehouse…

alison rapp treehouse more childporn

Oh dear god…

And keep in mind that Pterodactyl didn´t join the Treehouse crew before August, 2013. In other words, Nintendo couldn´t have done a proper background check of her. I mean, Pterodactyl´s twitter timeline is literally full of crazy statements and SJW/feminist/PC-bro nonsense. So it´s no surprise to me that Treehouse slaughtered their localization of “Fire Emblem: Fates”. As it seems to be their in-house agenda to do a full “SJW transformation” of every single game that they come in contact with. In the matter of fact, I bet that everyone that works at Treehouse has the same exact SJW mentality as Alison Rapp (and Nich Maragos for that matter).

So I´m somewhat curious to find out how Nintendo of America couldn´t have noticed any of Pterodactyl´s previous crazy statements for the last + two (almost three) years? I have no answer to that question as for now. Nevertheless, Nintendo of Japan no longer has an excuse for not pulling Nintendo of America, Nich Maragos (Nintendo localizer at Treehouse) and Alison Rapp (Product Marketing Specialist at Treehouse) in their ears.

And why is that? Well, I showed this article to Nintendo of Japan via Twitter just recently. So they cannot pretend like they haven´t been informed about these issues. So it´s up to Nintendo to clean up this mess now, as for Treehouse´s poor localization and censorship of “Fire Emblem Fates”. I think  Leonardo Cornejo Bernal (a Spanish translator) made a really good point with his comment on this matter:

“You see. I am a translator. To me this is horrible in so many ways. Now, I am an English-Spanish translator, and honestly I don’t feel compelled to learn Japanese. Doing so is more or less like giving up and allowing censorship to happen. We must find a way to fight back for real.”Leonardo Cornejo Bernal, a Spanish translator

And I think Leonardo is right (SilverScarCat made some good points about video game localizations as well). However, I am yet to find the best way to fight back against censorship. Personally though, I do boycott publishers and developers who bow down for censorship and the SJW movement. Other than that, I do import Japanese games as a last resort. Because I do not like the idea of video game piracy, and I want to support developers and the games which I really like (for example, it´s not Intelligent Systems fault that Treehouse messed up their localization of “Fire Emblem: Fates”).

With that said, I hardly doubt that the Treehouse scandals will become fewer (or smaller) in the future. As there seems to be no end to them…

Best Mom Eva
Caim ‏@CaimtheSlayer
Philip Weigel

archive.is/3340s (hxxp://bit.ly/qbf22r )


***Update 2 – 2016-02-23 – 00:00 CET***

I just wanted to inform you ladies and gentlemen that I´ve been given some new information about Treehouse. And there seems to be no end to scandals either, as they keep on pouring in. Mr (or Miss) Honkimus Maximus just had me know that Aevee Bee has also reviewed “Fire Emblem: Fates” (the person which Nich Maragos supports via Patreon). So that means that it´s yet another conflict of interest case that´s been pinned down on Nich Maragos (Nintendo localizer at Treehouse), and matters are just about to get worse on the behalf of Maragos. As I found out that Maragos made a video called “Nich Maragos – #roomforeveryone ” back in November, 2014 (thanks Zeroroute!). So, what´s the deal with that video then? Well, this is the actual video description for the video (you can also watch the video further down the page):

“A veteran localization writer discusses the fear that social justice issues are in danger of killing gaming, and explains why it’s not founded. There’s #roomforeveryone in games–if you’re a game developer, send your testimonial video to [email protected]!

Now, read these words slowly for yourself “social justice issues are in danger of killing gaming” and “#roomforeveryone in games“. Yes, Nich Maragos is a big hypocrite. I´m curious to know when his full-scale SJW transformation took place though (obviously after the making of his “#roomforeveryone” video, but when exactly?). And all of this gives you a pretty good clue about how and why Treehouse butchered “Fire Emblem: Fates” with their SJW nonsense. It´s simple. It’s their in-house agenda to do so. That´s also why Nintendo needs to find themselves a new US localizer for their future games, because Treehouse has proven that they’re not cut for the job.

fire emblem fates forever alone

Why…Why did Treehouse do this?

