I am most likely far from the only one who has noticed that there is something very odd about the female characters in Bioware´s upcoming action/RPG game “Mass Effect: Andromeda” (the game is set for a release in March to PS4, Xbox One and PC – NA on the 21st of March, and EU on the 23rd of March). Well, right off the bat. Mass Effect: Andromeda´s female design is basically what happens when “Dragon Age: Inquisition” goes “Mass Effect” (let´s be honest. Mods saved DAI from it´s terrible female game designs).

mass effect andromeda female character

Can someone please explain to me why Bioware insists on making their female characters look as male as possible? (femininity, hello! Are you there?)

mass effect andromeda peebee

From attractive character designs to…Yeah.

I mean, have you seen what the MEA females look like? Sure, I can´t speak for everyone else now, but I find that most of the females to look either really ugly or masculine to the max (like in the picture above). So I take it that Bioware has gone full SJW mode with “Mass Effect: Andromeda”. Well, at least that´s the vibes that I´ve gotten from every single female character that I have seen from the game so far. However, it´s worth pointing out that the male MEA characters look perfectly fine. In the matter of fact, they actually look like their real face model counter parts (you will find examples of this down below).

mass effect andromeda jayde rossi

I really love the fact that Jayde Rossi (the pretty lady to the left) is Sara Ryder’s face model…I mean, what the hell went wrong there?

mass effect andromeda jayde rossi sjw madness

No matter how you twist and turn that picture, the result is going to be the same. Simply put, Sara Ryder looks nothing like Jayde Rossi.

mass effect andromeda face model

Okay…Let me see if I get this straight. Steven Brewis (MEA face model) game character looks almost exactly like him, but Jayde Rossi´s female character (Sara Ryder) looks nothing like her? How did that happen? :S

I also thought about another thing. You see, the female characters from the old “Mass Effect” games (mainly ME1-2) were really attractive and feminine. So I would love to know what happened to Bioware as a whole after the release of “Mass Effect 2”? Because by the looks of it, Bioware slowly started to turn into an SJW studio around 2010 (that´s the year that ME2 launched. However, ME2´s development started around 2008). Furthermore, I bet that Anita Sarkeesian and Feminist Frequency had a part in that transformation. In the matter of fact, I remember a really good post about the matter over at the Obsidian forum (Luzarius posted that one back in 2015). The post is called “Mature discussion on LGBT/Feminists who want to censor games“, and it´s a truly interesting read I heave to say. Especially since the post is now even more relevant today, than it was back in 2015. (so much for the “She’s not going to take your games away“part, because we all know how that turned out in the end…).

bioware sucks at face modeling

That´s how face modeling should be done (Stefanie Joosten ftw!).

mass effect andromeda best mom eva

Bioware has tons of money, technology and talent, and still. This is the path they picked.

mass effect andromeda mr bean

I didn’t know that Mr. Bean worked as a face model for MEA…

That´s also why I find it to be rather fun to look through old tweets, posts and whatnot of game industry folks who defended Anita Sarkeesian and Feminist Frequency in the past, and why is that? It´s because Gamers have been right about the SJW cancer for years (#GamerGate warned us about that very early on). I mean, just check out this old quote (it was posted back in October, 2014) by John Epler (Lead Writer of BioWare’s Dragon Age game series):
“So, people saying shit like “@femfreq is ruining the industry!” I´m actually in the industry, hi, and you´re wrong. So very, very wrong.”

mass effect andromeda vs tgg part 1

I´m very honest and open with my thoughts, and I think that I made a good point.

sjw madness

This person dropped more than +20 salty and hateful comments on the post that you got in-front of you right now. This right here is how the SJWs/feminazis and anti-GG folks roll (the person in question does not work for Bioware, but I know who the hater is).

Well, I think it´s safe to say that Epler (and pretty much everyone in MSM and the “established” Gaming media) was dead wrong about that one. As we now have to deal with censorship, gender/SJW and feminazi politics and propaganda in our games (quite a few Western developers love to shoe horn in politics of that kind into their game productions). In other words, Bioware will continue to create really grotesque and ugly female characters in the future as well. As I hardly doubt that they will change their ways anytime soon (they are totally sold on the feminazi game design philosophy. You know, “the uglier a female character is, the better” philosophy?).

mass effect andromeda vs tgg part 2

That character design (and picture) still gives me nightmares (feminazi game design + Golum = True indeed…).

the old bioware

Old-school Bioware beats the current Bioware with ease.

I don´t know about you, but I´ll pick CD Projekt Red´s “The Witcher” female designs before Bioware´s female designs any day of the week. As the females from the Witcher series doesn´t make me want to puke all over my floor. Furthermore, “The Witcher” is free from gender/SJW and feminazi politics. So you can really enjoy the game without having to worry about any nonsense like that (yes, I still remember that one time when SJWs whined about “The Witcher” being a game full of “sexist game designs“).

mass effect andromeda ugly females

Will Bioware ever be able to get back to their former glory?

the witcher 3 sexist game design

“Sexist” game design Vs “feminist” game design.

Sure, some people might think that I´m very shallow when it comes to looks of game characters now. Fair enough, but I just don´t get why Bioware has to make their female MEA characters so darn ugly. I mean, it´s almost like they are trying to make their female characters as unattractive as possible…(I wonder if Bioware realizes that the world consists of more than just straight male gamers? Bi and lesbian women LOVE sexy females too!). I guess that I could swallow my pride “if” MEA turns out to be a great game. Besides, I bet that PC-modders will sort out the ugly MEA female designs in no time. Well, time will tell. Even so, I have to admit that I thought that the MEA combat trailer looked really cool though.

And with that said, what´s your take on this matter? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section down below!

Mature discussion on LGBT/Feminists who want to censor games
John Epler (Lead Writer of BioWare’s Dragon Age game series)
Anita Sarkeesian working for EA
Mass Effect on Twitter
Mom Bot
One Angry Gamer (the ugly Asari Peebee post)

This is a personal opinion of the writer, and it doesn’t necessarily represent the other writers (nor The Gaming Ground ´s) opinions.

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Robin “V-Act” Ek
The Gaming Ground
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407 Comments ON " Why does Mass Effect: Andromeda´s female character... "
  • ShepardRahl

    Sera was a straight unfuckable lawn beast. No question. Seeing how Andromeda is being made by a completely different dev team in Bioware from the one that made the original trilogy nobody should really be surprised when the product ends up making it look like it’s their first day. But holy shit femRyder…I didn’t expect it to be that bad. I’m surprised this article didn’t mentioned PeeBee. The Sera of Asari.

    Cora doesn’t bother me. She’s far from the worst looking character I’ve seen (she looks kind of like Robin Wright), but her hairstyle gives away the mindset of the person who developed her. I’m surprised the front half of her hair isn’t purple.

    Speaking of The Witcher…hardcore Bioware loyalists hate The Witcher series with a seething passion. I would say check out their forums and see for yourself, but Bioware shut down their forums a while back. Imagine that.

    • L.

      So you genuinely can’t stand women whose hairstyle you don’t approve of. You’re a fucking idiot.

      • Up8Y

        Nice bait.

        • ShepardRahl

          I would never have seen it if not for the e-mail about their reply. Lo and behold when I go to check out their disquis history it’s been set to private.

    • Well, I did add this one to the post:

      “Speaking of The Witcher…hardcore Bioware loyalists hate The Witcher series with a seething passion. I would say check out their forums and see for yourself, but Bioware shut down their forums a while back. Imagine that.”

      – Say what? For real? You don’t happen to have any archived links?

      • ShepardRahl

        No. I kind of wish I did. I only went to it a few times over the years. Then one day shortly after The Witcher 3 came out I saw somebody on twitter mention the lulz on the Bioware forums over Witcher 3. So I went to take a look and lulz were had. They were raging about how The Witcher was sexist and all of the buzzwords.They hated how good Yennifer looked and crying about male gaze and all the bullshit. I didn’t think to archive anything. Not too long afterwards Bioware announced they were closing their forums so they can focus on getting feedback from social media. Because that’s always a good hipster idea.

        • Oh darn -_- That would have been golden. You mean like this?:

          I do recall that “incident” though, as it was all over the Internet at the time.

          • ShepardRahl

            Yeah. They were all about that.

            I would imagine somebody archived it all. It’s been a while so finding that somebody may be a bitch. lol

          • ShepardRahl

            Kill it with fire.

          • Even so, the SJW’s (with friends) tells me to prove WHY I find the female character designs to be ugly…

          • ShepardRahl

            Low standards are low.

            That’s like when robeasts like these come along and you need to prove why you need to form Voltron to deal with them.

            I like to see sexy women in my games. Especially if I have the option to romance them (sweet Ashley…she’s my waifu). And like you said in the article…women like to see sexy women in games too. If I want to see Bioware’s current idea of character design I’ll just to go peopleofwalmart.com.

          • I also love the fact that they stand on the side-line running their mouths, and want me to do more work to prove that they are even more wrong. Sure, I can do what they asked for, but at the end of the day. It won’t change their opinion one bit, because they have already made up their minds that I’m wrong, and that their right.

            Hehe, so do I 😉 That would be correct. I mean, why would a real sexy lady want to play as an LESS sexy video game version of herself? That makes no sense as at all? Ain’t that the truth…

          • mackintire

            Why can’t they make it like real life, some are pretty, some are not. This agenda crap is annoying. Also attractive people in power tend to use that ability, unattractive people need to lean on other forms of persuasion, so why can’t Bioware get on board with how it works in the real world?

          • That is a really good question. I mean, that’s how it should be, right? That would be correct, so Bioware just has to study the real world to find some inspiration.

    • DiMA

      I’m a hardcore Bioware loyalist too, still have to admit that late Bioware games can’t hold a candle to project red. Poles have outshone Bioware in those very categories Bioware used to take pride in – storytelling, memorable characters and romance. Keep doing what you’ve been doing, CD Projekt. I’m sure your Cyberpunk 2077 will sell two times more copies than Mass Effect Andromeda.

      ….nice point about Peebee as well: while original series had both female types: tomboy Ashley and feminine Liara – Andromeda, it seems, leaves us without a single feminine character in the game. That’s a B.S.

      • ShepardRahl

        “I’m a hardcore Bioware loyalist too”

        I used to be until they kind of exposed themselves with how they decided to react to the ME3 ending controversy. That made me lose a lot of respect for them. And now with their racist senior designer and writer who thinks virtual rape is a real thing…yeah. About the only reason I’m getting Andromeda is because I love the original trilogy so much I have this warped need for more.

        “tomboy Ashley”

        Oh yes. Ashley is always my LI. I’m kind of attracted to tomboys. I wish they had done more with her in ME3 instead of having her laid up for the first half of the game. From a narrative standpoint I understand it, but it’s just more time you are taking away from a love interest who you get no time with in ME2 at all and at the beginning of ME3 she’s kind of hostile towards you saying you need to get to know each other again. What the fuck ever.

        You are dead on about CD Projekt Red. They came along and smacked Bioware in the face, ate their lunch, and took their girlfriend. And Bioware is still kind of in the corner in the fetal position still crying about it since they haven’t really recovered from it.

