I am most likely far from the only one who has noticed that there is something very odd about the female characters in Bioware´s upcoming action/RPG game “Mass Effect: Andromeda” (the game is set for a release in March to PS4, Xbox One and PC – NA on the 21st of March, and EU on the 23rd of March). Well, right off the bat. Mass Effect: Andromeda´s female design is basically what happens when “Dragon Age: Inquisition” goes “Mass Effect” (let´s be honest. Mods saved DAI from it´s terrible female game designs).

mass effect andromeda female character

Can someone please explain to me why Bioware insists on making their female characters look as male as possible? (femininity, hello! Are you there?)

mass effect andromeda peebee

From attractive character designs to…Yeah.

I mean, have you seen what the MEA females look like? Sure, I can´t speak for everyone else now, but I find that most of the females to look either really ugly or masculine to the max (like in the picture above). So I take it that Bioware has gone full SJW mode with “Mass Effect: Andromeda”. Well, at least that´s the vibes that I´ve gotten from every single female character that I have seen from the game so far. However, it´s worth pointing out that the male MEA characters look perfectly fine. In the matter of fact, they actually look like their real face model counter parts (you will find examples of this down below).

mass effect andromeda jayde rossi

I really love the fact that Jayde Rossi (the pretty lady to the left) is Sara Ryder’s face model…I mean, what the hell went wrong there?

mass effect andromeda jayde rossi sjw madness

No matter how you twist and turn that picture, the result is going to be the same. Simply put, Sara Ryder looks nothing like Jayde Rossi.

mass effect andromeda face model

Okay…Let me see if I get this straight. Steven Brewis (MEA face model) game character looks almost exactly like him, but Jayde Rossi´s female character (Sara Ryder) looks nothing like her? How did that happen? :S

I also thought about another thing. You see, the female characters from the old “Mass Effect” games (mainly ME1-2) were really attractive and feminine. So I would love to know what happened to Bioware as a whole after the release of “Mass Effect 2”? Because by the looks of it, Bioware slowly started to turn into an SJW studio around 2010 (that´s the year that ME2 launched. However, ME2´s development started around 2008). Furthermore, I bet that Anita Sarkeesian and Feminist Frequency had a part in that transformation. In the matter of fact, I remember a really good post about the matter over at the Obsidian forum (Luzarius posted that one back in 2015). The post is called “Mature discussion on LGBT/Feminists who want to censor games“, and it´s a truly interesting read I heave to say. Especially since the post is now even more relevant today, than it was back in 2015. (so much for the “She’s not going to take your games away“part, because we all know how that turned out in the end…).

bioware sucks at face modeling

That´s how face modeling should be done (Stefanie Joosten ftw!).

mass effect andromeda best mom eva

Bioware has tons of money, technology and talent, and still. This is the path they picked.

mass effect andromeda mr bean

I didn’t know that Mr. Bean worked as a face model for MEA…

That´s also why I find it to be rather fun to look through old tweets, posts and whatnot of game industry folks who defended Anita Sarkeesian and Feminist Frequency in the past, and why is that? It´s because Gamers have been right about the SJW cancer for years (#GamerGate warned us about that very early on). I mean, just check out this old quote (it was posted back in October, 2014) by John Epler (Lead Writer of BioWare’s Dragon Age game series):
“So, people saying shit like “@femfreq is ruining the industry!” I´m actually in the industry, hi, and you´re wrong. So very, very wrong.”

mass effect andromeda vs tgg part 1

I´m very honest and open with my thoughts, and I think that I made a good point.

sjw madness

This person dropped more than +20 salty and hateful comments on the post that you got in-front of you right now. This right here is how the SJWs/feminazis and anti-GG folks roll (the person in question does not work for Bioware, but I know who the hater is).

Well, I think it´s safe to say that Epler (and pretty much everyone in MSM and the “established” Gaming media) was dead wrong about that one. As we now have to deal with censorship, gender/SJW and feminazi politics and propaganda in our games (quite a few Western developers love to shoe horn in politics of that kind into their game productions). In other words, Bioware will continue to create really grotesque and ugly female characters in the future as well. As I hardly doubt that they will change their ways anytime soon (they are totally sold on the feminazi game design philosophy. You know, “the uglier a female character is, the better” philosophy?).

mass effect andromeda vs tgg part 2

That character design (and picture) still gives me nightmares (feminazi game design + Golum = True indeed…).

the old bioware

Old-school Bioware beats the current Bioware with ease.

I don´t know about you, but I´ll pick CD Projekt Red´s “The Witcher” female designs before Bioware´s female designs any day of the week. As the females from the Witcher series doesn´t make me want to puke all over my floor. Furthermore, “The Witcher” is free from gender/SJW and feminazi politics. So you can really enjoy the game without having to worry about any nonsense like that (yes, I still remember that one time when SJWs whined about “The Witcher” being a game full of “sexist game designs“).

mass effect andromeda ugly females

Will Bioware ever be able to get back to their former glory?

the witcher 3 sexist game design

“Sexist” game design Vs “feminist” game design.

Sure, some people might think that I´m very shallow when it comes to looks of game characters now. Fair enough, but I just don´t get why Bioware has to make their female MEA characters so darn ugly. I mean, it´s almost like they are trying to make their female characters as unattractive as possible…(I wonder if Bioware realizes that the world consists of more than just straight male gamers? Bi and lesbian women LOVE sexy females too!). I guess that I could swallow my pride “if” MEA turns out to be a great game. Besides, I bet that PC-modders will sort out the ugly MEA female designs in no time. Well, time will tell. Even so, I have to admit that I thought that the MEA combat trailer looked really cool though.

And with that said, what´s your take on this matter? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section down below!

Mature discussion on LGBT/Feminists who want to censor games
John Epler (Lead Writer of BioWare’s Dragon Age game series)
Anita Sarkeesian working for EA
Mass Effect on Twitter
Mom Bot
One Angry Gamer (the ugly Asari Peebee post)

This is a personal opinion of the writer, and it doesn’t necessarily represent the other writers (nor The Gaming Ground ´s) opinions.

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Robin “V-Act” Ek
The Gaming Ground
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