I know that all of this is a really sad and upsetting read. However, I do have some good news to share with you guys and girls (against all odds), because a fellow video game localizer and translator called Leitung (@LeitungVG, he or she is currently working on the English translation for “Great Ace Attorney” to 3DS) reached out to us on Twitter just now. And this is what Leitung and I said about Treehouse and “Fire Emblem: Fates”:

leitung on fire emblem fates-and treehouse

And I’m glad to be at your service fellow American Nintendo Gamers.

I also took the liberty to tweet out the following message to Nintendo of America and Nintendo Japan:

tgg reaches out to nintendo about fire emblem fates

The ball is in your court Nintendo, so do what must be done.

So I have done what I could to get the word out about all of this, and “hopefully” I caught Nintendo´s attention as well. As they really need to deal with all these Treehouse-related issues right away. I would also like to add that there is a third conflict of interest between Nich Maragos and Aevee Bee (scroll down to “Third COI”). So there you have it ladies and gents, Treehouse. Where the wood and the people are rotten to the core…

Honkimus Maximus
Jaime Bravo


***Update 1 – 2016-02-23 – 21:18 CET***

I don´t know if you´re a fan of the Matrix series, but if you are. Do you remember that part when Morpheus said “You take the red pill – you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.” to Neo?. Well, I went down the Treehouse rabbit-hole yet again. And this time I went even deeper into the matter of Treehouse´s relationship with “Fire Emblem: Fates”. And I can´t really say that I like what I´ve found, because I never thought that things were this bad. Well, I was wrong. However, before I go into those details, as promised. Here´s my e-mail conversation with Patrik Johansson (PR Manager Bergsala AB, Nintendo Sweden), on the matter of Treehouse and their translation (“localization”) of “Fire Emblem: Fates” (I translated the text from Swedish to English):

Robin TGG:
Hi Patrik =)

I just wanted to hear with you if you have any connections with Nintendo in Japan? Because the Western Gamers are pretty upset over the lousy translation of “Fire Emblem Fates”.

Thank you in advance, with friendly regards Robin TGG.

Patrik J Nintendo Sweden:

I believe that you should get in contact with Nintendo of America, because they are usually the ones who handle all the English translations. However, I have no contact with the person who´s responsible for the translation over there. Nevertheless, you can send a mail to their info e-mail address. You could also send them criticism and feedback via Nintendo´s social media pages. As Nintendo reads all the comments that they get on Twitter and Instagram. So the critique will most definitely reach them.

With friendly regards, Patrik Johansson  PR Manager Bergsala AB (Nintendo Sweden)

Robin TGG:
Hi again Patrik =)

I understand, because Treehouse has created a huge scandal with their English translation of FEF. So much so that both Nintendo US and Japan get bombarded with criticism via Twitter as we speak. And to be honest, it´s a lot worse than I originally thought. I mean, Treehouse has more or less slaughtered the game, and as far as I know. A translator should just do his (or her) very best to transfer the game´s message, the emotions and the jokes to his or her native language (I´m aware of the fact that some Japanese jokes and such doesn´t work all that well in English, but you get my point). FEF is a really good game, no doubt about it. However, Nintendo sure needs to step in and pull Treehouse in their ears.

Thank you for the information. Have a nice day. With friendly regards Robin TGG.

Patrik J Nintendo Sweden:
Ok, we’ll see if they respond. Technically, they can of course arrange a patch and fix the problem.


Patrik Johansson
PR Manager

With that said, let´s look into the Treehouse scandal shall we? First of all, it´s not just one scandal. There is a handful of scandals that surrounds Treehouse right now. And it just gets worse for each hour that goes by (Nintendo of Japan needs to step in and clean up the mess right away!). So I will go through each and every one of them based on what I know right now.

Well, since I´ve already gone through the translation (“localisation”) and censorship part (you can read all about it further down the page). I´m going to move on to Nich Maragos (Nintendo localizer at Treehouse). Maragos got caught red-handed with supporting Andrea Ritsu (he/she is an aggressive proponent of censorship in Fire Emblem: Fates) via Patreon just recently. And as if that wasn´t bad enough already, Ritsu is also said to be the very same person who has lied about “gay therapy” and  “date rape drugs” in Soleil’s conversations in “Fire Emblem: Fates”.

nich maragos nintendo localizer at treehouse

Why would Maragos support the very same person (Andrea Ritsu) who stated that FEF promotes rape culture? That makes no sense to me.