  • Alex Barbu

    When I get a choice, I usually play with a female character. ME:A having ugly ass female characters just adds to the reasons I’m not planning to play this one. The real issue is, they’re not just ugly. The female Ryder looks legitimately retarded. I’m positive someone out there can diagnose whatever condition she has.

    • Elilla Shadowheart

      Yep, looks like she has a case of FAS(fetal alcohol syndrome). Many of the “identifier” points show up between the two in facial structure.

    • lunawolve


      • John Smith.


      • xvtc

        kill yourself fat ugly cunt 🙂

    • L.

      You’re a sad fucking loser.

      • Thatguy

        Tumblr has arrived I see. Stay triggered.

      • John Smith.

        Much as I am going to regret this.

        But I think you’re the sad fucking loser here for spending so much time roaming the internet to insult people.

        • L.

          And not the people like you who literally devote your life to a pathetic campaign of bitching about things you don’t like because millions of other people do.

          • John Smith.

            Devote my life… isn’t your statement a case of the pot calling the kettle black?

    • Mods will save us.

  • Pratim Gupta

    Does anyone has Cyanide because after seeing Bioware’s design, i don’t want to live anymore

    • lunawolve

      I don’t, but I’ll go get a big bottle for you.

      • Pratim Gupta

        A big one, mix it with some snake and jellyfish venom

        • I don’t get you people. Just because you give him more Cyanide or mix it with even more venom, it is not going to kill him any faster!

          Stop wasting time and send him some already. Stop prolonging the poor man’s life.

          • Pratim Gupta

            After seeing current state of my once favorite company, i really need it.

      • xvtc


    • Try telling that to the salty SJW snowflakes in this comment section…

      • Pratim Gupta

        I love the smell of snowflakes tears in the morning

        • xD Their salt is all over the place at the moment 😛

          • Pratim Gupta

            as always, we have to clean up the mess they leave behind

  • John Smith.

    Just another reason not to purchase the game, sure its a fairly small reason compared to the company employing a full blown racist bigot, but its still a reason.

    • L.

      You’re a stupid fucking loser. Good luck with your pathetic terrorist campaign against a developer for having a non-white person working for them.

      • John Smith.


        • Don’t take it to heart man, L. is just cranky and salty to the max because I pointed out that most of the MEA females are ugly as hell.

          • John Smith.

            I don’t care what L says.
            This year alone I’ve been called a nazi, a communist, an alt-righter, a liberal jew lover, a rapist, a man hater and a terrorist online for having an opinion that differs from the other person.
            What’s one more comment spewing forth hatred at me at this point.

          • That’s sad but true…And by the looks of it, I´m a murder, terrorist, Nazi and rapist? :S

          • John Smith.

            Its a weird world we live in when you can be both a fascist and a communist at the same time.

          • My thoughts exactly, and I never said that I would rape or kill anyone at Bioware? That’s pure bullshit. I would never say or do anything like that…

          • SevTheBear

            I same it’s time for a group hug and bowling. Our nasty evil power shall win it all 😛

          • SevTheBear

            I see you caught a mad rat in the comment section xD Someone didn’t like that you took a giant piss on their “beauty” standard 😛

          • It’s the same deal on Twitter. Some cuck has been whining for hours trying to prove me wrong. I mean, seriously, anyone can check out the trailers and pictures for themselves. Hell, even lesbians think the female characters look like crap.

          • SevTheBear


      • Thatguy

        That “non-white person” is a disgusting racist and proud of it.

      • Did you not get any love as a child or something? Or what’s your problem?

      • Banana Jim’s Final Form!

        lol, calm down bro! You need to take a deep breath and visualise something calming.

    • Banana Jim’s Final Form!

      I might skip it as well, or I might wait for it to be in a bargain bin. I’m glad I did the latter for Dragon Age Inquisition. Honestly though, Bioware hasn’t made a good game since Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age: Origins.

    • The racist part is going to nag Bioware for sure, because what will happen if a lot of their white consumers just stops buying their games?

    • silus

      I don’t enjoy games based on the beliefs of the people who helped create it. Can he help create a kick ass game, yes or no.

      • John Smith.

        Depends on what you enjoy really, a look around the web shows its pretty much split between those who love it, thinks its okay and those who outright hate it.
        There does seem to be some issues with the character animations, a lot of issues in fact.

        • silus

          The character animations will force me to avoid any improper relations that might affect the mission’s success.

  • Camille Patoleia

    I found her beautiful, I think your whole concept of beauty is wrong. This character is a warrior, not your night fantasy and she hadn’t been made for guys to play with her for both woman and man to play with her. I recognize myself more in her than in those dolls half naked with big boobs/butt of other games. She is here to kick aliens and she has the body/muscles for it.

    • SJW not wanting anything catered to straight male gamers shocker

      • No matter gender or sexual orientation, most people love sexy and beautiful characters.

    • zaph

      IMO Witcher 3 does it right. The sorceresses Yennefer, Triss, and Keira are 3 of the best looking female characters in gaming history. At the same time, they use their sexuality as a weapon, meaning that they clearly own it, and they’re powerful enough to just set you on fire outright or teleport you a hundred feet in the air over the middle of a lake if you piss them off.

      I too don’t think Sara Ryder looks *that* bad, but tbqh PeeBee (name matches the awful, awful visual appearance) is terrible, and Cora honestly looks kind of like Milo Yiannopoulos.

      • IMO Witcher 3 does it right. The sorceresses Yennefer, Triss, and Keira are 3 of the best looking female characters in gaming history. At the same time, they use their sexuality as a weapon, meaning that they clearly own it, and they’re powerful enough to just set you on fire outright or teleport you a hundred feet in the air over the middle of a lake if you piss them off.

        Is there really a way of doing “it right” though?

        Obviously you and the SJW above love the “badass strong independent wymmin I don’t need no man” types, you know the female characters who can flick a finger to send a man flying to the ground

        Personally I find this constant non-stop promoting and pushing of Mary Sue type female characters (regardless of whether they’re sexy or not) extremely tiresome

        It’s like they can only ever be depicted in this way otherwise SEXISM, MISOGYNY and PATRIARCHY

        By all means have female characters in whatever roles the developer/artist wants, but the SJW-feminist media indirectly influencing/coercing their ideology onto developers/artists is unacceptable

        • zaph

          I don’t love that archetype, and only that archetype. Hell, it’s fairly clear that even with all the power that those in the Sorceresses’ Lodge have, Geralt bails them the fuck out of a LOT of situations, and many wind up dead, some at his hand, others to the cruel world that the author of the original books has built, so that’s why I think Witcher did it right. Because these badass women can end up with their tongue and eyes cut out and end up with a sword in their gut. Equality.

          Plus, the dude bangs the crap out of Sorcs on the regular, so one can’t say they “dont need no man”.

          But, other than that, you’re totally right. Women characters in games should be absolutely varied. Waifs, models who are beautiful but nigh useless in nearly any other area, butch, old women, etc. Nothing wrong with any of them, so no one should bitch about that shit. However, GamerGaters could do a better job of realizing that not every butch/ugly/transgayattackhelicopter character is there to tick off a forced diversity checkbox. Sometimes a writer just wants to put something “different” in there. However, with BioWare here, it’s clearly become a trend from DA2 onward.

      • L.

        “Witcher 3 does it right” = “I demand that every female character give me a boner.”

        • Yes, the whole series is very well-made. Nope, but when you make the characters look like something from the “Wrong turn” series, then it’s not done in a good fashion. Furthermore, how comes that the male characters look perfectly fine?

          • L.

            No one gives a fuck if you can’t stand a female character that doesn’t instantly make your tiny little dick hard, you fucking loser.

            I hope all of you fucking losers have your parents lock you in their basement where you still live.

          • Why are you so hostile towards me and others? And did toss out any personal insults against anyone? No, I did not. Actually, my joystick is bigger than the EU average. So I´m all cool on that front. I don´t live in a basement. I live in a house.

    • lunawolve

      Totally agree. I can’t see what’s wrong with female characters (or male characters) not being hotties. I mean, what’s wrong with people?

      • I would love to have some lesbians or bi females to comment on this matter.

        • NeoTechni

          I am a lesbian, I find the characters repulsive.

          • Ah, thanks for sharing your thoughts with us 😉 Because “some” people make it sound like it’t “only” straight males that thinks like that. Off-topic – You might like Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid (I love that anime!):

          • NeoTechni

            My wife and I love that show.

          • I´m happy to hear it 😉 I became a huge fan of the anime a couple of days ago :3

      • xvtc

        Attractive people are better than ugly people. All video game characters should be attractive. It’s not up for debate.

    • xvtc

      Nope, your concept of beauty is wrong.

  • Bioware are beyond redemption to be honest

    • L.

      You motherfucking terrorists who want to rape and kill developers because they don’t suck YOUR dick are beyond redemption. You fucking psychotic losers.

      • You motherfucking terrorists who want to rape and kill developers because they don’t suck YOUR dick are beyond redemption.

        you’ve actually described SJWs and feminists there

        • I think it’s safe to say that he (or she) got triggered like hell 😛

      • Are you done ranting yet? Take a chill pill and just relax.

        • L.

          How about you relax? This entire article is a sad fucking delusional hitpiece over the fact that a sad fucking loser doesn’t get a boner looking at the characters. It’s a steaming pile of shit and you’d be ashamed to have it on your site if not for the fact that you love kissing the asses who devote their lives to a literal terrorist campaign against the developers because BioWare didn’t change their work after you fuckers wanted to rape and kill their staff.

          You sad fucking losers need to get a life.

          • Then you can´t read very well, because the point would be that Bioware’s female character designs for MEA are absolutely terrible. Hell, the females even look like they’re suffering some kind of a disease. Say what? Where did I state that?

          • L.

            Nah, you’re a drooling fucking manbaby shitting himself over not getting a boner because you don’t approve of Cora’s hairstyle.

            Get a fucking life, you immature horny dudebro.

      • Banana Jim’s Final Form!

        lol, calm down!

    • Sadly enough, yes. So I guess that every single character will look like that in their future titles? :S

  • lunawolve

    So now girls must be super hotties or they are not allowed to exist?? What kind of bigot/nazi are you?

    • Thatguy

      Sorry you identify with these botchered models.

    • So now girls must be super hotties or they are not allowed to exist?


      relating to or occurring in fiction; invented for the purposes of fiction.

      synonyms: fictitious, invented, imaginary, imagined, made up, make-believe, unreal, fabricated, concocted, devised, mythical, storybook, the product of someone’s imagination “a fictional character”

    • xvtc

      Yes. Ugly people don’t deserve to live.

  • L.

    “I don’t get a boner from the characters, therefore SJW!”

    Go fuck yourself, you sad fucking horny loser. Here’s hoping you break your dick jerking off to a Witcher sex-object NPC.

    P.S. How did threatening to rape and murder the developers just because you fucking terrorists didn’t like five minutes of a game go? Oh right, you just got an Ending for Dumbfucks like everyone knew you fucking terrorists needed.

    • Thatguy

      Thank you for eating all the lies up and becoming a lunatic. I enjoy seeing you sperg out.

      • L.

