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It’s hard to see how gamers in Australia can stand things like this. Between not getting M-rated video games for years, such as “Mortal Kombat” or “Grand Theft Auto” series, to the fact that when they finally DO get those games, they’re sometimes censored or just flat-out removed after the fact.

gta 5 cover

This this game, for example.

I don’t think I need to go over the controversy that a certain “culture critic” started in regards to some of these games. And, unlike a certain disbarred lawyer, the “critic” is taken seriously by academia and even the U.N., getting thousands of USD for speaking fees for things that she doesn’t know, understand or even try to understand. If it’s obvious by now, I can’t stand these moral crusaders who go “think of the babies!” constantly. Yeah, as if any laws that are drafted up under that pretext are never used against adults.


Nope, never used against adults, because all bad laws get looked at and repealed constantly. And if you believe that, I’ve got ocean-facing property in Montana to sell you. So, I took a look at an article by Ian Miles Cheong on HeatStreet.

As a disclaimer: I am against Heat Street’s decision to label Pepe the Frog as a symbol of anti-Semitism and the ADL’s choice to put Pepe the Frog as a symbol of hate. As I read it, I was immediately dismayed, not at the article itself, but at another article it was responding to. For those who don’t know, the “Forza” series on X-box is a long-running racing game series that takes place in various locations around the world. The latest”Forza”game happens to take place in Australia. Which is why this whole thing went to hell in a hand basket really fast.

It turns out that the online rag publication known as Vice was up to its typical Social Justice bullshite yet again. So instead of writing about “Forza Horizon 3″on its own merits. VICE Gaming writer James O’Connor spent most of the article complaining about the Australian government, both its former Prime Minister and some current politicians and their anti-immigration stance. I’ll give my views on that at the very end of the article.

Suffice to say, this seems to be the current state of games journalism these days. As journalists write about a product and then inject socio-political commentary where it isn’t needed. I would have thought that after Gawker went down that they would have gotten a clue, but guess not. If this was the end of the story, I’d end it here, but no, of course not. Why would this be the end of the story? If anyone’s paid attention the past couple of years, you know for a fact that this is just the tip of the Social Justice poopberg.

It seems that Ian Miles Cheong’s article on the whole mess caught the attention of various people in the gaming press community…So much so that they decided that they couldn’t handle it and lashed out at Ian for writing about it (as seen in the tweet chains down below).

If that was all, it wouldn’t be too big of a deal, but of course not. As IGN’s Entertainment editor Lucy O’Brien has to get involved as well:

lucy o brien wrong side of history

“People who call for critics to stop talking about video games in a political or emotional manner are on the wrong side of history.” – Lucy O’Brien, Entertainment Editor (games/film) IGN.

And if you want a quick summary of everything, you can try Antisocial Justice’s take on this (Disclaimer: ASJ and I follow each other on Twitter and interact constantly):

This is the kind of things that drove people to #GamerGate in the first place. You would think that these people would learn to keep their damn politics out of game reviews and what-not. Game websites should be using their webspace to talk about gaming, gaming culture, censorship, how to improve things and less about Social Justice and outrage culture. And, yes, I know, Pot calling the Kettle black and whatever.

The only way to truly beat the invasion of these people is to go to other websites, deny them traffic and call them out on their bullcrap whenever we see it. And now I must talk about something that came up after I finished up this piece. We all know that the MSM is no friend of video games, what with ABC’s hit piece last year, along with the rest of the media giving a certain scam artist attention and never talking to gamers at all on their thoughts.

However, Ana Swanson´s “Why amazing video games could be causing a big problem for America” post is a whole new level of dumb (credit goes to Raging Golden Eagle on Youtube for linking this).

washingtonpost why amazing video games

One would think that this article was written by The Onion, but nope...It´s actually written by Ana Swanson from The Washington Post (same same but different right?).

The article flat-out attacks video games by stating that video games are the reason, not the fact that good-paying jobs were shipped over-seas years ago thanks to trade deals like NAFTA, or the current college climate, why men aren’t going to college to get the expensive degrees to work certain jobs.

vice gaming vs forza horizon 3

I miss the times when you could just enjoy reading about a racing game (or any gme for that matter) without having politics shoved down your throat.

lucy o brien vs gamers

Why would you even inject stuff like that into an game review (or article) in the first place?