So why on earth would Nich Maragos give financial support to a person who both screams for censorship and then lie about the very same product which he is working on? (FEF´s “localization”). I have no idea really, as it´s beyond my understanding. And it´s about to get worse, because it seems like Nich Maragos enjoyed the idea of having the Western version of “Fire Emblem: Fates” censored:

nich maragos neogaf

Maragos posted this comment about FEF on Neogaf…

Don´t hold your breath though, because I have just warmed up. Since there is also a conflict of interest case to be found in this mess, to be exact. It´s a conflict of interest between Nich Maragos and Aevee Bee. You see. Nich Maragos was the project lead for “Etrain Odyssey” (he was also s involved with Persona Q’s localization) at the time. And Maragos gave money to Aevee´s Patreon (this was back in November, 2014). So what did Maragos get in return for his money then? He received a “Persona Q Review” article by Aevee…Sure, all of this took place before Maragos had anything to do with “Fire Emblem: Fates” (which is said to be his first project at Treehouse). Even so, as you clearly can see for yourself. There is a recurring pattern of scandals, corruption and censorship to be found in the case with Nich Maragos.

So I didn´t hold back one bit when I called Treehouse out on Twitter earlier today (because enough is enough):

gamers vs treehouse and censorship

I tried to get Nintendo of America´s attention, but they just ignored me (and everyone else).

And let´s not forget Treehouse´s Pterodactyl Princess, because she has created more than one scandal over time on Twitter. In the matter of fact, Pterodactyl created yet another scandal today by blocking a disabled Gamer (Canadian Capicollo, who simply voiced his opinion about video games being really important to him):

treehouses pterodactyl princess games are not important

Video games could indeed be very important. Especially for someone who´s disabled or trying to battle sickness or depression.

treehouses pterodactyl princess blocks a disabled person

Wait, so Canadian Capicollo voiced his opinion about video games being really important to him. And pterodactyl response to that was to block him? What the hell?!

treehouses pterodactyl princess block

I would also like to point out that Pterodactyl has blocked us on Twitter as well (for reasons yet unknown to me).

And just for the record, Pterodactyl Princess is a big hypocrite:

pterodactyl princess is a big hypocrite

So, first you state that video games isn´t necessarily the most important thing in the world. Then you say this?

Pterodactyl Princess also believes a lot shoving down SJW/Feminist agenda into other people’s throats:

pterodactyl princess feminist agenda

Nintendo of Japan needs to see this.

I don´t know about you, but I have seen enough. Nintendo of Japan needs to address these Treehouse scandals immediately and start doing something about it as soon as possible. Because if they don´t, then it´s just going to get far worse for Nintendo over time. So the best thing that they could do right now, is to deal with Treehouse straight on and right away. And for those who want to read up on some more scandals on this matter, it seems like RM-2R ‏(@ramtower) is a localization manager at Nintendo (Treehouse?):

RM-2R Part 1
RM-2R Part 2
RM-2R Part 3

With that said, what do you guys and girls think about all of this? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section down below?

The Tree house and Nich Maragos scandals so far:
– Conflict of interest
– Censorship and a really sloppy Western translation/localization of “Fire Emblem: Fates
– Nich Maragos supports Andrea Ritsu financialy via Patreon
– Treehouse´s Pterodactyl Princess many outbursts on Twitter
– Nich Maragos likes censorship

Best Mom Eva

Conflict of Interest Between Nich Maragos and Aevee Bee
Nich Maragos supports Andrea Ritsu
Andrea Ritsu´s lies about “Fire Emblem: Fates”
Nich Maragos likes censorship

Here we go again. Western localization, censorship and feminism/SJW agenda in video games

Oh dear…Since I made my last update for my “Fire Emblem: Fates” censorship article (which I did on the 29th of January), things have just become worse over time. And I´m not even exaggerating either. Sure, I already knew that things were really bad with FEF when it comes to censorship. However, I had no idea that Treehouse (it´s a development division at Nintendo of America) was injecting SJW and feminist agenda into the US version of “Fire Emblem: Fates” (the translations). At least, that´s what the Gaming community thinks and accuses them off right now (I will try to get an official statement from Treehouse on this matter), and based on what I´ve seen so far today (as seen in the pictures down below). I have to say that it leans more towards being the truth, than anything else.

nintendo-treehouse-goes-full-sjw-on-fire-emblem fates

Nintendo Treehouse has been accused of injecting SJW and feminist agenda into FEF.

nintendo treehouse vs fire emblem fates

You should never push agendas or censorship into translations…


The TorrentialDownpour hashtag are full of tweets such as this.