        You’re a pathetic wannabe-terrorist over a video game. You’re a fucking lunatic. You and every other pathetic loser here are human scum.

        • Thatguy

          Go back to your ghazi friends and keep drinking the kool aid.

    • CeroDeathBlades

      You are the ugly filthy SJW, you are not popular in real life and you turn to the keyboard for special help.
      You suck and are pathetic, Donald Trunp knows what to do with you.

  • The designs are just horrible. not even touching on the idea of them being “ugly’d up” the character from Mass Effect doesn’t even look like it belongs in an 8th generation video game. Her facial expressions and animations look like they were designed by a first year art student at college.

    • L.


    • Let’s not beat around the bush here. It’s clear as daylight that they’ve deliberately made these female characters unattractive/ugly to ensure that it does not appeal to heterosexual male gamers in order to further their shitty SJW/feminist ideology. And to please the SJW morons of course.

      It’s got nothing to do with bad character modelling. This is proved by the fact that the male character(s) look handsome, and that the video game character matches the real-life man’s looks as the image in the article shows. They are capable of making the females sexy but they won’t because Anita Sarkeesian has taught them well.

      So as usual, there is SJW hypocrisy and double standards going on when it comes to fan-service:

      fanservice for females = best thing ever
      fanservice for males = sexist, misogynist, woman-hating, etc.

      The Peebee (an ugly Asari character) romance possibility garbage was a indirect statement of “defying impossible female beauty standards” bullshit.

      Bioware are so beyond redemption. lol

      • Chupa Chup

        I’d also like to add, Anita who??? I thought her 14.5 minutes of fame faded years ago after she bilked investors in her video production endeavors.

        Considering the number of lies and falsehoods she’s been caught up in over the years I find it hard to believe anyone would continue to mention her in the context of having any influence in today’s society.

        Then again, maybe I need to unblock all that SJW hate mail to catch up =)

        • Anita is back into the world of games again. Yes, she’s making new videos where she whines about sexy females in video games and whatnot…

        • Anita Sarkeesian is less relevant these days but her work most definitely lives on.

          Just because her fame “faded” doesn’t mean the material she produced suddenly disappears.

          You should know that her Feminist Frequency videos actually qualify as educational videos and are used in schools and academia to indoctrinate children and young people. And we all know how education and academia in the West are completely leftist and SJW.

          Her material are full of lies, deceit and falsehoods as we all know, but since when has that ever stopped SJWs from furthering their garbage? Not to mention the braindead normies who suck it all up and treat her words as gospel?

          And let’s not forget the fact that virtually all Western games developers have constantly licked the crust off her ring-piece over the last 3-4 years. I don’t think there is one single Western developer that has publicly spoke out against her.

          Sarkeesian may have faded, but her work most definitely has not. She’s left a massive slew of shit behind that’s going to take some cleaning up.

  • L.

    Also, for bonus points, note that the article only shows images of Sera from Dragon Age: Inquisition, and completely ignores Josephine or Vivienne.

    Could that be because Josephine and Vivienne are attractive and the writer of this article is a fucking scumbag sack of shit lying his ass off because he can’t stand the existence of female characters that don’t give him a boner?

    • No. It’s because the writer is showing how Bioware can make some really messed up “beaten in the face with a shovel” designs for characters.

      • L.

        So you’re saying that not every character in a BioWare game is a sex object.

        Oh god, I’m so sorry about how one character didn’t make your tiny little dick hard.

        • Thatguy

          Lmao you are a textbook SJW.

          • L.

            You’re a textbook wannabe-rapist.

        • I’m not saying that at all, you’re putting words in my mouth. The fact that you go straight to an ad hominem pretty much means you have no grounds to stand on. However, let me try and make this crystal clear.

          These designs, especially Sera’s design are simply bad. They don’t even look human (or humanoid) They give off the look that something is wrong with them. Too much exposure to radiation? literally beaten with a shovel 100 times and the surgeon didn’t know how to rebuild a face? They are unappealing in a graphical sense.

          Make ugly characters all you want. However, when you do a piss poor job at designing them then they’re going to look piss poor.

          • L.

            No really, no one with a life gives a fuck what a pathetic little asswipe you are over the fact that you don’t have a boner in your tiny little useless dick over the character.

            You’re fucking human scum and the world would be better off without perverted little asswipes like you.

          • Everything I said had nothing to do with sexual attraction to any video game character. Nice job proving that your lot though can’t think outside of personal attacks.


            There you are, go home, I bet your followers miss you.

          • Shogun1x

            Nothing says “I don’t care” like responding to damn near every comment on the article.

    • CeroDeathBlades

      What a diseased mentaliy, you must be a fat ugly retarded person in real life.
      You should stay away from the internet.

  • Migi

    Soon all straight users will be going Gay in the new Mass effect, considering the men now look a lot more hotter then the women do. But i assume we can still go for alien ass to get our groove on?

    Mass Effect Andromeda the Crack whore edition… cause let’s be honest they kinda look like crack whores.

    • considering the men now look a lot more hotter then the women

      SJW/feminist double standard shocker

      • Migi

        I know it’s getting ridiculous. Thank god i basically stopped buying western games Day1.
        Thanks God for Fan art and for the PC community there are mods so they don’t have to look at these ugly mugs.

    • L.

      What a fucked-up little creep you are.

    • Chupa Chup

      Shhh. SJW’s and fems don’t want you looking outside your species to get your kicks either. lol

      As much as they cry freedom, they certainly reign tyranny down upon everyone not sharing their OPINION.

  • Javier Vega

    I talk about this issue before the reason why those faces don’t look right is because they’re using the Frostbite Engine which can do very good 3D environments, but not good when it comes to 3D character faces the Engine has been updated and been around since Battlefield Bad Company.I remember when the announced that they wanted to used the Engine for Dragon Age Inquisition they explain that they wanted use the engine for Open World RPG of course they had to sacrifice good 3D character design just for the gameplay and open world which is understandable I had people disagreeing with me about this when I brought this up.

  • StewfartLegofham

    It’s been said before but it’s worth repeating.
    “This is what a team of diversity hires looks like”

  • Yennefer used to be a hunchback. She wanted to become beautiful and therefore she did, calling it sexist design without understanding the characters is downright appalling.

    Now to the matter at hand. We like pretty people, people trust handsome/pretty people more, they have more sociable lives and the ugly people want to be them. We play games so the apparently ugly us can court some pretty ladies and escape our mundane lives. So fck u and ur nonsense SJWs and friends.

    And my fantasy of creating badass pretty ladies can only be done through RPGs, so leave that shit alone and go make the girls from COD ugly or something.

    Also, on a side note. I don’t really find Ryder ugly, and generally my skills with the character creator will result in a pretty to semi-pretty char regardless. So to be frank, I don’t really care.

    • L.

      So you’re a shallow fucking idiot. Congratulations.

    • Banana Jim’s Final Form!

      Absolutely, and well said!

    • Sinemetsu

      I agree with this. What I also find generally appalling is the flagrant, consistent use of sweeping generalisations by the author. Slapping everything with SJW/Feminazi/Sexism labels is just close-minded. I tire of people talking as though they intimately know the minds of the developers.

      In the comments above, the author claims BioWare used to be very good at character designs. BioWare has NEVER been that great at facial modeling. Whether that’s a substance of their engine or the talent they hire, I can’t say. Sometimes they get things right, but by and large, their humanoid characters have always been on the ‘meh’ side. What they have always excelled at is cohesive art design, environmental design and attention to detail overall.

      Articles like this are just embarrassing for their narrow-mindedness. Worse still, they think that they are benefiting people with their compartmentalised logic.

      • alexcunning

        The male model looks exactly like his picture. Male Shep looks a hell of a lot like Mark Vanderloo. Miranda looked exactly like Yvonne Strahovsky. And even though she’s blue with tentacle hair, you can definitely see the same features on Liara and Jillian Murray. They can be good at it if they choose. I have a feeling that a lot of the difference in the side by side comparison for Sarah Ryder is that they created their model based on what Jayde Rossi looks like without makeup and photoshop. But there are also major differences in Sarah Ryder’s features and PeeBee is hideous, just plain ugly and masculine which doesn’t even fit with the Asari lore. There is definitely something else going on here besides poor quality models from Bioware. I know I read articles that came out around the time of ME2 and ME3 that suggested the creators were tired of their product being turned into porn. I think that could be a major part of the motivation behind making the female characters ugly. But it’s simply misguided because rule 34.

  • darkgamer001

    I’d like to leave a nice song for some of the newcomers on this site…

  • Banana Jim’s Final Form!

    Sheesh, that’s one plain-looking lady….

    • And some of the females you can´t even tell which gender they are…

      • Banana Jim’s Final Form!

        Do you think they might be trying appeal to the LGBT community, primarily trangenders, by making their female characters look so… masculine? This has to be a conscious decision, unless their 3D artists are truly inept.

        • L.

          I can easily tell which gender the characters are.

          I’m not a dumbfuck who sees a hairstyle and starts screeching “LESBIAN! TRANSGENDER! SJWS!”

          • Banana Jim’s Final Form!

            Lol, I’ll just file your irrational rants under “autistic screeching”

            PS: If you’re trolling, top Kek
            If you’re serious, pop a trazodone bro, and take a nap!

        • I think that’s the case, yes:

        • I say it’s more of a case of them making sure that straight male gamers do not get to enjoy sexy female characters

          This is all proven by the fact that SJWs/feminists in the media and politics are constantly pissing on and attacking masculinity and any media that caters to men

  • Patrick Chester

    *reads thread*
    Ever notice how when “so you’re saying” or “so you” or “so” is used by some folks, it usually doesn’t resemble what the other person actually said? At all…


  • Lord Vector

    Oh Bioware how far you have fallen. Is it really that wrong for me to want to play as an attractive character or have attractive characters in the game? I don’t expect the characters to be super models or anything but for christ sake at least make them have a decent face.

    • Do we even dare to think about what their characters will look like in 2-3 years henceforth?

      • Chupa Chup

        They’ll all be based off of the spawn from Walmart’s and trailer parks across the country. Unkept hair, skunky furred pits, beer guts, burlap sack and all. And then there will of course be the male models wearing Jethro Tull emblazoned wife beater tees ‘n jeans, with a mullets, sparse grizzled beards and balding heads. Both models will have left-hand and/or right-hand carry for can/bottle optional beers (for display only).

        You know that look will convey well with any game genre, right?!

        SJW’s, and fems alike, seem to visualize other people in this manner whether or not they’re wearing appropriate eyewear- proof they are self loathing to the point of being mentally unstable to begin with.

  • youareivan

    my biggest concern is that despite the politics of bioware negatively affecting their game design, both in narrative and graphics, gamers will still rush out and buy this game thus knowingly or not encouraging bioware and their ilk to continue to politicise our hobby.

    • Well, that would be the normies who does that (blue pills). Nevertheless, it’s sad but true. As Bioware won’t change their wicked ways until their sells drop.

      • Chupa Chup

        I always wait for the fire sales or a resell;-)

        • xD In my case, the last Bioware game that I bought was ME3 😛

  • Okinodoku

    Yes THIS!!!
    More gamers should raise their voice!!