You know. It’s just so easy to blame all of the current problems on video games, anime, cartoons, D&D, furries (yes, they get blamed too), Rock and Roll and other easy targets. Then it is to go after the real issues, such as over-priced housing costs, rampant inflation, nearly 1/3rd of all Americans out of work, cheap foreign labor, a system of entitlements that encourage people not to get jobs because they’d be worse off than they are without government assistance and so much more.

Politicians and the media never go after the real issues, they just go after easy targets, because if they tried to fix a broken system, it could cost them their jobs and livelihoods. I don’t know about you, but I’m sick and tired of politicians and journalists, whether they’re gaming or MSM, attacking games, gamers and gaming culture just because it’s an easy target.


It´s no idea to try talking to Lucy O’Brien unless you´re on the “right” side of thing, and hold the “right” set of opinions.

lucy o brien blocks gamer

In 9/10 cases, this is how you know that you have won an argument on Twitter.

Well, news flash journos! If you keep attacking gaming culture more #GamerGate movements will happen. As far as the Australian Socio-Political climate goes, I know almost nothing about Australian politics, society or their economy at all. However, every government has the right to stop immigration from anywhere in the world to anyone for any reason whatsoever. Unlike what some politicians and social justice activists think, immigration is a privilege, not a right.

And with that said, what´s your take on this matter? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section down below!

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Antisocial Justice

Ian Miles Cheong part 1
Ian Miles Cheong part 2
Lucy O’Brien part 1
Lucy O’Brien part 2
The Washington Post

This is a personal opinion of the writer, and it doesn’t necessarily represent the other writers (nor The Gaming Ground´s) opinions.

I am not a fan of certain “culture critics”, the media or most politicians.

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14 Comments ON " Reaction of a reaction to a response – Heat ... "
  • John Smith.

    I’d have loved to read that Archie you linked, but guess what, the site won’t let. I scroll down once and was a assaulted a pop up that said. “Thanks for reading, please like our article.” with no chance of getting out of it short of refreshing the page to add an extra click to the count
    Well fuck you, I despise your click bait site and I hate your retarded script kids antics.

    • hurin

      You could also just click the ‘x’ in the upper right corner of the pop-up window.

      • Yep, that works for me at least.

    • Hmm, strange, I don´t get that pop up at all :S Then again, I use Opera + A ad/pop up blocker.

    • Nanya
  • John Smith.

    I speak with an Aussie several times a week, their current political climate is rather hostile as the Australia’s are rather tired of Muslims and economic migrants. Several sections of Sidney have become No Go zones, they have had boatloads of migrants showing up demanding welfare checks, free housing and the right not to obey Australian laws.
    If I had to compare it to something, it’s the current political climate in the EU following the rapefugees crisis. Nearly everyone but the upper middle class is doing a hard turn to the right since the left isn’t offering any solutions beyond taxing the middle class even harsher and saying there is no problems.

    • I feel for them. I really do…Yes, it´s a nightmare, and Trump is using Sweden as a great example of what happens when you don´t have a wall + working border controls. True, and it´s going to be the same thing all over the Western world as well.

  • Un-fucking-believable. All this from a fictional video game that has set itself in the “wrong” country.

    Unfamiliar with the antics of Lucy O’Brien but this person looks to be absolute cancer. Of course, she’s in a high/influential position in IGN.

    Getting tired of these SJWs/feminists that manage to worm their way into these kinds of positions. They are an absolute stain on earth.

    • WhiteHawk

      She is cancer, can’t stand her. And funnily enough the only reason she is big at IGN is Because of a controversially bad review.

  • d0x360

    This is absolutely ridiculous.

    It’s fine to dislike or hate a countries politics but we are talking about a game here…a game where you just race. They picked Australia because of its diverse environments….they should have just picked new Zealand but that’s probably dlc like storm island was.

    • I´m pretty fed up with having politics and SJW/feminist agendas injected into reviews and whatnot. I just want to read about Gaming and games…

  • lanmanna

    Where were all the crap articles when the first Horizon came out, which was set in Colorado?

    • Good question, you should ask Vice about that one 😉

  • *sigh just wtf!

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