And the person who have been nailed to the cross for all of this is Treehouse´s Pterodactyl Princess (a footnote, she has blocked us on Twitter…):

pterodactyl princess treehouse

It remains to be seen if pterodactyl princess has had anything to do with the SJW/feminist agenda in “Fire Emblem: Fates”.

pterodactyl princess

No, you don´t. Either you know what you´re talking about, or you don´t. So don´t bring in social issues into the mix.

However, I did notice one odd thing just now. Well, it´s not strange in its own right. Even so, it becomes strange when you combine Pterodactyl Princess (who is said to be an SJW/feminist supporter) with a “Puella magi madoka magica Anime Sexy Hug Body Pillow Cover” (yes, it´s on her Amazon wish list. As seen on her Twitter profile page). Simply put, you can´t help to wonder if Pterodactyl is somewhat confused on where she stands in terms of being an SJW or not. I mean, I hardly doubt that anyone from Feminist Frequency would buy (less own) a pillow of that kind. Well, I think you get my point. Anyhow, as I was saying. Once the Gaming community found out about what Treehouse had done to “Fire Emblem: Fates”, they got really upset over the whole thing (and rightfully so):

treehouse kills off fire emblem fates

It´s not even worthy of a “Lost in translation” joke, because this is pure SJW rubbish with no doubt (correction, Henry and Olivia are from FE:Awakening).

treehouse slaughter of fire emblem fates

Localization, or censorship? I would love to hear statement from Treehouse on this matter.

fire emblem fates censorship

It´s no wonder why people want to import the Japanese version instead.

fire emblem fates censorship parody

People did actually tweet this picture out to Nintendo of America.

The alternatives to censored Western Video game localizations

I know that things don´t look all that bright and promising in the games industry right now (censorship and the SJW/feminist plague), but there are still hope and happiness to be found elsewhere. You see. Play-Asia sells the Japanese version of “Fire Emblem Fates” (“Fire Emblem if Hakuya Oukoku” and “Fire Emblem if Anya Oukoku“. And there is another really good turn-based RPG for 3DS called “Stella Glow” (you can buy that game via Play-Asia as well). My point would be this, now is a really good time to start learning Japanese. As that allows you to enjoy games that haven’t been e to a full-blown Western localization censorship/SJW transformation.

play asia saves fire emblem fates

Play-Asia saves the day once again.

That might not solve the problem with censorship of Japanese games in the West, but it´s at least a good alternative while we´re fighting back against the SJW and censorship madness (you could also try to find and install an English fan translation of the game in question). Besides, I always wanted to learn Japanese. So this will work as a great motivator for me (and others) with no doubt.

With that said. What do you think about all of this? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section down below!

Fire Emblem Fates Changes


This is a personal opinion of the writer, and it doesn’t necessarily represent the other writers (nor The Gaming Ground´s) opinions.

We (TGG) are a part of the Play-Asia family, and we may receive a profit cut out of your purchase via the Play-Asia links in this article.

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The Gaming Ground
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124 Comments ON " Did Treehouse butcher “Fire Emblem: Fates... "
  • Spectreman

    Conglaturations, 8-4.

    • Immahnoob



    • Unmotivated

      I remember the cheer that went up in the fanbase when it was announced that Fates would be done in-house and taken out of the hands of 8-4.

      We were so naive back then.

      That said, I do think the problems with the localization come more from NoA being obsessive about their kid-friendly image than any intentional SJW sabotage, though. I know quite a few of those types DO work there, however…

    • 8-4? I´m not familiar with that term? What does it mean? (it´s not good news I guess).

      • Joey

        They are a localiser that are based in Japan. They worked on the localisation of Xenoblade X.

  • GamersBlogX

    Another alternative to FE:Fates is the Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor titles.

    • With no doubt =) Awesome game that.

      • Philip Weigel

        Disgaea’s always a good alternative.

        • With no doubt, is there such a thing as a Disgaea collection box btw?

          • Philip Weigel

            Sadly no, would be awesome, then again, the first four games can be played on the Vita (1 and 2 are on the PSP, with 1 being on the DS and now coming to PC via Steam)

            Disgaea D2 and 5 don’t look like they’re going to be ported to the Vita, sadly. 🙁

          • Zeroroute

            I think I’ve seen bundles of 3,4,and d2 in stores

    • EmpoleTRON

      Do you recommend Unclocked? The eShop has it on a HUGE sale

      • GamersBlogX

        Go for it. Its worth grabbing.