    I wonder what started the whole sjw movement?
    Are those just UGLY people who have so low self-esteem that they can’t handle depiction of beautiful women ?

    Gaming started as a nerd culture…sexy babes fighting demigorgons and such. And it was always ok because it was FICTION!
    A place to escape etc…

    They said gaming changed but then came Witcher 3 and showed that nothing changed it’s still sexy babes fighting stuff…everybody loves it

    When dragon age origins came out together with Mass effect 1. I think anyone would agree that bioware was as it’s best nothing at that time compared to what they did.I mean just look at how dark and gritty ( and sexual) origins was.

    So as conclusion and because I get lazy of writing: It has to be ugly teenagers that can’t open their mouths in real life so they let their frustration out via this sub-cult that we call sjw…

    • I´m happy to hear that you enjoyed my post =) Very much so. That is also why we try our very best to write posts like this. I bet that you are very close to the truth, because no one else bothers about sexy fictional females then the SJW/Feminazi camp. Bioware went from being very good at games and character designs, to being a SJW game studio in just a couple of years…

    • EroBotan

      I first heard about SJW 8 years ago. “Equality Now” demand Illusion’s eroge “Rapelay” to be banned (I’ve been at war with them for a really long time lol). I never play the game but from what i heard if you can’t resist and touch the girl you lose lol (i’m guessing to have sex with them and win you have to play the good guy route)

      • In my case, it was around 2007-2008 (that was the year that third-wave feminism hit Sweden like a tornado).

        • EroBotan

          any chance for sweden to take back their sanity?

          • I will do what I can to make Sweden great again 😉

          • EroBotan

            good luck! I’ll be cheering for you from asia!

          • Thank you =) I will do my very best 😉 Off-topic, the moment when a fan does a better job at designing Ryder from MEA:

          • EroBotan

            that’s really good! totally a whole new level better when compared to bioware’s ^^;

          • I love the fact that the fans make better character designs than they do…Just wait until the very first MEA PC mods drop.

          • EroBotan

            those mods will trigger them to death XD

          • With no doubt, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Bioware tries to lock out moders from the game…

          • EroBotan

            yeah, that’s definitely is a possibility. It’s going to be interesting to see how much bioware sell his soul to these SJWs lol

          • I would say that Bioware is ready to go all the way in-order to please the SJW movement. In other words, they will not only go to be with them. They will also go into the grave with them…

          • EroBotan

            let’s hope that they go into the grave along with their SJW fans then XD

          • I think that they will keep on losing fans when they find better games else where.

          • Haggai Antonio

            lol! the modes will make them look bad for sure. just wish thell make the modes bassed on the original models real faces to show bioware how useless they can be

  • NeoTechni

    I agree the characters are ugly. I didn’t think SJWs were to blame, but it does make sense since they ruin everything they touch

  • I find this very embarrassing when other game developers does a better job at face modeling than Bioware but runs at the same engine.

    • It’s not embarrassing because Bioware are choosing to deliberately make their female characters unattractive/ugly for Social Justice, they are perfectly capable of making their female characters hot

      This is proven by the fact that the male character looks exactly like the real life man

      • “This is proven by the fact that the male character looks exactly like the real life man” – That was the point that I was trying to make, but it’s impossible to make SJWs listen to any of that.

        • SJWs have this habit of being conveniently selective in what they believe in.

          You’re doing a good job Robin, just keep throwing the facts into their faces.

          • So I have noticed. I take it that they protect Bioware and MEA though, since they got angry as hell at me for this post. Thanks man =) Will do 😉 Someone told me that I should do an interview with Bioware about this, but I hardly doubt that they would like to speak about me on this matter.

          • Someone told me that I should do an interview with Bioware about this,
            but I hardly doubt that they would like to speak about me on this

            And even if they did speak to you, they wouldn’t admit it anyway

            It’ll probably be some generic response like “we tried our best with the facial modelling and we are always looking to improve”

            which would be funny considering they got the male character’s look exactly like the real life man

            I mean, if you remember this from OAG:


            Quote from the article:

            “In the previous trailer BioWare revealed the Tempest’s human crew and made it pretty clear that they were getting rid of the high-class super model look that they had in the original Mass Effect trilogy in order to focus more on characters most normal people wouldn’t consider to be all that attractive.”

            Bioware seem to have only applied this new concept onto the female characters, because double standards once again

          • Most likely, no…Nope, because then it would be clear for everyone to see that they are indeed an SJW studio. Dear mother of god…Only a mother could love a face like that.

            That appears to be the case, yes. However, good luck trying to convince those who refuses to see (and understand) that.

    • Exactly…That’s also why people believe that Bioware does it on purpose.

  • freelancepimp .

    Whether you consider this superficial or not it is clearly done on purpose. The question is why. But remember the same thing was done in the last Dragon Age. Anyway this is bad sign only because this is the kind of stuff they seem to be worried about over just making an appealing game.

    • it is clearly done on purpose. The question is why

      1) Social Justice and Feminism

      2) Defies traditional female beauty standards

      3) Gotta make sure those nasty patriarchal straight male gamers don’t get any female characters that appeals to them

      • freelancepimp .

        I agree but I still blame gamers. Bioware has developed a pattern of taking a dump on its core audience since Dragon Age 2. If gamers still run out an buy Bioware game then gamers deserve to be disrespected. They are literally financing their own disrespect.

    • It’s how Bioware works now, so we can expect to see more of that SJW madness in the near future as well.

  • Brian Dub

    Screw political correctness, especially in my damn video games. Books and film don’t generally promote politics, at least in the fictional realm. Sure, Michael Moore films, auto biographies and career novels exist for that stuff, but not in fantastical works of fiction. The question begs to be asked: Why wedge that stuff in to this kind of media?

    • This is the reason why PC-modding has become really popular, as you can remove censorship and SJW bs that way (not to mention the rise of Japanese game imports).

    • The question begs to be asked: Why wedge that stuff in to this kind of media?

      Because if they don’t, they’ll be labelled a “sexist”, “racist”, “homophobe”, “transphobe” etc. and have their careers and livelihoods destroyed

  • ModernVigilante

    Great article. Bioware can do whatever the fuark they want. They ruin their games on purpose and the flop is near. Chitty ending sequences, boring fetch quests and now this. Oh how the mighty have fallen. One of the top rpg developers reduced to being EA’s lapdog and also promotes SJW agendas. Hopefully, japanese developers dont fall for this crap(even Dark Souls has better female designs now) and CD Projekt RED will deliver again a far greater game than what these clowns release nowadays. I may sound superficial or whatever, but I want my games to play good and look good. Sure, the number of pixels in Shepard’s table or the lightning in the Citadel disco is important, but attractive character face design(male and female) is just as important.

    Those bioware employees should understand that life is unfair. Everyone admires beauty and given the choice, everyone chooses beauty over ugliness. And except school, the vast majority of the grown up population wont discriminate or mistreat people because they are fat/ugly/whatever, because frankly they dont really care and go on with their own lives. Sure, they may not date them and that’s it. Hardly enough to make a fuss about, except if you really think everyone should find you attractive or likeable, which is in itself, insane. Luckily, in video games creating an ugly face or a pretty one is the same amount of work, so please just go with whats better. You may feel frustrated and wronged or whatever, but just keep your damn beliefs and opinions out of my games. Making all characters ugly in a damn video game wont make life fair. You know that hot dude/lady you like? He aint gonna give a crap about you if you look like crap even if your next game is called SJW Effect. The only thing you are gonna accomplish is ruining your sales and your own fanbase.

    Rant over. I am so tired with this crap lately.

  • Dylan Harris

    Yeah blame it all on sjw /sarcasm. Most retarded article I’ve ever read

    • I don’t have to, as it’s already been proven to be true. Yeah? I would say that you can’t handle the truth.

    • xvtc

      nice rebuttal, retard 🙂

  • MiamiBeachMedMan

    Much ado about nothing. Funny thing is, the people doing the complaining about the looks of pixelated characters are the ones who in reality are messes in the mirror. Oh the irony.

    The fact is the “beautiful” people you see, have ten pounds of makeup on their face. Take the makeup off and they look like everyone else without makeup, for the most part. That’s life. Deal with it. You want a soldier who goes into battle wearing pancake? Ok.

    • Datguy

      Ad hominem without basis. Fuck off.

      • MiamiBeachMedMan

        Mirror. Look at it. Nuff said.

    • Less attractive people tend to get really salty over stuff like that.

      • MiamiBeachMedMan

        You said it.

    • xvtc

      LOL. nope, most women are just prettier than you, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

      • MiamiBeachMedMan

        Spoken like your typical hung like a common shrew nobody who has never touched a female, and likely never will. Typical.

        • xvtc

          hahaha enjoy dying alone 🙂

          • MiamiBeachMedMan

            Said the furiously, and angrily, masturbating, lonely chimp. Typical.

          • Are you butt-hurt much son?

          • MiamiBeachMedMan

            Not quite as much as you are, apparently.

          • Is that so? I guess that’s why you’ve been dropping salty/butt-hurt comments for days.

          • MiamiBeachMedMan

            Takes two to tango…if you respond, you need to take a long hard look in the mirror. Truth hurts.

          • The same could be said about yourself *face palm*

          • MiamiBeachMedMan

            As long as you realize the same can be said for yourself, it really doesn’t matter what you say to me. You’re stuck in an echo chamber of your own design. Good luck with that.

          • Said the guy who has been pulling off the same bs with others in this comment section for days xD In other words, no matter how you twist and turn this matter. You’re the biggest loser here.

          • MiamiBeachMedMan

            Whatever helps you sleep at night, oh mighty moderator! LOL.

          • Right back at ya, LOL!

          • MiamiBeachMedMan

            There goes that echo chamber again. You’re easily manipulated. Must be working wonders for you. Nighty night, winner.

          • I know, I’m winning all the time 😉

          • xvtc

            project some more, fatty 🙂

          • MiamiBeachMedMan

            Don’t talk to your mother like that…she birthed you. It’s not her fault your deformed yet massive head ruined her body, inside and out. Geez. You people.

          • xvtc

            try harder 🙂

    • ASTHX

      I always hear this argument and it’s complete BS. It’s what ugly people like to tell themselves. I know and have known plenty of extremely attractive females that look just as attractive if not more without makeup. It’s called natural beauty.

      If anything naturally beautiful women need LESS makeup. It’s the uglies that wear a ton of makeup using contouring and other tricks to make themselves look better.

      • MiamiBeachMedMan

        Once again, an ignoramus shows up late with nothing but generalizations, and the captain of the obvious wants to pat himself on the back for it. Typical.

  • Rell

    Yea wtf them bitches are ugly and have no place on my ship… they are looking for a new Earth do we really want to fuck up repopulation with some ugly bitches. This is ridiculous you got one girl with a half mullet thing on her head looks like a total fucking dyke that makes Jack looks like a sexual goddess…

    • Funny thing that you mention that, because what exactly happened to their genetics? Incest damages?

      • Rell

        This is really bothering me I’ve never had a real problem picking a li in Mass Effect Ashley Miranda Miranda what the fuck do I do now aliens are off the table completely… and they give us fembot 3000 dyke edition wtf???

