Before i started to write on this article (i´m going to get to the point about Anita´s harassment on Twitter later on). I had no idea what Kingmakers was (it´s a board game parlour located in the heart of Columbus, Ohio US), or that there exists a show called “The Drunken Peasants” (which stars Ben and The Amazing Atheist, and sometimes Scotty).

But then i heard about the little Kingsmakers “photo incident“, which took place 2 days ago (on April 13th). Which started a chain reaction on Twitter and Tumblr. Anyhow, Ben from “The Drunken Peasants” encountered Anita Sarkeesian at Kingsmakers.

And he couldn´t belive that he would bump in to Sarkeesian, so Ben (now called “Creepy Ben”) took 2-3 shoots over his shoulder of Anita. No big deal right? As she´s a public figure, and she was at a public place

One would think that, but Anita didn´t like the fact that Ben took some photos of her. So Anita tweeted out the following via Twitter on April 13th:

“Dear dudes: Please don’t surreptitiously take photos of women without their knowledge or consent. It’s beyond creepy.” – Anita Sarkeesian via Twitter

ben from the drunken peasants

Ben from the drunken peasants, and miss Anita Sarkeesian.

And things went hay wild after that (when Ben´s photos went viral). After Anita´s tweet, a lot of people gave their 5 cents on Ben´s photos. People such as the following for example (you can see more examples via Anita´s twitter page):

“@femfreq I’m so sorry you have to deal with this. This shit is unacceptable.” Ian Miles Cheong, an internet celebrity that does a lot of crazy rants on Twitter

“The fact that gators don’t see anything wrong with sneaking photos of someone they hate and are obsessed with is illustrative of the problem”Ashley Lynch, independent writer/director

anita sarkeesian one has blocked us

I just noticed that miss Anita Sarkeesian has blocked us on Twitter…

First of all. Would this even be a “thing” if Ben would have been a female instead? Or if Anita was a male public figure (read celebrity)? I´m 99.9% sure that it would NOT have been an issue if that would have been the case (for sure).

And here´s the thing. Ben´s encounter (and photos) of Sarkeesian just got blown out of proportions in no time. In fact, people labeled his photos as “harassment”. And that´s one of the things which the “Drunken Peasants” talked about in their “Ben Encounters Anita Sarkeesian” video (they made a lot of great points on the subject).

Now, as for the Anita Sarkeesian´s “One week of harassment on Twitter” (which Anita posted on Tumblr about one week ago) subject. It´s exactly what it sounds like. Anita showed some troll/hater highlights over one week of time on Twitter. No one likes haters and trolls, so i´m not going to argue about that.

But (yes, there´s a big but to this) mr Sargon of Akkad made one great point after another in his “Who is Harassing Anita Sarkeesian?” video. Like the fact that most of those threats against Anita came from really small and newly made troll Twitter accounts (anyone could have made those…).

And Sargon of Akkad went through each and every single one of them (while adding info and facts to every threat and account holder). And most of them has been suspended (good thing that). There was however one person that Anita has had a beef with in the past. And that´s “DramaAlert” (a FPS Youtube account).

utah state university statement

“No risk for students”. How does that fit into the naritive that Anita portrayed at the time of events?

But other than that, there was ZERO well-known people who has made any threats against Anita. And the nr 1 most interesting point that Sargon of Akkad talked about, concerned Anita Sarkeesian´s Utah state speech. Which Anita eligible  had to cancel back in October last year, do to a mass shooting threat.

I´ll get to that part in a moment. First, let´s have a look at what Anita wrote on Twitter in close adjacent to the Utah state speech cancellation:

“Forced to cancel my talk at USU after receiving death threats because police wouldn’t take steps to prevent concealed firearms at the event.” 

“Requested pat downs or metal detectors after mass shooting threat but because of Utah’s open carry laws police wouldn’t do firearm searches.”

“Multiple specific threats made stating intent to kill me & feminists at USU. For the record one threat did claim affiliation with #gamergate” – Anita Sarkeesian

Fair enough right? I mean, that´s pretty much how anyone would act up on a threat like that. Well, so thought i as well. But keep in mind, these event´s went down in October last year. And at that time, i hadn´t even read the actual mass shooting threat against Anita.

the mass shooting threat against anita sarkeesian

This is the actual mass shooting threat against the Utah state university, and miss Anita Sarkeesian.

Well, i did that today. And just like Sargon of Akkad pointed out in his video. There´s more than one thing that´s strange about that threat. For starter, why did the person behind the threat (it´s said that he was a student at Utah state university) even give a fair warning in advance?

I mean, that makes no sense at all really? That´s like bank robbers would call the bank that their planing to rob, and warn them that their coming. Then there´s the part about the “Montreal Massacre” (which very few know of).

Which was a massacre that took place in Montreal 1989. Where a guy named Marc Lépine, killed 14 women and injured 10. Lépine also killed four men in the process (in his crusade against feminism), before taking his own life.

You know, you don´t have to be Sherlock Holmes to realize that there´s something really fishy about the whole content of that threat. As there´s this constant pattern of things that has something to do with feminism and hurting women.

One could even suspect that the threat letter was written by a feminist? Because if you read the whole thing from beginning to the end, don´t you see the pattern as well? Doesn´t “some” of the key phrases in the Utah State University threat ring any bells for you? It did for me at least.

And when i found out that Feminist Frequency cashed in big time after the Utah state University event. I started to doubt the authenticity of the threat against Anita Sarkeesian. I could even be so bold to claim that it was a very well planed PR-stunt.

And don´t forget that Anita stated the following in close proximity to the Utah state event “For the record one threat did claim affiliation with #gamergate”.
That statement raises a lot of questions. Such as “what did that threat consist of?“, “Who sent it?”, “was there any demands?” and “Why?”.

One would think that Anita tried kill two flies with one blow here. As she got a lot of free pr from the threat at the Utah state University, and Anita also took the chance to pin it down on #GamerGate. As you might imagine. Anita´s credibility and trustworthiness ain´t exactly the best at the moment (for more than one reason).

Hell, Anita can´t even use her “sexism in video games” rant anymore. As it´s been scentificly proven that there´s NO link between Gaming and sexist attitudes.

And i haven´t even talked about all the fraud rants against her either. But this stuff alone should make just about anyone wonder “was that Utah state university mass shooting threat really authentic?”, and “how many of those threats against Anita Sarkeesian was from troll accounts?”.

With that said, i´m going to leave you guys/girls to your own thoughts. So that you can draw your own concussions out of this.

Anita Sarkeesian Vs The Amazing Atheist and Google
Anita Sarkeesian – Is she a con artist or a feminst superstar?
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