    • David

      DS2 is my personal favorite of the two. Really need to get back into those games.

  • Sevuz

    one more reason emulators is the way to go… OR MOD THE LIVING HELL OUT OF THE GAME FILES

    • Check out Nintendo of America´s Twitter feed mate. People are angry as hell at them at the moment…

      • Sevuz

        And with good reason. But for some reason I don’t think NoA gives a shit. They rather bow down to social hippie whining from feminists and SJ Whiners who don’t play their games anyway or think if they support the BS narrative GOD will give them a clap on the shoulder when they die -_-‘ https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8415efec5ac2dab8c34fd940bbe57799b8deec140275aff1979eb18d670df90b.png

        • Absolutely, well. I did find even more stuff about Treehouse. And I think it´s safe to say that they are a bunch of SJW/feminst and PC-Bro lovers…

          • Sevuz

            Argh that sucks. Then it’s save to say that Nintendo Gamers are royally fucked on this one

  • gamebabble

    It’s important to keep in mind that the 3DS is region locked so you’ll need a Japanese 3DS too. Nintendo is the only company left that still region locks things.

    …ironically, the original GameBoy was the first system to NOT be region locked and Nintendo handhelds were region free until the DSi.

    • That´s true, I´ve been told that there are hacks to make the 3DS console region free though.

    • LordKaizer

      you could use homebrew to play japanese games.

  • Philip Weigel

    I’ll just wait for 3DS emulators and play the fan-translation then.

    • There are plenty of people that feel the same way as you do…

      • Philip Weigel

        I know someone who owns the game. He got the special edition version, which has both versions of the game. If I REALLY need to play the game, I could just borrow from him. That way I can see how horri-bad the translation is for myself.

        • That would be a good idea for sure, as for the translation and censorship. It´s even worse than I thought (I´m working on an update on this post as we speak).

          • Philip Weigel

            I’ve seen it. So many memes, urgh. Some people are saying “I wanna sell this back, the translation is horrible.”

    • LordKaizer

      just buy sky3ds+ and download the game from 3dsiso.com and voala. you can play all 3 versions for free and you could use it to install homebrew and play games on any region.

      • Philip Weigel

        sky3ds+ you say?

        Never heard of it…

        • LordKaizer

          it’s like R4 for DS except it works on 3ds all models and updates.

          • Philip Weigel

            Cool, I’ll just…

            *Checks price*

            …84 bucks?!

            …A little out of my price range ATM

          • Ouch…That´s rather expensive :S Oh well…

      • Hmm, I have never heard of that one before. It´s most definitely worth checking out for sure though. Thanks for sharing this =)

  • Philip Weigel

    So, do we march on Nintendo of America with torches and burn it to the ground?

    • Mr Snow

      Just do what I do, buy used as a form of protest. The company gets none of my money, and I support my local used game store.

      • Zeroroute

        or just import a copy even if you have no means to play it. then the people who care get money

        • That´s my plan at the moment. Play-Asia it is :3

      • Exactly, I´m going for Zeroroute´s alternative though. As it´s not the devs fault that Treehouse messed up the localization of FEF (the corruption parts are hardly their fault neither).

    • Wonderkarp

      no. we present a viable in house alternative to Treehouse.

    • I would follow Mr Snow´s advice.

  • Mr Snow

    Excellent article on the shitshow that is social justice taking our games.

    • Thanks =) I´m glad to hear that you enjoyed it 😉 The SJWs went nuts last night though (I bet that they´re friends of the Treehouse crew), but the salt must continue to flow you know 😉

      • Immahnoob

        Do note that while she’s part of Treehouse (Allison Rapp), she’s part of the PR team, she’s not a localizer. So she’s not really that related to the localization.

        • Merik Lobo

          As their “product marketing specialist” its very much possible she had a direct hand in this. She’s in a position to tell the localizers what wont sell after all. That being said, she can’t be the only one at fault either way.

          • I have no such information at this time. That might just be the case though, Absolutely! And no, Rapp is not the only one who should be held responsible for this damn mess.