        • It’s a “pick your poison” kind of situation really, because let’s be honest. Who would sleep with these characters in real life?

        • OhMeg

          -Ashley Miranda Miranda
          Best combo, nothing makes me happier then cheating on Ashley with Miranda, then rubbing it in her face.
          Traded up bitch. Nothing compares to Miranda’s glorious bubble butt.

  • MusouTensei

    Already when they showed the Asari for the 1st time at E3 I was like “The fuck is this shit?”.

    • I bet that quite a few people thought the very same thing as you did…

  • L.

    No matter how much you fucking losers whine about how there’s female characters that don’t get your dick hard, no one gives a fuck what you loser perverts think.

    • Well, well well. Look who’s back again, did you take a little coffee break from your “I´m deleting all my bs comments” activities? The only loser here is you, as you´ve been spamming crap comments all day long.

      • L.

        You’re the loser defending an article about how female characters in a video game aren’t sex objects.

        (Y’know, because Leliana and Josephine and Vivienne don’t exist.)

        • I’ve already been through this with you. It´s not about sex objects. It’s about really bad character design. I answered you one that one as well. I take that you´re uber butt-hurt since you´ve been salty as hell for hours. Furthermore, do you have some kind of an obsession with hard dicks? as you keep on bringing that subject up.

          • L.

            If you don’t like the way the characters look, then play something else. Get a fucking life and enjoy whatever you like.

            If you write a stupid article shitting your pants and whining about “SJWs” because you don’t find the female characters hot, then you’er a sad fucking pathetic loser.

            And if you can’t grasp the concept of “I don’t have a boner =/= bad design”, then you’re just a loser creep.

          • “If you don’t like the way the characters look, then play something else.” – I find that to be funny, because when ever SJWs attack games which they have no damn intension in buying whatsoever, they don’t see that as a problem. So I take it that it’s all cool as long as it doesn’t affect you directly?

            “If you write a stupid article shitting your pants and whining about “SJWs” because you don’t find the female characters hot, then you’er a sad fucking pathetic loser.”

            – Said the person who’s been insulting people for hours.

            “And if you can’t grasp the concept of “I don’t have a boner =/= bad design”, then you’re just a loser creep.”

            – Are you retarded? For the last damn time, a female game character doesn’t have to look like a super model. However, in the case with MEA, they just look terribly ugly.

          • If you don’t like the way the characters look, then play something else. Get a fucking life and enjoy whatever you like.

            oh the irony of that coming from an SJW

          • xvtc

            If you don’t like his article, go read something else 🙂

          • ASTHX

            I bet you have fat arms.

        • if your father didn’t see your mother as a sex object in the bedroom you wouldn’t even exist to spout your nonsense

          also, had your mother listened to feminists back then and aborted you, you wouldn’t even exist to spout your nonsense

          always funny seeing SJWs/feminists go against the things that made them exist in the first place

    • Brian Dub

      Same goes for your butter face. No one gives a fuck what you think, and you don’t get our dicks hard.

    • xvtc

      How are your 40 cats doing?

  • SevTheBear

    The modders has a lot of work ahead of them. poor souls 🙁

    • The PC-modders will have to work over time with this one 😛

  • Colin Rigley

    Why does writers want fuck video games girl and make bad grammar in headline?!?

    • “Why does writers want fuck video games girl”

      – I never said that I did? If I have that option in the game though, sure! However, I have dated hot cosplay girls in the past.

      “and make bad grammar in headline?!?” – It’s 100% correct. I need to correct the grammer for your comment though, it should be:

      “Why do writers want to fuck video game girls and make bad grammar in the headline?!”

  • ThisMan

    A lead designer on this game is openly anti white. Bioware think it is ok to have openly racist developers as long as they are racist against white people. Just saying.

  • OhMeg

    It’s annoying how obsessed everyone is with “SJW”, like the only people I hear talking about it, are the people who don’t like it. I really don’t think Bioware is making ugly woman because they are “SWJ”, I think they just suck at making attractive woman. Miranda being the exception. I always thought Femshep was ugly as fuck, but I was able to make a nice looking custom one at least. I think Cora is actually pretty attractive, but that’s just me. I’m a straight woman, and I know that a lot of these “feminists” that bash games are just doing it for clickbate and attention. I love love love The Witcher 3, I never thought those woman were oversexualized and I was never offended. Yen, Triss, and Ciri are probably some of the strongest woman in gaming history and prove time and again they are just fine without men. I can’t fathom why anyone woman would say the Witcher 3 is sexist. Just why I don’t get why everyone slanders Bioware as “SJW” because they have one tough chick and one black guy. (yes I’ve seen a lot of people complain that Liam is there for “SJW” reasons). Yeah Sara is ugly, and Scott is hot. It was the same with Femshep and Broshep. I’ll do what I did before, spend hours in character creator with Sara, and when I play as Scott, I’ll use his default.

      • OhMeg

        I agree this guy is a racist fuck. Do I think MEA is designed around his views? No. That’s all I was getting at. I just really don’t think the chicks are ugly because of the whole “SJW” movement.
        I’ve seen a lot of complaints about Scott saying he looks too feminine, that it must be Bioware’s “SJW” stance. However you stated in your article that Scott looked fine.
        Everyone has different opinions. I shouldn’t have said it was annoying that everyone is obsessed with “SJWs”. You’re opinion is valid and it was a accurate and tactful expression of how you feel.

        • Sadly enough, his far from the only person at Bioware who’s an SJW. Well, look at Magic The Gathering, look at Gearbox Software, look at EA. I based that on what the real life face model looked like (I´m not gay or bi, but he looks very good imo). I’m not obsessed with SJWs, but I’ve been right about a lot of things in the past (like the Ghostbusters 2016 movie, for example).

          Thanks =) And just so you know, I want game devs to add more eye candy for female players. In the matter of fact, a lot of female Gamers have pointed out that for me in the past (that they want more content of that kind).

          • you should see who this person has upvoted before you get too friendly with her, and also the fact that she has tried to deflect SJWs from blame and keeps putting SJWs in quotes (to give the impression that they don’t exist) should be something to consider

            not accusing her of anything of course, I’m just saying

          • I can’t say that I’m surprised to hear this, because this is one of their tactics…I’t like that old saying, what was the devils biggest achievement? It was that he tried to convince people that he didn’t (don’t) exist (how can fight something which you don’t know of?).

          • OhMeg

            dude you seriously have a hard on for me.
            because I see valid points from both sides of the spectrum you attack me?
            since your so obsessed, check everything else I’ve up voted. (BTW that chick is crazy, and I meant to DOWN vote that comment, because it’s stupid. calling guys perverts because they want attractive females in games is absurd, but anything to use against me right? Because you think I’m a “SJW”, so you it’s now your goal in life to analyze me?)
            I should be able state my opinion without being attacked, if how I express my opinion is respectful.
            I put “SJW” in quotes, because it seems anyone can be labeled a “SJW” regardless if they are one or not. I must be one right, because I don’t think “SJWs” are the total cause of ugly chicks in MEA?
            I have been respectful of all your opinions, I don’t deserve the same?
            It’s like you spend your days fighting people online, just because you can.
            you’re throwing a tantrum like a little baby snowflake.
            “don’t be friends with her because she doesn’t agree with everything we say waaaahaaaahaaa. now let me suck your dick Robin.”

          • The person who you up voted has insulted pretty much everyone in this comment section. So I guess that’s why he or she has been very busy with deleting comments since yesterday. No sweat though, because I got them archived.

            I’m straight, so that option is only open for females 😉

          • OhMeg

            As I stated before it was not my intention to up vote that person. ( I thought he was referring to another comment I had up voted, didn’t notice he actually linked it, I changed it once I saw it) I agree she was acting like a rage bitch, whatever her opinions are that clearly is a stupid way to go about it.

            -I’m straight, so that option is only open for females 😉
            that got a giggle out of me. 🙂

          • Oh, sorry, I missed that part. I take it that she’s a very angry person irl…I understand where your coming from (wanting to see both sides of the coin). So I’m all cool with it 😉

            Haha xD I´m mainly into Geek/Gamer/tech girls though.

          • lol so looking at 2-3 posts you wrote and hovering over L’s post is now somehow “obsession”

            and let’s not forget, you upvoted the most retarded and insulting comment from that person

            and I meant to DOWN vote that comment


            because I see valid points from both sides of the spectrum

            So you actually believe some of the garbage they spew, fair enough

            you attack me?

            I’m not attacking you, I’m just forming a general opinion of you based on some of the stuff you said

            I don’t think “SJWs” are the total cause of ugly chicks in MEA?

            what do you think is the cause then?

            because SJWs/feminists for the last 3-4 years have always whined about “impossible female beauty standards”, “unrealistic female bodies”, “sexualization of females”, “objectification of females”, “the male gaze”, “sexist and misogynist straight male gamers”, etc., and Bioware have become full SJW, like a lot of Western developers

            You not seen Anita Sarkeesian’s work? The crap she spews is mainstream and very influential, and virtually every Western developer has sucked up to and praised this parasite

            And the “oh Bioware are just bad at facial modelling the SJWs didn’t do nuffing” argument can be thrown out of the window, because they got the male character model to look exactly like the real life man, as Robin showed in his article

            “don’t be friends with her because she doesn’t agree with everything we say waaaahaaaahaaa. now let me suck your dick Robin.”

            I didn’t tell Robin to not be friends with you, I’m just making him aware, because the leftist/SJW tactic for the last year or so in the media has been to pretend to be “neutral” and make it so that SJWs “don’t exist”

            Again, I repeat I’m not calling you an SJW, it’s just some of the stuff you said in your posts and your actions may suggest you are, if I’m wrong then fair enough

            If Robin chooses to be friends with you for life, that’s perfectly fine by me, go get married, buy a house, have children with him, whatever. I’ll be the first to send you a toaster

    • And the people who pretend “SJWs” aren’t the problem usually are SJWs themselves

      You’re not fooling anyone

      Either that or you need to remove your head from your rear end and take a look at the SJW feminist garbage that has infested Western society

      I loved loved loved The Witcher 3, I never thought those woman were oversexualized and I was never offended

      are you saying you would’ve been offended if the women were oversexualized? if yes, then that proves my point about you

      • OhMeg

        Maybe you should actually read what I wrote before getting defensive, because you didn’t seem to get it, or you’re just a “snowflake”.
        I never said anything about “SJWs” not being a problem, tbh I had never heard that term until a few weeks ago. However labeling someone who doesn’t agree with you a “SJW” doesn’t help either.
        as for TW3, I was referring to the fact that people complained that the Witcher 3 woman were oversexualized, I was simply stating that was not my opinion, and that not all woman are offended by what goes on in video games.

        • I never said anything about “SJWs” not being a problem

          “I really don’t think Bioware is making ugly woman because they are “SWJ”, I think they just suck at making attractive woman.”

          “Just why I don’t get why everyone slanders Bioware as “SJW” ”

          Also, look at Robin’s links in his reply to you

          However labeling someone who doesn’t agree with you a “SJW” doesn’t help either.

