I don’t know if you guys and girls still remember it, but in November of last year we published a post about the news that the lewd rogue-like RPG “Omega Labyrinth Z” is coming to the West for PS4 and PS Vita in Spring 2018. Well, the game caught my full attention at the time of the said publication. So I decided to reach out to PQube for an interview opportunity. Long story short, the months come and went me by, and I didn’t think much about the matter.

That’s also why I got quite surprised when PQube informed me that I’m going to get a chance to do an interview with Yosuke Uchida from D3 Publisher, and that’s exactly what I did. So I talked to Yosuke about everything from “Omega Labyrinth Z“, censorship, lewd games to Matrix Software’s love for female breasts. So without further ado, please enjoy our Omega Labyrinth Zinterview with Yosuke from D3 Publisher =)

d3 publisher

D3 Publisher (also known as D3 Go! in North America) has been publishing games since 1992, and for the last 25 years, they have published tons of games in Japan, America and Europe.

Robin TGG
Would you be so kind and introduce yourself to our readers =)

Nice to meet you. I am Yosuke Uchida from the Japanese game publisher “D3 Publisher”. I am in charge of marketing of “Omega Labyrinth Z” in Japan. I am honoured that The Gaming Ground has gotten in touch with us for an interview about “Omega Labyrinth Z”.

omega labyrinth z

“Omega Labyrinth Z” is a lewd rogue-like RPG for PS4 and PS Vita that focuses heavily on female breasts (GOTY all the way!).

Robin TGG
Could you perhaps give us a brief introduction what “Omega Labyrinth Z” is all about?

“Omega Labyrinth Z” is a Roguelike RPG in which pretty characters like those appearing in Japanese mangas and animes. Aina Akemiya will venture in the dungeon, go around in search of the Holy Grail of Beauty (and women’s chest size will change freely!) that will make her wishes come true.

“Omega Labyrinth Z” was very popular among many Japanese game fans after the release in Japan. Many merchandise such as comic books, illustration collections, sound track CDs, etc have all sold very well.

omega labyrinth z dialog

My Japanese is anything but good. So I truly hope that the Western translation of OLZ will be a good one, because dialogs are pretty important in most RPG’s, as RPGs tend to have a lot of dialogs in them.

Robin TGG
How on earth did you come up with the idea for “Omega Labyrinth Z”?

“Omega Labyrinth Z” is a work produced under the game concept ” Roguelike RPG for beginners to enjoy”. The roguelike RPG game genre (although the definition of the genre may differ slightly between Japan and abroad) is popular in Japan. It is a genre that prompts players to think of a strategy and has tension. A roguelike PRG could be quite challenging and difficult for people who have never played this genre. We released “Omega Labyrinth Z” from the idea that we wanted to create something that has the charm of a roguelike RPG but also easy to pick up for people.

omega labyrinth z the love for breasts

You can really tell by OLZ’s characters, art and in-game content that Matrix Software truly love female breasts :3 (boobs = life!).

Robin TGG
I couldn’t help to notice the following features for the game:

“Breasts bursting with power – Collect Omega power to grow your breasts! As your breasts grow, so does your characters power!

Transform crystals into items with the power of breasts – The ‘Oppai Appraisal’ system lets you reveal the true nature of loot!”

So my question would be the following:

Did you decide very early on during the game development process that there would be a large focus on female breasts throughout the game? And how did you come up with that idea? (I find it to be pure brilliance!).

In the early stage, we didn’t realy make any focus on the breasts of women in particular. However, there was a concern whether it is not interesting enough as a game between the producer and the development company. So this focus arose from an idea that ’woudn’t it be interesting that the breasts size gets bigger when defeating the monsters in the dungeon’. That is how this project started to lean towards the breasts.

Although it is a common system that when you defeat the monster to level up, and the more monsters you defeat the stronger you get. However the only change you see is the numerical value. It is very hard to tell that you have levelled up or how strong you have become.

There is also a level up system in “Omega Labyrinth Z”, but on top of that system, we have created a unique power called Omega Power which players accumulate in your chosen character’s breasts when defeating monsters. The character grows stronger as breasts grow bigger, so you advance the gameplay while feeling the growth of the character. With this close-ups system to the woman’s chest, it has become more playful as a Roguelike RPG.

Robin TGG
I understand that it’s nothing controversial about releasing a game such as “Omega Labyrinth Z” in Japan, but it’s a totally different story in the West (sadly enough). So I’m curious to know if you have received any complaints about the game’s lewd content so far? And how do you intend to tackle the risk of censorship in the West? (Australia has banned lewd games such as “Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni” and “Gal Gun”, for example).

PQube specialises in the localisation of Japanese videogames and endeavours to publish them as faithfully to the Japanese source material as possible. PQube works closely with all age ratings bodies and platform holders through this process. In an instance where a release is not possible, PQube respectfully complies with the guidelines of a platform holder and the laws of any given territory.

omega labyrinth z bring on the- ewd

If you’re into lewd content, then I’m happy to inform you that “Omega Labyrinth Z” has a lot to offer on that front. *cough cough*

Robin TGG
What can players expect from as “Omega Labyrinth Z”? And could you give us some reasons why players should pick the game up on release?

Although the game was created as this concept in mind ” Roguelike RPG for beginners”, you can still enjoy the full experience of a Roguelike game. Dungeon is automatically generated, and you will adventure different maps each time even if you are in the same level. Also, whenever you enter a dungeon, you start from Level 1 every time (the breasts also return to the original size), and you lose items and equipment possessed when you are knocked down by a monster.

Enjoy the importance and tension of a strategy, which is the real soul of playing Roguelike RPG. There are also many elements that help beginners to get into, such as combining and levelling up weapons, and a n adventrue partner who go around together with you in a dungeon.