        • Correct, so I updated my article 😉

  • Zeroroute

    And here’s Maragos saying SJWs are ruining gaming, what a hypocrite https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dRyG5_HSSy4

    • Yes he is, and thanks for the heads up. I added the video to my article 😉

  • Audie Bakerson

    Maragos literally gave money to someone who not only wrote a positive review without disclosure, but got an early review copy to be able to do so (Meaning Nintendo of America supported this, not a rogue employee).

    I’m pretty sure that’s illegal and needs to be reported to the FTC.

    • I think you´re right, and I just asked a friend of mine to translate my whole article to Japanese. He will then send it to Nintendo of Japan. So we can only hope for the best right now.

      • ~Aemilia~

        Only Nintendo of Japan can save us now.. I really dont want to risk messing up my 80$ game with applying the fan-patch because I’m a complete noob with 3DS hacking and I had no idea what ANY of the directions people gave were telling me to do. I’ve patched PC games before so I thought itd be something easy to understand but NOPE. I cant believe how silent Nintendo is being even after all the outcry, goes to show how much they care about fans who supported them.. its disgusting and after reading all that about them I cringe just thinking about how much money I spent on them. I wish I’d known about this earlier.

  • Ciaran Reid


  • Ciaran Reid


  • Xrift

    Thanks for featuring my Tweet. It’s astonishing that she (Alison Rapp) get’s away with this crap.
    My RT to her was harmless in nature, only to make a good observational point.

    • You are most welcome =) Yes. Rapp went out of line for sure. Exactly, that was uncalled for. Then again, it seems like she blocks people on the fly?

  • Leonardo Cornejo Bernal

    You see. I am a translator. To me this is horrible in so many ways. Now, I am an English-Spanish translator, and honestly I don’t feel compelled to learn Japanese. Doing so is more or less like giving up and allowing censorship to happen. We must find a way to fight back for real.

    • I feel ya man, but that´s one of the very few good alternatives at the moment. Boycott the publishers and devs that support SJW/PC-bro mentality and censorship. That´s what I do.

    • DDD-kun

      Information in the #TorrentialDownpour hashtag on how to do just that is being released. Keep an eye out this week.

  • Zeroroute

    Bryan Gray (Former SE employee, localized KH1 among other things) “I could go on and on (and on!) about how there’s no such thing as a literal translation from Japanese. I think people who mindlessly chase down that ideal are holding themselves back from being good translators. […] That whole mindset—that Japanese has ‘correct’ translations into English and that localizers are people who mangle those perfect answers—is misguided.”

    • I´ll add that one to the post as well. And I´ll have you know that the SJW´s went nuts when I updated this post. We have also been targeted with brute force attacks for the last 24 hours…

  • TsoulX

    welp looks like im patching my copy of the game until NoA decides to release an update that fixes most of the mess that is the treehouse localization. I don’t care about the censorship (I do think the decisions made towards it is completely stupid). I dont mind the voice acting for the most part (except for effie’s). But the shitty translation is what really pisses me off. Also I think nintendo should fire Allison because its seems like she’s one of the people responsible for this mess

    • GamersBlogX

      You’re better off either importing+english patch or waiting it out for the delocalization patch+buying game used. Because NoA is never going to fix this games localization, ever.

      • TsoulX

        yeah i suppose i’ll just wait for the delocalization patch to be released

  • Philip Weigel

    Hey, hey, hey! Who wants more information to play (with)?

    Turns out, one of our ILLUSTRIOUS “localizers”, is not only an SJW is also a pedophile.

    https:// twitter.com/ RedStarWarrior /status/ 702728554438631424

    Had to space it out, since for some reason it wouldn’t show up.

    • Zeroroute

      and it all comes tumbling down

    • I´ll update the post with that (good find!), I also found a couple of translators that took a swing at Treehouse.

  • thebaconfromhell Youtuber
    • Like a good friend of mine said earlier today when he saw this video “I don´t know if it´s just me, but…Doesn´t Rapp look and sound very pedo-like? :S”…

      • thebaconfromhell Youtuber

        yeah Im working on a project for monday. Im not accepting this sitting down. it will be lulzy. Do you want to help? give me all the treehouse twitters that you know of.

        • Hi =) I saw it, and I think I have added everything there is? I shall look through it all one more time though.