          I didn’t label you an SJW, I implied you might be, that’s why I said:

          “Either that or you need to remove your head from your rear end and take a
          look at the SJW feminist garbage that has infested Western society”

          I was a little harsh to you I admit, but then I didn’t know that you supposedly have never heard of the term “SJW” until a few weeks ago

          • OhMeg

            I may have misunderstood, I thought you were implying that I didn’t think “SJWs” were a problem as a whole, not specifically to Bioware.
            But I stand by my opinion that the chicks aren’t ugly because of Bioware’s “SJWs”.
            I DO agree that have taken a “SJW” stance in other instances, and it’s affected gameplay. (I hated that every character in DA2 was bi, and I hated that they threw Krem into DAI just to have a trans person, with no substance to his character.)

  • Aaron C

    Everyone has a right to an opinion but these days if your opinion isn’t the “correct” one you are deemed a sexist nazi. Video games is not real life, we have muscle bound box jawed men and beautiful women in games and if that’s what developers want then they have every right to do so. I have no problem with a game making all the female characters “realistic” or butt ugly as long as that was their intentions and they were not pressured by the pc/sjw crowd to change the game. Honestly i feel like the western world is going backwards with this whole sjw movement, i don’t think these people realize how nazi-ish they are compared to the ones they call nazis. When your right no matter what and you have to shut down and destroy anything that you believe is inferior to yourself without question, that seems very hitler-ish to me. Don’t be a snowflake, be a block of ice and let things slide off your back, stop letting other opinions melt your fragile mind.

    • The best way to solve this issue is to have an alternative “Safe Mode” in video games which cuts out all of the “offensive” and “problematic” content, that way the crybaby snowflakes get to avoid the tits and gore and the normal people get to play and enjoy the Normal mode. Everyone wins with this concept.

      This idea has been suggested before years back after the start of GamerGate. But guess what? SJWs/feminists did NOT like the idea, which goes to prove that they’re nothing but authoritarians who do not care about diversity, and instead just want to police and dictate what is and what isn’t allowed in video games based on their personal feelings

    • That would be correct, because apparently I’m Nazi monster. Well said. However, just look at all the personal insults that they dropped in this comment section. That’s how they “debate”.

  • Biofail

    I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if it was brought about by laziness and they are simply using the male face rig for everything. The reason why I say that is because Pelessaria is rather plain, but in no way hyper masculine. That or maybe Bioware wants people to romance their preferred xeno creation and the best way to do that is to make everything else unappealing. Honestly though, if it has a hole, it’s a goal.

    • Sounds like a good guess. I mean, just look at the female faces…

    • Chupa Chup

      Several of those male face rigs make for even better female styling than the ones they use for that purpose. The sad thing is that all of the female rigs make ok to good male rigs.

  • Will

    That was pretty woeful.

      • Will

        Also lame.

        • Yep…And Bioware called that one for a “bug”.

          • Will

            Im referring to you and the entire argument put forth genius.

          • Is that so?

          • xvtc

            hahaha this coming from the fucking faggot who types “woeful” with a straight face

          • Will

            Still not as bad as the person who gushed over it before he realised it was about him.

            Took some time for the dime to drop. Not the sharpest tool in the shed. But a tool nonetheless.

          • xvtc

            lol try harder 😉

          • Will

            No need.

          • xvtc

            lmao stay mad trashboy

          • xvtc

            stay mad queer lmao

          • Will

            No-ones mad, just pointing out his error.

          • xvtc

            nah ur mad

          • Will

            Again, no.

          • xvtc


          • Will


  • Surf Orich

    If you ask me this has to do with the way the characters in every example you’re giving are lit and the materials used on their faces. Bioware games just use ugly, overly reflective, blown out skin materials and they have weird, crusty looking shadows. All the Bioware female screenshots here are in the most unflattering shadow/material situations possible, while the one male image you’ve shown is a much more polished image. I don’t know if it’s a touched up promo shot or the significantly different lighting mixed with the small image size makes it feel different but it doesn’t feel like an in game shot.

    You haven’t provided any evidence that there is some kind of mandate at Bioware to make the women look “average” or whatever. You just posted random tweets from laypeople. If you think this is an issue why not track down any of the former or current character artists at Bioware and interview them? Maybe ask them about what it’s like to sculpt female faces vs male ones and how a vast multitude of factors can effect one’s impression of the in-game character?

    Oh, I guess that would actually require you to do something constructive instead of making a standard conservative post whining about SJWs. Look out, they’re coming for you!

      • John Smith.

        I don’t believe in boycotts, but I believe in getting the information out there so people can decide whether to buy it or not… That is what happened with ME:A. People found out, told each other and decided to announce in mass that they were not buying it.
        How is that a bad thing!
        Sorry, I watched the video and I feel a bit dumber from doing it.

        • I’ll let people decide that one for themselves, me, I just support studios that I truly like. You know, the PC-modders might actually help Bioware’s sells 😛 I found some good points by the end of the video.

          • John Smith.

            Fuck Modders. I don’t care what kind of magic they can pull off, I am not buying this game because of that racist shit lord they employ and anyone who do buy it is a traitor in my eyes.

          • No need to be angry at them man 😉 That’s what I meant, people are free to make that decision for themselves. I hardly doubt that we will even get a review copy, for obvious reasons *cough cough*

          • Richard

            I’m not angry, more that I am disappointed. A Youtuber I follow, says “Keep Your Politics out of My Purchase”. You want to politicize, do it on your own time, don’t put it in games, and then expect people to pay money for it. I cannot spend my money on a company that has in its employ a person who will call me every name in the book, just because my skin is white. I am disappointed because I love the Mass Effect series, but with this person and the politics that EA pushes into the games, I don’t pay money to be lectured, but to be entertained. Apparently EA doesn’t want to entertain us anymore.

          • John Smith.

            I am, I’m just waiting for a chance to pick up a copy of it.

          • Hehe, 2B’s booty alone is worth all the money in the world 😉

          • John Smith.

            I don’t care about here booty, I just want a game where A: I am not slammed for being a straight white male to every five seconds. B: Where the story and characters are interesting. C: where neither Socialist/feminist teachings, nor fanservice is the sole focus of the game.

          • I understand, but I was just joking around. Yes, because that’s the way that it should be.

  • Sinemetsu

    Robin, perhaps you should do more thorough research.

    What you are looking at is character modeling that suffers from the composite of her skeletal structure. Notice the cheekbones, smile lines, nose, jawline and mouth here. See the similarity? When creatng a facial structure for a character, the developers use a wide range of expressions in order to create the character. BioWare’s facial modeling doesn’t know how to tune the features of her smile down when she’s maintaining neutral expressions, because BioWare is not Naughty Dog or Rockstar. Facial modeling has NEVER been their strong suit.

    Grow up.


    • “Robin, perhaps you should do more thorough research.”

      – I add plenty of facts, evidence and whatnot to backup my claims (and our readers added even more info into the mix).

      “Facial modeling has NEVER been their strong suit.”

      – I never stated otherwise. However, I did point out that I found the females from ME1 and 2 to look better (Bioware could always watch this video for inspiration:

      “Grow up.”

      – And what does this have to do with this matter?

    • xvtc

      no, I don’t see the similarity, because they fucking look nothing alike. what’s wrong with your eyes?

      • Sinemetsu

        Take a traditional art class and study facial structure, friend, then ask me that question again.

        • xvtc

          lmao get ur eyes checked fgt 🙂

  • Well, ugly people exist in real life so i really can’t see the issue 😀

    • Because video games are real life

      Oh wait

    • Andfr

      Good thing this is a fictional game then. If I wanted reality, I would put on my shoes and walk out of my door, I would most certainly NOT PLAY A ROLE PLAYING GAME! Playing games is all about being entertained, having fun and to some extent, at least for me, escaping the troubles of real life.

    • ASTHX

      Going by that logic, all comic books, games, movies, etc should just have average or ugly characters instead of idealized characters. Since you know we all consume that media because it mirrors real life, not because it’s a fantasy/hyper reality.

  • Aaron blanchard

    If they were perfect models people would still complain that Bioware were hating and on fat Transvestites or ugly people in general. Who cares what the models look like. Gameplay seems a little more important than how some chicks face looks like. And they all look the same after they’ve been basted with egg whites. Then donkey punched out the door. I was about to seriously call you down because I never actually read the article but just did. I thought you were a SJW or feminist because of the title but after reading the article WOW. Great article and keep up the good work.

  • LuzariusLive

    I first noticed noticed a problem with Dragon Age Inquisition. All the females in that game were ugly except for two characters who are not even companions (Leliana, Morrigan). I got a refund for Dragon Age Inquisition as soon as I saw Cassandra Pentaghasts mannish face.

    Since then I was hoping the Dragon Age team wouldn’t infect the Mass Effect Andromeda team, but it looks like they have unfortunately. That SJW liberal agenda spread. I can’t believe there isn’t one attractive, sexy human female in all of Mass Effect Andromeda based on what they’ve revealed so far.

    Why are liberal democrats in the game industry acting like hardcore, ultra right wing conservatives with their anti sexual agenda?

    Bioware won’t even let their game be moddable. The community can easily fix the faces, but Bioware doesn’t want their models to be changed it seems. They want to force very ugly female models on his.

    • That would be my point exactly, as it appears as if Bioware is making their female characters look as ugly as humanly possible on purpose…

  • EasilyEnraged

    This is what the SJW’S and femenazis asked for. Average and some just plain ugly females. Problem is they ARE ugly. Just leave the guys alone as a straight male I’ve got no problem with a badass, ripped, good looking male hero. Good for him. I don’t want Chris Farley as my protagonist I want Jason Statham.

    • They do and will leave the male characters alone for the most part because only sexy females are problematic to them

      The constant whining and crying from SJWs, feminists and the mainstream games media over the past 3-4 years about how bikinis, bikini armor, boob plates, “unrealsitic female bodies”, etc. are “objectifying women” should tell you this

      They’ve NEVER complained about ripped, handsome, mascular male characters in games, because as we all know, double-standards means it’s okay when feminists and female gamers get to enjoy fan-service

      Yet it becomes a global outrage when straight male gamers enjoy a bit of boobs

    • The SJWs who don’t agree with me made it sound like I meant that every single female has to look like a super model. That is false, the MEA doesn’t have to look like models. However, right now they don’t even look like an average person. In the matter of fact, they look all twisted and inhuman…

  • Kuro12

    Nice post Robin, i agree with everything you said.
    Its truly sad that the one thing i love since childhood, games, are being now tools of politics and people who dont even care about them.
    My only hope is, the other games studios like CDPR wont give in to this bs and continue blessing us with their awesome games.

    Bioware stoped existing when they sold out to EA, now its just another husk like many other before them filled with SJWs and other vermin.
    Even if MEA would be a good game (wich i doubt), im not going to buy it, i wont support this degradation of games into a political playground.

    • Thank you =) CDPR shows the way in the West 😉 That’s what a lot of Gamers think and feel about Bioware nowadays…There “might” be a good game beneath all the SJW bs and bad ugly character designs, but is it even worth picking up? I mean, sure, “maybe” the PC-modders could sort most of that stuff out, but why should you support a company that keeps on pushing SJW nonsense?

