Did Destructoid just send a picture of a pig taking a shit to Oliver Campbell?

I think it´s safe to say that video games journalism as a whole has hit yet another all-time low. You see, just the other day I spotted a tweet about “Dead Rising 4” by Destructoid. Well, that shouldn´t rise any eyebrows right? Correct, as that would (and should) be no big deal. However, in this case, Destructoid made a “little” mistake by stating the following in their tweet:

“Frank West is a millennial, and that’s more dangerous than any zombie apocalypse http://dlvr.it/MGzkHy” – Destructoid

destructoid dead rising 4 tweet

No, Frank West is NOT an millennial. In the matter of fact, West is 51 years old in DR4…

Video games journalism done wrong

So what mistake did Destructoid make? Well, two actually. The first one would be the fact that Brett Makedonski (Managing Editor at Destructoid) used the headline “Frank West is a millennial, and that’s more dangerous than any zombie apocalypse”, because West is not a millennial…As he is 51 years old in “Dead Rising 4”. So naturally it didn´t take long before gamers started to call Destructoid out on their mistake, thus the following tweet by Oliver Campbell (Contributor at The Escapist Magazine):‏

“So Frank West is a 51-year-old millennial, eh? Do some basic fact checking, for Christ’s sake.” – Oliver Campbell ‏

Well, the story could have ended there (this is where the second mistake comes into play). As all that Destructoid needed to do was to correct their error and apologize for their mistake. However, that was not the case. As Steven Hansen (features editor at Destructoid) became very salty and angry over the whole thing, so Hansen started to act extremely unprofessional towards Campbell in response to Campbell’s tweet to Destructoid. So much so that Hansen event sent a picture of a pig releasing feces to Campbell…(as seen in the picture down below).

best mom eva vs destructoid

This response by Destructoid´s Hansen is nothing more than a kindergarten kind of tantrum.

steven hansen destructoid

When you´re a features editor for a big gaming site such as Destructoid, then one would expect that you would act professional towards your audience and critics.

So one would think that the embarrassing ride would end there, but it didn´t. As Hansen continued to send truly salty tweets to Campbell:

steven hansen vs oliver campbell games journalism

Hansen obviously doesn´t know when it´s time to stop. In my opinion, he should have taken a break and let off some steam elsewhere.

oliver campbell on destructoid

It´s one thing to think about doing something like this, but to actually do it. That´s a completely different story…

The joke that wasn´t funny

You know. It´s not about being perfect because no one is flawless. However, one should always act professional instead of acting out towards those who point out your mistakes (especially when you’re a journalist). I mean, we (TGG) have made mistakes in the past (facts, spelling, grammatical errors and so on), but we have apologized each time and have corrected the error(s) in question right away. I would also like to point out that it´s a good thumb rule (aka “journalism practice”) to avoid writing about topics which you don´t know all that much about (the person with the know-how on the subject in question should always be assigned to get the job done).

So I´m not quite sure what to make of Steven Hansen´s statement about Destructoid Dead Rising 4 tweet, as I´m not an “Dead rising” expert:

“real games journalism is looking up a character’s wikia page and badly missing a joke lmao” – Steven Hansen, Destructoid

Simply put, where´s the joke in being super salty towards Oliver Campbell (and others) all while stating that Frank West is a millennial even though his +50 years old? Well, at least I don´t get the funny part of it all…Furthermore, this kind of behavior will most definitely reflect poorly on Destructoid. So one would think that it would (and should) be in the best interest of Destructoid to avoid unprofessional acts like those of Steven Hansen.

And with that said, what´s your take on this matter? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section down below!

This is a personal opinion of the writer, and it doesn’t necessarily represent the other writers (nor The Gaming Ground´s) opinions.

Steven Hansen
Oliver Campbell
Best Mom Eva

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Robin “V-Act” Ek
The Gaming Ground
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67 Comments ON " Destructoid, when video games journalism has a men... "
  • calbeck357

    It’s a shameful example of amateurism attempting to cover itself by… well, by being even more amateurish. Pitiful.

  • PoldaranOfZam

    I just. What the. How in the.


  • Sevuz

    Professionalism strikes once again I see xD

    • My thoughts exactly…And all they needed to do was to explain the joke better and update the info, the rest was uncalled for.

      • Sevuz

        Yeah they made a big deal out of nothing.

        • I´ve been told that Destructoid has had “issues” with Steven Hansen in the past. However, it´s the first time that I´ve ever heard about him.

          • Sevuz

            They let their guard down I guess.

          • Oh yes, all the way down to hell 😉

          • Sevuz

            On the way on the Highway to hell B-D

  • StrongStyleFiction

    The class of those who constantly whine about a video games need to grow up. Such adults.

    • Well, Destructoid has been like this for years (so I´ve been told). So I hardly doubt that they will act like “adults” anytime soon.