  • Zeroroute

    I just found a good analogy on Twitter – People saying “Just learn Japanese” is like Microsoft saying “If you want to play offline, get a 360”

    • Wasn´t one of them by an ex Gamespot dude? (Jeff something?).

      • Zeroroute

        Jeff Gertsmann is his name I think

        • Correct, I don´t remember the other dudes name though. Nevertheless, both of them are a bunch of twats imo.

  • Albert Brito

    So.. Out of curiosity.. is their gonna be a possible patch to fix up most or at least some of the damages caused in the messed up localization? It could be possible with the Roy amiibo coming around soon for a patch, while I do like the game and it’s great… I can’t defend what mistakes they made like the support conversations, and Kana being friend zoned…

  • Johnny Fox Show

    Beautifully done sir! Absolutely incredible sharing this everywhere!

  • David

    The more I read these updates the more I wonder if getting Conquest was okay…

    • I feel your pain David -_- Well, the game itself is notbad. However, I would stick to the Japanese import of FEF myself.

  • RamblingManIX

    That last paragraph for Update 4 (2016/03/01) is very well stated. It should be noted as advice for everyone and every situation.

    • “The truth will always prevail in the end. So don´t ever be afraid to get the truth out there (no matter the cost), as it´s really important for people to know the truth.”?

  • ~Aemilia~

    better add “waggity waggity waggity” onto this list of fuckups by Treehouse. They seriously turned such a touching moment of dialogue between Kaden and his kids paralogue into “sniff sniff waggity waggity waggity”…

    • Let´s just say that I can´t say that these “incidents” have done any good to Nintendo´s “family friendly” image and slogan…

  • Dancouga

    Why add the rapp stuff into the same article?

    • DDD-kun

      Rapp is not a person of significant interest unless there can be a direct connection made to her actions and the game’s localized efforts. The better focus needs to be incentivizing fans to speak out again this and other big localizing screw ups. We need stand and talk with Nintendo of Japan.

      • I did reach out to Nintendo of Japan about this (via Twitter), but they just ignored my message…

        • DDD-kun

          There are fans right now organizing a letter campaign to Nintendo of Japan. It’s not much but it’s the only way I could think of to get any kind of audience with the people that can do the most to resolve this issue, given that no one in Nintendo of America is willing to listen in any capacity.

          • Ah, great! =) True, and I think that´s the only way to get their full attention. Is there anything that we can do to get the word out about this?

          • DDD-kun

            We’d seriously appreciate the help. When you get another moment, if you could drop a line at opdownpour at gmail dot com I can get you the better details.

          • Np =) Sure! I´ll sort it out.

    • Because I wanted everything to be collected in the same article, as it´s all related to Treehouse in one way or another.

  • Some think people from GamerGate are going full SJW when they say it’s inappropriate for such person to work with kids. And I think they are right. It is inappropriate. No one would give a damn if person defending such things worked in a factory or something. It would be just their weird opinion. But she’s actually physically involved with the kids and that just tiny little bit messed up.

    • Not only that:
      1. Nintendo = A family friendly company
      2. Nintendo´s maincore of consumers are young kids and families
      3. Alison Rapp works as a “Product Marketing Specialist” at Treehouse
      4. Many of Alison Rapp´s statements were made via her Treehouse Twitter account (http://pastebin.com/g6WjSvwf)

  • Kuuzo

    Here is Alison Rapp discussing her paper at the conference she presented it at in 2012 http://samuraipodcast.com/ep34-2012-japan-studies-association-conference-roundtable-part-2

    • Thanks =) I´ll check that one out.

      • Immahnoob

        Hey dude, since this article was mainly about Fire Emblem Fates, do you think you could add this album to it?

        It’s best if more people see all the changes we’ve found (and it’s constantly being updated). I know it’s kind of past that and now you’ve talked about Allison Rapp and all, but if you can find a spot, that would be great.


        • Done and made 😉 I credited you as well =)

          • Immahnoob

            Ok, although I’ve kind of ran out of ways to spam this article…

          • It´s all cool man 😉

  • Philip Weigel

    Man, who would have thought that someone bungling Fire Emblem: Fates so badly would lead to this?

    • Well, I sure didn´t. That´s why my article ended up to be a +4,000 words long piece with a handful of updates :S

  • ADogOnTheInternet

    People are reading into her tweets way too much. There are only two I’ve seen, the one about the dude caught w/cp and the one about non-censorship of cp, that regardless of intended context reflect badly on her.