      • John Smith.

        I thought it was Rockstar North showing the way in the west.

        • I said CDPR since The Witcher is a RPG just like MEA 😉 But yes, Rockstar North is working wonders in the West as well.

      • Kuro12

        Yeah, i could get easyly over this if the writting would be good, but i very much doubt it after DAI, never before had i cringed so much when playing a game
        The levels of SJW were too much for me, uninstalled and deleted after a few hours.

        I have no doubts this is going to be the same for MEA.

        • It was that bad huh? No I get why my brother Jonas turned that one down…And yet there are people in this comment section who states that Bioware is NOT an SJW game studio. You can count on it…

          • Kuro12

            Yep, it becomes especially apparent when you put DAO next it, wich had adult themed world, writting and dark atmosphere of medieval times.
            DAI was the complete oposite of it, the sudden change in atmosphere and writting was like a wake up slap.
            You could tell that the old Bioware was gone and with it any chances of getting an adult themed game.
            They turned the dark medieval setting into a naive childish disneyland, full of cliches and sjw garbage.

            I dont know where they want to go with this seriously, do they want to make all hetero males stop playing their games, because as far as i remember they were among the largest groups supporting them.
            Its just compeletely ridiculous.

          • “They turned the dark medieval setting into a naive childish disneyland, full of cliches and sjw garbage.”

            – That would be what my brother told me…So I kind of get why he went over to the Fallout universe instead.

  • Dave

    BioWare has a bit of a history of putting out abominations. If you’ll recall:

    I still, to this day, cannot fathom how that run animation made it to the release copy of Mass Effect 3. How does that get past quality testing? It dumbed down the impression and seriousness of the entire game.

    And the explosions of ME were atrocious, too.

    • Ehrm…That’s like, the crab walk but on speed :S

      “How does that get past quality testing”

      – Did you just assume that they do have such a part of their game production line? *cough cough*

    • Kuro12

      Seen this so many times, quality running animation right there and lets not forget the sitting animation.

      Feminazis should actually be offended by this, since they turning all of the females into dudes, its like they are saying for a female to be capable and strong, she has to behave, look and move like a man, oh the irony.

  • Wool Socks Unite

    As a straight woman, I have to speak my mind…

    I have always enjoyed playing Bioware games, but I have to agree that the past DAI female characters were ugly and the looks of femRyder is just wrong.

    Dear lord, If I was the model I would have doubts about myself physically. (She is absolutely stunning in real life!)

    I don’t get it! I don’t understand why the faces have to be so…off? Why not see it as art and bring out the feminine features and beauty rather than…this..whatever this is.

    • Hi =) Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us (I just wish that more females would do that…). That was what I was trying to point out, but “some” people got so mad at me that they spent hours posting tons of personal insults against me…I know right? I could be wrong now (as I´m not a woman), but don’t most females want to look good? (in the real world and in the world of games). I mean, not just for guys or other females, but for themselves (that’s how I roll at least).

      And one more thing, I would love to hear your thoughts on this matter:

      • Wool Socks Unite

        It is frustrating that you are unable to speak your mind without being shit on. Nothing in what you wrote in your article to me is offensive or degrading. I am all for women’s rights and equal treatment yada yada. But it is like everyone has lost their minds and have pushed feminist views off the deep end. There just seems to be no happy medium.

        A vast majority of females do want to look attractive both in the real world and virtual. If it is available to make a attractive character then why the hell would I want to stare at an unattractive one?

        I showed a number of my coworkers this article today (All of my coworkers are women) and asked each what they thought individually ( I spoke to 5 of them).
        They same reaction as me when I showed the male and female models for MEA and then pictures of the game characters. They agreed that the male was attractive but all basically said “What the hell happened to the female character’s face? It looks nothing like her.”
        They all agreed that she should have at least have been made to look normal, not disfigured.

        • I think I received like, +20 personal insults in the matter of 60 minutes. So yeah, it was pretty darn insane. I’m very happy to hear it =) Same here, equal treatment and equal rights. You know, feminism did a lot of great things for females in the past, but nowadays…Not so much. In the matter of fact, third wave feminism is just giving females a bad name (it’s even destroying the relationship between men and women, and the core family).

          Really? Thanks for doing so 😉 Exactly, and the same goes for men as well. That’s the truth right there, because Sara Ryder looks nothing like Jayde Rossi (the pretty face model lady)…

  • Batlord

    Bioware’s recent work has been shameful. Inquisition, a multi-million dollar blockbuster game was outperformed on every front by a Polish studio with a budget of six packs of cigarettes and a bottle of Sobieski. And most of their shitty Tumblr fanbase only fawns over them for the feminism and the gay and lesbian stuff they put all over the fucking place.

    The worst bit is Mass Effect and Dragon Age could be great series… if they were sold to a completely different studio (Preferably not from fucking Canada).

    • Imagine if every single game developer in the whole world rolled like Bioware does…(that’s a rather creepy thought, isn’t it?).

  • MaxD

    Lmao metal gear solid’s girl looks like a slutty 12 year old. Sara Ryder actually turned out cute, imo. Sure the asari is ugly but that’s not a big deal. BioWare is awesome. The “former glory” picture actually made me cringe, are you guys THAT desperate? Sure I too like when women in games are attractive but in the end it’s an action RP game not a dating simulator.

  • TaD LamBerT

    now i couldn’t give two shits about what most men want in a game, I care more about what a game requires. yeah i think there needs to be more design exploration with female characters. But this is too far off the model to be acceptable. It’s not about social justice, it’s just about good design, and this is a miss.

    • “But this is too far off the model to be acceptable. It’s not about social justice,”

      It’s a combo of SJW cancer and bad design.

      • TaD LamBerT

        everyone loves to throw that word “Social Justice Warrior” around like fox news loves to throw around “War on Christmas” every December. It’s annoying to say the least, and it gives you a scapegoat to use when you don’t understand the nature of the arguments coming at you. Character should reflect the story first. Character doesn’t need to be rock hard gorgeous just so you can justify your ” romance option”. The designs should be varied enough though to allow all types of players to enjoy the game they are playing without sacrificing its integrity. Now you could be right about the whole SJW, that option is on the table. But jeez, just because the thought process is different doesn’t mean it’s about social justice. The designers did something you don’t like and i don’t like. Sometimes it just that simple. As i write this i am looking into articles related to this, so if you got something let me know.

  • Eirikr

    I’m not terribly bothered by it, but I understand why some are. I wonder how the males will fare in this game. If that comparison shot with a male actor/his character is from Andromeda, then the men are faring much better. Funny.

    I wouldn’t worry about this too much. The Free Market dictates what works and what doesn’t, and men and women don’t really like playing as ugly men and women. We’re kinda shallow as a species.

    • I think most people want to play as attractive characters (no matter gender or sexual orientation), but like you said, let the free market decide whether the game will sell or not.

  • Thumper Cahill

    Every time Bioware puts out another game someone goes “they’ve finally gone full sjw”, and then a few years later that game is no longer the tipping point and the next game becomes the new final straw. Okay, Bioware have gone sjw. They’ve been sjw for a while. There’s been gay people, black people, trans people, women who aren’t 10s, and all the other things anti-sjw guys hate as far back as DAO, and probably before that. So can you guys just leave now, it should be clear at this point no matter how often you write articles about women being ugly they aren’t going to stop. They can’t be redeemed. Go play something else.

  • Maria Maasaa

    At least the combat looks alright…

    • I´m just going to leave this hear *cough cough*

      • Maria Maasaa

        Is this to draw in the pedos? She looks like she has a child’s face. It’s like…have you ever seen adults that still have child-like faces? It’s creepy as fuck. In a future where THEY CAN CHANGE AROUND DNA/GENE why would you still have people like this?

        • I have no idea. I just thought that it was funny that some people posted better pictures (fan art) in that tweet thread. Exactly…It makes no sense at all.

          • Maria Maasaa

            Didn’t realize it was from someone outside the company. I don’t care for it myself but it does look better then the default character look they came up with.

            This sums up new Bioware fans in one picture.


          • That’s their mindset right there, the same could also be said about the SJWs in general…

  • Mitch

    Robin really couldnt be more retarded if he tried.

    • Nawww, did you get triggered? How cute. Here’s a free pro-tip, read through the comment section, and you will find that the majority agree with my opinions on this matter.

      • Mitch

        “Robin really couldnt be more retarded if he tried.”

        >did you get triggered? How cute

        I was wrong apparently.

        He can.

        • The only retard here is you. So be a good boy and take your medication and go back to bed.

          • Mitch

            >The only retard here is you.

            The above evidence shows otherwise.

          • I guess that you’re referring to your name and past comments?

          • Mitch

            You would be wrong once more.

          • Nope.

          • Mitch

            And again.

      • Mitch


        You also meant to write “awww”, not “nawww” retard.

  • Mitch

    Female Ryder>Triss.


    Come at me bro.

  • Proxy

    SJW’s are slowly taking everything from us, it’s almost like they don’t want us to have fun, they want to ruin it for us. They destroyed this franchise that I loved so much. Have you ever heard any males whining over how ripped and hot the male character looks ? (and I’m not only talking about video games). No. Who gives a shit ? It’s a god damn video game. I mean the characters have been beaten with the ugly stick so hard, I feel bad for the stick. Most “normal” females actually like playing and looking at hot characters, it’s normal. Shame on you Biocuck.

    • SJW’s are slowly taking everything from us, it’s almost like they don’t want us to have fun, they want to ruin it for us.

      It’s an attack on straight men and any entertainment medium that’s geared towards them, it’s not only in video games, it’s happening in other sectors as well

      They do this all while hiding behind the false mask of “diversity” and “inclusivity”, we all know that the SJW/feminist definitions of those words really mean “anyone except straight white males”

      Like I said before, Bioware are beyond redemption

    • I could be wrong, but I think the very first post that I wrote about SJWs (before they were a “thing”) are dated back to 2008 or 2009. So they have been around for a long time. However, from 2014 to now, things have accelerated a whole lot. So no medium is safe from them anymore (I wouldn’t be surprised if they target MMA and UFC next, toxic masculinity and hawt fighting babes = Muh soggy knees!).

  • Dre Mosley

    Hopefully you can create a hot female Ryder via character customization if you want.

    • You should be able to do that, yes. Furthermore, then you got the upcoming PC mods as well 😉

  • Tron

    A great read, thanks.

    • I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed it =) And you are most welcome 😉

  • Preday

    This article is the stupidest thing I have read this day (and I’m including the new healthcare bill). Please tell me more about how game developers should cater to your infantile wank fantasies when it comes to female characters.

    It’d be really sad and pathetic if you actually had any influence. But as has been the case since Inquisition, Bioware doesn’t listen to trillby wearing fuckbois named Chad when it comes to game design.

    Cry some more.

    • “This article is the stupidest thing I have read this day (and I’m including the new healthcare bill). Please tell me more about how game developers should cater to your infantile wank fantasies when it comes to female characters.”

      – Butt-hurt much? Don’t worry darling, other game developers knows how to get the job done right (like CD Projekt Red, for example).