Of course, the story and the artwork of the pretty characters are a must-see. The game is also voiceovered by many Japanese voice actresses, that is another part for you to explore.

omega labyrinth z sexy girls

There are nine different girls in total that you could play as in “Omega Labyrinth Z”.

Robin TGG
If I’m not wrong now, there are nine playable female characters in “Omega Labyrinth Z” right? So what could you tell us about them? And how did you come up with the characters of the game? (where they inspired by someone?).

The playable character of “Omega Labyrinth Z” is a total of nine people, including seven who will you can play as to advance the story and two fairies that can be operated under special conditions.

These characters were created after a series of serious talks between the producer and the development company. The approximate setting for each character was discussed while considering how they should be balanced. After that scenarios were then made to fit into the balance and imagination. Characters designs were then developed also based on the above setting.

They weren’t really inspired by anybody but they were created with what we think would be loved by people who like Japanese comics and animation.

Robin TGG
Do you have a slight idea of how lewd the final version of “Omega Labyrinth Z” will be? I’m asking since I’m curious to know if the game will be a +16 or +18 title on release.

The game was rated PEGI 18 and ESRB Mature, with no changes made to the game on our end.

omega labyrinth z playing with boobs

Believe it or not, but you will actually be able to touch, feel and play with boobs in “Omega Labyrinth Z” (best game feature ever?).

Robin TGG
And speaking of lewd content, the following features are said to be included on release:

“– Touch anywhere, anytime – No matter where you are, in dungeons, dialogue screens or menu screens, touch the characters for unique reactions!

– Recover in the hot springs – Get your power back in the dungeon hot springs and get to know the ladies of Omega Labyrinth Z better!

– Level up your characters stats and skills – Utilize the ‘FaintAwakening’ system to improve characters by touching them until they scream with excitement!”

– Touch anywhere, anytime –

So does that mean that you’re going all in on the “touching” and lewd front? And what more could you tell us about these features?

In “Omega Labyrinth Z”, you can “touch” the breasts at any time with a character that appears in the game, such as in a conversation scene or UI screens display during a dungeon. “Touching” to shake, the character will react with voices. On PlayStation Vita you can “touch” by tapping on the screen, on PlayStation 4 you can “touch” by moving analog sticks.

– Recover in the hot springs –

Hot spring will sometimes appear in the dungeon unexpectedly. The HP of your lead character recovers when entering a hot spring. Moreover, it is an important element that comes in player’s favour, such as a special effect to prevent dungeon’s trap is given after entering a hot spring. Of course, you can see the characters in the hot springs. You will also be able see the scene when the character enters the hot spring.

– Level up your characters stats and skills –

Faint ☆ Awakening is a touch event performed to grow your character. By doing this event, the stats such as the HP of the character recovers and some special skills can be acquired after the event as well.

omega labyrinth z tons of fun

It’s said that it takes about 30-40 hours to complete Omega Labyrinth Z’s main story. In other words, the game should keep you occupied for quite a while. Especially since you got a whole lot of “other” things to enjoy as well.

Robin TGG
Do you have any idea of how many hours of gameplay “Omega Labyrinth Z” will offer on release?

I think that it will change greatly depending on the play style, but it is about 30 to 40 hours to complete the story. However, there are more Roguelike RPG contents that are not directly related to the story for experienced players, if you include those contents, it may be more than twice of the specified time.

omega labyrinth z cute girl

“Omega Labyrinth Z” is said to launch in the West to PS4 and PS Vita sometime this Summer (June the 30th, so I’ve heard).

Robin TGG
What could you tell us about the items, weapons, skills and battle aspects of the game?

Characters can equip weapons and shields one by one. There are various kinds of weapons with different performance such as swords, spears, hammers, with difference attack range as well. Also, it is possible to equip your characters with a bra and a pant. These give bonuses to the character’s status like JRPG accessories items. Bras and pants are falling in the dungeon.

Equipment can be combined to enhance its performance, and various additional effects such as poison and confusion can be given. So collecting and enhancing items are also one of the attractions of “Omega Labyrinth Z”.

By the way, there is also a special item “mic” that you will not normally find in other Roguelike RPG games. By using this, you will be able to listen to your character’s song and it improves your character’s target rate.

Robin TGG
The dungeons are said to be randomly generated. So I take it that no playthrough will be the same? (kind of like in the “Diablo” series).

Dungeon is randomly generated. Dungeon structure, placement of enemies and items is different each time. Sometimes shops where many items can be bought and a flood of monsters could randomly appear in a dungeon, but they also appear in different places every time. Since the structure changes each time you enter a dungeon, it gives a fresh feel every time as well.

omega labyrinth z battle mode

Yep, there will be boss battles in “Omega Labyrinth Z”. So if you’re into fighting bosses, then OLZ got you covered.

Robin TGG
What about boss battles? Will there be massive battles to be had?

As the story progresses, various bosses will appear. Since each boss has different special attack and abilities, it may be difficult to fight against them if not prepared in advance. Players will also find it helpful with items such as books, sticks and medicines you will have collected in the dungeon.

Robin TGG
Is it correct that “Omega Labyrinth Z” is coming to Europe and North America in Spring this year for PS4 and PS Vita? I would also like to ask if you got any plans to release the game to any other platforms in the future? (Xbox One, PC and Switch).

That is indeed the plan at the moment. We can’t comment on other platforms but would love to look at it at a later date!

omega labyrinth z girls

At this time, there are no plans for a “Omega Labyrinth Z” tour or such (at least not in Japan).

Robin TGG
Will you show case “Omega Labyrinth Z” at any events? If so, which events will you visit?

In Japan it’s not decided yet.

tgg author avatar robin ek
Robin “V-Act” Ek
Editor in chief
The Gaming Ground
Twitter: @TheGamingGround

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