  • NeoTechni

    “real games journalism is looking up a character’s wikia page”

    Yes, you’re not aware of this but real journalism IS letting fact-checking define the narrative.

    • Yes, that would be the idea behind “real” journalism. I hardly doubt that Destructoid cares all that much about stuff like that though…

  • Migi

    expected no less from someone working at Destructoid.

    • It´s like one of our fans and readers said “every day is like a Kinder Surprise egg, you never know what you get”. However, this is the kind of surprise that you don´t want as it´s of the very unpleasant kind.

      • “However, this is the kind of surprise that you don´t want as it´s of the very unpleasant kind.”

        Indeed. Reading anything that comes out of Destructoid is pretty much like a plumber opening up a cover of a blocked sewer drain. You never know what you get.

        • Where does Destructoid even find all these “people”? I mean, do they have some kind of magical idiot box that has an eternal stock of morons that they can recruit from?

          • Half of them were commenters before. And are okay with earning a bit money for writing some shit. The others are freelancers and a very few like Hansen, Brett, Chris were friends of Yanier Gonzales, the dtoid founder I think.

          • Basically the process is the same thing that’s happened with Destructoid – just find a freelance writer, make him/her sign the contract, tell him/her to inject feminism and give him/her some money for it afterwards. There you go, a newly-made SJW.

          • You know what? I bet that´s exactly how it works at Polygon, Gamasutra and all those other main stream “Gaming” sites as well…

        • KLLRFRST

          There’s a Tumblr page called Loltaku that makes fun of games “journalism”, and even they have sworn off on Destructoid, “because it’s not fun mocking a clown”.

          • What? For real? xD I have to check that one out.

        • Well, one thing is for sure though. It´s very unlikely that you’re going to find any gold or diamonds 😉

  • popehentai

    People running stories without fact checking them, and then throwing temper-tantrums when called out on it? Good thing thats never happened before or there might be a bunch of people calling out problems like that online. Of course nobody would ignore them, or slander them, or create narratives behind closed doors to smear them or anything. That would be silly. People would instead address the actual problems, right? Right?

  • Destructoid…..

    I remember that website as my “home” for around 2 years. Back from 2012-2014. But things changed there.

    I saw Jonathan Holmes writing SJW articles, Chris Carter, their main reviewer acting like the Nintendo Defense Force itself, people like Tony Ponce that wrote about cool stuff made by gamers like fan art projects and albums by OverClockedRemix leaving.

    I started to critizise stuff there and while I was still one of the most active people there, some of my comments were deleted. I saw that comments by other community members that were there for years were deleted too. By 1-3 of the same handful mods when they disliked comments and some opinions. Say something like the Bible is fiction there and your comment is deleted and you get banned there easily if you disagree to the editors and point out any mistakes.

    Somewhen in 2014 or 15 they added a guy named Jed Whitaker there to their team who is responsible for some of the most cringeworthy articles on one of the bigger gaming sites and in a league with guys like Ben Kuchera from Polygon but even worse.

    I saw reviews there for games that got 7-8 /10 scores but got 4-5 on dtoid, not in one case, in many cases, “artsy” indie games however get a 9 there easily.

    In May 2015 I was banned there which resulted in a over 100 comments long discussion after another long-time member there posted a blog which asked the dtoid staff about growing a thicker skin.

    In the same month the founder of Destructoid, Yanier “Niero” Gonzales redesigned the website for the 3rd time in the year and also deleted the forum which was a part of the community since its start and wanted to make it nicer with a new forum. He banned a lot of regulars that critizised this move and wrote he expects a thousand new forum posts on one day by the end of 2015. Today the forum is dead..it gets 0-3 new posts on a day.

    Many more of the older writers left, Dale North had enough in 2014 already. Today, I see that the site is often named in sentences together with Kotaku and Polygon.

    You know what that means.

    Destructoid was once cool, but today it is a shipwreck with guys in the staff that write something like:

    “My biggest concern going into DN32AEWT was how it would treat women” about the new Duke Nukem game.


    Like we Germans say: Furchtbar. [Fubar]

  • d0x360

    Well the original joke was he’s a millennial because he takes selfies but wtf is the joke about a pigs ass?

    • Ah, now I get that part (that was my first guess, but I wasn´t quite sure if that was what Destructoid meant). Beats me, and Hansen just kept on dropping crazy comments to Campbell on Twitter.

      • d0x360

        Yea I don’t know if the pig part was a joke or not but the selfie thing was. It wasn’t something that warranted any kind of response but at the same time once this guy started acting like an idiot it became very much deserved.

        • Exactly, and I think you might want to check this out (this gives you a better picture of what Hansen is all about):

          • d0x360

            Ahh yes I remember that and i remember they couldn’t take their visitors disagreeing with them so they moderated the shit out of comments before closing them altogether.

          • Haha! For real? I remember when IGN did that with their Queen Anita post 😛

          • d0x360

            It seems to happen alot these days. They always blame it on trolls but usually it seems more like people just disagreeing with them. I only know that because alot of the time someone grabs an archive of the site before they shut comments down.