      “It’d be really sad and pathetic if you actually had any influence. But as has been the case since Inquisition, Bioware doesn’t listen to trillby wearing fuckbois named Chad when it comes to game design.”

      – So bad game designs is the future of Gaming? Gotcha, let’s see how that turns out for them in the long run.

      • Preday

        Yeah, yeah, sure, one game with stellar, groundbreaking storytelling and not-supermodel characters is going to ruin all of gaming for you and feminism will take away all your precious masturbation material. You emasculated coward.

        • “Yeah, yeah, sure, one game with stellar, groundbreaking storytelling and not-supermodel characters is going to ruin all of gaming for you and feminism will take away all your precious masturbation material. You emasculated coward.”

          – You do realize that CD Projekt Red managed to do all of that without adding characters that look retarded and ugly as hell? “masturbation material”? Are you thinking out loud about yourself now? Because I just play the game (s).

        • ASTHX

          Groundbreaking storytelling? LMAO thanks for the laugh.

          It’s not just “not-supermodel” they straight up made them look like she-beasts. Make them average looking, fine. This is just ridiculous.

          Oh but the main male character has to look like an Abercrombie model.

  • Preday

    I don’t know why you complain so much about ugly people in video games. Shouldn’t you feel happy to be represented?

    • “I don’t know why you complain so much about ugly people in video games. Shouldn’t you feel happy to be represented?”

      – I’m not ugly, and most people look better than that. Hell, even the face models look 100 times better than their game counter parts.

      • Preday

        The ugliest thing in the world is judging something or someone by superficial things like appearances. So you are, in fact, hella ugly.

        The quality of Bioware games has never been the jointy animations and plastic faces or the ridiculous sex scenes. It’s the stories and the character development. But you don’t care about that because you want to wank off to some polygons.

        • “The ugliest thing in the world is judging something or someone by superficial things like appearances. So you are, in fact, hella ugly.”

          – And that makes absolutely zero sense whatsoever *slow clap* Nope, I get “around”

          “The quality of Bioware games has never been the jointy animations and plastic faces or the ridiculous sex scenes. It’s the stories and the character development. But you don’t care about that because you want to wank off to some polygons.”

          – And thus they should continue to make ugly game characters and bad game designs for an eternity? Good call sport.

  • Wub Wub

    Shouldn’t we be happy that Bioware is going for more diverse cast and characters? People look very different and have imperfections in real life too, i think it’s great if Bioware goes for unique looking characters.

    The characters end up looking more realistic and show more of their personality like this, instead of being plastic-faced beauties. It would be rather boring imo if everyone was this flawless supermodel like Yennefer from Witcher. I admit she is very gorgeous and i definitely won’t mind seeing that level of beauty in games, but wouldn’t it be better for that to be an exception so it stands out, instead of everyone being the same, thus drowning out any diversity and muddling down the glow?

    • “Shouldn’t we be happy that Bioware is going for more diverse cast and characters? People look very different and have imperfections in real life too, i think it’s great if Bioware goes for unique looking characters.”

      – I have no problem with that, but the animations and character designs leave a lot to desire…

    • “Shouldn’t we be happy that Bioware is going for more diverse cast and characters? People look very different and have imperfections in real life too, i think it’s great if Bioware goes for unique looking characters.”

      – I have no problem with that, but that still doesn’t give Bioware an excuse to make really terrible character designs and animations (it’s 2017, and not the early 2000s).

      “The characters end up looking more realistic and show more of their personality like this, instead of being plastic-faced beauties. It would be rather boring imo if everyone was this flawless supermodel like Yennefer from Witcher. I admit she is very gorgeous and i definitely won’t mind seeing that level of beauty in games, but wouldn’t it be better for that to be an exception so it stands out, instead of everyone being the same, thus drowning out any diversity and muddling down the glow?”

      – I’m not asking for everyone to look like a catwalk supermodel, but when even I look better than most of them. Then it’s back to the drawing board. Furthermore:


    • True.Epic.Crusader

      “Shouldn’t we be happy that Bioware is going for more diverse cast and characters? ”

      The problem is that they are UGLY. No, we shouldn’t be happy.
      Speaking of lack of diversity, where do you guys get all your repetitive, insane apologetics? Your excuses would only sound clever to very, very unclever people. You are literally bending over backwards to pretend that a square is a circle.

      • Wub Wub

        IDK where you get the idea i’m bending over backwards to Bioware for this. ME is a important series for me so of course i’m gonna hold them to a standard for it.

        Ugly for you maybe, but there is always people who find them attractive. People who don’t have supermodel-standards for their women.

        I think what you, and Mr. Robin Ek here are mixing is character design and model quality. There is nothing wrong (imo) with the character designs here, but i must admit the actual 3D work and animations needs … some work, from what we’ve been shown. I fear BW didn’t bring their A-game to this title, or perhaps it was even made by the second BW studio and they took too big of a bite out of this.

        We’ll see soon enough, i hope. Andromeda should be released next week here.

        • True.Epic.Crusader

          “I think what you, and Mr. Robin Ek here are mixing is character design and model quality.”

          No. The character design is ugly. Their faces are ugly. They look like they were designed as men or ugly women. I don’t care about model quality. I could name you PS2 games, PS1 games even, or heck, 16-bits games with sprites, where the girls are beautiful and sexy. It’s not about that at all.

          “Ugly for you maybe, but there is always people who find them attractive.”
          Men who like ugly women, maybe. Men who like their women to look like men, maybe. Weak men who can’t find anything better or have no standard of quality, maybe.
          Even if we aren’t looking for sexy supermodel-class females, there was no reason to make them look so ugly and butch-looking.
          For you to come at me with comments like “well that’s just YOUR opinion”, it proves that you literally have nothing of value to counter with.
          (ie, it proves that I’m correct).

          Plus, what’s with this stupid “we don’t need them all to look like plastic-face beauties because there would be no diversity”. First of all, nobody is asking for that, and second, are you telling me that all good-looking people look the same? God, I swear talking to SJWs is the same as talking to a bag of rocks.

          • Thanks, I was just about to comment on that one, but you saved me quite a lot of time with your comment 😉

          • Wub Wub

            I’m not here to debate. I never tried to counter your idea with ground-breaking ideologies. I was simply sharing my opinion on the subject, and so did you although in a more attacking sense then i would’ave expected to be replied with.

            The design/modeling mixup was just that: my opinion. As someone who has gone to school on game design and dips into 3D work i felt like i had a twinkle of idea what might’ave caused that. Clearly i was wrong in your mind. I apologize for causing you the trouble of replying further to my opinions and i’m happy you feel correct.

            Though you did bring out exactly what i was going for, “…where girls are beautiful and sexy”. That’s what i was originally going for. Not everyone has to be like that, for my opinion at least. I would like to see a game where they aren’t afraid to go all out with character design, even if it means seeing some non-attractive women.

            I’m fine with ugly, as long as the 3D work is high-quality. And i don’t get that feel from ME:A. The quality in it feels sorely lacking. Like … frighteningly lacking. I’m sorely wish the final game will be at least little more polished.

            Again, this is just MY opinion. I have literally anything of actual value to counter your point … whatever that point was, i didn’t quite get it. No need to get your boxers twisted for the opinion of a single bag of SJW rocks.

            And just so we are clear: I have nothing against Mr. Robin Ek. I would happily see him blog more about ME:A in the future 🙂

    • Chris Smith

      I’m not trying to be mean, so apologies in advance if I come off that way. But it would be one thing if there was a diverse cast of people. As stands, all the men showcased are so attractive id almost slip into bed with them IRL and the most attractive female model’s looks like she suffered from fetal alcohol syndrome.

      Its like they got their model rigging backwards or something and the skin doesn’t fit right on the femails cause it wasn’t meant to, but the males turned out alright cause its easier to fix a facial structure being too small than too large.

      Biowares strength has never been character modeling, But seriously, it seems intentional at this point that the male characters run the gauntlet of attractive prettyboy to rugged attractive man, and the female models (Including the race of aliens literally designed to be sexy) look… lumpy and malformed at best.

    • silus

      With Mass Effect: Andromeda, my options in the real world are now actually better than in gaming.

  • True.Epic.Crusader

    Amazing article.
    Make female characters great again, please! I know I won’t be supporting the company that made all its females ugly to kowtow to angry females that *are* ugly in real life and can’t get d* ck!
    SJWs demand this nonsense because they are dead set on destroying everything good, beautiful and fun. They want to make the world as ugly as they are themselves. No men are looking at THEM, so men aren’t allowed to look at ANYTHING beautiful!
    I for one will not be supporting this, and will be giving my money to studios that, on top of making quality gameplay, actually strive to make their characters likeable and their games beautiful.

    • Thanks =) There are plenty of other gamers out there that feel the same way as you do…And who can blame them really? I mean, just check this out:

      • True.Epic.Crusader

        Wow, this game gets more ridiculous every time I see new images of it.
        I hope it fails.

        • Perhaps Bioware put Brianna Wu in charge of the production?…

          • True.Epic.Crusader

            That man is the biggest clown I’ve ever seen.

          • And now she’s trying to get a job in US politics…I remember when I tried to get her to respond to this post (she never did get back to me):

          • True.Epic.Crusader

            Good lord!
            And, you know he’s really a guy with a chopped-off weiner, right?
            (I mean Briana Wu, not Samus 😀 )

          • Tell me about it, Wu just let her assistant handle all the communication with me. Yes, but since she refers herself as a “she”. I tend to refer to her as a female. Hehe, no sweat 😉

          • Indeed…Yes, but since she refers to herself as a “she”. I tend to write about about her as a female.

        • “if” MEA looks like this on launch, then I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the case.

  • Mauro Souza Silva

    Because you guys wants Victoria’s Secret warriors with ridiculous breasts instead?

  • Crayven

    It’s simple…
    Stop – buying – their shit and they will die.

    • That would be the best thing to do for sure.

  • John Stovall

    Sounds like I’m skipping Andromeda for lots of reasons but this is certainly one of them. My daughter also does not want to play a wooden non attractive character. Lots of men like attractive male characters and lots of women like their avatars to be attractive also.

    • You are not alone mate, so you and your daughter should play games like “Freelancer”, “KOTOR”, “DEX”, “Rogue Galaxy”, “System Shock” and “Deux Ex” instead. Absolutely, and that goes for both men and women.

  • Plysovej Kaktus

    I’m not buying that game because I simply can’t blend with the role neither stand the fact the teenager dominates the world in this setup. Ugly or not, her eyes size to the head size make her like 13. In any female preset. Doesn’t fit to the story, it’s artificial and breaks the story, ends for me there.

    I love the Last of Us, Ender’s Game, Sky Crawlers. This is how you should incorporate children in story. Not rivet it to the game and support with duct tape.

    Less profit for these titles and our capitalistic society will fix everything wth time. This article finally explained it’s not only me who finds this weird.

    • silus

      Play with the man. Problem solved.

    • Imo, you would be much better of by playing the old ME games instead. I would also recommend that you check out “Freelancer”, “KOTOR”, “DEX” and “Rogue Galaxy”.

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