    Hell the one about less strict laws on sexual agency & sexualization of minors – I agree with it. Current laws can land kids with criminal charges for boinking or fiddling around w/each other before they’re 18, and if a teen sees their girlfriend’s tiddies in a text they can find themselves in court and on a sexual offender list for the rest of their lives. There also shouldn’t be anything *criminal* about a minor posing in sexually suggestive themes or photos (aka sexualization). I think a lot of people are conflating that with nudity.

    Nothing about that tweet suggested sexual agency between kids & adults.

    I skimmed through her thesis. It was painful – poor arguments and flawed points. However, at no point did the paper argue that filming children having sex should not be criminalized, not that I noticed. It did suggest that mere possession of cp is technically just possessing immoral photographic data (which technically is not wrong) – then followed up on that basis, for why lesser criminal penalties than we currently have should be enacted against it. IIRC The claim about justifying possession as free speech was quote mined from pg34, where the full context was addressing what other critics say on the issue of criminalizing access, not expressing the author’s own belief.

    The paper summed up arguing for less focus on possession, and more effort on cracking down on distribution and manufacture. It’s possible I missed this alleged indefensible argument justifying child abuse somewhere therein, and if this is true I’ll condemn it %100. Perhaps someone can point it out to me?

    As is however, it seems like people are disingenuously twisting her words for criticizing a taboo subject, just so they can have retribution for FireMemeFates.

    The “localization” was botched and clearly excessive. I fully support having nothing less than ire for it. But this pedo scandal? That’s something Gawker would do.

    • ADogOnTheInternet

      ** it argued for lesser criminalization of possession, not legalization. if that’s in error, please point it out as well

      • Which part are you talking about now? My article or Rapp´s paper?

    • 1. I never said that Rapp was a pedo nor that she posses childporn
      2. Gawker would have picked the following headline “Treehouse´s Alison Rapp is a pedophilia advocate” (or something like that).
      3. This is everything that I had at the time when I wrote my latest update:
      4. New stuff has popped up since I published my latest update:
      5. “I would also like to mention that Rapp is not being fired over “opinions” but highly unprofessional business practices (Rapp´s blunders have messed up Nintendo´s “family friendly” image for sure). It´s as simple as that.”
      6. Rapp´s “seem” to be fine with people possessing CP, and she thinks distribution of CP is not harmful (based on the tweets that I saw in the archived links).

  • Zeroroute

    nintendo is hiring localizers now, maybe they cleaned up the treehouse? https://nintendo.taleo.net/careersection/10000/jobdetail.ftl?job=160000000T&lang=en&src=SNS-10380

    • Could be, I guess that we´ll have to wait and see. I hope it´s true though.

  • That comic describes what I keep reading from Treehouse defenders perfectly. Shit eaters.

    • Word on that xD It´s rather sad though, because they don´t seem to understand that they´re paying a lot of $$$ for shitty Western game localizations.

  • Malachi Pendleton

    Oh no, this is so terrible? This needs to stop?

    • Well, it seems like Rapp has been fired https://twitter.com/search?q=%23FireAlisonRapp&src=typd

      • Malachi Pendleton

        Crap, I guess there’s something more about this article than just “I hate the localization because its different from the original”. I mean, I saw something about Gamergate in the link you showed me. I guess I better read this article lol.

        • Very much so. And yes, it´s almost 5,000 words on the matter (with pictures, links and so on). A fair warning though, this is a very heavy subject (I´m talking about Matrix heavy subject). So if you´re not used to this kind of thing, then I would recommend you to read through all of this one bit at a time.

  • Philip Weigel

    Cue the Final Fantasy Victory Theme, boys!

  • Devon

    Kim Crawley (@kim_crawley), author of the #NintendoCowardice petition gets busted forgetting to sign out of her Twitter account to congratulate herself:


    SJW stupidity, FTW

    #KimCowardice #CrawlieLies

  • Samuel Rodrigues

    On the bright side, their stupid butchered ports, memes and blatant shilling are now irrelevant.

    The japanese version of Fates already has all 3 main stories translated in english and soon all the dlcs and supports will be translated as well, with none of the content butchered or cut.

  • Jim Kelley

    You should really reorganize this entire article. Putting all updates at the top makes it harder to read. I’d rather read it in chronological order.

    • I´ll be sure to sort it out like that from now on 😉

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