            Have you seen NeoGAF lately? They ban people for saying just about anything. If a mod happens across a post they don’t agree with…banned. I saw a guy banned for saying “let’s wait for more information before we all freak out”

            If I can find the archive for that one I’ll post it but it was a while back. About 30 people in the thread were banned for basically nothing and that crap happens daily over there. It’s become this massive echo chamber.

      • Here, for the case you need to get a clearer picture of Steven Hansen.


        • Pure cancer…

          • Look up jed Whitaker and Mike Cosimano’s articles to see real cancer.

          • Jed Whitaker is the dude that had a fist dildo in one of his Twitter pictures…

          • Yeah..he is soooo funny.

            Exept you don’t share his opinion..in that case he blocks you as fast as possible.

            I asked him once on twitter if he thinks it is okay to complain about games like Hatred via articles and through that, help to make that game more known.

            Got blocked after that.

          • I think we´re blocked by most of the folks from Destructoid, Kotaku and so on. I can´t say that I´m sad about it though, as we´re not missing out on anything of value 😉

          • I guess he loves to block his own ass more than he likes to block people on social media. Now that’s saying something.

          • The guy is a train wreck man…

          • Dr. Dio #1598

            Jesus, he sure loves to shove those wieners in his mouth, doesn’t he?

          • And big hand dildos 😉

  • Made a little Steven Hansen, “Best Of” Compilation with some of his best posts ever.

    • I loled so hard at TotalBiscuit´s comment xD (you could really tell how butt-hurt Hansen was at the time).

  • Dighunter

    The Hansen/Whitaker combo is the biggest piece of shit (unironically) on that website. I am legitimately convinced that the only reason they’re kept on board is clickbait because not one of their articles comes out without the commenters massively objecting and making fun of them.

    • Yes, and it seems like Destructoid has sent out their shit goon squad after us on Twitter:

    • JustAnotherGamerGirl

      WHat do you expect, two beta cucks who will never get their dicks wet or inside a woman.

      • I guess that´s why they´ve become full SJW/feminazi supporters. As they “hope” that they will get some female action in either one of those camps.

    • I think that would be the best explanation to why they keep them around. As anything else would be pure madness.


    This is even more hilarious when you consider that it most likely took Hansen more time to search the internet for a photo of a pig shitting on its balls than it would have taken to fact check the article.

    • Exactly, and it appears as if some of Destructoid´s goons are now trash talking us on Twitter as we speak.

  • Alex-C25

    And then they wonder why people are reading the site less and/or using forms of adblocking on them.

    • That´s what I can´t understand. I mean, who reads their posts? And why?

  • John Smith.

    I… I have no idea how to respond this. My brain can’t find a fitting response to someone acting this stupid over a dumb mistake.

    • One should keep in mind that Hansen has said (and done) some rather foolish things in the past though…

  • blackdragon84

    By this point anyone expecting these people to “be professional” have not been paying attention the past 2 years. My only question is why do people still take clowns like Destructoid seriously? (or at least serious enough to keep them in business)

    I hope one day to wake up and find Destructoid, kotaku and all the other clickbait SJW circle jerkers out of a job having been replaced by people who are going to take the job serious with integrity. Until that day i will continue to Mock and critizise these clowns. No matter how much they cry about it.

    • In my case, I´ve just read some of their posts way back in time (like 2007-2008). So I didn´t know how bad they were until I saw some of their later posts (which people pointed out for me in the comment section). Nevertheless, your right. So I guess that sites like Destructoid and Polygon will face the same faith as Kotaku in the near future.

    • “My only question is why do people still take clowns like Destructoid seriously?”

      Because like Kotaku and Polygon, they are considered the mainstream games media.

      The MSM and MSGM are a network of circle-jerking SJWs all pushing the same shitty feminist narrative. They’ll support and protect each other no matter what, and they will lynch-mob anyone who criticises them or has a differing opinion.

      Regardless of how corrupt and biased they are, there will always be normies, sheeple and drones that visit their sites and completely believe everything they say, treating their words as gospel.

  • JustAnotherGamerGirl

    Destructoid is trash. It’s in the same boat as kotaku, polygon, Jim Sterlin’s blog, IGN, Gamespot etc. I don’t read them at all. I don’t click on their links, and if I do stumble upon their links, I archive them first. They will never get a click from me.

    • In other words, you are a really smart person 😉

  • BelAirBoss

    Wait….I thought Destructoid was the site where pigs go to die?

    • I think you´re close to the truth, as some of their little coward fans (or co-workers) started to send us pig pictures on Twitter as well. Furthermore, I bet that they would have the balls to trash-talk me/us in real life face to face.

  • Tried their site a few times. The quality of the writing and dedication of the writers left a lot to be desired. Stopped going there after the initial week.

    • Do you remember which year that was?

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